The best stand mixer is a great way to put your baking to the next level, and for the third operating year we found that 5 liters of KitchenAid Artisan mixer is best for the home baker. Not only did it make the butter cream and sugar and whip up a cake genoise cake batter more effective than most other models, we tried, but it’s also easy to knead bread dough without stress or walk around on the counter (a common problem with other mixers). For this update, our new models can compete with Artisan, but finally we see that it is still the absolute best for its performance, flexibility, and price.

Best stand mixer for the mother's small kitchen

This 5-quart stand mixer tackles nearly any recipe without knocking around on the counter, and it’s one of the quietest models in the KitchenAid line.

Best Stand Mixer Reviews

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Although we were not entirely surprised to see a KitchenAid stand mixer come out on top, we think the competition will fare a little better. But after spending more than 16 hours of research, consulting experts mix, perform 30 hours of side-by-side testing on six vertical mixers and two hand mixer, and a two-year long trial, we I can definitely say that the brand launched the first in 1919 is still the best stand mixer. Sometimes you really can not beat a classic.

For Bigger Batches

KitchenAid 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

With a bigger mixing bowl and footprint, this mixer is best left on the countertop. It isn’t as good as the Artisan at smaller jobs, but it is excellent at mixing heavy doughs and batters.

Best Stand Mixer Reviews 1

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If for some reason Artisan sold, or if you make a lot of wheat or thick talus, consider our runner-up, KitchenAid 6-Quart Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer. It has a larger footprint and runs to more than craft, and it cost about $60 more than at the moment, but it’s a workhorse (confirmed by the fact that it is often found in professional kitchen).

For Occasional Bakers And Tiny Kitchens

Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer

If a stand mixer seems like more than you need (and less counter space than you have), this Cuisinart is a still-powerful but smaller alternative.

Best Stand Mixer Reviews 2

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For occasional barbecue, or if you have a small kitchen, Cuisinart Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer. This model will not compete with an the best stand mixer on speed or strength, but it is the most effective hand mixers we’ve found, and it makes a more adequate job of mixing dough, frostings , and great bread. We also like the event to its compact storage, which keeps all the attachments secure place with the machine (no groping in the drawers but more beater!).

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Why Should You Trust Me

I have worked with the best stand mixer in my 18 years career in restaurants, kitchens, dining and kitchen experiment. Despite big Hobart mixer is popular in commercial kitchens, many also use a stand mixer for smaller jobs. Restaurants and catering kitchens often use a KitchenAid chopper, rolled wheat, or mix the powder batch testing for formulation development. I’ve been using mixers in all conditions, from brand new to the end of the foot and even I had to work with one that will shock you if your hand is the least bit damp.

We also talked to the baristas, including Sarah Carey of Everyday Food; Jane Lear, a former articles editor at Gourmet premium; and Anna Gordon, owner of The Good batch. We return to Good Housekeeping, Consumer Reports and Cook’s Illustrated to see what they say and how they were tested. Use these reviews combined with Amazon’s user reviews, we found a group of candidates that enjoyed by both professionals and the proposed buyer positive experience.

Who Should Get The Stand Mixer

 For the right person, an the best stand mixer can be a total game changer in the kitchen. 

A good mix of forest will make life baked (and cooking) your lot easier. If you bake regularly and have struggled with a low stand mixers, an old hand me down from a relative, or a hand mixer, you may want to consider upgrading. For the right person, a good mixer can be a total game changer in the kitchen. A mixed forest as well as the implementation can turn out the loaf rustic, wet layer cake, and dozens upon dozens of cookies. It can make quick work of whipping egg whites into meringue and heavy cream into a surface layer of airy dessert. Best stand mixer with power centers for additional accessories that may release wheat flour, ground meat, and even ice cream churn.

If you are going to invest in one of those kids, you should find ways to use it two or three times a week, but it is not difficult to flexibly a good mixer can be. An the best stand mixer also free up time in the kitchen so you can turn it on and walked out to prepare for the next steps in your recipe.

You can find three types of electric mixer.

