Best immersion blender reviews
Best immersion blender reviews

After nearly 30 hours of immersion study phase, 57 models reviewed, interviewed the two pros soup, and then test some of the mill for more than two years (including addiction like hell gallon soup, smoothies, salsa, and mayonnaise), we are confident that you can not buy an Breville Grip immersion blender better than control. It’s an the best immersion blender produces smoother texture than any other model that we tried. Intelligent design features, such as a grippy handle, smoking gasket, and a wide range of speeds, making it easier to use than competitors.

Our Pick

Breville BSB510XL Control Grip Immersion Blender

Its overall ease of use and ability to create silky-smooth purees make this immersion blender worth its steep price.

best immersion blender

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In addition to the smooth texture and is easiest to use full, the outstanding breville difficult task in which the other immersion blender just can not handle. 42-ounce blending jar of it is also the only one big enough to fit the ingredients for two smoothies. It is one of the expensive hand grinder out there, but we think breville Grip Control is less likely to languish in a junk drawer or in the back of a cupboard more convenient services other.


OXO On 6 Speed Digital Immersion Blender

This doesn’t blend as smoothly as our main pick, but it’s comfortable to use and makes decent (if slightly chunky) soups and smoothies in an impressively short amount of time.

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If breville sold, we choose for best immersion blender by OXO Digital. This coming Monday in general. It is not good fiber raw material processing, such as ginger, but it makes logical smooth texture. The heat-resistant nylon cage that houses the blade and shaft of stainless steel OXO silicone coated prevent from scratching delicate cookware. This model does not come with any attachments beside a cup, so we recommend it for people who do not want to minimize clutter up the kitchen with lots of accessories.

Budget Pick

Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick Immersion Blender

Get this over our main pick only if you don’t think you’ll use it that often. It’s less powerful and feels cheaper overall, but it outperforms its $31 price.

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When it comes to the blender (vertical and immersion), we noticed that you really do get what you pay for. The Best immersion blender by Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick makes breville thicker texture, its handling feels much cheaper, and overall it has a built flimsier. But for its price, it is surprisingly strong, especially compared to the other models in this price category. We think this is a good buy if you plan to use an immersion blender just a few times a month, or if you do not mind using a lower quality. This does not come with any attachments, such as a helicopter or whisk, so it is only really good for enthusiasts such as soup, smoothies, or sauces.

Who Should Own This Best Immersion Blender

It is worth investing in an immersion blender puree the soup if you do. “If you’re addicted to soup, you can use a blender or a food processor, but an immersion blender just makes it a cooking pot,” the Culinary Institute Speckamp told us because it’s easy to puree the soup directly in the stockpot. An the best immersion blender also work for small consignments of mayonnaise, smoothies, pesto, or even baby food.

An immersion blender will not work for heavy work or makes the texture smooth. A food processor, with different blades and discs of his best work for the most cutting board, dicing, or shredding, and a blender full size makes Purees smoother and smoothies . (If you would like more information about the difference between mill, processing, and mixers, we have the subject in some depth.)

We recommend that you upgrade from an old immersion blender only if your current model takes a long time to blend smooth texture or if you want more attachments, such as a helicopter small or mixed.

How Chose & Tested

Motor of soaked blender should have enough torque to create a powerful tornado circulation in the circuit feed mixing and spinning blades go through many times. “If there is a lot of movement, which is good,” Volker Frick, a former chef at Kettle Cuisine say. “How deep do not [swung] go? And how quickly it spit it back up?” An effective vortex creates a smooth puree, while a bit subpar will leave in fiber or chunky soup or smoothies.

Because these  best immersion blender machines are designed to be used with one hand (you can will hold a pot or mixing cup with your other hand), the best ones are comfortable to hold. That means the buttons should be easy to press, the handle should feel good, and the machine must have enough light to comfortably hold up to a minute. (Most of the non-commercial immersion blender should not be used in the long run than a minute at a time or they will be too hot.)

