Dewalt Miter Saw XPS

Dewalt Miter Saw XPS
Dewalt Miter Saw XPS

Back in June, I had the opportunity to try new DWS780 12 Dewalt’s slip of the hat, a good impression saws (more on that later). What really stands out and surprised me as XPS its integrated (crossover positioning system) module work light, which is much more effective than any miter saw laser system I’ve ever seen.

Light work Dewalt integrated XPS is not an entirely new concept, as an add-on module XPS first appeared a few years ago, and this is the first time I’ve seen it in practice Dong.

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Some features built-in cap saw laser system, and for those that you do not often can buy an add-on accessory. Laser correction must be perfect, or else their position line can be turned off, throw out your precise cutting. Laser line width is usually fixed, and can not match the thickness of your blade.


In summary, the project modules XPS LED lighting along the sides of the tongue, forming a shadow of the blade on the workpiece. When the blade is lowered toward the workpiece, the width of the shadow color, dark, tight fitting and the thickness of the saw blade’s path.

Before Cut

Location cut your line like a laser on the ball, and you’ll have the perfect alignment every time. Changes to or from a thin-kerf blade? No problem, the width of the shadow created by the blade, so the ball will thin or thicken accordingly.

Cut In-Progress

Someone had come up with this design certainly deserves. I imagine that a little trial and error, and design techniques have been put into the development of this feature, but the concept is pretty simple stressed.

During our brief with the saw, it is clear that the work lighter XPS feature can help users to make very precise cuts with minimal effort.

Dewalt Miter Saw DWS780 on Amazon (with integrated module XPS)
Add-on module XPS Dewalt (compatible with a Dewalt miter saws)

Add note: In the comments below, Joel brings up a good point – how effective this will be in the outdoors in the harsh sunlight? Does the LED is completely dark and washed out? I have looked into the matter, and was told that some users saw their rotation until they stand in the position to block some sunlight incident with their bodies.

A few more photos:

dewalt-dws780-miter-saw-xps-lighting-system  dewalt-dws780-miter-saw-xps-lighting-system-closeup  dewalt-dws780-miter-saw-xps-lighting-system-setup

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