  • Stand mixer with the head tilt: style, which includes KitchenAid Artisan stand are the most common domestic mixer. The machine head tilted up so that the user can attach or remove the attachment and mixing bowls.
  • Stand mixer with bowl-lift: Professional mixers and blenders as Hobart line of KitchenAid Professional 600 Series water as there is this design. You take the bowl to a location on a bent arm and raised it toward the mixing attachment with a lever.
  • Hand Blender: This is common computer and handheld device does not include a bowl. It may come with only two basic dam or different attachments designed for specific purposes such as whipping cream and kneading bread dough. This type of mixer is good for the baker who wants to whisk occasionally and make the odd shipment of cookies.

How We Chose and Tested For Stand Mixer

 They mainly fall into one of two categories: the planet and not the kind you want.

You can find a glut in the market stand mixer these days, but they mostly fall into one of two categories: the planet and not the kind you want. Planetary mixers have a single beater rotation around its axis as it revolves around the bowl. This action ensures multiple contact points and mixed thus more consistent. The other type of mixer uses two static dam that turned while bowl rotation, and this type are not ranked very favorable because of the lack of insurance in the bowl. Since the dam was at rest, according to Cook’s Illustrated, “the attachments never touch the entire contents of the mixing bowl they carved through a single trough.” I immediately removed the mixer without action the planet for this reason.

Next, I consider the basic tasks needed a stand mixer to excel. A large mixer whisk egg whites and quickly, cream butter and sugar into a light and smooth consistency, and rustic bread dough without stress, smoking, or “walking” on the counter. It should be heavy enough to stay in place but not so heavy that it is difficult to move around. A handle on the bowl is very convenient when you are pouring the cake flour, cooked Swiss meringue Bain-marie on one, or cookie dough slapped.

When it comes to attachments, you have a few things to consider. They have dishwasher safe? They polished metal, or they have a nylon coating? Sarah Carey, host of Everyday Food with Sarah Carey, said she liked the paddle attachment for KitchenAid stand mixer noncoated for nylon coatings tend to chip. Dough hook is a hot topic, too: KitchenAid used to have a C-dough hook shape until people complained that this design causes dough to ride on the hook, requires a lot of stops to push it down. Since then, KitchenAid has redesigned its dough hook, and new spiral shape eliminates that problem.

For size bowl, we agree with the proposal of the chef’s Illustrated 5-6 liter large enough to make about four dozen cookies standard sizes. That’s a lot for the home chef. You do not want to go much higher, since mixing a small amount in a large bowl is difficult because the beater as little contact with the contents. According to the bowl away, Cook Illustrated recommends a squat bowl with a flared lip so there is more surface area on the bottom, keeping the contents from going up the sides and thus reduce the need to scrape .

Comments have opinions about the weight of different stand mixer. Some reviewers complain about the mixer is too heavy, it is easy to understand if you have to pull one out of a closet or down from a shelf whenever you need to use it. But these things are really designed to leave on the counter. If you want something more portable, get a hand mixer, because the weight of an the best stand mixer is very important for its stability in more intensive tasks. Anne Gordon Baker said that the weight of a quality mixer should be able to handle its own forces, and we agree.

 For a tool that will offer a decent amount of counter space … it might be wise to have something that is a multitasker.

It can be attractive to buyers their heads mixers to go for a cheap option, but in this case, you really do get what you pay for. Sarah Carey advised to get the best machine you can afford. You can spend about $170 on Hamilton Beach Electrics All-Metal, which is just that: a blend. But for more than $60, KitchenAid Classic has a power center that is designed to accept all the accessories that transform a mixer into a pasta rolling machine, meat grinder, rotor slicer, and more half. For a tool that will offer a decent amount of counter space (1 square foot in most cases), it may be wise to have something that is a multitasker. Carey and Sarah Jane Lear both our mention how much they liked the pasta roller attachment and ground meat, and Lear added that ice cream manufacturers are excellent too. A newspaper editor of our Jacqui Cheng said she was using a KitchenAid mixer chopper (with minced meat attachment) than she used it to mix music really.

To get the full scope of what each stand mixer can do, we decided on four recipes that test different aspects of the performance of the mixer. We have to knead bread test, meringue frosting to check whipping egg whites, wafer to inspect the kitchen whipping eggs and Pot Cookies to see how a stand mixer will deal with a lot of health problems and block resistance. Finally, to see if the mixer can handle small tasks, I use them to whip egg whites only one and a half cup of ice cream. After checking the debris on the bread, the output volume of frosting, cake height (down to 1/16 of an inch) and thoroughly each batch of cookie dough was mixed, we find a clear winner is crushed every test.

