Buying Guide & Top 5 Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain

Back pain is no more confined to aged people. It is indeed shocking to see that people of all ages, even in their twenties are affected by this horror. Hectic work schedule and no time for relaxing is one of the many reasons that can be concluded for back pain. However, a recent study conducted by medical authorities has revealed that one of another critical reason behind this excruciating pain is usage of incorrect mattress. The first thought which shoots in your mind is about the problems associated with changing your current mattress. Relax! Now forget about changing your mattress. You have a much more affordable solution, you can continue to keep your dear mattress by choosing to buy a new mattress topper. Yes, we will help you to buy the best mattress topper for back pain.

What To Consider When Buying Mattress Topper for Back Pain

Buying Guide & Top 5 Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain
Buying Guide & Top 5 Best Mattress Toppers for Back Pain

As the name suggests, mattress toppers are not the usual compact hard or heavy block of big box clothed in fancy floral material, but like a pad which covers your mattress and aims towards giving you the best sleep. Mattress toppers have been known to be useful in alleviating back pain and are also suggested by the doctors.

You can easily go to any market or rather online store and buy the mattress topper. But a good buyer first researches as the products may be of varied shapes and sizes and you must choose and look for qualities that are best suited for your body type.

There can be many things which you must consider but you are given a list here. It is recommended that you must take these points into consideration before spending that buck.

What type of topper should you choose?

The market has got different options for the customers. Choosing the right mattress topper will be a confusing task. You may end up buying a topper that has no utility! It is better to go through the product details and check everything to ensure that it suits you. This article concentrates on all the people suffering from back pain. People have often complained about their back pain while sleeping and couldnt find much solution to it. Following are the two types of mattress topper that might prove to be a great help to you.

Memory foam mattress topper

So, this kind of mattress topper is considered to be one of the best mattress toppers for anyone suffering from back pain. Why is it considered as the best? Take a look at the name of the topper. It is called “memory foam” right? Technically speaking, the memory foam memorizes your body contour and ensures to adjust your body temperature. So, whenever you hit the hay, the topper makes sure that your body is rightly placed to avoid any kind of pain.

Considering the density of the topper is of utmost importance. Many people suggest selecting a topper that has 5 pounds density. But this is not true. The ideal density is always 4 pounds. Your lower back will get the right support that you have always yearned for.

Latex mattress topper

Latex toppers are again considered one of the bests to relieve back pain. It is basically a resilient material and is capable of offering sound sleep without any feeling of back pain. The mattress has pincore holes which are distributed all over the mattress. The holes have a special role to play. It absorbs your body weight and conforms to your body contour. It has the combination of comfort and support.

Latex foam reduces the movement of others on the bed and remains durable even after using it for a long time. It can be said that it offers you durability. The latex does not give off any unpleasant odor. You must, however, check if you are allergic to latex. This may not be very appropriate in that case. It is a little more expensive than the foam toppers.

What to consider?

Thickness – Thickness of the topper is an important criterion when it comes to buying mattress toppers. The market mostly stocks up the topper with the thickness of 2 to 3 inches. The thicker one gives you a luxurious experience.

The right price – Little research is of course needed to know different prices of foam mattress. The price would depend on the thickness and size of the of the memory foam. Search deep enough to get the right quality product for you at the best price. Understand that brands play an important role in determining the quality of the product.

Weight and density – The softness of the foam is the density and weight is the heft. Both are entwined and go hand in hand. You must check this for sure before buying your topper. The inexpensive toppers weigh 3 lb in density. Though they are soft but will not provide you the maximum benefits. It is advisable to pay a little extra and go for 4 lb density while buying mattress toppers. They are not only soft but also prove good in the long run. They are more durable than the cheaper ones.

Your weight – Foam mattress toppers are perfect for people weighing not more than 250 lbs. These mattresses are not meant for heavier people. You need to understand how much you weigh and buy the mattress accordingly.

Should the topper be firm or soft? – Soft mattress acts like a cushion. It relieves stiff muscles and regulates body temperature. The cons are that it has a tendency to get flattened quickly and is not appropriate for people suffering from skin allergy.
In case you want a firm yet soft mattress, you would think of having a memory topper of 3-4 inches. This compensates the firmness of the mattress. To get a firm mattress, go for 1 inch thick foam topper.

Top 5 Mattress Toppers for Back Pain

We know that many people gets confused by so many brands and products offered out there. So, to help you have the best choice with shorter time and less effort, here are top five mattress toppers recommended specially to deal with back pain.

Snuggle-Pedic Patented Double Layered Density Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This is a unique mattress topper that is new in the market, but has got tremendous response from its users, due to its unique and extraordinary features. It has been manufactured in USA ensuring that it has been developed in environmentally friendly ways to reduce any hazards to the surroundings as well as for the user. The topper is about 2 inches thick that comes with a structure consisting of an upper 1 inch layer that consists of 4 pounds density and the lower 1 inch layer consist of 5 pound density. This kind of structure makes the foam able enough o support the body its best form through distributing the pressure in a balanced way.

It has been manufactured, while keeping in mind the support needs of back pain sufferers, side sleepers and pregnant females.

The mattress topper has been CertiPure certified and has a guarantee of no ozone depleters being used or emitted by the visco-elastic memory foam. It is completely safe to be used indoors and has a very low VOC emission level. It is completely hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.
The manufacturer offers a 90 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it, as not being the one you expected, or else if you decide to use it, it comes with a 10 year warranty with no compromise to its quality.

