The Best Mattresses For Kids: A Good Practice Guide

The Best Mattresses For Kids: A Good Practice Guide
The Best Mattresses For Kids: A Good Practice Guide

The one thing that you absolutely need for your kid is to be free from germs and dust mites throughout their young and vulnerable years, and this is something that no matter how hard we try, sometimes is easy to overlook. Have you ever considered the mattress they are sleeping on? Did you know that your children can easily be a victim of bed bugs? These small and tiny creatures dwell inside mattresses and can make life in bed a living hell.

The bed bug menace has grown into epic proportions in recent times and most of the hotels in U.S now bear the brunt of this increase. The resurgence of bed bugs in countries like U.S has been alarming and what’s more – they cannot be terminated as easily as before.

Call it the malaise of science – but bed bugs are increasingly becoming more resistant to pesticides than ever before. Imagine sleeping while a little insect feasts on you or your kids blood; yes the head lice, a common culprit, does exactly that. Thankfully, they are not known to transmit diseases (yet) but honestly, you wouldn’t want body allergies to be a part of your daily routine – or for that matter nor want a blood sucker sucking on you every night! Dust mites are way too small to be seen. You need a microscope to see these little blood thirsty creatures at work but your nose can inhale them and your body can feel their wrath. Don’t think your bed is free from bug infestation – on an average there are about 1 million dust mites in a queen size mattress.


It’s doubtful anyone would want their children to sleep on a surface infested with bugs – children need the extra care. So, as you can imagine, it’s imperative for both adults and kids to have a clean and pest free environment for slumber each night. The last thing we want is to neglect cleanliness and end up with allergies developing, only to look back in hindsight and regret not taking simple steps to protect ones health. For that reason, here are some things to keep in mind when either buying any type of mattress for kids, or even if you opt to keep your existing one.


Different people use different types of base for supporting mattresses, some prefer the floor, whilst others may use a slatted platform, or even an adjustable bed. However, a box spring offers the maximum support for kids at night, and therefore is great during their ongoing health, and especially growth stages. Box springs are cheap and effective, relatively easy to transport and are available in abundance everywhere in stores and online.


If you or any family members have asthma, sleep disorders, eczema, bronchitis or respiratory problems, snoring, sinus symptoms, constant headaches, blocked nose or hayfever – consider checking out the condition of your mattress. These bed bugs aggravate conditions in more ways than you’d imagine. Multiplying rapidly (the female mites lay more than 300 eggs a week), and these things once spawned love to prey on humans. Consider the below as good practice for good health when it comes maintaining the best mattress for kids and adults alike:

  • One of the most important things to undertake is good hygiene. It makes sense to have a shower before going to sleep, to wash off daily accumulation of whatever we pick up whether it’s whilst being at home or work. Getting into bed with the unknown still on our body and rolling around all night may aggravate mites thriving off dust and dirt.
  • The variables surrounding bedding is plenty. Change bedding for clean ones regularly. Wash at high temperatures to eliminate bacteria. Try to use 100% cotton due to its hypoallergenic properties. Ensure you have the correct size for the bed, to cover all corners and sides of the mattress.
  • Always use a mattress protector. This places a barrier between us and the mattress and can reduce the exposure to bacteria.
  • Follow our tips on mattress cleaning for best results on reducing mold and mites, hence increasing longevity of your purchase.
  • You can call licensed mattress cleaning experts who can also clean with a non toxic sanitizing spray that kills dust mites, mold spores, bacteria and virus – to make yours healthy, clean and hygienic.


When buying a mattress it’s a good idea to ensure you are buying one which is compliant with the highest safety regulation norms in your country. Perhaps spend a little extra for the kids and give them a bed they would be comfortable when sleeping in. Consider hypoallergenic or natural alternatives such as latex or plant infused memory foam mattresses. Also, for added peace of mind, look at the length of warranty when you’re buying it – most manufacturers offer at least one year, and can range up to 25 years. If it comes with an in-home trial, make the most of it, as kids can be just as fussy as adults. Don’t let your mattress become a health risk – act today and save yourself and your family members time and money!


By Besthomeshoppingreviews