Our Selection

Best Stand Mixer Reviews

KitchenAid Artisan Series 5-Qt. Stand Mixer

Stand mixer 5 liters has overcome almost any recipe without knocking around on the counter, and that’s one of the quietest models in the line of KitchenAid.

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The best stand mixer of Artisan is the bestselling mixer from KitchenAid line on Amazon for many good reasons. It is the only model that aced every one of our tests without a bunch of knock around and swinging on the counter. It is one of the most effective in whipping cream butter and sugar, frosting and it hit the lofty and perfect cakes. Even a small amount can also mix in a bowl the size of Artisan. The engine runs quieter than some other models we’ve tested. It also constantly mixing relatively clutter-free, since the slide shield poured in and out, even when the machine is used, and you can just wipe messes from smooth shell of the stand mixer. Artisan is not cheap, but since the refurbished units are often available, we think this can be an affordable computer.

In both tests cookies and bread, Artisan Mixers without rocking or tension of the engine. This special cookie recipe involves many mix-ins drop cookie dough than your usual, and a number of mixers in the test squad tense with effort, including breville (scorer Top in Consumer Reports testing). While all trials mixers beautiful and delicious cake of bread, Artisan did it a lot more graceful. In fact, the KitchenAid stand mixers both aced this test. The Cuisinart stand mixer rocked a bit, but the rest of the test team can not hang with bread crumbs and shook quite badly.

When baking, Artisan ice cream the butter and sugar is very good, no shaving required in this step. For comparison, the ironically named Breville Scraper Pro Mixer and Kenmore Elite scrapings both need to fully incorporate the ingredients. I had to shave only once after the addition of eggs.

Artisan is also an ace thrashing. Seven-Minute Frosting requires you to cook the egg whites, corn syrup and sugar in a water bath until it reaches 160°F; then you transfer it to a blender and whip it on high until it is thick, white and smooth. Productivity publication of this formula is 8 glasses, but more is better because it shows many beatings strength. Artisan offers 9 cups, while other stand mixers fluctuate within 8¼ still venerable to 8½ glass cups. The Kenmore Elite and KitchenAid Professional 600 actually did a little better, but fell short in other areas.

Set more thrashing its strength, is perfect Artisan genoise cake flour. This classic French sponge cake baked in the pan is usually rounded to the cake layers, or in jelly roll pans for things like Buche de Noel is a big challenge for how much air a mixer will be incorporated into the dough. You need a mixer to incorporate as much air into the dough as possible because the addition of powder in the last step deflates it by about 25 percent. If you do not have a great beat to start, you will not end up with fluff, high class. Artisan production of a crumb cake with good ideals and even arch. Meanwhile, Hamilton Beach mixer Eclectrics large air bubble production (resulting in a cake with airbags), and Kenmore Elite bread from sinking in the middle.

Taking a cue from the test drive the latest Cook’s Illustrated mixers, I decided to see how each would choose my whipping a single white egg and ½ cup cream (Illustrated Cook did two hearts egg white and 1 cup cream, but I want to push the boundaries, as many stand mixers can not mix a small amount). Again, the Artisan working quickly on both tasks, unlike other professional brethren his outstanding, which can not be dealt with as a small batch of components in a larger bowl of it .

Artisan stand tmixer is one of the quieter I checked, about on par with breville. The Hamilton Beach is the quietest, the KitchenAid Professional 600 is the largest and highest slopes, and Cuisinart SM-55 is the largest in a mad road motorcycles.

A pouring shield an attachment that guides the wet and dry ingredients in a bowl is a piece of equipment that I never really use. That said, it is a useful little tool for reducing messes. the KitchenAid pouring shield is designed to get you can slip it on and off at any time while mixing. Meanwhile, pouring shield is nonremovable Cuisinart SM-55 during mixing. If it becomes a hindrance, because it can blend work hard, you have to stop Cuisinart, lifted his head, and remove the attachment beaten before you can get the shield shed. Because the shield of KitchenAid will slip out at any point in the process of mixing, that is a lot more attachment realistic and useful.

