If you are not familiar with Inversion therapy it can look like some kind of strange torture system. Seeing someone hang upside down from inversion tables is a strange site when you don’t know what it’s for. 

It might remind you of something you might see at a fairground or in batman’s cave. The truth is it has a little to do with either of these and is, in fact, a type of physical therapy to help with various ailments.

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain
Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain

Inversion therapy with an inversion table

Inversion therapy is the process of being upside down or at least an inverted angle and hanging from the lower part of the body. The idea is that the redistribution of weight has therapeutic impacts which are beneficial.

As we go about our daily lives we place a lot of pressure on our spines. This is especially true for those who are very sedentary or spend a lot of time sitting at work.

The idea behind inversion is to decompress the spine by relieving the reversing the pressure built up on a daily basis.

It makes a lot of sense when you consider that you are essentially weightless while using the inversion tables. This takes almost all the stress away from your joints and should allow your muscles to relax also.

There are more extreme versions of the therapy like gravity boots. These are a totally different level as the body is not supported at all and simply hangs from the boots. Using the inversion table gives you partial support and a certain level of comfort.

Most of the tables also come with a lot of adjustment options which allows users to gradually build up the strain level. This means that if you suffer from back pain or want to decompress your joints you can set the level that is comfortable for you.

Once you have used the inversion tables at that level for a period of time and become used to it you can then increase the angle and gradually build all the way to full inversion. This is a key point and very important to remember.

The tables should not be confused with inversion chairs which are quite different and are mainly designed to relieve stress on the lower body only.

A medical note on inversion therapy and using an inversion table

Inversion therapy is not for everyone. If you are unsure about any condition you may have it is very important and essential that you consult your doctor before trying it out.

Some of the conditions that may need to be checked are issues with blood pressure or heart disease. Also, anyone who is or may be pregnant must consult their doctor also.

While people with medical conditions are of course a higher risk, anyone trying the therapy for the first time should be careful. If you are not used to being turned upside down you could have an adverse reaction or feel strange. An easy way to solve this is to have someone with you when you first try the inversion table.

What are the benefits of inversion theray

One of the biggest advantages of inversion therapy is its ability to relieve sciatic nerve pain. Anyone who has suffered from sciatic nerve pain will understand how important this is.

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain

Sciatic nerve pain is quite a broad term. Some suffer only mild discomfort and have tingling sensations. Others have very extreme and constant pain. Either way, it’s not something you want to have long term and anything you can do to relieve it is welcome.

Other conditions such as Osteoarthritis can also be aided by the use of the therapy by reducing the pressure on the inflamed joints. In simple terms, it’s taking a weight off.

 Buying Guide Inversion Tables for Back Pain

There are lots of things one should look at before buying best inversion tables this year for back pain. These are listed below:

  • Size of the table (Min. and Max. height and width).
  • Space it will cover. Since they are available in every size. Choose the one you find suitable.
  • Types: Motor and Manual
  • Other characteristics

So, you’re thinking, “How do I know about inversion stand in the market?” Well, you’re gonna see a list of top 10 inversion tables for back pain in the market buddies. Soothing… Hmm?

Why Should You Care To Read About This?

Why do you need to know about this? Why it’s crucial for you?

Tolerating severe back pain and muscle spasms is not a child’s play; it can ruin the sleep of your nights and comfort of your day. Believe me, some back pains are so wrecking that even laying down on bed makes you wanna scream your heart out but don’t worry because it’s totally treatable.

Although there are some treatments available for this muscle fatigue, yet ponder upon the famous saying: “Prevention is better than cure so better start exercising while you still got it. But if unfortunately you were late in realizing this; don’t worry because back pain treatment is not like what it was before. Innovative solutions are now there to help you out in hour of need. Inversion therapy happened to be the most effective treatment. These special tables have got the potential to provide relief to your back in case of any strain or pain. So why not try them?

Why Buy An Inversion Table?

Are you in doubt my mates about buying an inversion stand because you find many people complaining about uselessness of Inversion tables for back pain and exercises?

