We learned a lot during the three months, we underwent tests best immersion hand blender on a stick removable those allows you blitz everything from soup to live in mayonnaise cooking, serving, or storage vessel of your choice. All told, I tested a dozen of the highest ranking brand and market the most promising, and put each one through the full range of tasks a home chef should expect them to perform. Some discovery I made is big, others small.

The Best Immersion Hand Blender for Moms

Without further ado, the best immersion hand blender for your money, in alphabetical order: All-Clad Stainless Steel Immersion Blender, OXO On 6 Speed Digital Immersion Blender and Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick Immersion Blender. Each person is an excellent choice and all three turned out impressive performances in most of the tests I threw their way. You can jump straight to us summarize the winning model shows the strengths and weaknesses of each.

The Best Immersion Hand Blender for the Home Cook

All-Clad KZ750D Stainless Steel Immersion Blender with Detachable Shaft and Variable Speed Control Dial

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The Best Immersion Hand Blender for the Home Cook 1

OXO On 6 Speed Digital Immersion Blender for Non Stick Cookware

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The Best Immersion Hand Blender for the Home Cook 2

Cuisinart CSB-75MR Smart Stick 2-Speed 200-watt Immersion Hand Blender

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We Really Need A The Best Immersion Hand Blender?

 There was a guy with a Ferrari switch to a Honda Civic because it’s just a jaunt to Rite-Aid 30mph?

When I took this position, I silently asked myself the same question. You see, I have soaked long relegated to the status phase two of world class kitchen equipment, along with the likes of electric hand mixer, small food processing, and machine all-wheel equivalent cookware of a starter home. What I also forgot to tell my editor that I probably have not used an immersion blender for a good 10 years. With a mixer top of the line stationary blender, food processor, and ranks sitting on my desk, each fact begging to be called into action, I never minded development open them for even the smallest of tasks, especially if they will make them the best. There’s a guy with a Ferrari switch to a Honda Civic because it’s just a jaunt to Rite-Aid 30mph?

Of course, a funny thing happens when you spend 15 weeks with immersion hand blender dozens hanging over your dining table. You get a real feel for what you really want to do, given the many options. I found myself reaching for the immersion hand blender, my favorite increasingly frequent, especially when it comes to work I want to relegation once my food processor for barbecue sauce blitzing, mashed canned whole tomatoes Ragu Bolognese for, glide hummus or baba lightning up ganoush. If the ease of cleaning an immersion hand blender compared to an average chopsticks Vitamix has always seemed like a toss-up for me, once you are in the territory of food processors clean (there are five a separate section to solve), no contest.

One evening, when I accidentally let a Béarnaise sauce rest while tending to a coal-emergency flare-up (look, it’s a beautiful marble Ribeye, people…), a time little face time with the business end of an immersion hand blender is just what the doctor ordered to pull it all together.

While the appeal of moving logistics is not a pot of hot soup on a countertop blender is undeniable, easy portability of the device is what I enjoy most. It proved to be a game changer from home, I use it to mix up the cream for a dessert I brought to the party by a friend and it allows me to make a great soup of pureed a weekend getaway with friends at an Airbnb ill equipped. People who find themselves roped into key dinner prepared on the fly into the house of a friend or relative with a kitchen that is, shall we say, “minimalism” of furniture can appreciate the peace of mind that comes with throwing a stick blender into your suitcase as insurance.

And, as it turns out, a test round is all it has ever convinced me that there is no better or more high-level tools to make homemade mayonnaise than an immersion hand blender. It blew a stand blender, food processor, and the methods bowl and whisk-old out of the water.

So why do you need a the best immersion hand blender, again? You absolutely do not have. But once skeptical this is a real switch. I will never return.

How Our Test of Best Immersion Hand Blender Model

There are dozens upon dozens of immersion hand blenders out there, priced from $15 (same price as a decent hand whisk) all the way up to $1.700 for a Robot Coupe commercial grade blender size your legs that can be mixed with concrete or, you know, enough to feed Butternut squash bisque a fall wedding party without sweating.