Immersion blender consumers with wand Beautiful mixed leaves. For some people, this allows you to put the wand in the dishwasher for easy cleaning and to connect different attachments (such as a food cutter or whisk). more advanced models (such as those by BAMIX) and those made for commercial use tend to have wands that do not go off. In part, the wand fixed may be why the professional-grade blenders tend to last longer than those of consumers; there is simply little pieces that can break. (We could not find a device engineer officially confirm this, but we talked to a process engineer who agreed with this assessment.) That said, in the trial of us, we find cumbersome wand fixed to wash, and we did not have any reliability problems with the wand can disassemble our main choice for more than three years of testing.

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Wand and housing cages are stainless steel blades, providing greater durability inexpensive plastic components that may not have heat resistance and is capable of moving in a range of hot soup (or if they touch the hot surface of the pot). We read at least one Amazon review and refers to a piece in the comments of this Kitchn complaining about this issue only cheaper, all-plastic models.

Although many advanced immersion blender comes with more speed, we found that you really only need two of them to low and high. American Test Kitchen/Cook also found this to be true in their opinions.

For attachments, many models come with a food cutting machine and whisk. Both Volker Frick and Rudy Speckamp agree that the attachments are really just a fever, because the main task is to blend. In our testing, we’ve found the chopper attachment, especially useful for small batch grinding breadcrumbs, making a quick vinegar, or even make ravioli (but not always great for chopping things like onions, which tend to get ground into powder). However, more often than not, we found dirty mini chopper attachment will trouble than it’s worth.

Some brands make models with high wand, advertising it as better for mixing in deep pots. Rudy Speckamp agrees: “It’s important, especially for the amount of cooking, because you want it to go to the bottom of the pot for addiction tender. If the shaft between the pot just went to, I do not think it is a success.” the downside is that if it is too high, immersion blender can become more cumbersome to maneuver, which we experienced during testing.

Some other nice features to search: a guard for the blade rotation and a wall-mounted holder for the blender. Both of these features will help keep the immersion blender from hidden dangers in a drawer, waiting to cut you.

There are many types of wireless immersion blender on the market. Like many wireless instruments, the trend is not as strong as their counterparts wired. We did not find any that topped reviews editor or user.

Nearly all the major brands that make small kitchen appliances make an immersion blender, but not much consensus at least in editorial comments, about who makes the best. American Test Kitchen/Cook, Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, Serious Eats and test different models, and we did not find any agreement in smaller assessment we read, so it is difficult to compare result. Because of this, we look at the Amazon reviews more closely, we would normally.

For this update, we have new editorial comment and again looking at the reviews of users, settled on three newer models All-Clad-Steel KZ750D Stainless Immersion Blender, the OXO Open Illuminating Digital Immersion blender with headlights, and Cuisinart CSB-100 Variable Speed Stick smart Hand blender pit to win against our past, Breville Grip Control; Our runner-ups, KitchenAid 3 Speed Hand Blender; and choose our budget, the Cuisinart CSB-75BC Smart Stick Immersion Blender. We wanted to test the New Electric Shaker Blender Vortex tornado 450ML Detachable Stainless Steel, which is a first choice for Serious Eats roundup, unfortunately, we did not do that.

Our Pick

best immersion blender

Although it’s expensive side (that’s about $100), we think because Breville Grip Control Immersion Blender is much easier and pleasant to use than other hand grinder, it has more likely to be playing regularly in the kitchen. It handles the smooth texture of all the blender, we tried and did it quickly. Rubber clamp on the handle and control buttons make it more comfortable to hold. That’s one of the only models we tried that smoking pot or mixing cup bottom. 1.250 ml (42-ounce) cup of breville is more than double the volume of the cup from the other mill that we have checked, enough for two smoothies. The broader scope of its speed and well thought out attachments and lifting it above the competition.

In our latest round of testing, this breville good smoothies and soup lovers like hell than all other models we tried. In the original 2013 our test, the soup breville carrot puree smooth tomato ginger and leave virtually no food waste after the stress through a sieve (impressive, even it crushed peanuts on a smooth peanut butter). check this year so much going on, even if the addiction as a beet soup, ginger, almonds fiber. Besides the breville, none of the other immersion blender that we’ve tested this year was perfect grind. It is one of the fastest to blend the soup, achieving a smooth texture in about 2 minutes, 49 seconds, and does not splatter in this process. While OXO is a little faster at 2 minutes, 3 seconds, its texture is not quite as smooth as breville, and leave behind some almonds and ginger pieces when tensions. In contrast, the crystalline breville leaving only fragments of skin almond puree.

