The Best Latex Mattress

Best Latex Mattress
Best Latex Mattress

If you’re buying a latex mattress, you may notice that there area unit fewer accessible models/brands as opposition innersprings or memory foam mattresses. this sort of pad is costlier to provide, thus, handiness is restricted. Your best bet to understand additional concerning latex pades is to go looking on-line as a result of they’re seldom gift in mattress showrooms.

A latex mattress is factory-made by utilizing the sap of a rubber tree. This material is extremely eco-friendly therefore if you’re a “green” vendee and like organic materials, this is often the simplest pad choice. Latex is additionally nice for anyone that’s health aware or vulnerable to obtaining allergies as a result of it’s anti-microbial, naturally hypoallergenic and immune to dirt mites.


  • Maybe contouring your body very well, although not as good as a foam.
  • Great for pain relief.
  • Unlike memory foam, it is not temperature sensitive, so you would not sink into the mattress, making movement easier.
  • Limit movement if you’re sharing your mattress with someone.
  • If you prefer to use organic products, a rubber mattress is your best choice.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust.
  • The most durable type of mattress and will last a long time with proper care.
  • You will not encounter any noise when you sleep like foam does not create noise.
  • There is a custom line of products that you can choose to be able to get the best level of comfort and support.


  • Latex mattresses are very expensive but there are affordable models.
  • limited supply of retail stores and even online.
  • It can generate heat during sleep but not as much as a foam.
  • They are very heavy so if you are changing daily, rotate your mattress or transportation, you will have trouble. Since they are heavy, base support and construction (foundation) is required.
  • Some consumers reported off-exhaust but this is rare and mainly found in latex foam mattresses on.

Best Latex Mattresses – All Latex

These are the best products all mattresses that we recommend. This is high quality mattresses that are sure to provide value for your money and more importantly, provide you with the best level of comfort and support. The specification for the queen-size model.

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MattressPrice RangeLatexSpecial FeatureRating
Ultimate Dreams Total Latex


$$$$$$3″ Blended Talalay Latex comfort layer, 6″ Blended Talalay or Natural Dunlop coreCustom comfort layer upon purchase. If you are not satisfied, you can exchange it for another one.4,9 / 5
Sleep EZ Romaroma-latex1
$$$6 “Natural DunlopFlippable with different firmness level on each side4,7 / 5
Ultimate Dreams Freedom


$$$$3 x 3″ Synthetic Dunlop Latex with different ILDsInterchangeable latex layers for different firmness levels4,5 / 5

Ultimate Dreams Total Latex

Ultimate Dreams Total Latex Mattress
Ultimate Dreams Total Latex Mattress

The final Dreams Total latex from rubber Dreamfoam best beds that we recommend. It is an all mattresses can be customized to your liking. This mattress is quite expensive but if you compare it with other mattresses, this is still relatively cheap. One of the features of this mattress is that you can choose the level of comfort of the comfortable classes buy and if you are not satisfied, you can contact them to get it exchanged.

  • Latex: 3 “Talalay Latex Blended comfort class, 6” Talalay or Dunlop natural Blended cores
  • Other Classes: N / A
  • Selvage: 1″ natural porous bamboo Cover
  • Hardness: Custom
  • Thickness: 10″
  • Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King
  • Product page: Click here

Latex mattresses have a total of 6 core “blended Talalay or you can choose to have it changed to a natural core Dunlop (scroll down for our latex leads to more about nature / blend and Talalay / Dunlop), depending on your preference. Grade 3 comfortably is a “blended Talalay has different ILDs or degree of firmness that you can choose from. Once you purchase, you will be contacted as to what level of firmness you desire. If you are not familiar with what to choose, the company would be willing to help you in the selection.

