Choice Braun Series 3 390cc For Men (Update Review 2018)

You can only use the Braun Series 3 390cc electric shaver to shave dry leaves, which gives it a disadvantage compared with the best electric shavers for men. However, it does have a handful of benefits, including a precision trimmer, a fast charge option and a battery indicator.

Braun Series 3 390cc Review
Braun Series 3 390cc For Men

Pros: You get both a charging dock and a cleaning station with this unit. You can buy Braun Series 3 390cc-4 below!

Cons: Shaving wet hair can not shave.

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Technology of razor shaving foil means it is a good electric shavers for men with fine facial hair that grows only in one direction. If you want to shave with shaving cream or in the bathroom, though, this electric razor is not a good fit for you, because you can only use it on dry hair.

In our testing, we found that this razor leave some stubble, so it did not provide smoother shave. We also see that we have to shave three or four times in the same area to get shaved, which is a little more than the best electric razor loss.

Shave some areas is an issue with this Braun Series 3 390cc. For example, under the nose, lower lip and neck is troublesome to shave. However, although it did not provide the most risk, it does not irritate your face like some electric razors can do.

It takes one hour to fully charge the battery in this shaver, which is the case with most of the razor. Braun Series 3 390cc also has an option that allows you to scrape wire while it is plugged in.

It weighs 2 pounds razor, which is heavier than many of our product lines. However, we found that it really looks nice, light and casual feel in the hand. It’s pretty standard size for electric razors, measuring 6 x 2.25 x 2.5 inches.

The shaver comes with a charging dock and a cleaning station. Although you can clean the shaver under the faucet, cleaning stations provide a more thorough washing, and it lubricate it at once. However, for a quick clean, it is easy to clean under running water.

Braun Series 3 390cc have a two-year warranty coverage that you see with most electric shavers . You can contact to help with razor Braun by phone and email. You can also view the FAQs on the razor on his website.


The Braun Series 3 390cc shaver headless our product line is the best electric shavers for men, because it does not provide a clean shave, but it is a good choice razor leaf. It has many benefits, including precision trimmer and selected its fast charge.

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