None of these blenders we tested in 2016 or this year excelled in green smoothies, but the best breville. It managed to get slightly smoother texture than most, leaving behind the raspberry seeds. Nearly all the other models we tested leave confetti bits of kale, raspberry seeds, and/or small pieces of nuts. In our tests last year, Immersion Blender DUALIT is on par with breville, although it’s a much more powerful immersion blender (400 watts versus 280 watts of breville). When we stress the vitamins, the mixture breville and DUALIT back about the same amount of pulp in the sieve.

Also good mix, best immersion blender by Breville is most comfortable to use, so it is easier to handle things take a few minutes (like a pot of soup or mayonnaise). Pulse button and the parts of the handle of breville rubber coated, so they easily grasp. Some models tested, we have oil slick and more difficult to keep. The breville seems to require less torque to move around a pot of soup (so save strain on the wrist) compared to the actions of both KitchenAid 3 Speed and Cuisinart Smart Stick. Breville buttons are also among the easiest to push.

Unlike some experimental models, the pads on the bottom of the metal cage to prevent the mill from the suction cup on the bottom of the mixing or pot. The pads also protects the cage from scratching the bottom and sides of your pots. Some, such as Cuisinart Smart Stick, without a protective pad. Our test feel like they have been more cautious while moving immersion blenders around the pot to prevent it from getting scratched.

After trials lasting for more than two years, we did not use mixing cups of all breville often, but we appreciate that it is larger than the cup comes with other models. In 1250 ml (or 42 ounces) to complete the first line, it is more than double. It is the only one in the last round of tests that comfortably fit the ingredients for two smoothies. Breville mini chopper is also suitable directly into the cup for neat storage.

Low and high speed of breville is harsher than other models we tested, and it is noticeable higher than high may be the reason why it is more effective mixing. Although we found 15 speed mostly overkill, it is useful for when we need to start slowly and gradually increase the speed to prevent the ingredients from the shed. A small dial on the top of the blender speed control, and it’s easy to adjust when you mix.

While not a necessity, the Breville comes with a choice of attachments with high quality, including a small helicopter, whisk attachment, and a guard for the blade. We have appreciated the protection in recent years, because it makes it easy to stow the blender and utensils in a drawer without fear of cutting a hand.

Consumer Reports also interested Breville Grip Control. His editors chose it as their first choice, with a score of 92 out of 100 points. The warranty Breville average, only one-year limited (we hope it will be much, considering that the company’s motives in food processor with 25-year warranty).

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Errors but not dealbreakers

The Breville, as All-Clad, can not get high speed mayo by combining all the ingredients in a bowl and enthusiast like hell together. We can not confirm with the experts as to why some immersion blender may or may not make the mayo quickly, but it probably has to do with the way that the vortices are created. That said, the basic recipe for mayonnaise included in the instruction booklet breville comes to “slowly drizzle the oil into [the] egg mixture.” Using traditional methods, the mayonnaise breville can still be effective, and it only takes about a minute or two longer than the quick method. We do not feel this is a dealbreaker because most people do not make homemade mayo on a regular basis anyway, if at all.

Mixing wand has an opening at the top can fill with water when cleaning. You must be careful to pour out the water and dry air upside wand. Many of the other models with mobile wand is completely sealed, which we like better. Just be careful when washing and drying.

Also, if you are not careful, the Breville will completely crush an onion together with its chopper. We recommend caution dams and check the consistency of the items in the chopper attachment frequently to keep from over-processing.


We think Breville is easier to use and it will make you a chef happier in the long run, but we recommend the best immersion blender of OXO Digital is a decent runner-up. It’s not pretty smoothly blended as breville and it has trouble with fiber ingredients like ginger, but it makes smooth Purees decently fast. Like Breville, it is also comfortable to hold.