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Sleep EZ – Roma

Sleep EZ – Roma Latex Mattress
Sleep EZ – Roma Latex Mattress

Sleep EZ is a reputable brand when told of latex mattresses. They were rubber mattress retailer since 1976. Their mattresses, Rome, is a great deficit of latex mattresses. It is very affordable and it really provides value for your money. Flippable mattress with different levels of firmness on each side, so you can choose the one that is more comfortable for you. One side is soft – medium-sized companies and the company’s other side.

  • Latex: 6 “Natural Dunlop
  • Other Classes: N / A
  • Upholstery: 1.5 “Organic Cotton Cover Quilted Double Sided
  • Hardness: Flippable, a soft side – on average, companies on the one hand
  • Thickness: 9 “
  • Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen
  • Product page: Click here

It has a core of 6 “Natural Dunlop latex, and as we mentioned before, each side has a different hardness levels. Each side also has a cotton 1.5” reflex foam technically, this is not a latex mattress all. Mattresses are covered in organic cotton. If you do not want to spend too much money, but you will look like a natural latex mattress, this is the one to get.

Ultimate Dreams Freedom Customizable

Ultimate Dreams Freedom Customizable Mattress
Ultimate Dreams Freedom Customizable Mattress

The ultimate dream of freedom customized rubber mattresses from Mattress is a bed Dreamfoam that we recommend. It’s more affordable than Latex mattress Whole because it uses synthetic rubber is processed using the method to produce cheaper Dunlop. The main features of the mattress that you can change the order of the rubber layers until you find the level of comfort you’re satisfied with.

  • Latex: 3 x 3″ Synthetic Latex Dunlop with different ILDs
  • Other Classes: N / A
  • Selvage: 1″ Quilted Cotton Double Sided Cover
  • Hardness: Custom
  • Thickness: 11″
  • Size available: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Queen short
  • Product page: Click here

It has 3 3″ layer synthetic rubber with different ILDs. The layers are color-coded so it will be easier to determine that. You can change the order of the layers until you the order in which you find most comfortable. the cover is cotton, and each side has a different stiffness so this is a factor of how solid or soft mattress will be.

Best Latex Mattresses – Latex over Foam

If you wish a latex mattress however associate all-latex pad is out of your budget, a latex over foam could be the simplest choice for you. These area unit additional budget friendly as a result of latex is simply employed in the comfort layer. The support layer is created from ployurethan and this can be plenty cheaper to manufacture than latex. Here area unit our prime picks for this kind of latex mattress.

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MattressPrice RangeLatexSpecial FeatureRating
Ultimate Dreams Latex Custom Comfort

$$3″ Blended Talalay LatexYou can specify the exact firmness level of the comfort layer upon purchase.4.7/5
Brentwood Home S-Bed

$$$2″ Organic LatexLatex over memory foam

3 firmness levels to choose from

Casper Mattress

$$$1.5″ Synthetic Dunlop LatexLatex over memory foam4.5/5

Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Custom Comfort

Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Custom Comfort
Ultimate Dreams Latex Mattress Custom Comfort

The final discretionary Dreams latex mattress is one of the latex mattress best seller on Amazon, and it is purulent our best proposal in foam. Since it is a type of foam latex on, it is significantly cheaper than other types of all-su. Latex layer is comfortable and supports layers are made of polyurethane. It was a very good choice if you’re on a tight budget but still want a rubber mattress. Certipur-American Foam is certified.

  • Latex: 3 “Talalay Latex Blended
  • Other Classes: 5.5 “High Density Foam complex
  • Selvage: 1.5 “Bamboo Knitting natural sponge
  • Hardness: Custom
  • Thickness: 10 “
  • Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King
  • Product page: Click here

The Ultimate Latex mattresses discretionary Dreams include a 3″ blended synthetic natural rubber layer of Talalay comfort and a base of 5.5″ base high-density complex to help regulate temperature. Mattresses are covered with a lid bamboo cotton for added comfort. You can choose to make the grade level of comfort when buying. If you are unsure as to what level to choose, who will be ready in Dreamfoam Bedding support you so you can choose the best fit for you. 