As far as cleaning goes, the body smooth and rounded the KitchenAid Artisan makes it easy to wipe clean. You can easily clean the crevices few that exist in the body, hinges, spring where attachments connected, and the bottom of the bowl where the snaps in with a damp sponge or cloth (as long as you get on fire while they were still fresh let’s be reasonable, people). Moreover, the bowl and attachments are all dishwasher safe except wire whip, mean; it has sophisticated tools to make sophisticated creations.

The construction of the machine itself is classic: control the speed on the left side, right side head lock, central power for accessories on the front side. The design is simple and friendly. While many mixers provide a locking feature vertical head, Artisan not. At first I thought this would be the loss of it, but I’ve never really had the head to crash into me while working, not in these tests as well as work experience my past with mixer. And in fact, I found that the mixer provides an early feature in both the up and down keys positions inconvenient, because I needed to use both hands to raise and lower the head. It sounds small, but when you have a bowl of dry ingredients in your hands and you have to put it down to put the mixer in place, it becomes uncomfortable.

Artisan comes with three attachments: a paddle to make biscuits and cakes and icings certain, a dough hook for kneading bread yeasted dough, and a wire whip to incorporate air into the cream and eggs . I especially liked that the dough hook is designed so that the dough does not climb it. This design helps to avoid making a mess in the spring where attachments will attach to the machine. (This used to be a problem with the old C-shaped hook, but KitchenAid has changed the design to an S-shaped hook or spiral to minimize creep.) The dough hook both paddle and comes with a nylon coating, which is a hot topic among users Button KitchenAid. Over time, the plastic coating can chip off, and I’ve seen it happen so many times. If this really bothers you, polished metal paddles are sold on Amazon for about $10.

You can find no shortage of five-star reviews on Amazon Artisan, like this one, but praised it for its ability to make powder. Anna Gordon’s The Good Batch said, she used a Artisan stand mixer to develop recipes for your company for a year before she opened. While she said it finally pooped out on, she admitted that she put it through the wringer and demand more from it than an avid home baker will. She praised her for Artisan hard work it is sent in an important development period like for your business.

Errors But Not Dealbreakers

The most common complaints that we’ve seen the best stand mixer by KitchenAid as they are made by Whirlpool in instead Hobart (and has been since 1986). But we have not found specific evidence that this adversely affects performance, and we do not think it has any concerns lon.

KitchenAid also only a limited one-year warranty on its stand mixers, which apparently did not sit well with everyone. I believe if you read the instructions on maintenance and know the limitations of your mixer, you should not have problems with its longevity. Unless it is an error out of the box, this is a tough machine, made by a company which is a favorite of professional bakers and chefs restaurants. Artisan is a popular item and is also popular in the Amazon, with nearly 4,400 five-star rating in the nearly 4,700 total evaluation. Reviewer Brian Foreman put a lot of evaluation to bed angry with a knowledge and consideration of information about the proper use of craft, basically a Cliffs Notes to manual. Another consideration KitchenAid Artisan announced she had her for 10 years, and it’s still going strong.

Also as mentioned earlier, some people do not like nylon coating on attachments because it could be whittled down the road. If you think that this will cause you to lose sleep, just get a set of attachments for cheaper alternative uncoated.

Finally, no mixer set over time, but for that you can just set a timer on your phone and again when it comes out, this is not a major concern. Besides, the model over time, we’ve checked all have shortcomings in other aspects beyond the marginal benefit of a timer.

Long-term Test Notes

Over the past two years, I have used the more professional Artisan food for work than to use styling individuals, and it gets the job done. I’ve done many times cookies and pastries, and even I have used it to grind the meat with the meat grinder attachment KitchenAid I’ve owned. I had no problems with it, and really, I can not like this mix more. It’s a solid piece of equipment.

I will say that I did not push it. I do not overfill the bowl, I make things a bunch at once, and I’m not stuffing the meat into a blender. I think the key to longevity for a KitchenAid stand mixer respect its limits. While it can incorporate a double batch of super-thick dough, overloads will shorten the life of the engine. Although this is a KitchenAid stand mixer, it is still a piece of equipment meant for domestic purposes. If you respect the boundaries of it, it will give you many years of service. Artisan is still the best stand mixer in this price range, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to their first stand mixer.

Upgrade Option and Use

If you are looking for a better deal a bit of craft, you have many ways to get one for a bit. First, you can get a refurbished factory KitchenAid stand mixer is about $230. But the stock changes all the time, and the mixer appear on the website do not necessarily reflect those what is actually available, so be sure to call and speak to a customer service representative very helpful and extremely kind of company stock is updated. (You may also sometimes see from KitchenAid refurbs on Amazon for around the same price.)