Since this model does not come with attachments beside a 700 ml (24-ounce) cups, we recommend it for the minimalist who will use mainly for enthusiasts such as soups and smoothies or mayo. Its nylon cages can withstand high temperatures and will not scratch delicate surfaces cooking. The silicone coating on the bar allows you to exploit all the leftovers on the side of a pot without nicks and dings created. It even comes with a two year warranty.

The editors found that “the anti-vortex design of the protective tongue kept at bay smoking pan, but do not sap its performance with an annoying level of ventilation in orientation (like doing mayo and whipped cream)”. In our tests, it successfully implemented mayonnaise in under a minute.

This model comes with an LED located at the top of the shaft, which initially we thought was ostentation. The light is intended to illuminate the area where you’re addicted like hell, but we found it was not bright enough to be useful in this way. However, it turned out to be a safety precaution nice (it automatically lights up when plugged in). It’s a nice reminder to handle it carefully when it is plugged in, especially if you have kids in the house.

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Budget Pick

At about a third of the price of Breville, the best immersion blender of Cuisinart CSB-75 Smart Stick is a surprisingly effective if you do not mind a bit thick puree. To be clear, we still want to invest in Vitamins or Breville to regular daily soup or sauce enthusiast. It could be three times as expensive, but it is also three times the machine. But if you’re planning to use an immersion blender once a month or less, Intelligent Stick makes a solid choice.

We were surprised how smart Stick comply with its low prices. In previous experiments, it blended soup par with the Cuisinart CSB-77 Smart Stick, KitchenAid 3 Speed, and KitchenAid 5-Speed, which costs almost doubled. And it makes a pretty good smoothie, although it left behind pieces of ginger and radish soup after enthusiasts like hell. However, this is the leading hand blender reviews and bestseller on Amazon, received 4.5 stars in the 3000 assessment year. Consumer Reports chose immersion blender is leading three of its evaluation, giving it 76 points out of 100. The three-year warranty Cuisinart also beat the two-year warranty and one-year warranty OXO of breville.

This model comes with only a mixing bowl, and without attachments, but the wand is removable and easy to clean.

CSB-75 Smart Stick does not feel cheap compared to the other models we tested, and we found that its plastic food trapped in seams. Like many other immersion blender, many Amazon reviews about breaking this pattern.

Overall, although it is full. If you only plan to use an immersion blender or in rare occasions you are not quite ready to commit to a more expensive model, we think this is a great choice.

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Care And Maintenance For The Best Immersion Blender

If you’re used to a multitude of safety features on the food processor, you can find immersion blender a little less, well, idiot-proof. In January 2013, the New York Times published an article ( “Tape not included”) about how easy it is to hurt yourself with an immersion blender. Author confused two fingers to dip blender and cited many others, who have cut themselves.

Like the author says, it is apt that these machines are often called “hand blender.” Unlike the food processing, the only thing protecting you from the whirring blades of a blender is immersed cage surrounding it. Always pay attention to where you are pointing to the end of the blender blade, do not put your free hand in his path, and unplug it when not in use.

However, the experts we spoke with said dangerous than actually shed yourself with hot liquids. “The biggest thing is probably burned,” Rudy Speckamp culinary teacher told me. To avoid this fate, Volker Frick said pro soup always use speed pulse setting or lower if working a small pot or pan.

Immersion blenders tend to have short duty cycle. Most of the machines should be running up to one minute at a time, and then given one minute to three minutes before being put into use again. It is important to follow these instructions or you can overheat the engine and eventually break it. We accidentally did this with immersion blender Panasonic we tested last year. (Although not recommended, we ran all the best immersion blender models we’ve tested this year for more than a minute without adverse effects.)

According to its guidelines, Grip breville control should be operated only for a minute at a time, with one-minute cooling period. (When mixed by super thick or heavy, guiding breville said to operate only 15 seconds to one minute between each use.) The Cuisinart Smart Stick manual, on the other hand, said to operate it in 50 seconds at a time.

You can also record an immersion blender using it for heavy duty, but it is not suitable for processing. Although we have found the whisk attachment on breville useful for whipping eggs or cream, avoid using it for something like a thick meringue. Opt for a hand or stand mixer instead.

Immersion blenders are generally easy to clean. Wipe the motor base with a damp cloth, and wash with soap and water wand. Run the blender soaked in warm water and soap in cup mix the components loosen thick or sticky tongue stay in the house.

