Brookstone Foot Spa With Heated Aqua-Jet For You At Home

Nowadays, instead of spending time and money in spa centers, many people choose relaxing methods right at home. One of the best ways to make you feel extremely comfortable after a hard working day is home foot spa machine. Brookstone foot spa is a pride for them, Foot Spa with Heated Aqua-Jet satisfies users in many versions. A big plus of using this tool is that it has perfect combination between design and feature. For its excellent performance, this device deserves to rank 4 out of 5 stars. Therefore, if you are confused by different reliable brand names on the marketplace, this is one of the most out-standing recommendations.

Brookstone Foot Spa With Heated Aqua-Jet Review
Brookstone Foot Spa With Heated Aqua-Jet

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Design Of Brookstone Foot Spa

Let’s get started looking at the eye-catching appearance of this smart device. Coming with the average size, it best suits your bathroom and bedroom. The device has clean appearance which makes it elegant in your room. How wonderful it is!

The most impressive feature of this machine is oversized tub, which is ideal for users with large feet. More specifically, it offers a great suitability on a men’s size 14. Therefore, don’t worry if you have large feet or want to have big space for relaxing because the model is completely for you.

Brookstone Foot Spa attempts to bring strong construction owning to durable materials. Therefore, it is great for you to experience all happy moments with this smart foot spa machine.

Features Of Brookstone Foot Spa

Being regarded as one of the best foot spa machines at home, Brookstone foot spa with Heated Aqua-Jet features all you need for beauty and relaxation. What make this tool out-standing from others?

Health effectiveness is the most important factor of this intelligent tool. As you know, main responsibilities of foot spa include circulation improvement, relaxation in tight muscles and tired feet. One fact is that it not only puts strong impact on your feet, but also neuropathy thanks to warm water. For the aim of beauty, the device is effectively used to remove rough and dry skin in an efficient way.

This gorgeous function comes from inside modern structure. A big plus of using this tool is powerful strength to keep water heat up to 115F. Therefore, you could be rest assured to enjoy significant comfort for long time of usage. There is no need for heating up water and it provides you a great convenience. In addition, thanks to rotating jets with two adjustable speeds, it puts a positive impact on your feet you could easily choose suitable programs. Another great advantage of the machine is the support of remote control, which leads to its ease for controlling necessary adjustments.

Brookstone Foot Spa With Heated Aqua-Jet
Brookstone Foot Spa With Heated Aqua-Jet For You At Home


  • Well-built design
  • Large bath for 14 inches of size
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Elegant appearance
  • 2 powerful water jets
  • Adjustable speed
  • 115F of hot water
  • Effective in removing dry or rough skin
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Remote control


  • It requires slightly long time for heating up

Things to consider before buying Brookstone Foot Spa

There are several strict regulations before using this type of Brookstone Foot Spa. In order to enhance the durability of this device, you had better remember not to use oils or salts into the bath. These elements can lead to bad influences on the device.

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All in all, make yourself relax with Brookstone Foot Spa. The machine is not only effective, but also durable and ideal for large feet. Therefore, if you are looking for a perfect product for your home use, the machine is one of the most out-standing recommendations. There is no need of going to spa; you could treat yourself as a visitor right at home. Let’s try and enjoy!

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