The Best Dewalt Oscillating Tool-Free Adapter

Dewalt Oscillating Tool-Free

New Dewalt oscillating multi tool just part of the strategy their oscillating tool – they are also coming up with a knife blade tools and accessories. In addition to new accessories oscillate, Dewalt has come out with an adapter (DWATFA1) can be used on old instruments other brands to change tongue easier.

Basically, the adapter is designed to be installed on the old oscillating tool which requires a hex key to swap accessories, and provides for changes tongue free tools.

*Only use with tongue Dewalt.

Dewalt Oscillating Tool-Free

According to the fine print on the packaging the product Dewalt, if you want to combine the brands of accessories, you will still have to keep a hex keys around to install and remove the adapter each time you want to transfer to other brand accessories.

Dewalt oscillator design their accessories with a new universal model belongings, which means they can be used in other tools of the brand without an adapter. In a similar sense, you can use the other blades and accessories brand in the oscillation Dewalt tools, but you’ll need a hex key to change the blade.

Dewalt Oscillating Tool-Free

If you want to use the tool with blade oscillation Dewalt Dewalt, you can enjoy the changing accessories free tools. If you want to use the other brands oscillator which requires a hex key to change the blade, and intend to exclusive use of accessories Dewalt, this adapter will allow you to enjoy the changing blades free tools.

Dewalt apparently created some nice incentives to lock users into their system accessories; use their oscillating tool or adapter will be less convenient if you choose to use the accessories of other brands.

But, since the adapter will only work with the tools that require a hex key to change the blade, which requires a hex key to install and remove the adapter at any time you want to change to a different accessory brand is not a big issue at all. Just do not lose the connection or screw it in your tool bag.

Dewalt Oscillating Tool-Free

The adapter works by means of the spring collar twisting action to expose the blade foot hold. Rotate it back to lock the blade in place.

Works on: Bosch, Craftsman, Dremel, Fein, Makita, MASTERCRAFT, Milwaukee, RIDGID, Ryobi and Skil oscillating multi tool requires a hex key to change the blade. (Many of the new tools over the brands’ specific change tools blade free and does not need such an adapter.)

No word on price yet. I would estimate the conversion to cost $ 25-30.


It seems to me that this adapter will have some appeal, but only for users oscillating multi-tool non-free tool you plan to use the exclusive accessories Dewalt. Without the advantage diminished and the extra hassle of having to keep track of the adapter and its long screw.

Oh – and do not lose the small hex screw comes with oscillating multi tool you. You will need to reattach the screw if you want to use accessories other brands and need to separate the adapter from your tools Dewalt.

I’m also a little concerned that the increased height of the adapter may result in a slight loss of control or precision instruments. On the other hand, the height of the accessories that can improve access and achieve in some situations. Maybe.

In the photo above products, it looks like the adapter double height Bosch multifunction tool.

If you ask me, Dewalt should offer this for free with a $ XX-purchase accessories. Maybe spending $75 on accessories Dewalt oscillation, get a free adapter.

After using a multi-master Fein with the tool-free blade change for almost 2 years now, and a Bosch Multi-Max for a few months, I will never be able to return to using a hex key interchangeable accessories. I can totally see the appeal of an adapter free tools for those with non-tools free tools equipped, but limited to only use accessories Dewalt is a major constraint .

For me, just being able to use the adapter with accessories Dewalt will be a major hurdle. I enjoyed the OIS accessories, blades and sanding attachment Fein, Dremel and Bosch blades. One of these days I intend to try Imperial Blades as well.

Unless it is priced at $15 or less, but it probably will not be like the adapter comes with two “free” blade, I will save my money is placed into an upgrade tool knife free mobile tools.

PS If anyone in the marketing team Dewalt is reading this, please consider the conversion of a number of different models – maybe DWATFA2. Every time I read DWATFA1, I see L invisible at the end, and read it as DWATFAIL.

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