Best Food Processor Reviews
Best Food Processor Reviews

Best Food Processor Reviews

After spending 40 hours studying food processor, we still believe that Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup is an the best food processor to choice for most home cooks. With a simple design, matches its down, it’s easier to use and cleaner models with multiple settings or multiple bowls, and we found it was solidly built than other processors in the region this price. 14 dishes are better than the smaller version to mix wet ingredients and processing large batches of slaws shredded and grated cheese.

Best Food Processor Reviews
The best food processor for most people

It even made equal to or better meal than the speed model with a specific powder. The Cuisinart Custom is not the fanciest machine around, but it has everything you need it to do good always.

Our Pick

Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor

The best food processor
Best food processor by Cuisinart


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And on the button only to pulse plus a single bowl, this is one of the best food processor model of Cuisinart, but it is always chopped, sliced, and kneads better than any other food processor that we have found found for under $300.

A mini option

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus

A mini option - Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus Food Processor
Best Food Processor by Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus

Although it is too small to make cakes or coleslaw, handling three cup size is ideal for cutting an onion or make a small part of mayo or vinegar.

If you want a processor for shipments less vinegar or Mirepoix, we really like the Cuisinart Mini-Prep 3 cups Community. It chopped onions evenly than other models we’ve tested it against. On top of that, the plastic membrane button is its seamless easier to keep clean, and its treatment jar is more convenient to use. We also think that this model is the tool most convenient idiot-proof that we have found to work for a fraction of the mayonnaise (as long as you are using a formula specifically for a processor food). And it’s a great option for those who can not or do not want to invest in a $200. You can not make bread flour or chopped salad in it, but you can grind or cut a small section of herbs or nuts and do other tasks that can be more tedious by hand.

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A more powerful option

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor

The best food processor 2
Best food processor by Breville

This is an the best food processor machine if you plan to use a few times a week or need a powerful engine when cooking for large groups. But it is twice the price of our main choice, and it’s more powerful (and much bigger) than most people need.

The Cuisinart Custom is a great value for the amount of energy it provides, but if you plan to use the food processor to your a few times a week, need a more powerful computer to cook for large groups, or using a certain scale recipes, consider investing in Breville 16-cup Sous Chef. 1200 watt motor and its clever design saves you time use and clean; in fact, although many of its accessories, it is easiest to clean all of the models we tested. That said, if you use a food processor only occasionally, the high cost of breville probably outweigh its benefits. And for that it is larger than 18 inches high and 20 pound you’d need a big kitchen, if you want to keep it on the counter.

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Should you upgrade to have best food processor?

If the basis of your current motor is very light but shock devices when used on the counter, you will appreciate a model with a heavier build.

Design food processor has not changed much since Carl Sontheimer, an MIT engineer-training, the introduction of the first model Cuisinart Chef America in 1973 (poaching ideas from processors French MAGIMIX initial base). If you have an old machine still works well, stick with it. But we can think of a few good reasons to upgrade.

If the basis of your current motor is very light but shock devices when used on the counter, you will appreciate a model with a heavier build. And if your processor is 11 or smaller cup but you cooking for more than two, you may prefer a model with a larger bowl to mix the wet ingredients or making large batches of vegetables or cheese chopped brain. Some new machines also provide specific speed powder, which can be useful if you frequently make bread and pizza dough and crusts (Our favorite a best food processor, however, no At this rate no aces such recipes).

Food processing will be mixing the wet ingredients (tomato sauce for pasta, for example), but if you’re looking to smooth puree soup or for crushing ice for smoothies, you will need a blender . “A blender act as a centrifuge; everything is sucked into the center and make the puree smoother,” Norene Gilletz told us. “A food processor tends to throw food out.” (If you would like more information about the difference between mill, processing, and mixers, we have the subject in some depth.)

If you regularly do things like homemade mayonnaise, vinegar, bread crumbs or small batches, you may want to choose a small food processor, even if you have a full-size version. A mini model will handle a smaller number of more effective and its small size means it’s easier to move around a counter, storage, and clean.

How we chose and tested to choice an the best food processor

Basically, a food processor consists of a bowl of work that sits on a motor drive shaft. The lid of the bowl with a feed tube inserted food is chopped, diced, sliced, ground, or even stuffing (in the case of powders). Most food processors come with S-shaped blades and different disks for grating and slicing, but a variety of other attachments such as disk julienne and citrus juicers also available.

Anderson and Gilletz agree that a processor 11 to 14-cup is the most useful for most cooks. “It’s always better to go a little bigger than a little smaller,” said Gilletz. “It’s an investment that will last you for years. You will regret getting one that is not large enough.” We officially polled friends, cooking, and a lot of them feel happy with seven or nine-cup machine of them, but most of them cook for only one or two people. If you’re cooking for a family, or if you simply cook a lot, a larger more meaningful.

