Dewalt DCS361 Cordless Miter Saw

Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw
Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw

This probably could be the biggest news wireless phone tools in 2015, or at least this month: Dewalt saws Wireless is finally official! Let sink in for a moment Dewalt 20V Max Cordless Miter Saw.

The Dewalt DCS361 new wire saws, model DCS361M1 for kit, a tool that’s been teased about for a few years now. I think it might have been about to release last year, after the anonymous server logs show at least a reader looking for information about a Dewalt saw wire hat many times each day than anyone should admit, but it never appeared.

Before you get all excited, or disappointed, there are a few things you need to know immediately.

First, it is a dual slide wire saws. The sliding rails means that you will get quite cutting power for a saw of this size.

Second, it is a 7-1 / 4 “cut. This is why you really need the slide rails. You do not need ’em, but they make up for the smaller size of the blade.

The 7-1 / 4 “blade saws size should mean lower electricity demand, which translates to longer running time and a large number of cuts per battery charge. Blade will be the perfect choice fantastic, as 7-1 / 4 “is standard for circular saw. It also means the ability to cut down smaller, but still be able to cut through wood sawing 2x.

The product specifications are not complete at this time, but Dewalt 20V Max Wireless saws can cut through at least 2 × 8 board is set up against the fence horizontally.

Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw
Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw

Overall, the new Dewalt saws wire looks like a nice and neat design. It weighs only 30 lbs, which should make it not only portable, but easy to manage.

Pay attention to the large grab handles on either side of the saw, and the large carry handle on top? No, not gold handle that is used for the operation of the saw cap, but wearing a black handle.

Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw
Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw

Dewalt equipped with wireless caps have seen with their very great positioning system XPS intersect. I would call it an LED worklight, but it’s not, it’s a type of LED bulb system.

In the images of cutting straight down, you can see where some of the weight has been pretty mean to cut off the base of the hat saws. There should not be any compromise with the power, but that added to the complexity of production.

Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw
Dewalt Cordless Miter Saw

All the photos I’ve seen shows wireless caps have seen with a battery pack XR, but it’s not like that hat brushless sawing. No problem, I would like to see a cap motor saws brushless brushed over a non-existent because it is too expensive to bring to market.


  • Can carry up to 183 cuts in a 2 x 4 board informed each 4.0Ah battery charger
  • Up to 2 x 8 horizontal, 3-1 / 2 “vertical, and 3-5 / 8” cutting power cage crown
  • Stainless steel adjustment cap blocking plate with 10 positive stops
  • oversized scale insect
  • Bevel range 48 ° -3 ° left
  • Holding orange caps lock
  • outsourcing base fence
  • 5/8 “size blade arbor
  • Max cap 45 ° left and 45 ° right

Kit includes (1) Li-ion battery and charger, as well as a blade wrench, hold down clamp, guide, carbide blade, and the dust collection bag.

According to the product description, the M1 includes a DCB200 (3.0Ah) Li-ion battery and DCB112 20V / 12V multi-voltage Max. The product images for jigsaws with a higher capacity battery pack, and part of the model M1 kit (DCS361M1) always means (1) 4.0Ah Li-ion battery, and so I am inclined to believe that’s what it comes with.

Price: $$$ for the kit (DCS361M1), $$$ for hearing instruments (DCS361B)
ETA: Late June 2015

On Amazon (1)
On amazon (2)


Looks pretty darned good to me, and even better than what I expected!

There are a few hats wireless saws available, such as a costly 7-1 / 2″ Makita saw, a Craftsman saw, a Ryobi saw, miter saw and a Milwaukee wire with dual vertical rails (UK only! Click hours).

While higher prices than consumer-grade saws, wire saws worth Dewalt new less expensive than competing professional-level model. That is $ 399, and that is for the kit!

The new Dewalt saws strongly resemble its wired brother, but also seems to shine with a brand new design. I almost understand now why it takes so long to get this Dewalt to show off the ground.

Cordless? clearly designed for easy and flexible window in mind? Positioning system XPS shadowing blade with? Working with blades 7-1 / 4 “standard? Looks pretty darned compelling.

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