Diy Suitcase Side Table


Painting and refinishing furniture is fun, but sometimes I just want to do a different kind of project. One of the first projects I do upcycling when I started writing this blog for my senior project is to make DIY Flowers Hubcap. I like the whole idea of something, (or more undesirable in that case) and turn it into something new.

I had some different parts lying around that I love, but there is no real purpose. I had an old, classic blue suitcase I bought for a project (do not know yet what the project has to be), and while cleaning out the garage this week I found a table plan project father and my brother picked up the remaining free were from a yard sale. It is a mid-century side table that was somewhat broken. A vacuum has been turned off, and above all uneven and separation. After a year without ever getting around to fixing it, I adopted it for use for projects my suitcase. The top of the table is very cool, but way beyond the skill level of anyone living in our house.

suitcase side table before
Suitcase side table before (1)
suitcase side table before (2)
Suitcase side table before (2)
Suitcase side table before (4)
Suitcase side table before (3)

This is a fairly simple project. All I had to use a suitcase, 4 mid-century foot (from the free table), 4 and 16 wood screws threads.

I started using a drill to remove the screws and sincere mid-century table. Next, I turned my suitcase so it is placed from above and arranged to foot the way I want them. I did not really measure. Because not only specific leg horizontal, but inclined, I was once a time out of a suitcase corner (see image if you are trying to make sense of it). Each leg has been glued and nailed to a wooden block. Some are not as strong as others so before attaching them to my father’s suitcase by adding a wood screw into each one so they will be more stable. We must guarantee and counter-sunk screws to predrill the basis for each leg sit flush on the bottom of the suitcase.

Suitcase Side Table

When we (my father helped me in this project. I have an idea, he had to help them perform) with the legs placed where we want them, we drill through four holes and the bottom of the suitcase. We are sure the label where each leg will go so the holes line up correctly.

Suitcase Side Table
Suitcase Side Table

The next part is just the assembly, so we headed inside to get out of the cold garage. One thing that is important to me is to ensure that whatever screws to the inside of the suitcase was flush. To make them flush, we headed to the local True Value of us and buy ¾ inch screw threads. They are expensive than I had planned to spend, but if I ever sell or get rid of the pieces will be no one to worry about anything poke yourself or be included in the suitcase.

Suitcase Side Table
Suitcase Side Table
Suitcase Side Table before (5)
Suitcase Side Table before (5)

We teased all through from the inside, then screwed in the screws from the bottom of the suitcase, past the post first chan. Not enough plain, so some had holes in them, but this is what inside the suitcase looks like.

Suitcase Side Table
Suitcase Side Table

After all all the pins are on and tight, it came time to check out our small table. I was not sure if the leg will be even or if only 3 will touch the floor at a time. They all lined up great! I even checked the top of the suitcase with a degree and we have found out.

Click To Buy Suitcase Side Table
Click To Buy Suitcase Side Table


Budget Breakdown:

  • Vintage Suitcase (from a garage sale): $1
  • 4 legs (a table breaking free from a yard sale): $0
  • 4 wood screws: $0 (already own)
  • 16 Post screw: $10.87 (True Value sold each separately, it may be cheaper at a hardware store in a package)

Rehearsal: $ 11.87

I like how this piece turned out. Definitely one of my favorites, and it will be my bedside. The great thing is that it is stored, and it even comes with so I can keep valuable

things in there … not that I own any. I still like to call it my safety.

Let pin this project! If you have any questions, comment below and I’ll answer to the best then I can.

Thanks for watching!!

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