The Best Bosch Cordless 2016

Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31 Drivers

The best Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31

Bosch’s new generation of compact cordless tools lithium-ion battery provides more speed, more power, more comfort, and lightweight package and ridiculously small. After using the new bag drivers PS21 and PS31 3/8″ drill / drivers for a few projects, my impression of the tool even better than expected!

With two cores similar design tool, they are discussed in consideration of this combination.


  • 1/4 “hex bit holding spectrum
  • short head length of 5.6 “
  • Lightweight only 1.8 lbs.
  • 20 + 1 clutch settings, adjust torque perfectly and precisely adjust
  • 2 set in speed: 0-350 RPM is optimized for driving screws high torque and 0-1300 RPM for high speed drilling
  • Variable speed trigger
  • bright LED lights to illuminate the workspace
  • soft grip, slightly redesigned to improve grip
  • Maximum torque of 265-lbs
  • 30 minutes 2 lithium ion battery charger, and a carrying case
Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31

$ Bosch PS21

To put things into perspective, the previous wireless controller from Bosch, the PS20, is 6.5 “long and cost 100 oz of torque with a top speed of 500 RPM.


  • Single sleeve 3/8 “chuck
  • Ultra compact with a length of only 7 top “
  • Lightweight at 2.1 lbs
  • 20 + 1 clutch settings (20 fastener driving mode + a drill mode)
  • 2 speed settings: 0-350 and 0-1300 RPM for high torque and high speed applications
  • 265-lbs maximum torque
  • Improved LED to illuminate the work area
  • battery fuel gauge to make sure you do not run out of juice unexpectedly
  • Kit includes drill / drivers, two 12V lithium ion battery, 30 minute charger, and a carrying case
Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31

$ Bosch PS31


Immediately, it was found that the balance and grip of the new driver has been improved. It seems as if each component has been tightened up a bit – chuck, install clutch dial, body, grip – everything seems to have been made more compact.

Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31

After checking the electrical braking and rapid increase engine stop of the engine, I focus on understanding redesigned and extremely comfortable. The suitcase textured dimples really improved the feel of these tools.


As mentioned, I love the grip of the driver. It’s a bit thin at the top of the racket, and then thickened to the battery. While not a flat bottom as tools for slide style battery, PS21 can be set to stand up easily.

Bosch PS21 Lithium Ion túi driver
Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31

The 1/4 “hex chuck is a darned nice. It contains 1” bits inserted safely and no measurable oscillation. The only thing missing is the ability to operate in a way chuck a Rapidaptor hand. However, PS21 features one of the safer 1/4 “chucks I’ve ever used. You can also use 2” bit in the driver power, but the power groove will introduce a little shake Dong.

Thus, PS21 has two speed settings – which makes it an excellent impromptu drill, right? Not necessarily. I’ve tried both hex Rub twist drill and 1/4 “spade drill bit hex wood Well, and as with most other tools 1/4” hex chucks, had too many plays. The PS21 can still be used with hex file Well in case of emergency, but it will not be pretty.

In addition to 20 + 1 clutch settings, activation is extremely sensitive and provide additional control. Additional pluses include the electric motor-brake, worklight bright, and great battery life. While I did not track how many screws the PS21 can drive on a single charge, always fresh batteries ready. With a 30-minute charger and two 1.3 Ah batteries supplied in kit, delays related to the battery is history.

Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31
Bosch Cordless PS21

The only thing missing from the PS21 is a battery fuel gauge. The PS31 (pictured above) and PS41 each one. Why not PS21?


The Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31  differs only slightly, so I’ll just focus on the differences. First, the PS31 has a “chuck 3/8. As expected, it was a very, very good. A single hand allows quick tightening and loosening one hand, and it’s quite safe. While the PS21 has optimized to capture safely 1 “bit insertion, the PS31 is safe can keep everything else.

Bosch Cordless PS31
Bosch Cordless PS31

It’s a bit of a struggle to find something on which I do not like PS31. As discussed earlier, PS21 and PS31 seem to be built into a common framework. While on the PS21 LED worklight can fully illuminate a fastener or work areas, LED PS31 is covered largely by its chuck. I’m not saying it’s useless, but its utility is greatly diminished.

One more thing – the weight distribution of the tools are extended a little forward as chuck. Because of this, the drill is somewhat unstable when placed upright on a table. With a little bit in the chuck, it will often tip over.

Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31
Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31


My frank apology, but WOW, Bosch power packed into the compact tool is much larger than I had anticipated! No, these tools will not be replaced soon 18V tool, but they’re pretty darned likely. In fact, they can handle many if not most of the 18V drill and drivers are used to.

Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31
Bosch Cordless PS21 And PS31

For the sake of the review, the PS21 has been used to drive drywall and floor screws, screw ends, bolts 1/4 “and 5/16” lag, and PS31 are used to drill holes in wood 1/2 “and smaller. some of the larger hole was drilled as well, and the small hole was bored into aluminum and plastic. do not worry, we’ve been working on a” torture test ” tools.


Bosch PS21 is by far one of the best wireless controllers I’ve ever come across. I can not imagine ever needing to put 265 torque capability in-lb her to use, but it’s reassuring to know the power is there if I needed it. Frankly, I was a bit disappointed with the performance of the PS21 drilling, but this has to be balanced by advantages of its screw.

The PS21 is a great addition to control 18V drill. It is light, well balanced, and 5.6″ head of it helps it reach into tight corners previously only accessible by a driver right corner.

Bosch PS31, on the other hand, can in many cases be used interchangeably with a 18V drill. It lacks the volume, size, and strength to be used in high torque applications or heavy, but it blew through the smaller hole in the can be used for most of the screwdriving applications good.

Both tools provide enough control to be used on small screws or delicate finish as well.

Trial of the tools will continue as we try to push them to their limits. From what we’ve seen so far, PS21 and PS31 new Bosch is highly recommended. They also are under construction (we have not found a blue Bosch tools are not), and the smaller, faster, and stronger than the competitors. This alone does not necessarily make them better, but the performance of their rich features will definitely help.

Tool PS21 and PS31 lithium-ion Bosch’s new wireless take things to a whole new level.

Bosch Cordless Screwdriver Kit PS21-2A through Amazon
Bosch Cordless Drill Driver Kit PS31-2A through Amazon

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