The best model should cut vegetables and herbs are (not crushing them), vegetables and cheese evenly grate, clean cut and smooth grind breadcrumbs, nuts, and other dry ingredients.

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Food processor and choppers Mini called small bowl ranging in size from about 1 ½ cups to six cups, but the highest rating hovering around the three cups. These are most useful for small jobs, such as cutting up an onion, curry pastes making, preparing salad dressing, or a small batch of pesto. They are smaller and lighter than a food processor full size, so they are easier to insert it into a cupboard and brought out when needed. Both Anderson and Gilletz keep small processors, and swore her Gilletz Cuisinart Mini-Prep (not to be confused with the processor choice for our small, Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus all).

The best food processor should cut vegetables and herbs are (not crushing them), vegetables and cheese evenly grate, clean cut and smooth grind breadcrumbs, nuts, and other dry ingredients. That means that the blades and discs must inform nets out of the box and must remain sharp through years of use. The better quality machine with heavy bases would also like for the mouthwatering chopper ground sirloin and butter burgers from American Test Kitchen (requires registration).

This best food processing with powerful engines and heavy base that anchor them to the front so they can strong yeast dough. Poor quality machines, but also happens to be lighter, usually slipping on the counter when processing powder, or the engine may even catch up.

Some processors come with a specific rate of powder. We asked if Norene Gilletz invest in one of these is worth the cost. “If you’re doing a lot of bread, maybe. But if you do not have that speed, just do a little flour and pulses, and you will not need to speed powder,” she said. Gilletz say it is more important than the machine clock speed, allowing more control than just on and off button. These devices usually come with a dough blade that is usually made of plastic.

Most companies have redesigned the feed tube, extending them to contain blocks of cheese, potatoes, and other food hunks. Models usually come with two presses food: a larger fit in wide feed tube, and a smaller one nested inside that will keep carrots and other objects in thin vertical cut.

Different models come with nesting bowls, so you can attach a small bowl that essentially acts as a mini helicopter. (Both authors cookbook, we talked with this manual food processing their small kitchen.) Some machines, such as those in the Cuisinart Elite series, comes with a gasket on the lid of the mixing bowl to prevent leakage. Other models have adjustable disk, so you can control the thickness of the slice; most of you adjusted manually on the disk.

In addition to the main blades and discs for shredding and cutting, you do not need much else. Although you can buy everything from a juice attachment on an attachment beaten egg white, such additional features often go unused. Both authors cookbook, we talked to the nature of the add-ons say is a waste of money.

Take the assessment and recommendations of the experts, we ended up with food processing in full size in the original test us. For this update, we did not find any processor full size new looks capable of competing with our original picks. Instead, we chose to test small food processing, which offers a nice alternative for small batch processing and represents a reasonable choice if you want to make Mirepoix, breadcrumbs, or mayonnaise but do not want to spend $200.

For our initial guidance, we have tested larger processors every 10 times, cut parsley, tomatoes and potatoes cut, grids soft mozzarella, crushed bread as an appetizer enthusiast particularly delicious, and mixed double batch of pizza dough. We also clean bowl, cover, and squeezed food 10 times of each model, an experiment has proved that reveal more than we thought.

Last year we tested the mini choppers by making a mix of salsa, a Thai curry paste, mayonnaise, and ground almonds. To update our 2018, we cut up an onion in a small food processor to evaluate the evenness of texture. We also chopped whole almonds, making mayonnaise, shredded mozzarella cheese and soft if the chopper came with a disk for shredding.

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Our selection

The Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup Food Processor

The best food processor
Best food processor by Cuisinart

Do everything that a big food processor should not have any extra features that are not needed can boost its price. With a bowl and pulse on and buttons, it was designed but simply that it works as well as or better than the machines with multiple bowls and more attachments. Unlike some other models in our tests, the basis of Custom never shake while running, even when handling double batch of dough. The Cuisinart Custom comes with just the right number of blades and disks, as all of them are going to complete within the mixing bowl, so you will not need to store a large box of attachments. The design is simple and average base of Custom are also easier to clean than most competitors.

Initially Cuisinart Custom 14-Cup handling seems a little bit beside the other models, which boasts nesting bowls, a higher base, and a large box of attachments. But after two days of testing, its simply won us over. 750-watt motor of Custom is less powerful than Cuisinart Elite 1000 watt motor or 1,200 watt motor breville, but limited without negatively affecting its performance. Pizza dough has tested the engine on our most powerful, and Custom kneading it easy, even without a specific rate of powder. It chopped vegetables, bread ground, and sliced mozzarella ingenious software is only as more expensive models did, and it takes up less counter space.

At about 18 pounds (including average), Custom never moved or chattered on the counter, even if the powder mix double batches. Custom Kneading While velvety in about 40 seconds, KitchenAid 13 cup ExactSlice tension motor, seized after about 20 seconds of mixing and when we started KitchenAid again, it shook on the counter, such instability a wild bronco.