For my purposes, I decided to skip phase submersible length (which is a measure of how deep you can stick blender into a pot of liquid) of more than 10 inches. An immersion hand blender for home use should be able to handle one or two liters of soup, not six. In terms of price, anything exceeding $300 feels quite solidly in power as well get one Vitamix territory, which left me with an advantage of about $50-150 model. Since then, refinements to the list as a matter of scouring user reviews on retail sites and popular food lovers’, such as Amazon, Williams-Sonoma, Chowhound and eGullet, the mark nirvana’s performance immersion hand blender. I also hit up the kitchen, food writer, and avid home cooks for their favorite model (at least half of them mourning a Braun hand blender is not credible that there available in the US), and includes all of the winning models chosen by the sites featured cooking and magazines.

For good measure, I threw a cheap model ($20) into the mix. And, much as I’d chalk it up to capacity curators, official candidates fell into my hands through pure luck. In early October, just as I was preparing to begin testing, OXO breakthrough announced its first immersion hand blender on the market. Time could not have been better. Not only wind up OXO in the winner’s circle, but his presence in the team also happens to provide the critical mass just more I needed to find out the advantages of design protection Vietnamese farmers phang wide, which we will talk about in more detail in a moment.


Before we dive into the testing process, here are the four winners (including the budget option) in a handy, one-stop chart.

Our Favorite Best Immersion Hand Blender: The Stats
 All-CladOXO VremiCuisinart CSB-75
Approximate Price


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Peak Wattage600200400200
Weight2.5 pounds2 pounds2 pounds1.5 pounds
Submersible Length8.25 inches6.375 inches6.625 inches5.75 inches
Blending Cup CapacityN/A3 cups2 cups2 cups
NoiseModerateVery loud at higher speedsLoudModerate
ControlsAnalog speed dial, turbo6 speeds, dial12 speeds, dial, turbo2 speeds, button
ComfortGets heavyComfyComfyNarrow and cramped for larger hands
Lock StyleTwist lockButton releaseTwist lockButton release
Cleaning and ScrapingEasy cleaning, hard to scrape tight space under bladeEasy cleaning, hard to scrape around ridgesEasy cleaning, easy scrapingTight, deep cup makes cleaning and scraping hard
Guard Diameter2.8 inches2.5 inches2.6 inches2.2 inches
AccessoriesNoneBlending cupBlending cup, chopper with blade options, whiskBlending cup
Best FeaturesPowerful, sturdyNylon wand head protects against scratching, brilliant light reminds you it’s on and illuminates potBlue light reminds you it’s on, chopping attachment well designedPerfect match for blending cup, fits into typical drinking vessels
Worst FeaturesHeavy, twist lock, such powerful suction that up/down motion can be cumbersomeButton release got sluggish, not dishwasher-safe, high-speed loudnessTwist lock, high-speed loudnessPlastic feels less durable, slightly unstable standing up in pot, small wand head means moving around a lot in larger vessels
Warranty2 years electrical, lifetime everything else2 years1 year3 years


Immersion Hand Blender with Blabe Guard Shape

Before we go down the rabbit hole of winners and losers and paparazzi photo blind scandalous position of grinder enthusiast like sunshine (top model predict that more than 116 grams captured by the rear of the cutting tool a trendy East Village ready?), This is the most surprising takeaway from the journey soak my blender: the most obvious bellwether of the level of performance of an immersion hand blender is the shape and design of the protect its tongue.

Right. No motors, no blade size, not the propeller RPM (revolutions per minute). Well, those aspects are not important, but by large the model and I tested comes from the manufacturers seem to have ironed out the basic principles. In test after test, the difference between excellent performance and good performance can be indexed, almost clock, the blade configuration of protection: protection cage meant to keep the your fingers, and your kitchen appliances, from the mangled or scratched by the blade.

Three leading actors are dressed up shallow, wide blade protection, with a flat base (upper tongue surface, while keeping in place of operation) and the ample vent to facilitate circulation. The models with deep, spacious, room, the bell design team more popular, indeed, proved less effective in most tasks.

