Best Price Mattress 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

8-inch Memory Foam Mattress
8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Best Price Mattress 8-inch memory foam mattress is really best price you can get for the similar mattress. You will always find their mattress, foundation, and frame showing up in top positions when you click sort by price low to high. This mattress is cheaply sold not cheaply made. It has three layers, comfort layer, air flow layer and support base. Most 8-inch memory foam mattresses have only cushion layer and support base. The additional ventilated cool foam gives the mattress better breathability and air circulation. That said, people aren’t inclined to sleep hot. Best Price Mattress 8-inch also got CeriPUR-US certified, which means it doesn’t contain any harmful chemical substances and it’s safe to you and your family. Like other brands, it has a long term warranty to cover manufacturing defects. But this mattress isn’t perfect. Let’s uncover all good and bad.

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What you can expect from Best Price Mattress

Firmness matters most

Any mattress has a firmness scale, ILD as you know when they were produced but only a few sellers list it in the description to avoid misunderstanding. Best Price is one of them not showing ILD firmness. Based on thousands of customer reviews, this 8-inch mattress is on the firm side. But it’s not as firm as marble, exactly firm yet comfortable. It feels firm when you lay down but softens and conforms to you after heat exchange between your body and bed. You don’t sink too much just the right amount so your body gets even support.

Body Impression

Body impression is a unique feature of memory foam mattress. It helps each part get right amount support to remove aches but tends to cause inconvenience for people who change position or get out of the bed. Owners of 8-in Best Price Mattress report that issue too. They feel very comfortable in the impression but sort of odd when they try to move out. It takes some time to regain its original shape and form a new one.

Best Price

Most owners are sold by its attractively cheap price as it’s about 10% of expensive mattress. You have to admit the ridiculous price of name brand contains huge advertise cost, distribution fees, etc. Why Best Price has best price? Because they know what customers need, just a comfortable mattress. Why customers pay much for advertisements they might never see or complicated and slow distribution process? All Best Price Mattress products are factory direct and that means you buy a mattress directly from the manufacturer. They also provide free shipping. If you spend a lot on a bed, give it a try.

Temperature rise

Most owners have no overheating issue with this mattress. But warmth increased beneath your body would be expected. It depends on 2-inch ventilated layer to reduce heat retention. It helps lower temperature on the surface. It could be better if it has a gel top. Some owners felt slight temperature rise compared to spring mattress but still in a bearable level. In winter, it’s ok but could be an issue for hot-nature persons in summer.


Odor is one of most mentioned issue among memory foam mattress customers. Some reported it was too strong to stand, while some didn’t detect at all. When you receive the mattress, let it air out for a few days after unwrap it. Usually, the smell will leave and become unnoticeable. If not, ask seller or manufacturer for replacement.

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One thing you need to note

The return policy has stated, ”after 30 days but before 90 you may return your Best Price Mattress if you are not achieving the comfort you desired, we will refund 80% of the purchase price. If you would like to exchange a mattress before 90 days, then you will be subject to paying the cash difference plus a 15% recycling fee.” As far as we know, many brands give 90 or 120 night free trial. Although 15% or 20% of the price isn’t much, we think the company needs to be generous and there is no need paying for sleep on uncomfortable mattress.


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