We also appreciate the 14-cup work bowl of Customs, which offers plenty of room for cheese or shredded nets big batch of coleslaw ingredients. Although our experts said processing capacity of 11 to 14 cups work best, we found that the Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus is a bit too small, especially when processing materials wet (liquid tends to leak out of the bowl Prep). Other models that we tested comes with a larger bowl capable of holding 13 cups or more, and we found all of them better to handle wet ingredients smaller than Cuisinart Prep.

Custom comes with only the most useful attachments: a cutting board with stainless steel blades and discs for shredding and slicing. Previous versions of this model include a powder tongue; a Cuisinart customer representative was not able to tell us when this change happens, and dough blades available on the website of Cuisinart. However, our testing found unnecessary dough blade and a dough prepared using blades cutting board regularly for years. The Cuisinart Custom attachments include most of what you want to do with an the best food processor. In contrast, the Breville Sous Chef comes with three blades and the disk, which can be handy for cutting more nuanced task but can also collect dust in the closet. With some careful layer, you can store all the blades and disks of Custom in his work bowl with the lid on, which saves a bit of storage space (and keep you from cutting your wrist on a slate loose in a drawer).

We found a clean bowl of Custom work is an easier task to do that on most other models.

Finally, we see the clean bowl of Custom work is a task that is easier to do it on most other models. After 10 rounds of testing and cleaning, we were painfully familiar with can gunk stuck in the lid too complicated. Custom cap of no more grooves or more pieces of plastic for food to wedge in. The Cuisinart Elite, on the other hand, comes with a gasket on the lid often stuck ingredients such as flour or tahini stick in our tests.

We read a few reviews that did not like how the lid locks the hose Customs Cuisinart food behind, not in front (standard for most models). This feature tripped over one of our test is good, but we think it is because they are used to working with a processor can lock in the front.

Cook Illustrated named Custom is your top choice. Custom unique shredding in our testing when we use the pulse button. It took a little longer than Breville Sous Chef or KitchenAid ExactSlice did, but the difference in time is certainly not a dealbreaker. In consideration of Consumer Reports, Custom third place after Breville Sous Chef and Cuisinart Prep 11 to 67 out of 100 points.

Three-year warranty Custom (five-year warranty on the motor) is not the best among the models we’ve tested, but still pretty good. We also liked the design, slightly retro sleek. And at only 15 inches high, it must fit under most cabinets.

Errors but not dealbreakers

Sometimes it is difficult to know when the lid of Custom is completely locked; if the cap is not locked, it will rattle loose during processing, and the machine will stop. But this is a minimal problem that probably boils down to user error.

Custom shredding disk of not we’d prefer adjustable one that is, to make thinner or thicker cuts. The shredding disc into Breville Sous Chef, comparison, has multiple settings, allowing you to use it as you would a mandoline. If you want to use the custom as a mandoline, you can purchase additional disk slices. Cutting discs include slices for about 5 mm. That’s for pizza tomatoes cut top, but you may want to cut 2 mm discs to cut homemade fries.

Custom does not come with a storage case and its attachments. If you do not want to store the attachments in the bottle, buy a case for about $20 would be worth.

Care and maintenance for an the best food processor

Food processor blade is not designed to be sharpened. They should last you a long time, but as Cuisinart told us, if a “consumer is using it harder or more often than the average consumer it can become foolish stupid.

If you have to schlep your handle from a cupboard over the kitchen, you can not use it often. Norene Gilletz advised to buy a processor that will fit on a shelf in your closet. She kept his machine on a folded towel to their food will slide off more easily.

Those with limited counter space can be creative, like Jean Anderson did when she lived in New York City. “I already have a pop-up, like the typewriter old pop-up that folds down underneath the desk. My pop-up handle folds down into base cabinets, and I just swung it up whenever I use the machine. ”

As for cleaning, Gilletz advised to bring water and a few drops of dish soap in the work bowl and run the machine. A bottle brush is handy for cleaning around the feed tube, pressed food inside, and along the sharp blade. Never submerge the base of a food processor in the country; you should just wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge.

After testing the model with storage box, we see that the box is so convenient to keep organized attachments, and they are worth investing in, if your model does not come with one. You can also organize the blades and disks in a Tupperware style containers, baskets or other containers. We store more blades, the disc inside the customs Cuisinart work bowl of the processor (but note that this can scratch the bowl).

Most brands sell spare parts, which can be useful after limited warranty on parts expires. You will find alternative bowl, pushing foods, knives, and various attachments for Cuisinart Custom, the Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus and Breville Sous Chef.

