Craftsman Bolt On Drill system is a system of power tools new module, where you swap the head of the tool for different functions. This allows for self-realization to have the flexibility of a range of tools that are not budget for a full size tool separately.

Our experience with the Craftsman Bolt On Drill tools has been pretty good, but of course there is some compromise on features and performance. The following is a brief review of the boot and each tool attachment head.

Craftsman Bolt On Drill Review
Craftsman Bolt On Drill

For most of the tools we present the pros and cons neutral. Many of the defects can not be used to complain, but points out some of the features that you do not get that you do with a full size wired or wireless tools.

Craftsman Bolt On Drill STARTER KIT (20V)

Starter kit comes with impressive wireless 20V power drill/drivers basically, a single battery, and a charger QuickBoost.

Since the basic treatment being used with all the heads of different tools, it should be comfortable, and it is. The balance is good, handle forms, and textures grip is soft and comfortable.

The first drill/driver tool is about as basic as they come. 0-800 RPM, 3/8″ capacity, 10 + 1 clutch settings. Our only complaint is rotate and adjust the clutch on a variety of setup instructions can lead to a deep thumb purple if you catch the chuck too far back and hit the leading edge of the trigger.


QuickBoost charger is a welcome accessory and 20V battery will fully charge in 30 minutes. If you just need a little more water, it will give you 30% capacity in 10 minutes.

We’re not sure about mathematics since 1/3 charging time will give you at least 1/3 of the capacity charge, but most of the other Li-ion batteries do not want to be interrupted between charges. The charger allows for cost QuickBoost part no risk of extending the life of the battery.

The Engine Changes First

Exchanging head tool is easy once you do it a few times. The preferred method of us is to hold on to the rear of the tool to release the top button mount can be turned with a quick thumb press.

When first remove or replace the instrument, keep your fingers away from the trigger switch! One of the complaints we hear about Craftsman bolt on drill system is a tool that can turn just before or after its removal stick. We always recommend that you take the battery out of a wireless tool when changing bits, blades, or accessories. At least put forward/reverse switch in the middle/neutral position in his/lock out.

Craftsman Bolt On Drill 2 Speed

The attachment larger hammer drill/driver that comes with the basic starter kit, but it offers two-speed mode, a hammer drill mode in masonry, and improved behavior.


  • Wider range of speeds (0-500 and 0-1600 RPM)
  • can be used to drill, drive, or masonry drill
  • clutch wider, easier to rotate


  • Because of its size, it can not be used in a confined area
  • Keyless chuck 2 hands and not Ratcheting

Craftsman Bolt On Drill Impact Control

If there is a must have bolt-on attachment.


  • powerful! (Up to 1300 in-lbs of torque)
  • compact size

As with most other impact drivers, 1/4 “hex adapter is designed for 2” bit processing power and can not 1 “bit insert without a separate adapter

Craftsman Bolt-On Jig Saw

Although uncomfortable or versatile as wire Craftsman Nextec jig saw, Craftsman Bolt On Jig Saw attachment works well for task lighting cutting tasks. We use it to cut aluminum sheet metal, plywood, and thin plastic sheet without trouble. The processor configuration looks clumsy but seemed to work well enough.


  • Change blade free tools
  • Hard aluminum shoes
  • Enough space to support second-hand


  • Not adjusting cone

Trim Craftsman Bolt-On Circular Saw

This 3-3/8″ cutting saws work well for small straight cuts in council and every plate. If there is one thing required Craftsman Bolt On tools, this is it.


  • easy to reach safety button to prevent activation
  • on-board storage hex key
  • Maximum cutting depth 0.8267 is sufficient for most business needs light
  • only accurate cutting line
  • strong aluminum shoes


  • no depth of cut, adjust the taper
  • pine nuts are too tight out of the box and needs to be loosened with a ratchet and socket

Bolt-On Sander

This is a basic wireless “mouse echo,” means replacing sanding plate should be easy to find. Not exactly a must have, but it can be useful.

Craftsman Bolt-On Multi-Modal Tool

The oscillating tool made for a very awkward tool, search, but it’s actually quite comfortable to use.


  • Change blade free tools comfort blade angle adjustment it comes with additional hardware, presumably to make it compatible with older accessories Craftsman


  • Not to mention the extra hardware in the document left us scratching our heads

Craftsman Bolt-On Router

Router Attach 1/4″ this cut can be used for edge routing facilities, and to quickly and groove dados.


  • Safety lock off switch also serves as lock-on
  • depth adjustment is simple and relatively fast
  • Spindle lock allows a wrench bit changes easier


  • Single speed (9000 RPM) is lower than in most other 1/4 “router (single and variable speed)
  • Short battery life is capital

Craftsman Bolt-On Air Inflator

The inflator base allows quick topping-off of bicycle tires, sports balls, and inflatable toys.


  • Built-in pressure gauge
  • Built-in needle and syringe storage


  • No lock on button means you always have to keep your hands on the trigger

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After using and testing all kinds of Craftsman Bolt On Drill attachments, we believe that Craftsman has really put together a modular tool system is very flexible.

Most home owners and self-realization should consider buying an additional battery and the drive attachment impact with the starter. While extra battery is not needed, it’s a good idea seeing as how some of the tools attachments are hungry for power. Impact drivers hold its own against many full-size tools and we would not be surprised if the decision Craftsman offers a new boot that comes with it.

The head of the tool they all have their strengths and their weaknesses, but none of their overall lack of attitude seems or performance. Of course they do not perform as well as full-sized tools, nor do they provide as many adjustments and features, but their capabilities are reasonable for their affordability.

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