How To Build A Home Gym With Home Gym Equipment

Your Guide To Building A Badass Home Gym On Any Budget

Would not it be great if you could lose fat, build muscle, stronger, run more or achieve any other exercise targets the comfort of your own home?

While it seems like a dream, that is, in fact, a reality.

For one reason or another, many people can not or do not want to join a gym. Perhaps they feel threatened or the gym is too far from where they live. Whatever the reason, if you join a gym is not an option, the next best bet is to create a gym in the comfort of your own home.

And the good news is that no matter your budget, you have several options to build a home gym will help you to achieve all the objectives of health and your fitness.

1. Home Gym considerations

There are some factors you should consider before starting construction set your last workout. To make sure that your money will be spent, you need to consider a few important things.

Your target

First and foremost, the Equipment you buy will depend on your goals. Given that you’re going to be investing your hard earned money, you want to make sure that your home gym equipment is consistent with what you want to achieve.

Strength training

Part of the strength training equipment such as barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells can help you achieve your fitness goals much different. This is because strength training can assist you in things like fat loss, increased muscle and become a better athlete. strength training is great for not only maintain and increase muscle mass but strength and improve joint flexibility, increase bone density, slows the aging process and help prevent many diseases related to fresh.

Improve your overall strength certainly is a priority regardless of your specific goals and possesses strength training equipment should remain an important focus when building a gym at home you.

Fat loss

If your goal is to lose fat, exercise at your home should primarily revolve around resistance training equipment such as barbells and dumbbells. The reason for this is that while you are in the process of losing weight, maintaining your muscle mass is a priority. Muscles help keep your metabolism increases, so to keep as much muscle as possible will allow you to eat more nutritious food. And muscle is what’s going to give you that great physique and help you look great naked.

piece of cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills and stationary bikes are good tools to reduce fat, but they should only be included if you have more money for them, you will get a lot more benefit from the training device resistance and there are other ways to get your heart rate up during your workout.

Build Muscle

Obviously, if you want to build muscle, you need to lift weights. And the best way to do this is to own a good mix of barbells and dumbbells. muscles can be a process of intensive hard work, so you want to make sure you have the equipment necessary to promote through the plateau and maximize your profits. The equipment that you have in a gym in your home, the better. This will allow you to change your training and help you target and stimulate muscles in the best way and the most effective.


If your target is moving toward the end of the spectrum aerobic fitness and you’re into endurance sports such as running or cycling, it makes sense to buy equipment that will help you build your heart and improve your endurance.

The truth is that if you want to run, all you need is a good pair of shoes and you can do it outside. But if you have extra money, it might make sense to invest in a treadmill or stationary bike, especially if you live in a place where it is cold in a few months a year. However, this does not mean you should give up strength training equipment completely. Cross-training is also an important aspect of achieving your aerobic goals.

The amount of space you have

Once you know your goals, you will want to consider how much space you have available. The more space you have, the more equipment you are going to buy.

Ideally, you want a room or at least a part of a room to devote to exercise at your home. A better choice would be a basement or garage (if you allow your wife). As a last resort, you can always store the equipment Gym your home in your garage, pull it out and do your workout in your driveway.

However, if you do not have much space (say you’re sharing a room, an office, a bedroom or you live in an apartment), you will want to focus on the device provide you with the most dam for your buck, and start with basics such as dumbbells and a bench.

You also need to consider ways to limit noise and think about the layout of your home. Weight can make a lot of noise, so, if possible, you will want to try and find a place where you will not disturb the whole house. Use carpet and bumper plates instead of standard iron plate can help reduce noise. In addition, weight and heavy machinery, so you need to think about the structure of your house. Concrete floors like the ones that can be found in the garage or basement would be the best choice, and they can withstand more active than the rest of your house.

Finally, the equipment that you want or need, the other room, you will need to as well. Make sure you have the space to accommodate all kinds of home gym you want to build.

Your budget

Of the three considerations, this is probably the most important because it imposed the gym at home, you can afford. However, if you have not figured out your goals or you did not think much about the space and layout, you might waste money on that device will not work for what you want.

Above is a gym membership can come with a high upfront costs. Fortunately, there are options for any budget.

2. Build Home Your Pet

Starter Kit – Under $$$

For starters, you will want to focus on the absolute basics. This is going to be part of that device provides you the biggest bang for your buck. They will help you burn fat, healthier and even build some muscle if that is your goal.

If you are someone who does not have much space, which is the piece of equipment you will want to spend your money on the first.