The less protection in the way of the blade edge feed grains, more efficient mixing.

It was a security guard might look very significantly to how an immersion hand blender activities seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually quite reasonable. Think about it this way: the same level “protection” provided to protect your fingers or your pan surface are also provided for the blocks of the food you are trying to blend. This is an equal protection. In other words: The less protection in the way of the blade edge feed grains, more efficient mixing.


Design protection blade proved the most important factors, but there are a few other qualities and factors to consider my interests.

  • A lock release button (between engine and mixing wand) is way more desirable than a twist lock when you mix greasy or sticky materials you already know, the kind of ingredients accounted for most of the work manipulator related blender.
  • If most cherished hope immersion hand blender and your dreams involves making smoothies directly in your drinking glass, the news is not good. The end of each three grinder our favorite measured 6 centimeters or more in diameter a tight fit, unless your cabinets happen to be rocking the chalice size of a 7-Eleven Big Gulp®.
  • There is a threshold of diminishing returns a sliding scale, the kind between electric motor performance and timbre mischief tolerated. Translation: Some models are better at informal scold people died as mayo. That said, some noisy celebration performed well enough to forgive a few decibels more rude at higher speeds.
  • Every once in a blue moon, what started out as eye rolling disdain for a super showy flourish design (your ears are burning, OXO?) Maybe, after 15 weeks of flirting and flowers on a deep love and lasting.

How We Resolutely Our Victory With A Best Immersion Hand Blender

Troll interwebs enough, and you will find that people will pull out of an immersion hand blender for just about any old job, from whipping mashed potatoes (predicted: gluey) for crushing ice (observations: messy) to organic cosmetics emulsifying ( “large”, according to a user ChemistsCorner.com). Restaurant chefs often use immersion hand blender on the line to re-emulsify the sauce smooth and soups just before plating.

For my tests, I had planned to focus on the task of closing the home cooking that any hand grinder worth its buzz should be able to knock out of the park: lovers such as soup, emulsions sauces (mayonnaise), whipping cream, and moved a motley mess of liquid and solid components / frozen into a homogeneous, luxurious texture (smoothies). I also threw in a nuclear test white puree, with the intention to evaluate how the mill will fare with a bit more dry ingredients.

In a matter of two weeks, dozens of my modesty was showing up for duty, all shiny and pressed, decked in all manner of protective foam, cardboard, and the relationship , but the new twist-grinder inexpressible smell the flowers tinged by pollen of promise untapped. (It’s sort of a plastic scent.) We went to the races.

TEST 1 For Immersion Hand Blender: THE DE LA CREAM crème

After unpacking, I start off with the first of two tests cream. How the mill will process enough processing heavy cream to top off the dessert course for a small dinner of six to eight? I timed how long it took to whip a cup of cream and half bad cold rolling to a structure appropriately, and then assess the conformity of the quality of consciousness. For model comes with a cup of mix, I use it; for three without, I used a quart-size plastic deli container.

If I was not a champion soak grinder before the test, the test Casualties Format major Cream is hardly a mind-changer. Far from it. All but one lost more than two minutes to reach the proper consistency, the majority of 2: 45-03: 00, with one of the smaller ones still wheezing on asthmatically, at 3:30. The deal breaker was not time per se; my stand mixer is about how long it may take. That is if you follow the instructions given in the manuals for each one of the brands (and, as a conscientious testing equipment, I try to follow all official instructions), you are thought to blend with just 60 seconds at a time (50 seconds at a time, for two of the models), with 60-second rest period between rounds.

* A user manual records really optimistic to suggest that you will want to rest for three minutes between rounds. Ha, really? Even I can not muster that level of patience, although I capacity “official”.

