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Replace Your Old Sports Duffel With One Of These Sleek Bags – Gym Bags

Whether you live to sweat or you regularly exercise your base every few days – or weeks, do not judge – you know the importance of a quality gym bags, especially if you are toting it around town before hitting the gym or use it as a weekender for quick getaways. Nobody wants to see your old running shoes thrown under the desk in the office, and you certainly do not want them to mingle with your lunch bag day-to-day.

Enter: the bag to modern day. Gone are the days of throwing gym clothes into a duffel your ex back you find in your closet. With all kinds of bags for men launched recently, from backpack to duffel bags sophisticated, the available array of sports bag has never been more accessible.

From updating widely duffel bag bowling bag, we’ve scoured the net to find the best gym bags to hide your shoes, socks and shorts of you without sacrificing your style or budget yours.

Camo Puma Grip Bag

Puma Gym Bags

Married to bowler shape and texture like classic camo-printed with the modern, this bag Puma suitcase is the perfect combination of classic style and urban. Plus, strengthening its leading processors and mobile canvas crossbody strap ensure total comfort while its foot allows you to sit down on a bag without worrying about it getting wet or dirty.

Herschel Supply Co. Duffel Bag

One of the best things about Herschel’s duffel bag that they actually come with a separate compartment for your gym shoes – which means you can take your runner come and use the main pocket is a carryall multi use for costumes your exercise and anything else you may be toting. Additionally, because durable hemp / rayon outer shell, raw fabric can handle anything from the locker room to get luggage, you should request a weekender bag last minute.


Adidas Team Speed duffle

Adidas Gym Bags

A classic choice for any fitness enthusiast, speed bag adidas team fitness features classic cosmetic bag, a spacious main compartment for all your devices, and a water-resistant base making it a solid choice for the guy who spent more time in the weight room as he is on the football field or basketball. Also, with various colors, from classic blues to bright orange, you’ll be sure to find a shade suitable for your style.


Gootium Canvas Duffel Bag

A Russian vintage, sports bag is made from fabric roughness and Varsity silhouette inspired, antiqued brass hardware and classic colorways stripes. This certainly can not pocket of your grandfather – but it can get! Boasting cloth top handles and a removable leather strap, sport bags this past repeated in all the right ways, while providing modern comforts and convenience.


Nylon American Apparel Gym Bag

Perfect for the boys only the essentials, this is the nylon from American Apparel small and simple, with about enough room to fit the changing clothes, a pair of shoes and a towel. A throwback to the ‘era of fitness 80, nylon bag is water resistant, flexible and stylish. With a full spectrum of colors available – you’ll find everything from neon yellow to turquoise – turns 80 this update on a classic bag ‘will inspire you to push it to the limit.


Bomber & Company Barrel Bag

This uncertainty, the amount of light by Barrel & Company is a great choice for street styler on a budget. Handsome monochrome colorway of it will improve any style of exercise, while the spacious interior and multiple pockets inside it makes it equally as comfortable as it is stylish.


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Jack + Mulligan Ivory Duffel Bag

With a compact body and contrasting fabric straps navy duffle Jack + Mulligan is perfect for toting from the office to the gym, for a weekend away, when the mood strikes you. Body and skin wax fabric enhancing treatment pretty much guarantee it will last forever.


Canvas Bag Retro Sports Eshow

Specifically created with traveling in mind, duffle this retro-inspired with a waterproof outer shell, a padded body, and comfortable leather handles in classic colors like black and gray plaster olives and hunters. Plus, can be implemented as a duffel or as a backpack and can actually fit a full size basketball into the mix – to gym shoes and shorts should fit just fine,


Duffel Bag Under Armour Isolation

With storm fabric treated with more water and abrasion resistant, this duffel bag is perfect if you need to be your bag doubles as a hiking pack. With a media zippered pocket for your phone or your glasses and a padded shoulder strap breathable, this bag is a no brainer if your workout is sometimes a little off-roading there.


Carhartt Legacy Gear Bag, Black

With a handsome cloth body with black accents and hardware, this bowling bag is a great choice if you are looking for something a little less important than what the classic bag can provide. Boasting multiple pockets on the interior and exterior, the fabric is a great option if you are looking for a gym, and beyond carryall.


Fjallraven Duffel No. 4

Fjallraven number is the epitome of rugged cool city. The durable polyester equally clean and stylish. In addition, interior design and spacious flexibility allows the bag to easily take you from the gym for a weekend away.


Duffel Bag Nike Brasilia

Nike  Gym Bags

The Nike duffel Brasilia is the perfect choice for the boys on the road. With a storage compartment open shoes insulated cooler compartment, other compartments of the bag for your phone or your keys, duffel Brasilia will help you get through your day and your workout seamless – feel free to think of it as your office-to-package existing locker rooms.


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