50-Pound Dumbbell Set adjustment
Home Gym equipment
Home Gym equipment

50-pound dumbbell sets this adjustment is very good to start with. It will allow you to perform a number of different exercises with full resistance. Since it can adjust, you will not need to buy a whole, and you can use it to perform various exercises, from the shoulder to increase to heavier squats.


suggested exercises: Goblet squat, overhead press, push press, row split stance, Romanian deadlift, lunge.

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Bench adjustment
Home Gym equipment
Home Gym equipment

A pair of seats can be adjusted well with the dumbbell as it will allow you to perform a variety of assignments and move, including horizontal exercises like bench press, also allows you to change angle, tilt seeds.


suggested exercises: Flat dumbbell bench press, dumbbell bench press reclining, leaning quintals, sitting shoulder press weights, dumbbell step up.

Jump now
Home Gym equipment
Home Gym equipment

Jumping rope is great because they allow you to perform aerobic activity and without a lot of space while also being very easy on your joints. Jumping rope is a great way to increase the intensity of your workout in a short time and at low cost.


suggested exercises: skip, hop, hop on one foot interval (ie 30 seconds / 30 seconds off for 10-15 minutes).

Pull-up bar
Home Gym equipment
Home Gym equipment

A sliding door to the bar was great to get a good upper body workout. Not only can be used for pull-ups and chin-ups, but it can also be used to perform push-ups, dips and more.


suggested exercises: pull up, chin up, holding wide pull up, pull up a chair support, dips, push-ups.

Resistance Bands
Home Gym equipment
Home Gym equipment

Resistance bands can be used for several things, including making exercises easier or harder, as well as stretch or perform exercises with his own band. The larger the band, the more resistance you will get. I would recommend getting two or three bands of various resistance because as you get stronger, you will need to increase the resistance.

suggested exercises: zipper outside, dislocated shoulder, X-band walking, walking monsters, pulling faces.

Stability ball
Home Gym equipment
Home Gym equipment

The stability balls work great for adding difficulties for ab work, and does not take up much space. In just more than the cost of a ten-dollar bill, this is a great addition to exercise your startup


suggested exercises: Knee Tuck, volleyball, hiking, deployment, internal crisis, demand for leg curl.

Ready To Cam – Under $ 500

With a little more money, you can start creating a home gym rounder. This also means that you can afford the large equipment and better. At this point, you still do not need a ton of space, as all of these devices can easily be stored out of the way, which makes this set is a great option if you have more a bit of money to spend but do not have a lot of space.

Including from the previous level:

Bench adjustment $$$ Amazon


Pull-Up Bar $$$ Amazon


100-Pound Dumbbell Set adjustment
Home Gym equipment

The heavier the weight, the more you can challenge your body. This also means that you can burn more fat and build more muscle and gain strength than his lighter dumbbells.


Exercises recommended: Similar to those mentioned above

Adjust kettlebell
Home Gym equipment

A kettlebell is a must-have to build strength and muscle and burn fat. Its design allows you to use it for a number of different purposes, from the aerobic exercise and strength conditioning and hypertrophy.

Add the benefits of owning an adjustable kettlebell means you can exercise with the aim of improving all aspects of fitness mentioned above without having to spend a full set.


suggested exercises: swinging arms, one arm swing, snatch, clean and press, overhead press, goblet squat, deadlift single leg Romanian

Medicine ball
Home Gym equipment
Home Gym equipment

From things and work to set the core explosion, medicine balls can be used for different purposes. There is a gym in your home will open up the possibility of your workout.


suggested exercises: Slam, pushing up the cost, tossing in the air, hit the chest hands.

Better Than Decent – Under $ 1,500

At this level, you are looking at taking things to the next level in terms of equipment, and you can start getting more exercise equipment “typical”. This also means you can take your training to the next level. Here, you will begin to need more room; a living room or bedroom will not cut it anymore. You will probably need a basement or garage.

Including from the previous one (s):

Bench adjustment $$$ at Amazon


100-pound dumbell Set $$$ at Amazon


Power rack
Home Gym equipment

If you have money, a power rack is part of the device that you want in your gym. Its biggest benefit is that you can use it for both the squat and bench presses. In addition, batteries and rack height adjustable, so you can play with different angles and heights. A power rack is also safer because it allows you to rack the bar instead of having to pick it up off the ground, but also allows you to use heavier weights.


suggested exercises: Back squat, front squat, bench press, overhead press, the price pull, push press.

Barbell & Weight
Home Gym equipment

If you have a power rack, you will need a weight lifting and some are good. Training with a weightlifting allows you to use heavier weights. This is very good to increase your overall strength and muscle building and fat loss.

