There are many areas of your body can benefit from being massaged. For example, your legs; if you get them rub it will not only feel good about them, but they said it would make other areas of the body feel better too. Another area as your head. A best head massage will almost instantly relax your entire body. That is why many people like to rub their heads as much as possible. Well, now you can do it at home with your massage very own head.

We can help you decide the massage products currently on the market is right for you. That is why we compiled a list of top rated massager so you can find the best head massage to fit your individual needs.

Here is a list of some of the best head massage products you will find anywhere:

Pure Therapy Wireless Waterproof Scalp Massager featuring deep tissue kneading with personalized speed and pressure adjustment
Pure Therapy Wireless Waterproof Scalp Massager featuring deep tissue kneading

Pure Therapy Wireless Waterproof Scalp Massager featuring deep tissue kneading

  • Massage settings: 1
  • Pros: Waterproof, ergo-comfort design, wireless and portable
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Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aethetic Massager EH-HM94-S Silver
Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aethetic Massager EH-HM94-S Silver

Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aethetic Massager EH-HM94-S Silver

  • Massage settings: 1
  • Pros: Waterproof, 2 speeds
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Electric Head Massager Scalp Massage Relax
Electric Head Massager Scalp Massage Relax

Electric Head Massager Scalp Massage Relax

  • Massage settings: 8
  • Pros: Humanized design , Computer USB interface connecto,transformer connection
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iDream 1260 Head Massager
iDream 1260 Head Massager

iDream 1260 Head Massager

  • Massage settings: 6
  • Pros: Manual adjustments: 4 air pressure settings, 7 music selections, 4 vibration modes, high and low temperatures
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Breo iDream1180 Head and Neck Massager
Breo iDream1180 Head and Neck Massager

Breo iDream1180 Head and Neck Massager

  • Massage settings: 4
  • Pros: Attached remote control provides instant adjustments at your fingertips
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All the head massagers we reviewed look somewhat silly at first and this one is no different. We hesitated for a bit even to put it on for fear of what it might do to us. Once we decided to be brave and try it we couldn’t have been happier because this head massager really works great. It was an amazing feeling to say the least.

Pure Therapy Wireless Waterproof Scalp Massager featuring deep tissue kneading with personalized speed and pressure adjustment
Best head massage by Pure Therapy


This model is waterproof so you can use it dry or you can take it into the bath with you. It gives you the feeling like fingers kneading a real masseuse. That felt really good and it’s something everyone can be used to have on a regular basis. It has 3 levels strong pace to help you get the kind of scalp massage that you desire and it does not get tired of doing it as a massage therapist performed.

The massage is completely wireless and includes a battery built right into it, and the charger for it. The fit is really good too because it has a design very handy and comfortable.

  • What we like about it

There are a few things that really attracted us to this head massager model. It is waterproof so it can be used in the bathroom. When do feel that massage therapy even more than when using it to dry. Battery life is also good and lasts a very long time.

  • Some potential drawbacks

As much as we liked this model head massager it must be noted that the issue is not free. For example, although it has a very strong head massage that feels great, no pace on it but felt massage gently. In addition, the massage unit is a bit noisy inside so it makes it a bit difficult to completely relax when using it.

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2. Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aethetic Massager EH-HM94-S Silver

This head massager model is an appropriate one for the search, but a very effective kind of strange that most head massage seems to fall into. So far we’ve gotten used to this model so we did not hesitate to try it on. Again it delivered a great scalp massage and all of us were sad when we had to take it off and let the next person to try it.

Panasonic Head-Spa Scalp Aethetic Massager EH-HM94-S Silver
Best head massage by Panasonic

This product is designed to be waterproof and you can take it to the bathroom or the bathroom with you. It effectively massage feel better after you’ve applied the shampoo to your scalp and then use the device. There is even a strong pace and gently massage depending on your needs at the time you use it.

It is well designed and a product very well-built too. Panasonic Massage This is a great all around product that is easy to use and very effective at what it does.

  • What we like about it

There are a few things that are real highlights of this nice little piece of massage equipment. All we really liked its lithium battery technology making it very fast charging and a long time. The company certainly did not cut corners here and that is great news. Machine is also very handy in the design and will fit even for those with smaller hand sizes.

  • Some potential drawbacks

One of the things we were not happy with this massager is the first model it is a bit difficult to clean. There is a concern, we had too. Although it is not too hard to understand how to use it, they can print these instructions in a language other than Japanese. If they’re going to market this product in the US they should really consider doing this.

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3. Electric Head Massager Scalp Massage Relax

This product gave us all laugh a little at first. When we look at other people trying it on we were not sure if they will fly a spaceship or get their head rubbed. The good thing is there is nothing funny about the way it worked and it was a great massage terminal.

Electric Head Massager Scalp Massage Relax
Best head massage by STCorps7

It is a device to adjust the speed that really fit well and have done a very effective scalp massage. The fact that it can be set to provide a powerful massage or soothing, depending on your mood is a great reward. It massage you with what feels like a hand kneading and acupressure massage types. The massage units give you is not far from the real thing.

