Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager
Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager

Carepeutic Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager With Ozone Waterfall Review

The Carepeutic Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager with ozone removes sore feet pain and swollen feet at the meridian zones in the bottom of your feet at pressure points. The water will reach mid-calf level in the heated water tub. The rolling massage increases oxygen uptake for improving lymph and blood circulation.

The air bubbles move vigorously giving you a wonderful massage with the waterfall jet system to work together or separately. The herb container pouch is for oils or lotions. It is removable as well as the one extra mineral stone container.

  • Integrating ozone benefits into hyperthermia healing therapy to relieve painful, sore feet and refresh meridians of body through its heated water in the calf-deep water container
  • Combined action of ozone therapy and heated water surfing and rolling massage to boost and increase uptake of oxygen and improve body circulation
  • Strong air bubble massage with waterfall or water jet surfing system, waterfall and water jet can work alone or simultaneously, equipped with detachable herbal bag container, one extra mineral stone container included
  • Strong waterfall and two powerful water jets circulate water with infrared heat and moist hot air bubbles to help stimulate foot reflex zones
  • With smart thermal control water temperature automatic balancing system, hidden and motorized smart water drainage system with double insulation for safety protection
Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager
Carepeutic Ozone Waterfall Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager

About Carepeutic Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager

Treat your feet with the undeniable luxury comfort. Integrating ozone benefits into hyperthermia healing therapy, this carepeutic ozone waterfall foot and leg spa bath massager makes hot-tub spa a natural and effective way to relieve your painful, sore, tired feet and refresh meridians of body through its heated, ozonated water.

Featuring four different automatic massage programs with selection of rolling massage, ozone therapy, air bubble massage, and heated water surfing therapy, it boosts circulation to bring oxygen to the tissues to soothe sore muscles on legs and feet. With the four built-in motorized massage rollers located inside the calf-deep water container, when the waterfall or water jet surfing system is activated, it gives you hot-steam rolling massage on sole and effectively melt away your calf and foot stress while you are enjoying the hot-tub spa. Equipped with advanced water temperature automatic balancing system, its thermal control device will be activated automatically to turn on or off the heating function when its current water temperature is lower or higher than your selected temperature, you can simply sit back and relax.

The strong waterfall and two powerful water jets circulate water with moist hot air bubbles, which helps stimulate foot reflex zones and relieve your foot tension with motorized, heated water rolling massage. In addition to its double insulation design and overheat protection, it has built in hidden and yet motorized smart water drainage system that can automatically lock or unlock the spa system when draining out water, simply press one button to open the hidden drainage valve to remove water without lifting up the container or taking it to bathroom, safety is completely attested.

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You can choose to add herbal bag or bath oil into its detachable herbal bag container or use its extra mineral stone container come with the package. Its built in mobile casters make convenience for storage or transport.

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Q & A

QWhat is the high temperature range for the device??

AIt goes up to 48 degrees Celsius (roughly 118 degrees Fahrenheit) which is actually scalding hot. Recommended setting is around 42 Celsius (roughly 108 degrees Fahrenheit) which is very hot and soothing. The water (if put in the unit cold) heats up fairly quickly.

This thing will get to 48 Celsius which is almost 119 Fahrenheit.
I will set it as high as 44 Celsius which is about 111 Fahrenheit and it can be hard at that temperature.
Love it though

QHow loud is this unit?

AI was amazed at how quiet it really is. The loudest part of it is when the water fall feature is running and it is the sound of the water hitting the water! Peaceful. Did not have to turn up the volume of my pandora! Hard not to fall asleep and miss the enjoyment!

QWhat do you mean by a ‘few tweaks’ for the drainage? Do you like the drainage better than the kind that’s just a capped hose at the tank bottom? Thx

AI don’t know what a “few tweaks” for the drainage means but I LOVE the drainage – could not be easier. You just flip up the drainage port above a bucket and push the drain button and it pumps it out. I found it left about 3 TBS of water in the tank that it could not pump out, but you can wipe that up with a towel or pick it up and pour it out. Then I leave the lid off so it dries thoroughly before closing to store. The wheels make it easy to move.

QDo the rollers feel good ? They roll automatically ?

AThey dont roll automaticly but they do feel good.

They feel good but I personally don’t like them on for the whole 50 minute time. They don’t roll automatically- you have to turn them on so you don’t have to have them if you don’t want to.

Top Reviews

Finally… ultimate relaxation!

After years of searching for the best footbath, and experiencing many disappointments, I took a chance on this model although there were no reviews. It was a great decision! It is not absolutely perfect, but I love everything about this one even though it requires few tweaks with the drainage. It is by far the best I have ever owned.

The control panel is very easy to use. The unit has multiple programs, but I have only used the first one (P1) so I can adjust everything as I desire. The other programs automatically turn the massage and bubbles off and on based on a certain time/temperature setting.The instruction booklet explains it all. Read it thoroughly.

This footbath heats the water and keeps it at whatever temperature you choose within the range of temperatures of the unit. It’s fabulous!

The best that I’ve found in the personal home market!

With so much information regarding how the bottom of the feet release toxins combined with the rapid mutations that I notice as I get older, I wanted to get a foot machine that was more than a soaker and I found it in the Carepeutic Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager. It’s substantial, deep, exuberant and lightweight for what it is.

Well this is a real good foot bath

Well this is a real good foot bath. Love that it keeps temperature what you set, can use bath salts and soaps and the massage feels good and is not too noisy. I am giving this 2 stars, however, because I have to return due to 2 units having holes on the bottom of the item that lead to water leaking. If yours leaks, check the bottom and look in the red grooves for cracks or holes. Also the drainage function leaves a lot of water left in the unit that you still have to dump it, could have just used a hose drain like some others. May reorder when more in stock, but hate having to play lottery game.

Your feet will thank you. Mine did.

I bought this to replace a Brookstone foot bath that first leaked, then failed altogether.

There’s a lot of footbaths on Amazon, and this is the most expensive of them. It’s also the best, and it doesn’t blow smoke up your … um … doesn’t try to mislead you with new-age woo-woo about invigorating your chakras or anything like that. The jets aren’t perhaps as strong as some but they work, the waterfall option feels nice, the heater works *and has a thermostat*, the foot massage rollers are *POWERED* and actually do something useful (and feel pretty good, too), and the ozone option will suppress bacterial growth — not just in the water, but probably on your feet too — and help keep your footbath from smelling like foot soup.

Great foot spa

Great foot spa… worth the money. Warms the water up very well, rollers are great for the massage and the drainage is awesomejust need a big bucket so there is no splash everywhere… no more pedicites at the salon.

The Best Foot Spa!

As a letter carrier I walk on average 8 miles a day. As you can imagine my feet are sore after a long day at work. I’ve used other brands of foot spas and they don’t even come close to Carepeutic Foot and Leg Spa Bath Massager.

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