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Brentwood S-Bed Latex và Memory Foam

Brentwood S-Bed Latex Mattress
Brentwood S-Bed Latex Mattress

We really love and Latex mattresses Home S-Brentwood Bed and Memory Foam is another one from Brentwood that we can recommend. S-bed is a latex and memory foam hybrid. This means that the real comfort layer forming two layers, top and bottom latex foam memory. Certipur-American Foam is certified. Mattresses are made in the USA and it is covered by a warranty period of 25 years.

  • Latex: 2 “Organic Latex
  • Other Classes: 2 “Gel Memory Foam, 2” Layer Airflow ventilation, 5.5 “base Therapy
  • Upholstery: Bamboo
  • Hardness: Plush, Medium, Firm
  • Thickness: 11 “
  • Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King
  • Product page: Click here

S-class comfort of the bed is made up of 2 inches 2 inches of latex and memory foam gel. This is a great choice if you like some of the properties of both rubber and memory foam. By pus on top, the hot issues that are most popular with memory foam was somewhat reduced. The supply of latex that is absent from bounciness foam and memory foam by one on the bottom of the class in comfort, the mattress will contour to your body. 2 “transient layer airflow also helps to minimize heat. Finally, the” porous base value of 5.5 is there to provide support.

Casper Mattress

Casper Mattress
Casper Mattress

The Casper mattress was launched in 2014 and it has been well received by consumers as evidenced by the hundreds of reviews on Amazon. It is a latex foam mattress on but instead of foam latex on standards, it has memory foam comfort layer. The Casper mattresses have only one degree of firmness and consumers say that it is on the side of the company. If you like your mattress to be sure, this is a good choice. It is done in the US and it has 10-year warranty.

  • Latex: 1.5 “Synthetic Latex Dunlop
  • Other Classes: 1.5 “Memory Foam 4.0lbs, 6.5” foam base support
  • Cover Fabric: Polyester / Polypropylene Zipper Cover
  • Hardness: Firm
  • Thickness: 9 “
  • Size available: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal-King
  • Product page: Click here

Casper has 1.5 inches of aggregate Dunlop latex and 1.5 inches of memory foam 4lbs in class comfort. Like the S-beds, it is designed to have the properties of both rubber and memory foam and make them work together to cover each other’s weaknesses. It has 6.5 inches of foam, divided into two layers, a transition layer and the support base.

Mattresses are designed to be “perfect” mattress, think Goldilocks, not too soft and not too firm. It’s a good thing that they are striving for perfection, but the fact that people will have different preferences when it comes to the hardness of their mattresses. Most consumers report that Casper was a little mattress toward the company so if you want a firm mattress, this could be for you.

Latex Mattress Guide

Types of Latex

There ar 2 kinds of latex utilized in a latex mattress, natural and artificial the most distinction between natural artificial and artificial latex is natural latex comes from the sap of a rubber tree whereas synthetic latex is artificial  employing a chemical mix of cinnamene and hydrocarbon.

The latex utilized in a latex mattress will either be all-natural, artificial or amalgamated (a mixture of natural and synthetic). A latex mattress with 100% natural latex is way costlier and isn’t as wide out there as ones that use amalgamated latex. Natural latex performs higher than artificial or amalgamated ones in the majority areas: sturdiness, longevity, no off-gassing and fewer probability of developing body impressions. the sole issue with all-natural latex is that it will be terribly costly and in rare occurrences, it will cause hypersensitive reactions to people that ar allergic to latex.

If you’re buying a latex pad and you see that a specific pad is publicized  as a “natural latex”, ensure that it’s so all natural as a result of additional usually than not, these ar amalgamated latex mattresses and also the merchant simply selected to advertise it as “natural” as a result of technically, it will contain a proportion of natural latex.

Latex Processing

There are two ways to process a latex mattress, the Dunlop process or Talalay process. Both latex types can be processed using either the dunlop method or the talalay method to produce a latex mattress.