A £ 300 is all you need if you are just starting out – and you can always buy extra weight later.


suggested exercises: Row, deadlift, sumo deadlift, Romanian deadlift, curl, clean energy, upright rows.

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Stationary Bike Or Treadmill
Home Gym equipment

If you have a larger budget, it makes sense to buy a treadmill or stationary bike ride to round out your gym. These pieces of equipment are good for long bouts of moderate intensity cardio and low and they are also very good for HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training-) workout.

Treadmill $$$ at Amazon


Stationary Bike $$$ at Amazon


suggested exercises: Low and moderate intensity cardio, HIIT or sprint (20 seconds, 40 seconds off in 10 minutes).

Floor mats

If you’re going to be training with barbells in your home, you’ll need something to protect your floor. In this case, the carpet as this is your best bet.


Suspension Trainer

There is a power rack means you have something powerful to attach a system a coach hanging. faculty members are excellent suspension to do body weight exercises easier or more challenging and allows you to train every muscle group in your body.


suggested exercises: Row, push-ups, leg bent, single leg squat, plank body found.

Cancel Your Gym Membership – Under $ 3,000

At the final level, you can do as the name suggests, because you will have pretty much all the equipment you need right in your home.

Including from the previous one (s):

Bench adjustment $$$ at Amazoncapture

100-pound dumbell Set $$$ at Amazoncapture

Power rack $$$ at Amazoncapture

Barbell Weights $$$ at Amazoncapture

Treadmill $$$ at Amazoncapture

Stationary Bike $$$ at Amazoncapture

Floor Mats $$$ at Amazon capture

Suspension Trainer $$$ at Amazoncapture

Adjusted kettlebell $$$ at Amazoncapture

Cable Crossover Machine
Home Gym equipment

Now we’re really getting into the luxury items. A crossover cable will give you more options to perform exercises like pulldowns, bicep and tricep seated and different movement, which is especially important when you are trying to build muscle.

What’s great about this system is that it can be used with weight plates that you have bought, save your money.

suggested exercises: Lat pulldown, seated rows, cable curl, tricep pull down, press pallof, flying.

Crossover cables attached
Home Gym equipment
Home Gym equipment

If you have a crossover cable, you need the attachments too.

Attachments Crossover cable $ at Amazoncapture

Pull-Up Tower
Home Gym equipment

A pull-up towers have the advantage over the gate pull-up bar because it allows you to perform a wider range of exercises, including full dips and ab movements.


suggested exercises: pull up, chin up, chest embedded, tricep dip, lifting legs hanging straight, L-sit hold

Battle Ropes

If you really want to stir up the intensity of your workout in a short amount of time, battle ropes are the answer. They are great for HIIT and conditioning, and can be used almost anywhere. At least 15 seconds to work with rope battle is enough to get your heart rate through the roof.


suggested exercises: Rope waves, crashing, waves alternating, single-arm waves or crashing.

  • 3. Additional Tips Home Gym
    Do not fall for the latest and “greatest” fitness fad in the market. Sticking with the tried-and-pieces of equipment properly. These will bring the best results.
  • Whether you are new to the gym or you just want to take your results to the next level, hire a coach online. This way, you can get directions and customized workout plan is created for you for less than paying a trainer come to your home.
  • Lay your workout clothes out the night before. Although your fitness at home, do not underestimate the power of wanting to skip a workout. Find ways to stay motivated. Lay out your clothes, ask your partner to train with you and find a way to stay accountable (this is also where a coach can be helpful).

4. Add-Ons and Accessories

To get exercise and your results to the next level, add the following accessories to your repertoire.

Lifting gloves


Lifting gloves if you’re worried about your hand.

Lifting strap

Strap to help you lift heavier weights.


Interval / Set Timer

A timer to help keep track of the duration and the



Valslidescan help more difficult for ab, lower body, weight exercises



A foam roller will help massage aching muscles and stretch tight areas.


Plyo Box

If you are looking for more training and plyometric conditions, plyo boxes are great for a variety of exercises, and they can be used in combination with weights and dumbbell sets as well.


Agility Ladder

If you have a room or outdoor space, an agility ladder can help improve the speed, quickness, and conditioner, especially if you are interested in sports performance.


Hex Bar

A hex bar can help improve form on deadlifts traditional weightlifting and alleviate back pain when lifting heavy body.


While building a home gym can come with a high upfront costs, long-term payoff can definitely be worth it. You can say goodbye to the members of the gym, driving back and forth to the gym and fight for the device. If working out is going to do to stick with your plan easier and allows you to better fit your workouts, it is money well spent.

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