You do not need to worry about replacing this unit for a long time also. It is solidly built and is very tightly sealed.

  • What we like about it

There are several things about this massager that really stands out for us. To get started, all we loved the adjustment is built into it. It ended appropriately on all of the different sizes of us quite nicely. One nice thing we like about it is that it can be charged by USB cord or wire that comes with it. This means you do not need to pack your heavy charger to go with you if you want to use this product with you on a trip. 8 different massage settings on the device is an extremely nice feature too.

  • Some potential drawbacks

Most of us would not say this product is bulky or uncomfortable, but there is a slightly heavy feeling you get when first using it.

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4. iDream 1260 Head Massager

At first this head massager looks like someone combined a glass of skiing with a welding mask. Oddly enough this design makes sliding massage early on easily and it is easy to adjust for a comfortable fit. After entering and adjust it to stay in place very nicely.

 Best Head Massager by Breo iDream 1260
Best Head Massage by Breo iDream 1260

The massaging action on this head massager feels very good to say the least. It will be targeted as the key pressure points on your head as your temple. One of our employees had a slight headache on the day we were testing this model and she said it was gone in 15 minutes using this product iDream. It is testimony that it works pretty well right there.

We all thought it was a solidly built device massage and we can also see it holding up well in a long time.

  • What we like about it

One of the things we like most about effective head massager What is it? It must be powerful massaging action that it can be done directly on the temples. That alone really melt the stress and tension out of your body. Although it is an odd looking design that is really easy to adjust so it fits just right.

  • Some potential drawbacks

We really do not like ‘kind’ remote control it. The reason for this is that it has a wired remote control that makes it quite cumbersome to use if you need to turn your head to look at the remote control. The design will be better served if it is a true remote control or they just put the controller on the massager itself. It also plays music but you do not get to choose what you listen to tunes too. Add a Bluetooth feature will really improve the model head massager. Some people will also receive shocks from the unit price of this massage.

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5. Breo iDream1180 Head and Neck Massager

The Breo iDream cool head model is certainly unique in general. They have a strange look all its own, but at the same time, they also do a good job overall of massaging your head. It seems like with all their products, we have tested there is room for improvement, but there are players who really want their products just like them too. This fact makes it difficult to give you a consensus on the top of massage products, but we always try to do our best.

Best Head Massager By Breo iDream1180
Best Head Massage By Breo iDream1180

Best head massage unit has a lot going for it. It is quite light enough for a first device and it has a good amount of adjustment built in massager. This is important to massage the areas where it is designed too.

  • What we like about it

There are a few things that really stand out to us about the beginning of this massage. Although it provides you with a powerful light massage even on lower settings it is still very gentle. You can feel the tension in your head and face disappear after a few minutes of use. It has a type of massage action feels very unique and also good with it.

  • Some potential drawbacks

One thing we noticed when reviewing the cool head is always mixed reviews when it comes to comfort, and it is no different with head massage iDream this model. The majority of people here have tried it on or thought it was a bit uncomfortable or had too much power. Like other products iDream it play music, but no way to change the music selection. The excess can music really becomes a stressor instead of a stress factor after wearing the device several times.

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Guide To Buy A Best Head Massage

When you are shopping for a best head massager you don’t want to just by any old product. They are fairly costly as far as massagers go so you want to take your time and pick out a good one. That way you will get a great feeling massage for the price you pay for your head massager.

Here are some of the key features to take a closer look at when buying a best head massage:


price good question
Price of a best head massage

Price is always going to be a factor in any buying decision that you have and it shouldn’t be any different when it comes to purchasing a head massager. You just have to be careful not to put too much emphasis on the price. Why is that? Because some higher priced products are not worth the price and some lower priced items may be excellent bargains. That is why you should never shop by price alone.

It’s better when you are shopping for a head massager to look for an item in a set price range based on what you can afford. This way you can start comparing features of different massagers without having to worry if you can afford the one you ultimately choose.


You can not get much benefit from a head massage if it is not powerful enough to give you a powerful massage effect. That is why to know how powerful the massage action is on any given head massager is very important to have a look into it. It works in reverse too. If a head massage massage settings only powerful it may not have the ability to give you the kind of relaxing head massage that you want at the times too. A good general rule is to install more speed a head massage is more likely you will be able to find one that does a nice job for you no matter what is bothering you at that time.


Energy options more than one unit of massage has many things you can do with the massage head. First battery operated massage frees you up to use the phone and could help make a waterproof unit, but it will be more expensive to run that first massage too. rechargeable model will eliminate additional costs without having to sacrifice your mobility with the product, but who you will not be able to take in the shower or bath.

The model used is highly portable USB rechargeable in nature but often take a long time to charge. So consider your purpose with head massage and it will help you choose what is the best power source for your needs.


Portability of Best Head Massage

You do not want a best head massage which restrict your movements in many cases. This is true if you want to get your head massager in the bathtub or you want to share it with a family member when you watch TV together. You also have to look at how portable a head massage products is that if you intend to go to massage your head with you when you travel. So how mobile, you need to massage your head is something you need to consider when buying one.