Let’s not bother you with the hollow points of such kind of people with lack of knowledge. I’ll advise you to listen to the experts and those people who experienced this therapy. Experts are of the opinion that most extreme cases of back pain have been cured through an inversion table (Inversion therapy). It’s because due to any reason, your back muscles got compressed or you got spasm in your muscle, it won’t heal by some miraculous medicine or energy injections. The best way to make them all healthy and soothing again is by going through some serious physical efforts and that physical effort should be assisted by none other than inversion boards, specially designed for your care. Inversion table benefits are plentiful, believe me.

Types of Inversion Tables

Two types of inversion benches are there in the market. They are discussed below.

Manual Inversion Table

It is a simple and economical table with no rocket science gadgets installed in them. User has to move the table handle himself which is a little more exhausting than Power inversion table but its result is not much different than the other.

Power Inversion Table

Power inversion stand is a type of equipment that comes with a motor adjusted to give you an automatic turning motion. Well, this is something charming. Isn’t it? The motor moves the table in any direction without any effort of the user. Power tables are expensive than manual tables but good things come at a cost, right?

Important Features of Inversion Tables

Some important features of top rated inversion tables are given below.

  • Frame

Their frame is of two types: One is foldable which could be used for home and storage use, other one is the static frame which you might find fixed in gyms and fitness centers etc.

  • Materials

Materials used in best rated inversion tables making are of important consideration. Best gravity inversion tables are made of High Carbon Steel which is the strongest material available; it ensures your safety throughout the exercise.

  • Adjustable Holds

Depending on the posture of your exercise, you can move and fix the holdings of your table.

  • Back Pads

Inversion chair for back pain have very comfortable back pads for your comfortable stretching exercise. Because during this type of exercises, your back needs to be rested on soft foam to give you a soothing feel.

  • Inversion Degree

Inversion exercise picks up pace gradually which is why inversion degree is very significant aspect of inverter table for back pain. It allows you to invert at even a 30 degree angle for starters.

  • Fear of Cost

Don’t let your body fallen into the pit of low cost. Always buy the table made of high carbon steel with the features you need because safety before everything.

Keeping all the above mentioned important points in mind, I have compiled a list of 10 upside down inversion tables for back pain relief. Have a keen look over their specifications and decide yourself.

Top 10 Best Inversion Tables Comparation

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  1. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. FDA-Cleared Inversion Table for back pain relief

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain
Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Tables for Back Pain

Teeter hang ups are probably the best known and widely used inversion tables out there. They have a great reputation for high quality products and consistently given high ratings by users.

In addition to this user feedback, their products are also cleared by the FDA which gives additional peace of mind.

The precision engineered features include their patented Comfort Trak bed for increased range of motion. It also has an adjustable track-based design which allows you to move the Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge. This is a great feature as of course, we are not all the same height.

Using the Teeter hang ups table

The table or bed area is smooth and ensures minimal friction so you can move around freely. By allowing you to slide it ensures you get a full stretch rather than being restricted by grips.

You have full control over the angle you invert at using the controls. The ankle fixing points also have a comfort dial and comfortable foam to give you a secure but pleasant fit.

As the Teeter hang up inversion table is precision made is has a few additional features which are nice to have. These include squeak free bearings for silent use. Auto-locking hinges for safety and ease of use and of course an engineered steel frame for confidence during use.

One thing that surprised me with the Teeter hang ups model was storage. Despite all of th additional features it can be easily stored. When you have finished using it you can fold it up in a couple of seconds and store in under a bed or in a corner.

If you are the kind of person who wants to reap the benefits of brand loyalty, then this product suits you quite well. It comes with a 5 year warranty and you can customize your experience with accessories from other products made by the same company. To further reinstate the quality of your purchase, it has an FDA clearance for a ‘class 1’ medical device and a UL quality certification. It is the only product currently in the market that has met the specific UL standards of both safety and quality. A great accomplishment and one that you should definitely take note of, if you are looking for something with a high safety rating.


