Craftsman G2 Cordless Nextec Multi-Tool

Craftsman G2 Cordless Nextec Multi-Tool
Craftsman G2 Cordless Nextec

Here is a sneak peek video review of the 2nd generation of wire Craftsman G2 Cordless Nextec oscillating multi-tool. It features tool-free blade changes, variable speed control, and an LED work light.

The design change blade free tool is not quite as fast as the one on Porter Cable oscillating multi tools that we reviewed a few months ago, but it requires less effort to operate . Once I got the hang of it (and remove my work gloves), the change blades quickly and easily.

In the operating manual of the multi-tool, it is recommended that users wear protective gloves when inserting or removing the blade and attachments. As you can probably tell from the video, wearing gloves slow process to change a little blade. If you choose to swap attachments without wearing gloves, just make sure that this stuff is cool to the touch and that you take care not to scratch or cut themselves with blades or attachments.

Craftsman G2 Cordless Nextec Video:

In general, the first impression of us is quite positive. This tool significantly felt and well-built, and it’s quite comfortable to operate. The LED worklight can be used and can be useful in a pinch, but as with most wireless tools LED lamps, it is not anything special. Craftsman G2 tools bundle with their new QuickBoost charger, helps minimize downtime with 30 minutes charging time of it.


  • OPM 7500-1500
  • 2.8 ° oscillation angle
  • Quick-release tool accessories little change
  • And a 12V battery charger QuickBoost
  • angle attachment fittings 8 positions
  • 6 accessories


  • scraper blade
  • Flush cutting saw blades cutting wood, drywall, plastic, and other materials
  • Carbide rasp triangle for coarse grinding and removal of adhesive, thinset, and construction
  • Carbide rasp or remove mortar round and plaster or masonry cutting foam,
  • saws cutting wood, plastic, drywall, and other materials
  • 9pc hook & loop sanding kit

New CRAFTSMAN G2 CORDLESS versatile toolkit is out now, and you can find more information or to buy on amazon.


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