If the noisy custodians blitz sticks three minutes to go up by a pop is tedious, it gave me a lot of time to get a feel for the individual quirks of a blender. First of all, it is a pain to use any of them for that long, especially ones (eight of 12) weighing in at two community tables. As much as I love the All-Clad, strength and one as two half pound of it is a factor worth keeping in mind; thank goodness it was also the highest rate in this round. (Did I mention that my stand mixer can handle this task almost no oversight?)

Second, if the decibel level can not believe the $20 cheapo model is not sufficient to cause death DQ-sawing sound like child’s high-pitched sonic and a lawn mower, wounded powerful suction created by the completion full protection of the blade edge flush all but toast mix. (All the other grinder solve this problem by vents, and crests or troughs undulating, ensure that the contacts with the surface of the vessel is not continuous).

Finally, it was during this trial that I have developed a strong preference for lock release button on the lock twist. To scrape down the wand and protects the blade in between rounds with minimal risk to the fingers or spoon it is easier to turn it off than the engine to rotate it away with even a little hand sharp. Strong preference, not a deal breaker-as you can see from the chart of the winner, two of our favorite won despite the unpleasant choice of design.

All in all, great immersion hand blender tasks better than smaller models. When I repeated the experiment with only a half cup of ice cream, it’s a different story. Currently, blender smallest of the bunch, the Cuisinart CSB-75, completed before the entire package, propeller up in a brisk 45 seconds; the rest to complete the task in about a minute, give or take a few seconds. (Wondering if it is relatively small, two-cup Cuisinart mixer cup which slow it down in the large trial, I did a do-over using a deli container sizes liter instead, but the result is near as identical.)

TEST 2 For Immersion Hand Blender: MAYO MASTERS

Tested 2 for Immersion hand blender
Tested 2 for Immersion hand blender

Next, I made a cup of mayonnaise in a blender, and every election nailed it. Frankly, if you’ve ever tried to make mayo in a processor or a blender of food and see it failed miserably (yolk temperature, speed drizzling oil, natural disaster… whatever the culprit), a immersion hand blender will change your life. The entire device category is called “blender mayo,” it will not be that much of an overstatement.

The reason they are very effective in this job? Mayonnaise is an emulsion of egg yolks delicate and acidic (lemon or vinegar) and oil, created by very, very slowly introduced later on when you’re older aerating. In a blender stand, the oil can be introduced in a heavy clump rather than uniformly dispersed as delicate, airy drops. With a immersion hand blender, by contrast, protects the blade and oil wand forced to take a more circuitous route to the tongue. It is a space hog’s heavy spin-vortex dynamics, standing in the middle of the fast lane. That forced displacement have the benefit of self-regulating the release of acid oil to eggs and very good, in fact, you can dump the whole bowl of oil on the top right and started whirring.

One more note about the swirling action: It also has a dark side. It’s swirling shape can give some fairly significant powers on the suction of the protected polar-tongue partially in contact with the surface of the vessel you are mixing in. Manufacturers have developed tricks to reduce smoking by tweaking the design protection strategically tongue placed vents and the occasional touch points and so on, but to limited effect. Especially at higher speeds, you still get a bit of smoking, which makes the blender a little more difficult to move around.

To try to overtake the more suction effect, some manufacturers add ridges protruding from both sides of the interior of the protection, hoping to break the cycle just enough to minimize the effect of smoking. And guess what: It worked! The models featuring this design, including proposed OXO, is notably less… attracted to the bottom of the pot over other candidates.

Best of all, and to break the cycle in this way does not have a clear negative impact on the performance of any core mission immersion hand blender. Except one: making mayonnaise. shining glory of the vortex of a task. Grinder without completely breaking the mayo ridge creates an average of 12 seconds. Three models with ridges? Half as fast. Luckily for OXO, 25 seconds still time frame perfectly acceptable to make perfect mayonnaise. But if the main objective of the immersion hand blender you are to compete with Hellmann on a weekly basis, you might consider going ridgeless.