  • Removable acupressure nodes and lumbar bridge accessories
  • Heat treated steel is used in the design for increased durability
  • This unit folds down for compact storage purposes
  • Precision balancing to reduce effort when inverting
  • 5 year warranty gives quality assurance and peace of mind
  • Third party quality and safety certification from FDA and UL


  • Price tag is more on the higher side and may not be affordable for everyone
  • Does not specify the weight and height limits exactly

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2. IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain
IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Inversion Tables for Back Pain

Similarly to the Teeter hang ups model the Iroman gravity 4000 inversion table is also very well known. It is very popular for many reasons.

One of these is that it is the highest weight capacity inversion table on the market. It has an upper weight limit of 350 pounds.

Overall it is very similar to the Teeter hang ups model in terms of features. The big differences to be aware of are the weight limit is higher with the Ironman inversion table and it also comes in at a significantly lower price point.

It doesn’t come with the FDA clearance that the Teeter does but if that is not important to you the Ironman gravity 4000 inversion table is ideal.

The table has a water resistant cover that is low maintenance and double stitching finishes to give it a longer life span and more resistance against wear and tear.  You will be able to use this table on a regular basis, without running into problems with it breaking down on you.

In performance and comfort aspects, this unit is installed with a long lever for the antilock system, so that you don’t have to bend when adjusting it. This system is ideal for people who have mobility issues. The long handles are covered in foam for safety and grip, which can be used to make things easier on you when you are shifting from inversion to an upright position. These two elements are necessary if you have a strained back and want to be cautious about it, so that you don’t further strain yourself.

During inversion, all of your body weight is supported by your ankles. It is essential that the product gives adequate support and comfort for this. The Ironman Gravity 4000 has cushioned ankle holders thatare curved out to sit comfortably on your ankles, significantly reducing any pressure that you might feel on them during your inversion or stretching. Unlike other tables on the market, this table can be used for long periods of time without running into ankle strain.

The table gives a full 180 degrees of rotation with three adjustable angle points. Having all of these levels of adjustmentmakes for an easy transition for beginners, who wish to progressively take part in this kind of therapy. It is also appealing if you have a preference for certain angles of inversion or wish to change them. There is also an extra provision on this unit, a safety tether strap that sets the maximum angle of inversion in place; thus allowing you to be able to remain comfortable while using the table, no matter your past experience.

The weight limit for this product is 350 pounds and it has an adjustable height limit of up to 6 ft. 6”which is very accommodating for people that are of different heights. If you need extra support for your lower back, the product has a removable lumbar pillow that steadily fits into the backrest when you attach it. Having a lumbar pillow for support is great for people with bad posture or people who have had previous back strain and injury.

This product also comes with a very wide frame and non-skid rubber floor stabilizers that offer stability and keep you safe when in use. Additionally,it is also foldable for easy storage. If you are keen on getting a guarantee of product quality, the product comes with a one year warranty for the frame and ninety days for its constitutional parts. Having all of these things can really help to give you some peace of mind with your purchase.


  • The powder coated finish on this product offers durability and protection against things like scratches, rust and dents
  • Extra wide frame and non-skid floor stabilizers on the unit help to make it safer to use
  • Adjustable inversion angles to suit personal preferences
  • Safety vinyl covers between the backrest and the frame help to prevent pinching from occurring


  • Very heavy unit, extra care should definitely be taken when moving it
  • Wide frame makes it a large piece of equipment even after folding for storage

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3. Innova ITX9600 Inversion Therapy Table

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain
Innova ITX9600 Inversion Tables for Back Pain

The Innvoa inversion table or to give it its correct title the Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Therapy Table is a highly popular budget inversion table option. 

It comes in at almost half the price of the others but still has a 300-pound weight limit.

Again its features are not that different to the other models but it definitely has a more budget feel. Things like the adjustment options are a little more clunky like a gym machine.

With that said however, you can achieve more or less everything you can with the more expensive models. So if you are on a budget the Innova inversion table will get the job done.

It comes with a one year warranty and great user feedback.


