Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Hand Vacuum

When cleaning the stairs, the terrain is completely different from the flat surface. This is why you need a Hand Vacuum cleaner is not only designed to clean stairs and hard to reach places, but also can be used as a standard vacuum too. The Bissell 1985 wireless handheld multi Vacuum offers all this and much more. highly portable vacuum cleaner is not only easy to control and maneuver, but it is also very accurate no matter where you are cleaning.

Since this bad boy is wireless, it does not matter whether your staircase is high hell, in an outdoor warehouse or a new home without any electrical outlet, which will complete vacuum it. This is all that can be done by a removable compact, professional 22 Volt Lithium-ion battery that allows you to remove the restrictions marrow. So how is a small but far from modest machine can reach exactly the magic? Easily; using the appropriate tool for the right job of course.

The manufacturer combines an array of attachments fun can be switched off depending on the surface, dirt and dust debris. There is even an accessory is designed to get rid of the carpet and upholstery pet hair and fur. The fact that the engineers Bissell vacuum do this to be as lean as possible just makes cleaning easier and fun. So if you’re tired of pulling 10 tons breaking your back your legs on long flights of stairs, it’s time to step in and bring technology all the hard work of vacuuming. Seriously, you deserve it.

  • Equipped with high performance cordless technology and engineered for versatile cleaning in hard to reach spots
  • Includes multiple specialized tools, including built-in extension hose, stored on board for quick and easy access
  • Powerful, motorized brush roll easily lifts and removes pet hair from carpets and upholstery
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design with comfort soft grips for total cleaning control and comfort
  • Professional-grade, 22V lithium Ion battery provides up to 14 minutes of fade-free power


Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Hand Vacuum is cordless vacuum cleaner powered with 22V lithium battery. Fully charged battery provides up to 14-15 minutes of fade-free power, after which, it can be fully recharged in 4 hours (normal charging) or, if needed, in 1 hour using so-called boost charging. Charger’s operating voltage is between 100 and 240V, so it works overseas, too.

Battery pack is removable and can be charged regardless if it is connected to the unit or not. However, Bissell 1985 doesn’t come with docking station or anything similar.

bissell 1985 multi cordless hand vacuum 1a
bissell 1985 multi cordless hand vacuum

Bissell 1985 is relatively lightweight – it weighs slightly under 4 pounds (under 1.8 kg). The center of gravity is in front of the handle, when the unit is held horizontally, but directly under the handle when vacuum is held under angle and is being used for cleaning horizontal surfaces – very easy to hold during vacuuming, even for elderly people.

Dirt bin is transparent and it is very easy to remove and empty. Dirt bin capacity is 0.4 liters, and it could be better, however, this is small cordless unit, and cleaning the dirt bin after each use is recommended.

Controls are positioned just above the handle and whole unit can be used using single hand. Battery charge indicator is clearly visible and it shows current status of the battery.

Two LED lights help cleaning in low-light conditions and help to spot the dirt, but also items that should not be vacuumed like smaller toys, socks, marbles and similar – kids and pets, anyone? 🙂

Air filtration is good – filter is washable with warm water, without soap or any detergent. Note: never put wet filter back in the unit, or never use the unit without filter – moisture and dirt can damage the motor.

Unit comes with several attachments:

bissell 1985 multi cordless hand vacuum 2
bissell 1985 multi cordless hand vacuum

– motorized brush roll – motorized brush roll attachment helps clean pet hair and similar dirt from the upholstery and the carpets. It is not tangle-free brush roll, so occasional cleaning of the brush roll from the longer hair is required,

– on-board dusting brush – dusting brush bristles are soft and gentle and help sweep and vacuum dust and debris even from the sensitive surfaces,

– on-board crevice tool – crevice tool is stored in the handle and enables one to reach tight spaces and areas.,

– extension wand – extension wand helps cleaning elevated surfaces and for cleaning the floors while standing.

Bissell 1985 vacuum is suitable for cleaning carpets, stairs, upholstery and similar surfaces. To aid cleaning hard to reach areas even more, the unit comes with the built-in extension hose.

bissell 1985 multi cordless hand vacuum 4
bissell 1985 multi cordless hand vacuum

Bissell 1985 as Car & Boat vacuum – if you need cordless vacuum cleaner for your car or boat or for camping or anything similar, Bissell 1985 is a good option. 15 minutes of operation on a single charge, given the strength of the suction, is respectful time. Longer operating time requires larger and thus heavier battery and heavier vacuum cleaner. Thus, this battery is perhaps the best balance between operating time, suction and weight. If you do need longer operating time, far away from the nearest wall outlet, additional batteries can be ordered separately and replaced when discharged. Note that the batteries can be charged connected to the unit or not.

Various attachments help in cleaning dirt from different surfaces, especially from hard-to-reach areas – very important when cleaning cars and boats. 15 minutes of operation is more than enough to clean whole car, no matter how dirty it is. Since it is cordless, it is very easy to maneuver around.

bissell 1985 multi cordless hand vacuum 3
bissell 1985 multi cordless hand vacuum

Bissell 1985 as an Emergency vacuum – lithium batteries hold their charge for a long time, without recharging the batteries. Suction of the unit is excellent for a cordless unit (actual Air-Watts are unknown), however, it is not designed as wet-dry vacuum cleaner. Dry dirt will be removed easily, but wet dirt and liquids should be removed by some other means.

Also, Bissell 1985 has no docking station – call me spoiled, but I like my second home vacuum cleaner to be positioned in the docking station (with the charger) on the wall, waiting to be used when required. Nonetheless, Bissell 1985 is very stable when placed on the horizontal surface, and it can be charged while the battery is connected to the unit.

Long story short – Bissell 1985 Multi Cordless Hand Vacuum is excellent cordless vacuum cleaner with enough attachments to clean most of the surfaces found in homes, cars, boats and similar. Thanks to the extension wand, it can clean almost everything between floor and the ceiling – slightly longer wand would perhaps be more helpful in reaching elevated surfaces, but it is acceptably long. Bissell 1985 is not the lightest and not the cheapest cordless handheld vacuum around, but what you pay is what you get. There are bigger, stronger and more capable cordless vacuums around, but they also come with higher price.

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