CHECK 3 For Immersion Hand Blender: NON-FICTION PULP

CHECK 3 For Immersion Hand Blender
CHECK 3 For Immersion Hand Blender

If I want to stop testing after the trials Mayo and Cream involvement, not only I was fired (soup mix certainly qualify as a core mission), but we also could have ended with a different winner. All-Clad While at this point was bopping right along, always solid and Vremi OXO found himself embroiled in a bid for second place fever and third with nearly half a dozen just-as-solid (until now) election.

In the experimental farm, I prepared 12 identical batches of 15-Minute us Tomato Cream Soup in a medium soup pot. It’s a great recipe and easy that is luxurious creamy texture of it not from cream (recipe is completely vegan) but from the emulsion of bread and olive oil. Good blending is the key to its texture.

During my practice runs, I found that the soup mix looks after about a minute and a half of the blend. To make things as fair as possible, I decided to blend the soup for a total of two minutes each. If you are following the user manual, which is two full rounds a minute with a one minute rest in between-that seems reasonable for the job. It also tells blender to add 20 seconds or longer when most home cooks (including me) will stop mixing. Because I drove around the pot chopsticks, I was trying to minimize the “affected” by maintaining a strict pattern: gentle, rocking motion curve (! Pendulum-style) of the left – right, front rear, left and right, and soon.

At the two minute, I moved the contents of the pot to a fine mesh sieve set over a bowl (not part of the original formula), and then push it through until no moisture remains in cribriform. Then I weighed pulp remains behind to get an empirical measure of how well the contents of the pot to be pulverized. The difference is striking. Here, All-Clad, OXO, and Vremi clear winner, leaving behind less than two ounces of pulp (All-Clad’s leavings weighs in at an impressive 1.25 ounces, with two wins last along with our other close behind at 1.75 ounces and 1,875 ounces). Pulp weight for the four worst performers, some of which have passed the tests mayo and cream with flying colors, in ounces: 3.0, 3,375, 3,625, and a whopping 4,125.

Worry more opportunities to intervene variables (soft tomatoes, wand-steering, sieve-wielding, etc.) affect the results, I repeated this test two additional times. Although the exact weight has changed, organizational tendencies. This is also the moment in which I began to experiment split the package into two groups based on design protection tongue: shallow, flat and broad than deep, bell-shaped, and narrow. Mixers with previous styles have done better as a group than the second into the task.

TEST 4 For Immersion Hand Blender: MARCH OF THE purees GREEN

If the test tomato soup for my first inkling of me is designed to protect a wide flat blade can run more efficiently for most non mayonnaise tasks, testing the seeds purée help reinforce theory dirty. My original plan was simply to make a bean dip Basically, use two cans small white beans and a half cup of oil, and then evaluate the results for consistency and speed. At this point, though, I was jonesing for that quantitative results than eyebrow-interrupted hmmmm… looks pretty darned fine mixture and smooth. Sac what is happening in the mixing cup? How well is the integrated content? Had “blind spot” I did not notice because I want to be so focused on the structure?

To find out, I designed a slight variation on that old nuclear test boring purée. Use the same size container per liter blender (I deliberately chose a mix of beans that do not contain many cups are), I poured in 14.5 ounce cans two values’ of drained and washed clean small white beans and three-quarters of a cup of canola oil. Then I add two drops of blue food coloring and four drops of yellow food coloring, distribute the drops evenly. Instead of calling it quits after an arbitrary two minutes, I’ll keep mixing until the purée is a uniform green, no pigmentation yellow or green in sight.

The result is pretty darned Purees unpalatable (except for St. Paddy’s day situations very specific), but the results are compelling. Once again, the crew farm-wide flat bell brigade knocked out of the water. The second group had the green after an average time of 2:30, with some still plowing on, in three minutes. The All-Clad and Vremi both clocked in at a respectable 1:30. Winner? The OXO, at a cool 45 seconds. And again, when I repeated the tests, organized tendencies.

