Dreamfoam Bedding has three series, latex, memory foam and poly foam. Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt PillowTop Mattress belongs to poly foam series. Its primary material is polyurethane foam not memory foam. It consists of 3-inch pillow top plush poly foam and 8-inch 1.5lb poly foam support base. The top 3-inch foam acts like the pillow top to provide cushion feel and the foam base gives firm support. This Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt mattress is an excellent product for people who like soft mattress. If you want a firm bed, you may be upset because it takes some time to get used to it. It’s a very cheap mattress and you will be surprised by the price if you don’t check it out. 100% made in the USA makes it one of best deals on the market. But wait! It’s still not the time to pull your trigger. That’s not all about it and it has a few downsides you need to know.

DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt PillowTop Mattress Review

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Features Of Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt PillowTop Mattress

Firmness grade: 4 or 5 (1-10 softest to firmest)

Most Dreamfoam Bedding mattresses are on the soft side and this one isn’t an exception. 3-inch thick pillow top lets you sink in the mattress deep enough to have your whole body well conformed. It’s soft and plush, not medium stated in the product description. If you want soft mattress, you will like. If you don’t, avoid it and get a really firm bed. It’s also not a great mattress for disabled people because it’s soft and they sink in the mattress so that it requires their extra efforts to get out of the bed or change positions.

Sleep hot or not

You may or not sleep hot on this mattress. The Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt PillowTop Mattress doesn’t have any cooling features like gel infusion and adding airflow layer. That being said, it doesn’t regulate temperature on the surface by itself. If you used to have high temperature while sleeping, you tend to feel hot. If you aren’t, you will feel it’s as cool or warm as other types of mattresses. For hot natured persons, we suggest avoiding it. Here’s an effective solution to heat retention issue and it’s adding a mattress pad in between you and mattress. That has been proven by many people.

Competitive price & great for guest room

Ultimate Dreams Crazy Quilt PillowTop Mattress series is really cheap. Check out the price and you will know how competitive it is. The price is as low as China foam models. Why it’s so cheap? Mattresses of the series are made of poly foam, which is cheaper than memory foam, not to mention latex. Besides, Dreamfoam Bedding is a small brand primarily selling mattress on the internet and that cuts huge costs. Although poly foam isn’t as good as memory foam, it’s worth a shot considering it’s totally made in the USA.

The price makes it a great option for guest room. Your guest bedroom doesn’t need a top quality, very expensive and ultimately comfortable mattress with limited use. It serves very well when you get visitors to spend a few nights. It’s cheap and comfortable.

Made in the USA

Dreamfoam Bedding mattress is made in the USA including all components and materials. You dont need to worry about quality and safety. It meets US high standards about mattress manufacturing. Compared to US made products, China foam mattresses usually only meets China low quality standards. When we have a choice for between made in China and the USA, I think there’s no reason not to choose the latter.

5 year warranty

Unlike latex and memory foam series, poly foam mattresses have only five year warranty. It’s much shorter than two series but the mattress is very high value/cost ratio if you compare three series in price. If it lasts for five years, your sleep only costs about $50 a year, 14 cents a night. Warranty length is different but terms are same. It covers defects in materials and workmanship. If your mattress sags, it should be visibly and more than 1.5 inches otherwise it’s not applicable. It still requires you have proper support for the mattress. The proper foundation includes flat foundation and for queen or king set, it requires a rigid center support with a least five legs.


Too soft

This is a soft mattress. People who prefer firmer mattress aren’t comfortable with it and find it doesn’t give much support. A few owners complain that it’s not supportive and causes pain in shoulders and back. If you’re a fan of soft mattress, keep looking further.

Poor quality control – no full inflation

Quite a lot of owners of this mattress report a same issue. The mattress doesn’t inflate fully and that means it doesn’t regain its 11-inch thickness. The mattress comes compressed and rolled in a box so customers need to wait for 48 hours to let it expand. Many expand to its full size very quickly but some never do. It seems Dreamfoam Bedding has very poor quality control on this mattress and the compression process. They have to make some change and improve the craftsmanship.


A few owners report their mattresses lose support and develop indentations in a year. The number is few but Dreamfoam needs to pay more attention to the quality issue because other models have this problem too and break down in several months. Owners are very disappointed as they buy it because of US made quality.

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