  • Newly patent pending protective cover
  • Easily adjustable padded ankle slots
  • Cheaper than other products
  • Great quality and well made
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • Easy to push around


  • Does not allow an angle of 180 degrees
  • Has a potential side effect

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4. Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Table

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain
Innova ITX9700 Memory Foam Inversion Tables for Back Pain

This particular product is targeted at providing comfort and relaxation while still maintaining high safety standards. If these are your priorities, then it is worth a consideration. This all-rounded equipment hasa memory foam backrest, which provideimmediate comfort. The head pillow is also adequately padded and removable for your personal tastes. Additionally, the lumbar pillow is universal, meaning it can suit you and just about anybody else’s body shape. Comfort features are not something that you should look past, especially if you are going to be using the inversion table on a regular basis.

One feature that you will certainly like about this product, is thehot/cold compress therapy for pain relief and muscle relaxation. This, however, does not come with the table and would be an additional purchase for you at the checkout. It is always nice to have additional options at the checkout as they really allow you to customize a product to suit your individual wants and needs.

There are some really nice handles on this product. The handles are covered in foam for extra grip and comfort for holding and changing your inversion position or pulling yourself back up. The ankle holders of this table are designed to specifically sooth pressure on your ankles in order to increase your levels of comfort while using the product.

There is a weight limit of 300 pounds and an adjustable height ranging from 4 ft. 10” to 6 ft. 6”. This suits a variety of users and is an attractive point of consideration if you have family and friends that would also want to use it. The table has four different angle positons for inversion. This gives you more choice over the degree as to which you want your therapy to cover and is a good way to settle into inversion therapy for beginners. When you are first starting inversion therapy it can be a little overwhelming; having the ability to change your inversion angle can help to take some of the stress off while you get used to the therapy.

This product gives you the luxury of changing your angle at your own disposal to suit your individual wants and needs.  The angles are adjusted by a pin, which generally offers a safer and sturdier option compared to the tether strap control. The unit stands at 23 inches, 46 inches long and 63 inches wide. It is always important to make sure that you know the dimensions on a unit, so that you can be sure that they will fit in your living space. These dimensions give it stability, which works together with its heavy duty material and weight capacity to provide safety when in use. The Innova ITX9700 gives the user an experience that is as good as it looks, it upholds its functionality and guarantees you of your safety.


  • Adjustable, universal lumbar pillow with option for hot/cold compress
  • Accommodative to different users of different heights and weight of up to 300 pounds
  • Padded backrest and head pillow provide extra comfort
  • Fair price tag compared to other brand’s offering the same sized unit
  • Has a simple design making it practical and easy to use
  • Warranty of 1 year gives quality assurance and peace of mind


  • Pin design for ankle lock requires more bending
  • This is not a foldable unit, causing it to have limited storage options
  • Wear and tear of the memory foam may happen over time, which can be difficult to repair and replace
  • Bulky equipment takes up a lot of space

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5. Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain
Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Inversion Tables for Back Pain

If relaxation is a priority for you, this product offers Infrared therapy that uses heat to naturally sooth your muscles. The one feature that sets this product apart, is the Infrared (FIR) heating technology which heats the backrest providing for very comfortable use of the unit. The back and head rest are also made of thick material that provides proper aeration for the extra heat produced. Heat really helps to relax your muscles for an optimum therapy experience and is definitely something that you should look for if you want to get a high quality inversion table.

If stability is a main concern, this product comes with several features to ensure that it is up to par. The product has non-skid rubber floor stabilizers to prevent any movement by the device while you use it. It is also made out of steel, which is strong and necessary for weight support. If you want to make sure that you get an inversion table that is capable of properly supporting you and that won’t break apart on you, these features definitely stand out amongst some off the competing inversion tables.

If you are looking for durability, there is a powder coated finish on the unit as well, making it scratch resistant. The handles are made of steel and coated with vinyl so that they don’t wear out on you over time. The handles even have extra length for safety and ease of use while shifting to your inversion position. It is important to make sure that you look at the smaller details of a unit if you want it to last you for a long time; this manufacturer put a lot of effort into the details and you can tell just by looking at the table.