TEST 5 For Immersion Hand Blender: Smooth operators

Up to this point, the engine power, or power, seems to be a non-issue. Most motorized grinder from 200 to 300 watts, the exception is the All-Clad (600) and Vremi (400). For the most part, the OXO, at only 200 watts, outperforming models boast a larger wattages. There stood trial mixers and food processors in the past, I was not surprised by the tenuous relationship of capacity to implement. Capacity measures only natural energy rush, not what actually is delivered to the rotor and, more importantly, to feed. Design inefficient, difficult to use, and other interventions such as protecting the tongue get in the way-can all reduce the electricity that comes out the other end.

That said, there are some jobs that seem natural strength that matters. When I make frozen fruit smoothies in a blender, use a cup of frozen blueberries Vietnamese fruit, a ripe banana, a cup of yogurt, two half-inch blocks of frozen mango, and a teaspoon of ginger chopped (to check for particulates), interest appears to make a difference. The Vremi the winner here, powering through the mess heterogeneity in 45 seconds. The All-Clad completed in 60 seconds. The rest of the opponents an average of 1: 20-02: 30. When I tried to lower the load in the cup frozen fruit (the opposite of what most recipes suggest) and repeated the test, two are the only grinder with raw torque to plow right through.

The Winners: Testing Performance at a Glance
 All-CladOXOVremiCuisinart CSB-75
MayonnaiseExcellentVery goodVery goodExcellent
Whipped CreamFor 2: very good; for 6: very goodFor 2: very good; for 6: excellentFor 2: good; for 6: excellentFor 2: excellent; for 6: fair
Tomato SoupExcellentExcellentExcellentVery good
Frozen Fruit SmoothieExcellentVery goodExcellentGood
“Green” Bean PuréeVery goodExcellentVery goodFair


In a perfect world, a lab test will cookware is equipped with a fleet of handy elves who can scurry back to the conference and appear in the next few minutes brought any Frankenblender I can dream on a whim, to isolate the variables. Go, and fashion Calphalaan yon give me a hand blender OXO brings style bow-shaped blade of a Vremi scale and capacity of a Hobart… and icy Plymouth martini, shaken three times, posthaste.

Did I simply lucky and stumble my way into a 12-deep immersion Hand Blender no fatal flaws, say, the perimeter of the wand?

During testing, I watched a lot of design details, on the lookout for any and all vis à vis a clear pattern of performance. In addition to the protection of the tongue, the intensity of the whirlwind, and the engine power, most other differences seem insignificant impact. But with a sample size of only 12, it’s hard to be sure. Did I simply lucky and stumble my way into a 12-deep immersion hand blender no fatal flaws, say, the perimeter of the wand?

About two-thirds of the way through the test right around the time I was first the theoretical weary my loose tongue minimalist protection I spent the weekend at a friend’s house, an avid chef who happens to own one of the immersion hand blender I almost included in the squad but had fallen in the wake pare down. You mind if I have a look? She pulled it out of the drawer. My eyes widened. This model has a minimalist protection tongue that I’ve seen four thin spikes, gently bending, stretching from the end of the wand, around and through the blade. That’s it. Otherwise, it is nothing but the blade exposed.

A quick-hit dyed grain inspection and testing mayo then, I realized that, no, this is not the final immersion hand blender after all. You see, I have become so blinded by Blade-Block theory that I have neglected to notice the size of the tongue, which is less than half the size of any of the blender blades in the squad my work. It’s an argument that simply did not look at so far. If I can just check this design protects the blade with a blade the size of hey, Calphalaan yon, you can come back here for a second?

It’s a gentle lesson in humility. Which leads me to my final point: our winner is different from the winners declared by websites and other magazines.

Filed under: That awkward moment when it dawned on you that all your competitors are proposing completely different grinder. It’s enough to make even an ordinary coffee facilities confident (that’s me) a little worried. By the third test or fourth, I began to realize that the struggle of immersion hand blender you dress like Consumer Reports, US Test Kitchen, Good Housekeeping, and The Sweet Home was moved to middle of the pack results. Yikes. If they miss something, or had I? (Full Disclosure: I have spent time in the mid-2000s as a critic of US equipment Test Kitchen Cook Illustrated magazine.)

