Dewalt 12V Max Handle & Common Features

Dewalt 12V Max Lithium

Dewalt 12V Max Handle & Common Features
Dewalt 12V Max Handle & Common Features

Dewalt 12V has finally launched their new range wireless Max lithium ion power tools. When I first look at the new compact tool, it was love at first touch. We now have all the tools in hand to consider, and will start the series by discussing the ‘common tools designed handle and batteries.


My first impression when I saw the new treatment for the first time Dewalt compact is “oh, not a skimpy little …?” Fortunately, it does not really matter how the handle looks, as long as it feels good. Let me tell you, the treatment is extremely comfortable. I would even go as far to say that Dewalt 12V Max processor is one of the compact drill / driver comfortable and most convenient handling in the market today.

Dewalt spent a lot of time and effort to optimize the design of the handle, and it shows. I can hand the average size, and keep drilling and drivers just felt … natural. No stress, just comfort.

The handling is almost completely covered with a rubber grip and texture of different geometries. attractive palm critical area is defined by a raw rubber texture, and the fingers are covered by what I can only describe as the inverse ribbing. A raised rubber edges smooth lines between specific areas.


Dewalt 12V Max Handle & Common Features
Dewalt 12V Max Handle & Common Features

Dewalt decided to go with a stylish sliding pin allows the tool to stand upright when placed on a flat level surface. This feature by itself does not make a huge difference to me, but when Dewalt poll bid, this is what many of their requests. Flat-bottom design allows drilling is in place quickly without the risk of it tipping over and damaging the delicate surface or finish.

In addition, the battery provides configuration tools 12V Max a very nice balance. The center of mass, at least in 3/8 “drill / driver is located about where the trigger is. Meanwhile, many other compact 12V tools on the market today have serious beginning.


Dewalt 12V Max Handle & Common Features
Dewalt 12V Max Handle & Common Features

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Positions on both sides of the tool at the top and bottom, rubber edging to ensure that their bodies hard plastic will not mar the surface work if a tool subtly placed down on its side .

Finally, the handle 12V Max detachable hook wire. The hook can be located on either the left or right side of the tool, and is included with most models of drill / driver. Unlike some other hook belt I tried, the 12V Max tools allow light to rest close to the body, significantly reducing felt tugging on his belt and pants. A built-in notch in the belt hook allows the tool to be hung from nails, screws, hooks or other such attachment points.


The handle design is excellent, and has quickly become one of my favorites!

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