The talalay process is a more recent method in processing latex mattresses. It has more steps than the dunlop process so latex mattresses produced using this method are more expensive. To start, the latex is poured into a mold and then air is extracted via vacuum sealing. This results in a more consistent cell structure. After that, it is frozen so that the particles will stay in place. The end product is more consistent and refined so it tends to be on the soft side with regards to comfort.

The dunlop process is the simpler process and it is the older of the two. It has been used to produce latex mattresses for decades. To start, the latex is poured into a mold and it is then baked. After cooling, it is removed from the mold and that is the final product. The latex mold is denser so it is firmer.

Which one is better? It depends on your needs. If you want a firmer mattress, you might want a dunlop latex. If you want a softer one, talalay is your best bet. You should also consider your budget, talalay latex is usually more expensive but that doesn’t mean that a dunlop latex is inferior. At the end of the day, they are still both latex and you will still enjoy the advantages that a latex mattress offers.

Latex Mattress Builds

A latex pad will either be all-latex, latex over foam or foam over latex. Here ar their variations.


An all latex pad is precisely because it sounds, a pad created up entirely of latex. The pad might either be composed of 2 layers or simply one. a number of the benefits of Associate in Nursing all latex pad ar sturdiness and therefore the ability to provide higher support as a result of latex performs higher than regular polyfoam in each classes. it’s conjointly the most effective variety of bed to use on Associate in Nursing adjustable base as a result of latex is a lot of versatile than regular foam or spring. One downside is that it are often terribly expensive , particularly if the pad is thick.

Latex over Foam

A latex over foam may be a pad that includes a latex comfort layer and an extra layer of either memory foam or polyurethane or a mix of all 3 sorts of foam. this can be a good possibility if you think that that Associate in Nursing all-latex pad is simply too expensive  for you as a result of you’ll still relish the advantages of latex like pain relief, comfort and motion isolation. it’s the foremost cheap variety of latex pad as a result of the latex layer is diluent. it’s sturdy as long because the foam employed in the support layer is of top quality. a typical issue with this kind of pad is off-gassing, sometimes caused by the polyurethane or memory foam.

Foam over Latex

Foam over latex is built with a diluent layer of froth and a thicker base of latex. this can be {more expensive |costlier|dearer} than a latex over foam however not as expensive as Associate in Nursing all latex, betting on the thickness of the latex. a number of the problems with a foam over latex pad ar off-gassing and body impressions, because of the polyfoam comfort layer.


ILD indentation load deflection or be used to measure the hardness of the rubber mattress. The lower number, the softer the mattress and the higher the number, the company more than it is. An ILD 19 and below is the softer side, 20-28 is medium sized companies and 29 and above is considered strong.

Support Base for Latex

Latex, like memory foam, is designed to put on top of a flat surface, solid, without any “for”. A black marble platform in which the bars are close together is good if you need to add height to the mattress. A platform bed with either wood or plywood is also acceptable.

Rubber, especially a latex mattress all, is the best type of mattress for use on an adjusted basis because it is the most flexible type of foam.

One important thing to note when buying mattresses are very heavy so it is a sturdy bed frame, or solid and robust platform is a must.

For our recommendations, here are a few that we really like, establishments, bed platforms and adjustable beds.

Protecting your Mattress

As you already recognize, latex is that the most costly pad kind and if you acquire one, it solely is smart to form positive that it’s protected. A pad guardian is usually recommended however elective. pad protectors will extend the lifetime of your pad by preventing it from being bespattered, from sweat, dust, liquid spills and additional.


A latex mattress can be very expensive but it is a reasonable price when you think about all the benefits that you will receive. It is the best in providing pain relief, durability and longevity. It has body properties of memory foam without the “sinking” feeling and sprung mattress innerspring and bounciness of a line. It is the most balanced in all types of mattresses. We hope that the reviews latex mattress has been helpful in your search for a new mattress.

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