Finally, I figured out a few reasons for the likely difference: It turns out I was the only test that include All-Clad, the OXO, or Vremi-we three winners. The only thing. How had I not noticed that until now? But even more interesting to me: In every one of the tests of the competition in which there is a model with a wide shallow protected blade is flat, that model ended with final victory. My test, by contrast, includes four models of style, not just one. It is nice to have the choice. Even by accident.

They were able to come up with the winners and I did, given identical paintings? I like to think so. But I also want to remind myself that I am a serious chef who dabbles in science, not the other way around. And for the cooking tasks I tested, I love my blender I like their better work. Among them, at least, I’m sure. my sincere hope that next year they include all my winners in a squad to be updated, and thrown into a new model (or one languishing in obscurity) blow them out of the water . That is exactly how the quasi-scientific survey of this type should work.

That said, if I detect a high capacity, large wings, a minimum-security, release button hand blender with a light to illuminate the pot is probably hiding in the kitchen drawer I will be a my good friend to tell the world darnedest first.



The Best Immersion Hand Blender for the Home Cook

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No two ways about it: The All-Clad Immersion Hand Blender is an elegant brute of a workhouse, swatting away tomato soup, cold smoothie, fruit, and white bean puree annoying as they fly, mayo and cream and whipping up like a monster aerating. In all of the models I’ve tested, this one came closest to stretch the distance between the groups classified farm wide flat and narrow deep bell brigade: half-spherical shape of the blade protection and double row side capsule shaped vent holes around the middle, alternating arches, and divoted “teeth” along edges in contact with the ship made its wand looks very similar from the other side of the small Cuisinart room, cooking and it swung momentum aeration advantage over fellow winner’s circle of it. Pretty quiet, too. Vitamix lovers will appreciate the fact the same rotation speed, even if they see little need to use it.

Speaking of teeth, metal beauties six thumb widths on All-Clad is waled thin and, therefore, relatively sharp. I’d think twice about going to town on the powder in a Le Creuset enamel in enamel wok wok or non-stick by me, if I had such a thing. At two and a half pound (half weight than OXO), this model was not comfortable so quickly in a longer run time, affecting aggravated by strong traction, especially in speed “turbo” or higher. The heads of seven centimeters in diameter will not fit much water containers, blender does not come with a cup of mix, and I’m not a fan of its style twist lock. But the only design elements seem to affect its actual performance is tight space just below the tongue, just one centimeter off the tongue surface protection, making it difficult to shave and sometimes offer places safe haven for people under mixed pieces (or blob of blue dye).

Best features of Immersion Hand Blender: Robust and powerful.

Worst feature: It’s heavy, it has a locking screw, and it has strong suction so that the up / down movement can be cumbersome.


The Best Immersion Hand Blender for the Home Cook 1

Check out price

I usually have little patience for ostentatious design touch, and OXO is notorious in this regard. Once in the mid-aughts, I spent a tense 20 minutes in the company’s exhibition kiosk at the conference of the Association of Manufacturers Cookware, was taken to task by a marketing expert is skeptical about decry Recently I want to implement in the press about it now famous admittedly snazzy design angled measuring cups for its liquid. As OXO’s Digital Immersion Blender morning appeared at my door, all happy and proud of his intelligence, I was immediately predisposed to hate it.

Happy, always make certain OXO products best kitchen designers out there, and this is done as a dream. The anti-vortex design of the blade protection keep smoking pan in the Gulf, but does not sap its performance with an annoying level of ventilation in orientation (like making mayo and cream). Its effectiveness in a pot of soup, bean purée or a container, is flawless. Its nylon will be safe for the surface of the cookware even subtle.

Although I did not keep a tally, I think I found myself reaching for this blender more than others for the mission outside of trials, possibly because lightweight and comfortable grip . And you would not know it? After one too many close calls with the mill-had absentmindedly forget them while shaving, I realized that the light (switch on any time the machine is plugged in) is more than a gimmick Gandy. It is a genuine safety features. It was not until check Tomato Soup latter I even noticed that it is not just a light wand. Real grinder interior lighting of soup as a peerless views headlight-giving you your progress. All right, OXO. I’ll give you this one. Exquisite.