You can also go the way eBay allows you to sort by directory is used if you are ready to go (minimum) risk. They are built like tanks, so you’ll probably be fine, but you will have no guarantee of warranty should anything go wrong.

Runner-up: For Larger Shipments

Best Stand Mixer Reviews 1

KitchenAid 6-Quart Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

With a larger mixing bowl and footprint, this mixer is best left on the counter. It’s not as good as Artisan in small jobs, but it is great at mixing doughs and batters heavy.

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Although we think the best stand mixer of Artisan is for home use, KitchenAid 6-Quart Professional 600 Series Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is a formidable device, especially if you bake lots of warm bread. A large mixer with a large footprint, it is larger than the first choice of our significant, and that’s kind of machines that live permanently on the counter.

I have used this stand mixer for over 15 years in the restaurant and checked the kitchen, and it was a foreman is designed to solve the big job. The clip bowl on the side and back and the elevator on the first attachment instead screwed into the base as with the other models. The heavy-duty engines easily make quick work of almost all lots tested this model we put through, but larger bowl proved to be a liability on our check a single egg white and cream, where whips do not even exposed.

I would say that the biggest error of the Professional Series 600 is noise. I’ve been working with this model for many years, and I never realized how big it was until I used it in the serene quiet of my own home. Consumer Reports has updated it for excessive noise, and until I used it I could not understand why. It is in this remote, towering biggest mixer in the team trials, so that my cat got up and started to pay attention. That being said, this machine is a beast, in a good way. If you’re doing a lot of bread and dough thick, say, four or five times a week, get this. If not, it’s too much for your mixer.

Sarah Carey, host of Everyday Food with Sarah Carey, special models like this with any other for greater capacity and bowl-lift design of it. On Amazon you will see some old reviews complaining about a set of plastic, but KitchenAid seems to have corrected this problem many years ago and changed into a metal housing. Critics have pointed out all of the attributes of the Professional 600 Series. Currently, the 600 Series Professional has a rating of 4.3 stars out of five, with 3144 Amazon reviews.

Great For Regular Bread And A Small Kitchen

Best Stand Mixer Reviews 2

Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer

If a stand mixer seems more than you need (and less counter space than you have), this Cuisinart is a powerful alternative but smaller still.

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If you think a stand mixer can be too much for your device, the Cuisinart HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Hand Mixer can be moderate. It’s really powerful and capable of making great cake layers, and it has enough torque to turn the thick cookie dough without stress. We tested it with KitchenAid Architect side, and it is to be the undisputed winner.

This is powerful; I honestly think that it can work as a temporary outboard motor for a boat. Both trials were hand mixer full implementation cakes (although in both cases, we need to turn the dough out and work on a visit there for a few extra minutes sprinkle to get that smooth ball shaped create a stand mixer), but when it came time to make the Seven-Minute frosting, KitchenAid architect bring 4 cups icing only, while the Cuisinart bring 8 cups.

The Cuisinart bread flour and a little easier to do a pie KitchenAid and loftier. Cake Architects very sad sink in. That being said, the low setting on the Cuisinart is not as slow as the low setting on the KitchenAid something you should keep in mind when choosing a bowl to work. I have found that with a hand mixer, a shallow bowl mix does not really work because the dam pushes the content on both sides, making abortion more between additions. If you use a bowl with high sides, the content tends to stay on the bottom, and if you’re whipping a liquid, the parties will keep it from splashing all over your countertop.

I’m not the only one who thinks that Cuisinart hand mixer outperformed the KitchenAid Architect. This criticism Amazon architects received as a gift, and straight up selling it to buy the Cuisinart. Lots of other Amazon reviewers like it, give it 4½ stars (out of five) overall, on 476 reviews. I especially like the outline criticism of the finer points of what to expect from a hand mixer.


