Convenience Of Electric Pressure Cooker

12 single-key operation buttons
12 single-key operation buttons

Instant Pot with 12 buttons to operate the main menu for the task of cooking the most popular include:

  • Rice,
  • Multigrain rice,
  • Porridge / congee,
  • Saute / Browning,
  • Soup,
  • Poultry,
  • Meat & Stew,
  • Beans & Chili,
  • Steamed, and
  • Slow cooker
  • Keep warm
  • Yogurt (with sterilized and fermented rice (Jiu Niang))

The key one-button operation is designed carefully to achieve consistent cooking results. Of course, if you want to install your pressure hold time for your own recipe, you can do so with the settings manually.

The following features are most notable for the keys with one-button operation.

Convenience Of Electric Pressure Cooker

Smart Programming

These buttons are programmed based on thousands of smart experiments to achieve the best cooking results.

Be on the “rice” as an example. Instant Pot rice cooked in estimated quantity of rice and water by measuring the time before heating. The time pressure to keep changing based on this measurement. Detailed considerations made in each phase of soaking before cooking, blanching, steaming and braising. View Pete Vegas “Rice 101” to learn more about the science of cooking rice.

Each function button can further be refined to change the taste of food within the scope of the “rare”, “normal” and “well done”.

Automatic cooking

Instant Pot also provides convenience in the cooking process is fully automated, the time each job cooking and switch to keep warm after cooking. Unlike conventional pressure cooker, you do not need a timer to automatically monitor the cooking time.

Planning meals with Cooker postponed

Slowly Cook (to 24 hours) may also be done with Instant Pot, allowing you to plan meals ahead of time. Most importantly, you do not have to stand around in the kitchen to look at the pot operation. You are no longer tied to the kitchen to make meals.

Needless to say, Instant Pot also reduces cooking time by up to 70%. It works wonders when you come home after work and had to get dinner on the table in a hurry.

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