Best feature of Immersion Hand Blender: The head and arms chopsticks chopsticks nylon silicone protective cover even non-stick pots against scratches. Minimum suction. Its glow reminds you that it is on and pot lighting.

Worst feature: The wand is not dishwasher safe, a move designed surprising because most of the OXO product lines. The lock release button (yay!) Seems to have been slow (boo!) With repeated use, although I still want to take that style than any day twist lock. It also grew at a high speed.

GREAT PERFORMANCE, GREAT ACCESSORIES: Vremi Immersion Hand Blender 8 Speed 350 Watt Small Slim Corded Electric Stick Blending Set

The Best Immersion Hand Blender for the Home Cook 3
The only model worth showing in its full glory, as it comes with so many accessories that actually work of Vremi Immersion Hand Blender

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Space time model this sleek look almost fell from the lineup before the race started, and not (I swear!) Because “Strawberry Cream” is one of the color choices for trees Magic wand. It’s simply that I know little to nothing about this manufacturer before the test, and I need to cut a few. Thankfully, I keep it in the mix, the star power of Amazon users rated it alone. Point out that sometimes really useful hive mind. (No, Yelp. I’m not talking about you. Beat it.) So good is the assessment of the users, in fact, it was these messages, the retail site is completely sold out… in this time. (Contact me at another boatload Vremi oath is on the way, but, anyway, you might have trouble snagging it in the short term.)

Smoothie maker best of the bunch, thanks to the powerful torque of 400 watt emitted from the engine, Vremi also raises the value of a cauldron of tomato soup as a champion and make a large cream into dessert topping, without so much as a grunt. It is also the easiest to clean of all the winners, thanks to lots of flat surfaces ridgeless. Blender also light up as an OXO when enabled, speed dial lighting console in a handsome blue backlit. (This is for models with metal wand; You will have to check yourself Strawberry Cream and report back) Finally, although a few grinder I tested comes with attachments mini chopper comes, the Vremi is the only one I can use alternative food processor my stand for smaller tasks like cutting onions or garlic. I even liked the mesh circular blade cheese or cabbage for coleslaw. If you do not have a food processor or better ample room to have it on the counter the Vremi may be just what you are looking for.

The only task for the trouble Vremi has spread a small amount of toothpaste, which I blame on a deeper cup to its size, it is the deepest of the agro-wide flat, and therefore can not get pretty close to the bottom of the mixing cup.

Best feature: blue LED light to remind you it’s it about, and tight attachment designed well.

Worst feature: It has a huge twist lock and at high speed.


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Check out price

This little upstart, which costs only $35, held his own in almost all the work, provide more than adequate, if not so, the results on the board. (For a large amount of the cream, however, you should choose another tool.) The classic shaped head wand deep tones and perfectly fits the shape mixing cup whirlwind created a textbook it has for this budget model an edge over the other grinder Mayo all-Clad only test performed better here and its first small chopsticks made of the best equipped of the entire squad for whipping volume small ice cream, and a good fit for some drinking glasses. The interesting thing, this entry-level candidates performed better than more expensive models Cuisinart: The “deluxe” design wand later broke out beautifully (75 wand is essentially a thin tube), but actually hinder performance by up room in cups mixed baby than his brother did.

Small roller head requires more movement around the pot of soup, and its narrow gap makes it difficult to scrape and clean. There is also evidence of problems, from both endurance user reviews online and my own report. That said, it’s generous three-year warranty, and $35 (three of our big winners have at least double the price), it can only be right sized bet.

Best feature: The head of the chopsticks are a perfect match for the trophy mix and narrow enough to fit a typical drinking vessel. It is also cheaper.

Worst feature: The building is less durable plastic. Small roller head means that it is not stable to stand up in a pot, and requires a lot of moving around in the larger vessels.


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