One thing a lot of people complain about inversion tables is that they cause their ankles to become sore. This unit offers extra comfort within the ankle holders, which are designed not to exert pressure during inversion. It has an installed ratchet gear for a safety lock, which you can adjust without having to bend. This product also has built in hand grips for maximum stretching to further increase your decompression intensity.

It is important to note that the unit only holds up to 300 pounds of weight and has an adjustable height of up to 6 ft. 6”. This offers flexibility to a wide range of users that come in different shapes, weights and sizes. It is important to make sure that you aren’t over the weight capacity or the height capacity of an inversion table. Going over either of these could result in poor comfort and could actually cause damage to the unit or yourself.

If you have a lot of personal items, you will like that this product has pockets for storage purposes. To give you some peace of mind, the product also comes with a one year warranty for mechanical defects and a 90 day warranty for spare parts. This unit guarantees durability, stability and additional comfort that would adequately help alleviate any back pains and discomfort that you might be experiencing.


  • FIR heat technology for soothing back muscles
  • Adjustable height of 6 ft. 6” and weight limit of 350 pounds makes it durable and adaptable
  • Foldability allows for ease of storage and increases portability as well
  • Side pockets are made of vinyl for storage of personal items
  • Remote control on the unit that reads time and controls the heat
  • Non-skid floor-stabilizers prevent movement during inversion
  • Long lever for ankle locking system minimizes bending significantly


  • High price tag can be a far reach for some buyers
  • Heavy material makes it difficult to fold or move around

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6. Ironman LX300 Inversion Therapy Table

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain
Ironman LX300 Inversion Tables for Back Pain

This inversion table is a product made by a trusted brand offering the same kind of stability and durability as its market competitors, but in a more compact size. If the other ironman inversion tables are too big and bulky for you, then this is a worthwhile consideration. It is easy to fold and store with its smaller dimensions of 46.4 by 27 by 57 inches. Just make sure that you measure your area beforehand to make sure that it fits.

This inversion table maintains the same quality in the frame’s material as others in the marketplace. It is made of a thick squared steel frame that is stable and safe to use. It comes with a powdered-coat finish for durability and easy maintenance. It uses the pull-pin system for the ankle holder and locking adjustments. However, unlike other pull-pin systems, this one is longer, reducing the chances of you straining you’re back during bending; ideal for people with mobility issues.

It supports a weight of up to 275 pounds, making it a worthwhile investment when you consider its size and price range. It also gives a height adjustment of 4 ft. 10 inches to 6 ft. 6 inches which caters for many users’ heights. This is especially important during inversion, where the wrong height setting can cause resistance when returning to an upright position. It has long handles that are coated with foam to give you adequate grip when pulling yourself back up. The wide range of both weight and height limits on this unit makes it appeal to a very broad range of people so long as you can afford the higher price of this unit.

If you are worried about your safety during inversion, the Ironman LX300 has very tough non-skid rubber floor stabilizers to prevent movement while in use. Its 3.25 inch padded backrest provides extra comfort and it has a vinyl cover that is durable and easy to clean. Overall, this product is a great unit for someone who doesn’t have a lot of space or someone who wants something that is both portable and relatively easy to store.


  • Foldable for storage
  • Preassembled with diagrams for easy assembling and storage
  • Lightweight frame compared to other products from the same line
  • Very stable and durable
  • Full 180 degrees inversion
  • Multiple options for inversion adjustments from the tether strap
  • One year warranty


  • High price tag compared to similar products from different manufactures
  • Absence of pin to lock mechanism presents a danger to children or people who aren’t careful

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7. Exerpeutic Inversion Table with Comfort Foam Backrest

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain
Exerpeutic Inversion Tables for Back Pain

If your main focus for an inversion table is relief and relaxation, this particular product offers both and at a fairly affordable price tag.  Its contoured backrest fits well with just about anyone’s back, it is also padded with soft foam for extra support and comfort. The ankle cushions are padded with soft foam and have a wide foot rest. Adding all of these features up, this unit allows you to remain comfortable even when using the unit for long periods of time.