The best stand mixer by Cuisinart SM-55-Quart held its own with the test bread and do a great pie and 9 cups of fine white mist. What it can not handle is thick, chunky cookie dough. Once we have more blend-in, the oars pushed all the powder to your face. Since protection Adhesive splash instead forged powdered vinyl spinning around like the other models, powder itself lodged in the hole of the guide down. The small handle attached to the lip of the bowl is not ideal, either. While the location makes the fit of double boiler (and thin, tapered bowl makes easy whisking), handles are pretty much useless when you’re pouring cake batter or cookie dough slapped. Another high note for this mix, though, is that it was only in the squad mix, in addition to our selection, the Artisan, which hit a ½ cup egg whites and cream. It has three power centers for extra accessories and a built-in timer, which is nice.

Flip-flopped on our covers Breville Scraper Mixer Pro. It’s a Consumer Reports favorite, and I did like the sleek design and easy to read, backlit LCD display of it, but the reviews on Amazon are less than flattering, saying it is not good for bread. My test confirmed the assessment Amazon (rocked back and forth as it tumbled, and dough hook to climb), but that’s not the biggest fault of this mixer. A scraper beater ineffective left me scraping down the sides several times during mixing. Moreover, after I add chocolate chips, walnuts, coconut and raisins into the dough, the engine started whispering, and the machine stops and stutters. Inability to thick cookie dough is definitely a dealbreaker.

I really want to Kenmore Elite Stand Mixer is better than it turned out to be. It looks very good on paper! It has two bowls, 3 liters and 5 liters, plus all the usual attachments. It comes with a five year warranty, and is the center of his power to accept accessories KitchenAid. But first auto lock mechanism drove me batty for raising and lowering his hands first loss. Even worse, this model stress and rocked back and forth while kneading bread, and when he tried to turn the thick cookie dough, pushing dough onto the paddle, splash protection sent around the bowl.

The Hamilton Beach All-Metal Eclectrics Stand Mixer is definitely the quietest of all the models in the experimental group, with a low hum pleasant. But, again, rocking and walking while kneading and stretching the dough are serious dealbreakers. The release buttons on this model is placed in the rear; This design is not very intuitive, and I struggle to find the button every time I have to raise and lower the top, there is also a story of two hands unfortunately. At the time of our research, this model is $180 on Amazon, this is one of the reasons I put it to the test, along with user reviews and the fact that favorable call Good Housekeeping it’s the best bang for your buck. Now the price has risen to over $200, probably because of holiday baking, so it is not even a good deal. With a lack of energy hub for extra accessories, this is a basic mixer which is good only for baking bread and lighter, which means you need to pass on it.

The KitchenAid Architect Series 9 Speed Hand Mixer in optional activities like sometimes our use. It surpass expectations admittedly my low as baking powder, and it turned pretty good thick cookie dough. But its weakness is whipping: genoise cake sink in the middle, and frosting recipes yield 8 cups should have only 4 brings.

Best Stand Mixer Models Other

The original mix is a machine Ankarsrum from Sweden and a favorite among Swedish households. Although it is suitable for almost all our criteria and received glowing reviews, it is very expensive and is not the same as user friendly as our top picks. After watching 10 video tutorials, we came to the conclusion that the use of this involves a learning curve quite difficult. Also, it seems most appropriate for baking powder, although we do not know that from personal experience.

Inexpensive Stand Mixer Hamilton Beach 63390 last year. We suspect that it has the courage like Hamilton Beach All-Metal Eclectrics Stand Mixer we tested. With the stand mixer, you get what you pay for.

KitchenAid Classic Stand Mixer: While this model has good reviews from reputable sources, we had two KitchenAid mixers in the test group, as well as a mixer accepted Kenmore KitchenAid accessories. In addition, this model is a bowl on the small side.

KitchenAid Classic Plus Stand Mixer: This model is pretty much the same as classical conditioning and is equipped with the same size bowl; it is simply a little more power (which does not mean much).

BODUM Bistro Electric Stand Mixer: Designed with a plastic shell, this inexpensive mixer does not do more than shuffle. It also does not have the power center for extra accessories.

Gourmet Grade 10 Speed Die Cast GM800 Stand Mixer: With very limited information available about the company, I want to avoid generic brand this sound.

The Highlight Oster Hand Mixer Speed Six is a cheap hand mixer. It does not have the attachment of pick our budget, so it is less flexible.

Cuisinart Power Advantage 7 Speed Hand Mixer: This mix does not come with extra dough hook attachments that nine speed versions.

KitchenAid Ultra Power 5-Speed Hand Mixer: No frills, no extra attachments, just beating.


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