Brentwood 10″ HD Memory Foam Mattress Medium-Firm Review

Brentwood 10″ HD Memory Foam Mattress Medium-Firm Review
Brentwood 10″ HD Memory Foam Mattress Medium-Firm Review

Brentwood Well-Being is offering two versions of Brentwood 10″ HD Memory Foam Mattress, one is on the firm side and the other soft side. This is a review of the firm one. Apart from the firmness, there are a few other differences between two mattresses. At first, the soft one is triple-layer design and using gel foam but this one is dual layer with traditional memory foam. And firm version has a thicker support foam. Different materials decide different prices of two versions. Of course, two mattresses share several advantages. Both are CertiPur-US certified, made in USA, 25 year warranty, anti-microbial, etc. If you don’t like firm bed.

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Features of Brentwood 10″ Memory Foam Mattress Firm

Lower price

This firm bed doesn’t use gel foam so it prices about 80 dollars lower than the soft one. Considering the soft version has a very cheap price, it’s a steal for people who want a firm mattress.

Firm side

This version of Brentwood 10″ is a conventional memory foam mattress, which has two layers, the top is 2.5″ 4lb comfort foam and the base is 7.5 ” 2.2lb support base. 7.5 inches support base determins that it feels firmer than the other version with 5 inches base. Owner reviews have proven and no owner complained it was soft or something. I guess why people complained the other version was too soft is they didn’t find out this one, when they placed the order.

Note: I use “soft” and “firm” for two versions of Brentwood 10″, which doesn’t mean that they are on the firm or soft side. I mean they are approaching firm or soft side.

Customer service

Brentwood 10″ mattress is sold by Sleep Shop and they are reliable company with responsible customer service. They value their customers. They browse customer reviews online and give the prompt support to owners with complaint. One owner reported that he posted his review on Amazon and mentioned he got a issue with the bed. Customer service contacted him shortly before he asked for help. In fact, many online sellers don’t stand behind their products. Their customer service seems discontinued right after people have problems, even if their products have 20 year warranty.

Sleep hot

Some people may worry about the sleeping hot issue after knowing that this mattress doesn’t use gel foam. I also worry about it but based on latest owner reports no one owner complained heat retention. However, considering current temperature, we are waiting for report in hot days this year. I still suggest people who are used to sleep hot go for a gel foam. For a normal person, it won’t be a wrong choice.

Pain relief

Quite a lot of owners reported that they or their families woke up without backache. Thanks to 2.5 inches comfort foam plus 7.5 inches support foam, Brentwood 10″ HD Memory Foam Mattress can ensure people a cushy feel and the firm support at the same time. It aligns the spine properly and gives needed support to your body including upper and lower back. That’s why so many people choose memory foam mattress after back surgery.

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Issues owners reported about Brentwood 10″

Not fully expand

A few owners reported their beds didn’t expand to 10″. But it’s not a big problem. If you meet the same issue, contact the seller and they will give refund or replace it.

Body impression

An owner reported that he found body impression where he slept frequently. The manufacturer gives maintaining instructions that rotate the mattress every two weeks at first and every few months afterwards.


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