Ultimate Dreams 3″ Talalay Latex Medium Mattress Topper

This Ultimate Dreams 3” Talalay mattress topper is a perfect blend of natural latex giving it a great texture and supportive qualities for improving your mattress system. This foam has been made to comply with the various needs of the users. This one has a medium softness, which makes the topper a great substitute to cover the sagging areas of your old mattress. It is also useful to help people avoid pinching points in their bodied that may arise due to the uneven mattresses.

This mattress topper is proven to be one of the best toppers for people who are suffering from back pain and have difficulty falling to sleep. The topper is capable of delivering a well balanced support for your body and especially your back. It works to keep the natural shape of the vertebral column. It helps in a way that no area gets more or less support and all the areas are equally supported to retain the natural posture and avoid developing pressure points.

It comes with a bamboo cover which provides it a complete protective layer. It is free of smells and promises to give the user a breathable surface to relax and gives 33 percent more pressure relief as compared to other foam toppers.

Ultimate Dreams Talalay Latex is made up of natural materials and is free of harmful substances. Due to this, the topper is safe to be used by anyone who needs a mattress topper that is capable of supporting the body and can help in improving the quality of the sleep.

The only problem with this mattress topper is its price. Generally, latex toppers are more expensive than other types of topper, due to its material and quality. And this latex topper is not exception, but the topper is rated as the best latex mattress topper and it is really worth its price.
If price is not your concern and you are worrying about your back pain, this latex topper is a great help, a must try.

LUCID Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This mattress topper is by Lucid with 3 year warranty. It is 100% premium good quality memory foam mattress topper and is available in various thickness sizes from 2-4 inches. This topper is also resistant to allergens and dust mites and protects you from infections caused by these. The Lucid memory foam formula is designed to reduce pressure relief and provides you with comfortable sleep. Another feature is the open cell technology that prevents lasting body impressions. The density of the foam also varies depending upon the thickness you choose.

The Lucid Memory Foam Mattress Topper not only suits your budget, but also durable enough to keep you away from any kind of body ache. If you have ever dream about having a good mattress topper for your back, then this is it. The price of this Lucid memory foam mattress topper is around $140. The best part about this product is that it contours your body by allowing your hips and shoulders to sink. It is not a cheap foam; rather it is one of the best designed foam by Lucid. Ignoring this product can actually prove to be a loss to you. Customers have thoroughly enjoyed this product and now it is your turn.

You can check out 3 inch and 4 inch LUCID topper at Amazon with below links.

>> LUCID 3 Inch Ventilated Memory Foam Mattress Topper

>> LUCID 4 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper

4 Pound Density Visco Elastic Memory Foam Mattress Topper

For back pain sufferers it better to choose a memory foam mattress topper that has a high density level of approx 3-5 lbs. That’s why we can say this one by Memory Foam Solutions, has an appropriate density and thickness to serve and comfort back pain issues. It is 3inches thick and has 4 lbs density memory foam to provide maximum support and comfort to the user. It has the ability to cover the  saggy, uneven mattress in a way that doesn’t affect the overall support, and it conforms to the body posture perfectly.

The topper has been manufactured to comply with PURGreen standards and using a complete, environment safe procedure for best results. It provides maximum support to give you relief from pressure points and severe back pain. It has the ability to melt according to the body structure so that your body can rest safely, in a balanced way.  You will be bale to sleep calmly due to the reduction in pain and pressure points. It has been manufactured in a way that doesn’t pose you to any health risks or allergies and completely hypoallergenic. The foam has a gel like feel and provides a smooth surface to sleep on. This topper is also the best seller mattress topper on Amazon with very high rating from customers.

Sleep Better Ultimate Memory Foam Mattress Topper

This is a product by Sleep Better. This evenly distributes body weight and reduces pressure for natural spinal alignment. 100 percent visco elastic memory foam helps to reduce tossing and turning while you sleep. It offers you 100 percent polyester knitted cover with diamond pattern. It stretches to fit on any bed. If you are wondering that this foam might pinch your wallet then think again! Although the price is ranged somewhere between $350 and $400 (for queen size), it is a great choice for anyone who does not want to hurt their back.

Your shape gets easily adjusted with the mattress and topper and offers a different level of comfort that most of the memory foam fails to offer. The thickness of this mattress is about 4 inches which is enough to keep you relaxed and encourage you to have sound sleep. If you had the feeling of having hips and lower back pain with your previous mattress then fret not. The Sleep Better Ultimate Memory Foam Mattress Topper assures you that you will wake up with a smile every morning. For anyone suffering from breathing troubles need not worry about this product. You will not get any kind of smell from the foam. It focuses on keeping your health just right!

You can also visit our homepage to find out the best mattress toppers on the market, or click here to check top products on Amazon.


You can easily go to any market or rather online store and buy the mattress topper. But a good buyer first researches, as the products may be of varied shapes and sizes and you must choose and look for qualities that are best suited for your body type.

Not only sleeping but sleeping right and comfortable should also be on your radar. A good and sound sleep is what your body needs to commence with vigor every morning. Work pressure definitely leads to various pains and physical disorders. Now you can choose the best mattress topper for back pain and get a sound undisturbed sleep.


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