The Date Night Workout

The Ultimate Date Night Workout – Trust Us, You’ll Want To Try This

You’ve got a date. You have chosen this place. You have chosen your wardrobe. And maybe you’ve even cleaned your place and get a haircut. Now what? When night rolls around, how are you going to feel super confident and impress her?

Dressed and a beautiful timepiece will certainly help, but do a workout before you get your day feeling like “total package.” And I’m not talking about just any exercise. I mean, you do not want to use their best with 10 sets of 10 so that you fell asleep during dinner. (You do not want to show to your day with a fractured vertebrae, but maybe that’s because I was “outdated”.)

Instead, do a workout that will make you feel like a round and keep you full of energy, alertness and focus. Making a good weightlifting session before the day you can also increase free testosterone in your blood, which will help you feel confident and assertive mind. Moreover, do the exercises correctly with the right protocol will give your muscles a nice pump to it in leasts seems you work in all the time. And a centralized aerobic exercise lasting more than 30 minutes will help increase the levels of beta-endorphins in your body, so you will feel happier and create a better vibe (the infamous ” runner’s high “).

By the way, here are the reasons you should work out overall (Date Night Workout), but that’s another story.

How it works

The training day is brutally simple and effective. First, you’ll do a few sets and a representative of the “assignment” that working so many muscles and stimulate good hormones. You’ll keep it simple and keep the volume low to avoid crushing yourself.

Then you will move on your belly circuit. In addition, your boy “Yeung Money” has got you covered: I have added accessories exercises to improve posture and your body language so that you look more confident.

Next, you will make a “continuous high intensity circuit” (HICT) to get a MASSIVE pump in your body without feeling tired. (In fact, you will be in the aerobic zone the whole time.)

Finally, you will hammer your arm for a good pump for the finishing touch.

By the time you leave the gym, you will feel better than before you started.

Oh, and the whole thing only took 35 minutes.

Make sure you do the workout a few hours before your date. That way, you have time to shower, relax and drink a good amount of protein to refuel the body and recovery.

The “Late Night” Workout – Date Night Workout

A1) Split Squat Bulgaria – 3 x 4 each side

A2) Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift — 3 x 4 on each side

A3) Chin-Up — 3 x 4

B1) Ab Rollout — 3 x 10

B2) Single-Arm Farmer’s Carry — 3 x 20 yards on each side

B3) Band Pull-Aparts — 3 x 15

High-Intensity Continuous Training

Do one explosive rep every five seconds for a total of seven minutes WHILE keeping your heart rate between 130 to 150 bpm.

C1) Push-Up

Escalating Density Training

Do as many rounds as possible for a total of seven minutes.

D1) EZ Bar Curl — x 8

D2) Dip — x 8

J. Anthony Yeung, CSCS, is a fitness expert featured in Men’s Health and Golf Digest and founder of GroomBuilder, the 8-week fitness program to change the way you look for your wedding.

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