Recipe Tips

For many tasks, a best food processor can replace a vertical mixer. According to Jean Anderson, you often need to use a specific formula developed for a food processor. In my book this process, Anderson used a variety of techniques to make quick bread, yeasted breads, cookies, and cakes. In a recipe she even allowed a yeasted bread dough rising in the work bowl and then “punched” by smashing it down the blade.

In a post Serious Eats, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt says a food processor passed a stand mixer pizza dough. Its powder together in a food processor in a fraction of the time spent in a stand mixer, and nearly doubled, indicating that the food processor with the flour gluten good than.

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Competition Of The Best Food Processor

In our tests Cuisinart Prep 11 Plus do not mix large batches of dough, as well as by smaller Cuisinart Custom, his 11 dishes. Prep 11 Add struggled to grind breadcrumbs, leaving large quantities of unprocessed during treatment than the rest. This model also leaked around the base at the center of the bowl when processing wet ingredients. Michael Zhao, our editor, had the same problem with his Prep 11 Plus.

KitchenAid 13-Cup ExactSlice the most popular of our major processors. The base engine shaking and eventually arrested the pizza dough processing. Food and easily pressed with mozzarella and jack up the stick from the formula tahini appetizer of us. In January 2016, we tested this model breville Sous Chef and Cuisinart Custom, and found that “in most of the work, it lagged behind the Cuisinart and breville.”

The 3.5-Cup Food Chopper KitchenAid performing well tasks. We feel that is easy to use, and ability to bowl is perfect for small batches of bread crumbs, oil, vinegar, and the like. It does not make mayonnaise as unique as Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus, however. We also do not like the need to pull up on the tongue of the KitchenAid to release it, which can easily cause a cut. In addition, half of the KitchenAid lid is covered in black pads to push the buttons, and we noticed that there is less water and soap pieces; wash the soap was difficult.

The Cuisinart Elite FP-12DCN performed well in our tests, but it comes with a gasket on the lid often stuck ingredients such as flour and tahini stick. Our testing also prioritize 14-cup capacity Cuisinart Custom Pro 12-cup capacity than the Elite.

The Cuisinart Elite 2.0 FP-14-14DCN Cup Food processor, Die Cast is a larger version of the Cuisinart Elite we tested two years ago. In the last experiment, we found that keeping the lid gaskets ensure trap ingredients such as flour or tahini closely and is harder to clean.

The Chef Series KitchenAid 3-cup KFC3100OB only a pulse button, unlike the grind button and sign on Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus. Our testing capabilities like reverse direction on the Mini-Prep Plus blades depending on the item being processed.

The Cuisinart Elite Collection 4 CH-4DC cup is more than $20 compared to the current selection of mini chopper and we have significantly fewer reviews. A critic on Amazon reports that the mechanism tongue began to crack after only regular use.

Like the above model, the Cuisinart DLC-1BCH is a little small. We found a three-cup capacity jar is an ideal size for most tasks small food preparation.

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Duo 70 580 14-Cup Food Processor Plus: Reviews says the machine is large and difficult to make the dough in the test, so we chose not to test it.

Breville BSB530XL All In One: This machine is like Breville Grip Control immersion blender that we like, but it’s far more expensive than the small helicopters we tested. We chose instead to include a chopper attachment breville grind soaked in our testing.

Cuisinart DLC-1S’s Mini-Prep Processor: The mini version of the processor’s first full-size we get Amazon user review points lower than the Mini-Prep Plus, so we elected to skip this round of testing it. We might consider testing it for a future update.

Cuisinart Mini-Prep DLC-4CHB Plus 4-Cup: We chose to test 3-cup version of the Mini-Prep Plus. If you want a small helicopter a little older, this would probably be a good choice.

KitchenAid Chef Series 3-Cup Food Chopper: This small food processor get evaluated using promising but was stopped (although this model is still available on Amazon).

Ninja Master Prep Professional: We have tested this model for us to guide blender, from this experience, we concluded that it would not compete with the Cuisinart and KitchenAid Choppers.

Oster 3 Cup Mini Chopper: Get trivial Amazon user reviews.

Proctor Silex 1½-Cup Food Chopper 72500RY: This device is enjoying positive Amazon reviews of users, but 1 ½ cup capacity bowl of it seems to make it less flexible than the 3-cup model we I chose to test.

Oster also make some budget models, but none rated all that highly. The only exception is a review Food & Wine that love processor Oster 10-cup, but the company has discontinued that model.

In our tests, we found that best food processor with 14-cup is ideal for most people. For this reason, and based on other reviews on the web, we can eliminate a lot of models from Cuisinart, breville, Hamilton Beach, Black + Decker and 14 cups by lower bowl.

In addition, we look at the best food processor / hybrid blender by Cuisinart, DeLonghi, and Ninja. We like the idea that you can get two machines in one, but in the judgment, they do not stack up to our top pick in the food processing ability alone.

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