The unit uses a variety of vinyl covers, which helps to make the product easy to clean and maintain. This cover also has an added advantage of offering good grip, which gives you both physical and mental security when you use the table. This unit does not give up onother measures of safety in its design, in order to offer you an affordable price. Covers are ideal if you want a unit that lasts you for a long time, which this unit should definitely do if you purchase it.

It is made of thick, square steel that supports a weight of up to 300 pounds. The whole unit is supported by a strong 57 by 27 by 46.6 inch frame. Its long handle bars are covered in vinyl foam for grip, comfort and ease of use when you need to change up your inverted position. On top of this, you can adjust the height on this product between 4 feet and 10 inches to as long as 6 feet and 6 inches. This unit really offers a good range of features that allows users of varying weights and heights to be able to use this product.

Another convenience that you get from this table is the adjustable tether strap. This feature controls your inversions by allowing you to adjust it to different incline positions. This product also offers durability with a scratch resistant powder coat. Overall a really great unit that you can get at an affordable price tag, without having to compromise on quality, safety and results.


  • Affordable price tag compared to other inversion tables offering the same kind of standards
  • Stable unit that is made of quality material
  • Comfortable backrest and ankle holders
  • Adjustable tether allows for change in the incline and provides both stability and security
  • Weight and height capacity cater for different users
  • Simple, practical and easy to use


  • Not easily foldable
  • Heavy and bulky unit, which is not that great for storage purposes
  • Lacks an ankle locking system that caters for people who want to do ab workouts

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8. IRONMAN High Capacity Gravity 3000 Inversion Table

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain
IRONMAN  3000 Inversion Tables for Back Pain

This product is one of a kind, in line of other inversion tables from this trusted brand. It offers stability and durability with a promise of top-notch quality material and results. Its backrest is made of multi-layered memory foam that offers comfort and is covered with a water resistant vinyl material. The double stitching of the cover enhances durability so that the unit can offer you comfortable use, over long periods of time. If you want something durable, then this unit is definitely a major competitor.

The ankle holders on this table are designed for comfort and do not exert any pressure during inversion. For safety and stability, the frame is fitted with non-skid rubber floor stabilizers and has a wide frame that can accommodate a weight limit of up to 350 pounds. Having such a high weight limit and safety precautions in place, you won’t have to worry about the unit failing on you, which is definitely nice for your own peace of mind.

The frame that this table is built on, is made out of heavy tubular steel that further enhances its strength and weight-supporting abilities. If you are keen on the durability of a product, the unit comes with a powder-coated finish that protects it against both scratches and abrasions. It even has long handles for more support during inversion and they are covered in foam for grip and comfort. Having a quality frame is important, but what is even more important is the material that the frame is made out of and whether it has been coated properly to avoid damage; this manufacturer has things covered.

With an adjustable height of 6 feet and 6 inches, this inversion table can be used by people that are a variety of different sizes. Its quick-release ratchet locking system is palm activated, making it easy for you to adjust your ankles with minimal bending. It is foldable for convenient storage purposes and promises relaxation, realignment and reduction of nerve pressure with its advanced design. This is truly a unit with a lot of features and a pretty good price tag, which makes it a very appealing unit to a lot of people.


  • Very good value for the money
  • Plenty of weight and height capacity so that users of varying size can purchase the unit
  • Comfortable ankle holders, with a safe and easy to use locking system
  • Quality steel materials used in the build provides great stability
  • Comfortable, multi-layered padded backrest
  • Foldable for storage
  • Compacted version makes the product easier to transport


  • No convenience offered for angle adjustment
  • Still a bulky piece of equipment after storage

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9. Pure Fitness Gravity Inversion Therapy Table

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain
Pure Fitness Gravity Inversion Tables for Back Pain

If you are looking for a unit that is compact and stable, then Pure Fitness Gravity Inversion Therapy Table is suited for you. This product stands at 65 inches long, 25.8 inches wide and 70 inches high. This puts it at a smaller size, compared to other similar products in the market.  Its compact frame does not compromise on stability and safety; something that a lot of people are worried about.

