Finding The Perfect Pillows For Your Needs In 2017
Finding The Perfect Pillows For Your Needs In 2017

Finding The Perfect Pillows For Your Needs In 2017

If you ever wondered how to buy a pillow you have come to the right place. There are so many different types in existence that you really ought to know the differences between them if you’re in the market for purchasing a new one. Not only do they come in various materials and fillings, but also the shapes and sizes can vary immensely from the traditional oblong type which you may be used to seeing. For that reason we have taken the time to find the best pillows around and merge them into the below niches of unbiased pillow reviews and informative buying guides:

Pregnancy Pillows

Also known as a maternity or full body pillow, these are ideal for pregnant women hence the name, but not limited to pregnancy usage, hence the variation in design. A great advantage of pregnancy pillows are that not only can they be used for support before giving birth, but also are good for dealing with lower back pain. They come in all different shapes, sizes and price ranges, so before parting with your money make sure you opt for the right one. [Read more]

Travel Pillows

The Best Travel Pillows For Every Journey

Traveling long distance can be a real pain at times, quite literally, especially if you happen to doze off without a travel pillow. Now you can stop yourself from neck and shoulder pain and get better sleep with this amazing invention. Whether it’s an inflatable, memory foam, u shaped or j shaped, get yourself one of these essentials and make your journey more comfortable. We tested the top 5 so take your pick from our unbiased and informative travel pillow reviews. [Read more]

Latex Pillows

Your Complete Guide To Latex Pillows

Latex pillows are somewhat new to the scene. Previously more expensive, they have come down in price and are much more affordable than they were a few years back. There are plenty of reasons why one would opt for a latex option as opposed to any other listed here, ranging from antimicrobial properties to better heat dissipation, but as always not every product is made the same. [Read more]

Memory Foam Pillows

The Best Memory Foam Pillow So Far In 2017

In recent times the memory foam pillow has undoubtedly become one of the most sought after and best selling types around. They are generally considered the top rated pillows on the market, and perform extremely well in terms of providing superior support, which is paramount for long term health and a good nights sleep. There is plenty of choice online and in stores, some good and some bad, but with our helpful memory foam pillow reviews hopefully you’ll soon be sleeping sound like a baby. [Read more]

Feather Pillows

For those looking for a plush and luxurious feel at a low cost, feather pillows are a great choice. From a consumer point of view statistically they also rate very high in terms of owner satisfaction and re-buy. The affordable and natural pros of the duck or goose filled cushions make these appealing to most buyers, but like everything there are pros and cons which we have listed in our comprehensive buying guide. [Read more]

Down Pillows

What You Need To Know About The Best Down Pillows

No doubt the most expensive pillow and desirable kind that you can get, these are every sleep lovers dream. Make your bedding more luxurious and comfortable with some top of the range Hungarian goose down pillows or instead a pair of hand plucked grey duck down filling which will have you in deep slumber all night every night. Once you try one of these there is no other alternative. [Read more]

Pillows For Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of those unfortunate things which we all suffer from at least once in our lives. It may arise from sleeping in an odd position or when the existing surface becomes worn or saggy; whichever the case, finding the best pillow for neck pain can be tough due to the numerous brands, filling and designs which flood the market. Our unbiased reviews and comprehensive buying guide have been put together to help you decide which orthopedic pillow would hopefully best suit your needs. [Read more]


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