Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 By BestMassage

This specific Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair resembles an office chair, rather than a massage recliner, however, it has a lot of features designed to create a very relaxing massage, while assisting with blood vessel stimulation, and removal of impurities and toxins from the body. Four separate techniques are available on this massage chair, they include, kneading, rolling, chop action tapping, and percussion/compression. Each massage setting is developed to focus on certain problem areas or create general relaxation and lessen fatigue and stress. Vibrators are located at the feet, calves, seat cushion, and recliner.

Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 By BestMassage
Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 By BestMassage

One of the other models that caught our attention is the EC-69. Its sleek design is eye candy and we felt that we needed to give the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 By BestMassage a thorough review. This particular massage chair is a little different than the usual big and bulky massage chairs that you are accustomed to seeing. It can conveniently fit in small tight spaces but still give you that optimal massage that you expect in a therapy chair. Use it for relaxing at the end of the day, or if you deal with chronic pain in your back, legs, or hips, then this specific chair can deliver much-needed relief. Let us walk you through what is available with this chair and find out if it measures up to the standards that you would expect.


As with the larger, more complex massage chairs, this one also has a few functions available to give you a variety to choose from, each having certain benefits.

  • Rolling – The sensation you will get with rolling is just like moving up and down with a fixed finger asserting pressure and alleviating those stiff areas caused by stress and fatigue.
  • Kneading – eliminates knots and loosens muscles, plus reduces pain.
  • Shiatsu – Relax muscles with the powerful roller and at the same time reduce stress and rejuvenate your mind for mental well-being.
  • Compression and Percussion – Increases your flexibility, mobility, and improves the posture of your legs.
  • Chop Action Flapping and Tapping – This technique reduces soreness, relaxes stiff muscles, penetrates deep into the fatty deposits to soften them, plus it stimulates the nerves.


There are several areas of this chair that offers a vibrating massage. A vibrating massage helps eliminate toxins and impurities in the body, plus stimulates circulation, which is very beneficial for someone who has been diagnosed with poor circulation, as it dilates the blood vessels effectively. Vibration massage is located in feet, calves, seat cushion, and recliner area of the chair. Used in combination with the rollers can deliver an optimal massage to assist in healing the sore spots and put you in a desired state of relaxation. Not to mention, it feels great!


In addition to the different types of massages and the multiple vibrators, you also have the capability for certain adjustments to your massage. This chair lets you control the speed and intensity. Set it for a deeper, harder massage or gentler for the relaxation effects. Furthermore, you can also adjust the width of your shoulder massage. Not only that, but you can decide whether or not you want to receive a full body massage or just target specific areas. The reclining function allows you to lay the chair down to a horizontal position like a bed. All settings are operated on a simplistic remote device with a push of a button. It’s attached to a tether so you can be assured that it’s not going to get lost, and as we know happens a lot with the television remote.


There are three color choices for this specific full body shiatsu massage chair.  You can choose burgundy, black, or brown. The material is not leather, but feels similar. However, having synthetic leather makes it easier to clean.


  • This chair requires very little room and would be ideal for a smaller room or an apartment.
  • For a smaller chair, it has lots of features and settings that can be used alone or in a combination, plus the three levels of speeds and intensities are a nice bonus.
  • The price is extremely affordable and has a lot of the features more expensive chairs have.
  • You can position the massaging thumbs anywhere you would like by adjusting the width.
  • Feels like high-quality material and is built durable.


  • For a smaller chair it is quite heavy, weighing in at 200 pounds.
  • This chair is not built for a person with a wider frame; we would suggest one with more inches available for sitting. Perhaps the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner would be more accommodating.
  • This chair is not designed for casual sitting as it does not provide a lot of cushioning and you can feel the rollers when not in use. We would suggest using this chair only for what it was built for, and that is giving you a thorough relaxing massage.

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When you receive information on products such as massage chairs, it is important to remember that there are always going to be negative on any product, however, is a top-rated products should be big pros than the cons. In this case, they do. The Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 By BestMassage has showed us that it does everything it says it is and more. We’re actually quite impressive that a small compact chairs can offer a lot and the prices are affordable. We want to emphasize that we only list the best massage chairs on the market and leave the rest.

Massage chairs in general, is not cheap, they are an investment. Before you make any investment it is essential that you have all the details available. Other sites will provide basic information or information that they want you to listen to buy their products. That is not what we are all about; the difference is, we’re not trying to sell you anything, we just want to inform consumers about what is good and what is not so good. For the money, and the features available with Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair (EC-69), we would recommend it as a good choice to serve your needs, both for relaxation and therapy.


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