Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Grand Memory Foam Mattress Review

Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Grand Memory Foam Mattress Review
Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Grand Memory Foam Mattress Review

Best Price Mattress 12-inch Grand is another high rated memory foam on Amazon. All users are very happy with it. Most of them give 5 star and few rate it 4 star. The quality and comfort have been proven by users. You don’t need to worry about anything. It has a better performance on handling odor issue and sleeping hot, which memory foam users mainly complain about. The odor doesn’t linger for long time and the sleeper doesn’t feel too warm on the bed. In addition, the mattress has a good price that most people can afford. It also has excellent performance on relieving back pain. It comes with a 10 year limited warranty and more importantly it doesn’t need you to pay any fees during warranty period. For some people, the bad part is it’s a China made mattress and made with regular memory foam and poly foam. It doesn’t makes use of any special technology. Below let’s uncover all the pros and cons in detail.

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Best Price Mattress 12-inch Memory Foam Features

Firmness grade: 5 (1-10 softest to firmest) 

The 12-inch Best Price Mattress feels medium, not too soft or firm. It provides needed sinking depth for people of different build and weight to give enough cradling comfort. Couples are satisfied with the mattress and both find their needed support. The primary reason the 12-inch mattress works well for two people is its multiple layers. Among multiple layers, the firmness increases from the top to the bottom layer. With that being said, different people land on different layer but all get support and comfort right for their body.

Made in China 

Best Price Mattress 12-inch Grand is made in China and all other Best Price Mattress models are imported from China. It’s not a big surprise since the majority in low priced mattress market is China made. In most cases, China made can’t compare with US made. In mattress industry, brands selling China made memory foam have poor quality control over manufacturers. The pass rate isn’t very high so you will hear customers receive defective mattresses. But if the company has a great free return policy, that would not be a big problem.

10 year warranty 

The company is offering 10 year limited warranty for this 12-inch Grand mattress. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship and indentation more than 1.5 inches but excluding softness increase. That means your mattress will not be repaired or replaced if it sags less than 1.5 inches or it feels softer over time. Except transportation fee, the warranty is no different from other brands’. Within the warranty period, Best Price Mattress is responsible for shipping fee until they verify your warranty claim is valid. You should know other brands let customers pay shipping cost even if the claim is valid.

Return policy

Best Price Mattress is selling mattresses on their website but they don’t provide any information about return. Therefore, it’s recommended to buy from Amazon because Amazon has a 30 day free return policy. If you receive defective mattress or don’t like it for no reason, Amazon customer service are always happy to accept your return and give you full refund.

Less odor

The first feature of Best Price Mattress 12, which owners are happy with, is that it has little odor. When you put the mattress in your room, you may notice the minimal smell. But it dissipates quickly about a few hours and doesn’t linger in your bedroom like many other memory foam mattresses.

sleeping hot?

Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Grand mattress is made with poly foam and memory foam and the company doesn’t adopt any cooling technology or even an airflow layer. However, most people won’t feel overly warm on the bed. If you don’t get hot on other mattresses, you tend not to have the sleeping hot issue on this one. Hot-natured people may need a mattress pad to insulate body heat and keep cool temperature.

Super comfort

The most mentioned topic in user reviews is it is very comfortable. The mattress uses 1-inch plush foam and 2-inch memory foam, which makes it super cozy. Along with the 6-inch foam base, it provides sufficient support for the whole body. When you wake up in the morning, you feel well-rested.

Help bad back

Those people who have sleeping issues will find it very helpful as the users do. The two soft layers on the top cradle the entire body and soften the pressure points. Sleepers don’t wake up many times through the night to find a comfortable position. In addition to key features above, this highest rated Best Price mattress can separate the motion transfer. That means the bed doesn’t deliver the movements you make such as get in or out of bed to your partner. He or she doesn’t feel a thing and sleeps all the way through the night when you move.

Reasonable price

Best Price mattress 12-inch is supposed to have the lowest price as the name suggests but it isn’t. You can find cheaper mattresses somewhere. Although the bed doesn’t cost least, its price is still affordable. It’s also a best deal. You can’t find another highest rated mattress at such a good price.

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Best Price Mattress 12-Inch Grand Memory Foam Mattress Downsides

Lose support in a year or two 

Poor quality control is a common issue among brands importing China made memory foam mattresses. That leads to inconsistent quality and firmness. A few customers complain their mattresses lose firmness and support in one or two years.

Too Firm

An owner mentioned the mattress is too firm for him. If you want a very soft mattress, this one may be not your choice.

Customer reviews

  • “I HIGHLY recommend this mattress. There are no aches and pains in the morning. Both of us sleep very well and wake refreshed and ready to face our day. GREAT BUY!!!!”
  • “There Wasn’t Any Chemical Smell Like Some Have Complained Nor Does It Get Hot. It Is Very Comfortable & Will Purchase Another For My Other Queen Bed.”
  • “Very pleased and satisfied that I found such a great mattress at such a low price. I don’t think I could have done better.”

Best Price Mattress 12″ deserves the highest rating because of no sleeping hot, less odor, good price and comfortable sleep. If you are a person who doesn’t care the bed brand, this bed is the best option.


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