The strength of the massage is not the only thing you need to pay attention to as far as the effects of massage you get from a head massage. You also want to consider whether or not you want to buy will head massager gives you more than one type of massage. Some head massagers will do things like give you both a massage effect of kneading Shiatsu pressure point therapy and reflexology if you choose.

So choose massage is something worthwhile too. The types of massage than a head massage in more ways than it would be able to help you when you go to use it.


Some things need to be considered as far as the drivers go on a head massager to make the decision to buy information. One of the factors related to the control of the control position. You need to control that makes it easy to do things like speed changes when you are using the device. Masseurs are meant to take away the stress and controls that are difficult or frustrating to use will only add to your stress.

Also, note the type of control a massage unit. Controller as a remote control makes use of a product easily, but they can not be used if you take your first massage to the bathroom. Therefore, in accordance with the type of control you want for your intended use for the product.


head 2

You want a product that gives you a massage in all the right places. That means you need a head massager that fits good. Not every model head massager is made for all sizes of heads. If you have a bigger or smaller head you will need to take this into consideration. Check the reviews on a product to see if any of them mention head size. Chances are if there have been enough reviews done on a head massaging product there will be one or two that mention positive things about head size.

The more adjustable a head massager is the more likely it will fit anyone. If you worry about head size for a massager then just get a handheld model so you don’t have to worry about fit at all.


One of the best feelings you’ll ever get from a head massage is if you use it in the shower or bath. This is especially true after only apply shampoo to your scalp. The shampoo makes friction on the fingers of head massager less so it slides easily on your scalp. You’ll get quite this way invigorating massage. If this sounds good to you then consider buying a waterproof head massage.

It is important to remember that you should never have a first waterproof massager in the bathtub or shower with you because you may damage it or even harm themselves.


Many people want to buy a head massage with health complications such as headaches frequently occur in certain areas of their heads. If you want a head massager for reasons like this, you need to check and make sure that the massage head the goal that you want to buy your first region. Example; if you suffer from tension headaches easily happen in your temple area then it does not do much good to choose a head massager does not target that area. So, pay attention to variables like this when buying a head massage.

Yes, there are other characteristics that some early models had personal massager that is not bad at all but the features do not put all the focus on them. This list includes the main points of concern that should head massager affect buying decisions. It’s a great reference tool when shopping for a head massage products.


iDream 1260 Head Massager
Best Head Massage By iDream 1260

Most people would get a massage anytime they could if they had the option. Well, any type of home massaging device you own will give you that type of capability. Owning a home massage system such as head massager has many benefits for you and your family.

Here are some of the main benefits you will get by having a best head massage right in your home:


Just being at home is a stress reliever for most people and become more realistic if you own your own head massager. Surely a professional massage feels great once in a while and will get rid of nervous tension, but a drive from the center of health care in the bumper bumper traffic can add all stress that you only get rid of back and more. That is why there is a head massage in your own home is the ultimate in convenience.

No driving to a regular massage appointments, no more stress buying expensive gas and not go any further than your storage closet to get headaches and stress reduction that you need. There is a head massage in your home really adds a whole bunch of convenience to your life.


If you own massage your own head massager your therapist is there for you 24/7. It’s a great feeling to know if tension headaches suddenly above you can do something about it immediately without harsh drugs. It does not matter whether it happens at 12 pm or 12 pm; Massage your head never sleeps and will be there for you when you needed it. It is a great reward to be able to get the treatment you need right at home.

You can get rid of tension headaches, body rejuvenation through your scalp and sedate their part by melt away your stress from the day. All this can be done after you have a need for it.


No head massage why not be a shared experience with your wife, other important or other family members. There is nothing more exciting for a couple not hanging out in your own home together, sipping wine, and exchange the first turn with your new massage.

You can also keep the child does not talk much and your selfless at your side to talk to you as they anxiously await their turn to head massage. Massage is something that everyone likes and it really can bring people and families closely. If you buy the right head massager you will realize this when everyone in the family started to use it and love it.


STRESS RELIEFrelaxing head massage
Stress relife with best head massage

Stress can literally ruin the quality of your life once it gets ahold of you down deep in your muscles. It can cause you to become irritable to those you love, feel depressed and also it can cut into that valuable sleep time that you so badly need. Stress can hang over you constantly like a dark cloud. Well, there are few better ways to battle stress than with an invigorating and relaxing head massage. Massaging the head not only makes you feel better on your head but the effect travels through your nerves and frees the rest of your body from stress too.

These are a lot of strong reasons for you to consider purchasing your own head massager for you to use at home. When you combine all of these benefits you can clearly see that owning your own head massager can be an effective part of an overall wellness routine.



 It is not easy to find a device that can help you get over headaches, help reduce tension and help eliminate stress too. That is why owning a head massager is great no matter what the price is you have to pay. Getting rid of such conditions like nervous tension is good for both your physical and mental health. Owning the proper head massager can play an important role in that. When shopping for a massager use the head massage reviews and the information contained in this article as a guideline to help you find the best head massage for your needs. And you can not ignore for reducing your stress with the best massage chair.


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