Competition of Best Immersion Blender

The new Cuisinart CSB-100 boasts 700 watts of power, which is about 300 watts than the top choice of us. However, watts is not everything (that the new round of testing we have demonstrated). It still leaves behind small, almond soup after enthusiasts like hell, that is not the case with the Breville. While the soup is pureed model of OXO smoother, we see the security lock feature extremely uncomfortable. You can not start the blender, unless you press the release button and the power button safety at the same time, make it a two-handed operation instead of one. While you can drop a safety button when the machine is running, it is an annoying step unnecessary.

Our previous runner select last year, the KitchenAid 3-Speed Hand Blender did not perform as well as breville or OXO in our testing this year. Even after nearly 5 minutes, 40 seconds, KitchenAid left behind a chunky soup when tensions. Our test model had a problem with this at the bottom of the pot smoking and complained it Splattered lot. It also did not puree smoothies as well, leaving behind pieces of small particles and raspberry seeds.

The All-Clad KZ750D left behind two large pieces of ginger which is largely intact after enthusiasts like hell. This model does not come with any accessories, even a cup, but still cost about $100. This is one of the highest immersion blender and worst, we have checked, make it complicated to maneuver more than breville or OXO. The cage that the blade does not have a gasket to protect against scratching delicate cookware.

Although obnoxiously large, vibrating its disposal, the Immersion Blender DUALIT done well with breville or second in almost all mixed test last year. It actually has a chopper attachment nicer (the chopper attachment only we saw with a feeding tube). But we can not pass the handle uncomfortable. We also found it difficult to rotate mixing wand in and out of hand, especially if it is polished with mucus. We found the snap-on handle breville a much better design. The DUALIT also expensive, and we do not think it’s worth the extra money over breville.

The KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender is not considered in any major editorials, but at the time of 2013, we tested it the fifth immersion blender reviews on Amazon (get 4, 4 out of five stars and 85 percent positive reviews) and really have higher user ratings KitchenAid 3-Speed. It comes with a large box of attachments, including interchangeable blades, a helicopter, and a whisk. We do not find that 5 Speed perform any better than the KitchenAid 3 Speed, and we do not think that we will use all the attachments.

Amazon chose Cuisinart CSB 2 Speed-79 Smart Stick Hand Blender is one of my top choices, saying, “It provides great performance and is very easy to use.” Food & Wine also proposed model, saying, “The strong attention Purees beautiful tongue, and tongue around the hood is more deeply, to help pull food through a blender.” In the 2013 trial us, we see this pattern pureed par with KitchenAid 3-speed, KitchenAid 5-speed, and the Cuisinart CSB-75 smart Stick, but nowhere near as effective as Breville Grip Control. It comes with whisk and chopper attachments, and has a three year limited warranty. In testing, we have not found that this model did any better than the Cuisinart Smart Stick CBS-75, you can choose for almost half the price.

In our best immersion blender testing in 2016, we see that Panasonic MX-SS1 Immersion Hand Blender puree kind, but a bear on our wrists. It requires more active around the pot than Breville or even Cuisinart Smart Stick, putting more stress on our wrist than any other in the blender. The mixing cup does not come with a handle and quite small, but the chopper attachment foods unique work dicing onions. Unfortunately, Panasonic has died for us midway through the trial, perhaps because we were running through the duty cycle of one minute. To be fair, you should run most immersion blender for only a maximum of a minute, and we ran Panasonic for at least two occasions. However, we have to work together with all other blenders and none of them died.

Recently, Braun introduced a collection of his kitchen in North America. An the best immersion blender from Braun has long been the choice of professional chefs, so we look forward to a soak test MultiQuick Braun grinder for the next update of us.

Pack it up

If you Puree soup and vitamins on a regular basis and would like to have an the best immersion blender that is comfortable to hold and easy to use, with Breville Grip Control. If you want to spend a little less, but still get a best immersion blender with economic power grueling lovers, we recommend the OXO Digital Immersion Blender. If you plan to puree only occasionally, or want a cheaper option, we recommend the Cuisinart Smart Stick.


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