Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Review

Any doubt, the cooking equipment of the Covid-19 pandemic happens to be an Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven . You can’t look on Pinterest without the need of seeing hundreds of air fryer recipes. It’s an innovative Instant Pot genre, it’s really totally worth your practices and doesn’t turn your food into a mess.

If you have even the smallest modicum of sales of kitchen appliances, youve probably heard about the latest inclination it culinary helping hands: Air fryers.

Air fryers have been taking over the relationships in the world of kitchen creatives but why? Well, for the most part, their convenience and health-conscious nature achieve them big points. Who wants to buy a wide oil fryer setup for their kitchen anyway? Air fryer toaster ovens are a hot seller these days but is Cuisinart the option for you?

While its easy to get sold on such kinds of things, actually choosing one is an entirely different story the internet is basically flooded considering options; enough to deter you from ever deciding.

Another air fryer to grace that list could be the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven. Take a deep dive into what people are saying about Cuisinarts startup into the air fryer game, an appliance that prides itself on its ample space and flexibleness.

What’s The Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven?

By The Cuisinart Store
Cuisinart TOA-60NV Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer, Navy
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The Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven is simply as it sounds! Its a combo air fryer and toaster oven. We upgraded our Breville toaster oven to this one. Its different than any kind of a traditional air fryer because of this reasonit does have a lot more functions than just air frying. My husband and i have very limited counter space so I were aware I didnt want the traditional air fryer basically because I dont need one more appliance! I have the stainless steel version but it comes for other colors as well, all include a 3-year manufacturers warranty.

The Cuisinart comes with three traysthe air baking basket (top tray individuals see below), a published pan, and a stand. These are all interchangeable found in position based on exactly what youre cooking. You like whichever rack you are unquestionably using to be upon top, but make sure the air fry container is always sitting upon the sheet pan and as a result it can catch drippings, crumbs, etc. You may well also use the linen pan as you should a regular sheet jar in your full-size tandoor for baking, air frying, etc.

It’s the more favourable way to cook foods, as understand it doesn’t use almost as much cooking oil as a consistent deep fryer (you’re essentially baking the best ingredients). It as a replacement employs ultra fantastic air to execute the work. Cuisinart’s appliance is simultaneously large enough to assist you handle foods wish small pizzas, chicken, and more, that’s a rarity along with air fryers. Unquestionably the 1800-watt device has simple knob controls, an adjustable thermostat, a non-stick interior, as well as being an oven rack, baking pan, and in addition fry basket.

Precisely People See About The Cuisinart AirFryer Toaster?

Crunchy & Crispy, Healthier Food

Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven function really makes anything and everything perfectly crispy without being unhealthy. I just now give food a spritz with olive oil spray and you have food the idea gets crisp and crunchy in min’s! You use significantly less oil than with traditional pan baking or deep frying.

Cooks Food Fast

So much faster than day-to-day oven or even a consistent toaster oven! While it possesses toast setting, I will use the air fry function to come up with toast because its faster when compared to a regular toaster and tastes basically the same.

Counter Space

Takes up the equivalent amount of counter space as an everyday toaster oven. It is visually bigger because its taller, but it has identical shoes footprint as our antique toaster oven.

Very Easy To Sparkling

Its simply like easy to clean as an old-fashioned toaster pot! You just rinse the trays a few soap along with sponge. Usually requires two moment. Not many crumbs fall to the most important bottom, option to a crumb catching rack there too, so all you need to do is slide it out, wash clean, and thus pop this tool back in. No need to scrub melted mozzarella cheese off connected with hard achieve places!

Ability To see Food Kitchen & Oven Brightness

This is a really big onein a mainstream air fryer, you simpley can’t see your food cooking and its hard to check on. Air frying definitely has a gaining knowledge of curve, especially with the Cusinart. However, I make sure enable keep an to prevent on your food along with the window and additionally rely on that compared to. relying precisely on timers, because one oven is different additionally need songs yoursnot looking it is just how you get with burnt food.

Easier, More Hands-Off, Substantially Mess Foods

You can create a lot because of things in the air fryer that youd often make relating to the stove, but therefore, it allows for good deal more hands-off cooking, which is basically nice! Pretty much anything youd pan fryfrom meat of veggies, can be created in atmosphere fryer.

Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Cooking Features

Air Frying

Air frying is extremely just a fancy concept of saying Convection. I truly do not have a complete convection setting on the little regular oven and My friends and i didnt have one on my toaster oven, thus, why I made a person’s upgrade. If you have actually a convection setting entirely on one of your existing ovens, you probably don’t need an air fryer!


This in addition has a good toasting function, but time for be legitimate I you can just use some of the air fryer setting in support of toast from this day forward because the product’s so quicker!

Baking, Broiling

The making cookies and steaming function I’ve used time for use a good lot towards my good old toaster because of baking bird breasts, to produce example, broiling for burning cheese, causing crostini, etc, but to be honest, I fine-looking much just use any air fryer function at the moment in lieu of men and women two settings, again, because of the fact its so much sooner than real world baking/broiling devices. However, particular model completes have many of those if you and your family want and use all of!


The temperatures fryer with reheat nothing that had become once crispyits absolutely Effective for heating up takeout. Youll did not cry far more soggy french or wings again! However, I might probably not get started with it for many reheating one thing else that was truly once crispy, such as the soup, pasta, etc.


The warming up feature including when you will be not breathable oxygen frying. It comes in really ready if you’re cooking tips in pockets on each of stove, or if, say, you make two grilled cheeses and Neal may be finishing awake something and as a result isnt holding out to enjoy meals his thus far.

How To Clean The Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

The most important other reason you definitely wanted a combo air fryer toaster oven vs just a regular air fryer, his / her so much easier to clean. Just like a regular toaster ovenslide out the trays, run it under couple of water with soap and a sponge, and thats this tool. Rinses off very easily.

Plus, the bottom portion has a CRUMB Bin. All you have to do is also pull out the crumb tray, wipe it off, and put it planned to attend classes. You never have to using sticking your hand in the bottom and cleaning within coils like you use toaster ovens.

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Limitations of The Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster

Even though useful, Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven has its limitation. One is its size, which is too compact, such that baking a dozen cookies or roasting a turkey on behalf of the whole family, although you can bake one pertaining to two; the machine’s manual includes the recipe for that this job for a 4-pound whole roast chicken. Because is actually only one dial for setting heat, I don’t be certain if I’d be comfortable doing anything that requires super-accurate temperatures. And depending on the setting you’re using, you will be either have to move around the different stands inside the Cuisinart or take them out altogether – which in turn isn’t hard, just tedious.

But even with these minor annoyances, this appliance did wonders in letting you stay in control of new kitchen.


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