Dewalt Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool

Oscillating Multi-Tool Dewalt Brushless
Oscillating Multi-Tool Dewalt Brushless

Dewalt Brushless 20V Max is soon to li-ion brushless oscillating stuff its first oscillator, the DCS355. They also recently came out with an oscillating multi tool records, as well as some accessories universal adapter and a free tool for other brand instruments.

Oscillating Multi-Tool Dewalt Brushless

FEATURES About Dewalt Brushless

  • Brushless motors provide “more running time to 57%” compared with standard brushed motor
  • Quick-change system allows to change accessories free tools blade when the blade is used Dewalt
  • tongue universal interface allows use with other brands tongue ‘(hex wrench needed to change blades)
  • 0 to 20.000 OPM
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Built-in LED worklight with a delay of 20 seconds
  • Includes oscillating tool systems disassembled instructions for cutting depth repeat
  • 12:20 “length
  • 3:22 lbs weight with compact battery
Oscillating Multi-Tool Dewalt Brushless

Dewalt said new oscillating tool is ideal for cutting carpenter cabinets, flooring, and installation services, or any other professional traders.

As with other oscillating tools, Dewalt wire brush versatile tool can be used to cut materials of wood, metal, plastic, or drywall. With knife or appropriate accessories it can also be used for detailed sanding, removing grout or scraping tasks.


The sets, DCS355D1, accompanied (1) Battery Dewalt 20V 2.0Ah lithium ion Max, chargers, bags, kit, and basic kit. A selection tool is also available to the ceiling.

DCS355D1 kit: $
DCS355 hearing instruments: $


Both tools will be available starting in November 2013 anywhere Dewalt products sold.

The 29-piece accessory set includes several accessories to help you get started with. As with strings oscillate toolkit, most of the accessories are sanding sheets (some not shown).


It seems brushless tools Dewalt’s oscillations were some deficiencies with a wired version of them, namely a change blade mechanism free tool that is only free tools for use with Dewalt tongue.

I was not all that happy that a dust port adapter is not available, or even in the works. After using all of my multi Fein with a sanding pad and adapter dirt in the past few months, I can not go back any multi-tool that does not offer at least an optional accessory.

As with the wired version, this tool is done through 2 Dual-Grip position variable speed trigger. Personally, I prefer to separate on / off slide switch with speed control knobs-selected number. Here, you can pull the trigger for variable speed, or squeeze the trigger and press the button on the key. If you prefer a slower pace, you will have to train your trigger finger.

Dewalt said clamp design gives users improved control, but I would think that a repeat dialing provide greater and user comfort.

I also do not quite get the Dewalt “up to 57% more run time” statement. This is the same marketing message Dewalt drills to use with its brushless, but in this case it’s not at all clear where the numbers came from because it is versatile tool wire first and Dewalt’s single. This amount has been born from a clipboard, or practical test with brush and comb oscillating tool? Regardless of my scrutiny, a brushless motor is far more efficient than brushed motors, and thus, an oscillating tool brushless wireless will typically run faster than a multi-tool bottle.

One thing I like is the brushless 20V Max oscillating tool seems to be more compact than their wired versions. Perhaps not significantly more compact, but 3/4 “better than nothing.

The valuation is also another plus. $ 129 for hearing instruments and $ 199 for the 1-pin is pretty good.

Overall, there are a few things that work to support the 20V Max versatile tool, but an equal number of elements that work against it.

Pros: brushless motor, low prices.

Cons: Interface is not popular free tool with blades other brands, convert trigger instead of the variable-speed dial with its own on / off, no dust port option.

Perhaps 20V Max oscillating tool will change my mind if / when I checked it out, but so far I do not like the stuff their fluctuate greatly wire. That’s not bad, but its design does not mesh well with my usage habits. I am optimistic that the wireless version would be just as well-built, but now I do not believe I will like it any better.

I have no doubt that this will be a good tool, but if you are in the market for a brushless wireless oscillating tool, think carefully about this is the best tool to use you.

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