For a unit of such a size, it has a remarkable weight limit of 220 pounds. It also caters to different sized users with its adjustable legroom of up to 5 ft. 9 inches. If you are looking for something comfortable, the bench is contoured and padded with high density foam to provide a pleasant experience when you use it. It is also carefully designed to stretch your back, but not so much as to cause you to become uncomfortable. This unit goes an extra mile in relieving any back pains and improving the posture of its users. Just make sure that anyone using the unit is under the weight limit and you shouldn’t run into any problems.

For your convenience and ease of use, the product has three adjustable positions for inversion. This kind of adjustability is important in facilitatingtransitions for beginners and also to suit different people’s preferences. For quality assurance, the frame comes with a one year warranty and a ninety day warranty for parts and workmanship. With its simple design, assembly of the parts is very straight forward and easy and you should have the table up and working in no time.


  • This unit is specially designed to stretch back thus effective in stress and pain relief
  • Compact and foldable for storage and transportation purposes
  • Fair price tag on the unit for a product that is of a good quality
  • Suitable for other exercises during inversion


  • Uncomfortable ankle straps that require the user to always wear shoes when using the unit
  • Small frame is unsuitable for heavier people and taller users
  • Limited number of exercises during inversion because of the weight limit
  • Small height and weight limit compared to similar products

Sample Content

10. Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief

Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain
Teeter EP-960 Inversion Tables for Back Pain

Manufactured by Teeter, a company that makes fitness products, this Teeter EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table might help you get rid of back pain. You would just do anything to make the pain go away. It will get you to buy something like this for one. Have a sunny smile my mates and take a look at this product.

You might be wondering what is the best inversion table for back pain, right? Well you came to the right place you miserable thing, no offense just being friendly here. Look at the features and decide yourself.

Worried that you are a little flabby?

I would ask about how much, but I understand everyone likes to eat, let’s just not get personal. It will carry your 300 pounds body, anything above that and you are in trouble mates. Free tip? Exercise a little bit.

Don’t worry, if you are a little tall or short or with an average height, Teeter EP-90 supports people with heights from 4’8”-6’6”. Most people have height within that range, right? I mean I have height between those numbers.

To be honest no one likes to sit on rigid surfaces, right?

I mean it hurts down there. This device is right up your alley. This one comes with ComforTrak Bed, removable head pillow, grip and stretch handholds that guarantee comfortness.

With 84″L x 28.8″W x 86″H inches, it weighs 65.4 kgs.

You would be living in a world of delusion if you thought things can be without cons or vice versa.


  • Can give you relief from chronic pain
  • Reasonable weight capacity
  • One can use it regularly
  • Material is good enough
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable


  • Can’t be folded easily
  • Bit expensive

Check out price

As a whole, it is a decent product with a little overpriced. But if you are of those people who do not compromise health over money,  this is the thing you need. Comfort ability it offers is great for the price. Now the ball is in your court whether to purchase or not, buddies. Don’t sit on the fence, take it right away.


So, it was all about my list of best inversion tables for back pain reviews based on durability, quality, affordability, comfort and consumer reviews. Cutting the long discussion short, I would like to say, everything has got its significance in the selection phase of one particular inversion therapy board.

Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit” is reviewed 5 star by all the users and top of my rated list. It’s probably due to excellent features and 5 years warranty of the device, which happens once in a blue moon. “IRONMAN Gravity 4000 Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table” takes second position by 4.6star ranking, competes here with Teeter’s EP 560 which also at 4.6 staring position with responses of  good capacity and durability by customers.

Teeter Hang Up EP-960 Inversion Table” with 25 min assembling time, nice build and good warranty option, being ranked third by my observation and experience.On forth is the “Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion table with its capacity significantly greater. Go and get one for yourself. Invertio Premium Folding Inversion Table and Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Therapy Table being ranked on top fifth and sixth respectively due to there comparable quality and facilities.