Best Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews
Best Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews

The Best Electric Pressure Cooker

After 40 hours of research and testing cooking, including 15 pounds of memory, 13 pounds of black beans, brown rice and 12 pound, we think the best electric pressure cooker for most people is the Instant Pot IP DUO60 (hands-off cooking) and Fagor Duo 8 Quart pressure cooker (if you want more manual control). We tried to provides the two best combinations of excellent performance at a reasonable price. It will help you to eat dinner on the table in less than half the cooking time as compared to normal. And unlike the electric pressure cooker of the past, our choices are completely safe and easy to use.

We tested the Slow Cook settings on our two electric pressure cooker picks, the Instant Pot IP DUO60 and the Breville Fast Slow Pro, and we found that these cookers did slow-and-low just as well as a Electric Slow Cooker.

Best Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews

Our Pick

The Best Electric Pressure Cooker

Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Instant Pot IP DUO60

One of the most affordable electric cookers we tried allows easier, more hands-off cooking than stovetop models, and its standout features include a slow-cooker mode.

Best Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews
Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Instant Pot

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The Instant Pot IP DUO60 is a favorite of our overall if you are looking for a pressure cooking experience super easy. It’s simple to use and will turn out delicious meals in a fraction of the time normally required to cook right you can cook black beans from scratch in 20 minutes, for example. Compared to other electric models, with more heat setting, and it’s better fried onions (none of the electric model brown meat all good). Is a multi-pot, also functions as a electric slow cooker and a electric rice cooker.

The Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker

 Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Fagor Duo 8 Quart

This model browned meats and aromatics better than most stovetop pressure cookers and all electric cookers and has a versatile wide base, good price, and easy-to-read controls.
Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Fagor Duo 8 Quart
Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Fagor Duo 8 Quart

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The Fagor Duo 8 Quart Stovetop Pressure Cooker is a better choice than the Instant Pot, if you want to sear the meat directly in the pot, or if you want more control over pressure, and if you want to cook a little faster times. It has a broader basis than most kitchen models, so it will brown the meat better and allows you to use a higher flame to bring the cooker up to pressure faster. Unlike cheaper models, it has two pressure settings, so you can cook at low pressure to the fish or vegetable dishes, delicate, and at high pressure for heartier fare and barbecue. That is not the best model absolute kitchen, but we think that a good balance of price and performance will make most people happy.

Upgrade Pick

Sleeker & Better For High-Altitude Cooking

Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Breville Fast Slow Pro

The Breville looks nicer than the Instant Pot, has a handy altitude-adjust feature, and offers a wider range of venting options to cook delicate foods or release pressure more quickly.
Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Breville Fast Slow Pro
Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Breville Fast Slow Pro

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If you want to have an best electric pressure cooker nicer, we’d go for quick Breville Fast Slow Pro. Its interface is more streamlined Instant Pot, use the dial and a larger LCD screen is a series of buttons. It has more options for ventilation that works better for delicate fish and vegetables and that will allow you to release the pressure more quickly. If you live above 3,000 feet, you will be able to appreciate the height adjustment function, allowing you to enter your height to the machine can adjust the cooking time and temperature accordingly.

A Best Pressure Cooker With Top Quality

Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Fissler 8.5qt Vitaquick

This pot won’t make better food than the Fagor Duo, but it offers a nicer cooking experience, its wider tri-ply base improves browning, and its lid fits more smoothly.

Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Fissler 8.5qt Vitaquick
Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Fissler 8.5qt Vitaquick
Best electric pressure cooker is our favorite choice of our upgrade, the Fissler 8.5qt Vitaquick. That is more than about $70 compared with our main choice, but worth the money if you like top of the line pots and pans. It has a tri-ply base wider and thicker than the Fagor Duo, so it does a better job at searing meat and brown onions. Its set pressure is a little easier to read and more smoothly slide into the pot than our own choice. If you plan to cook under normal pressure, the pot with this structure will provide years of superb service.

Budget Pick

For Novices & Cooks On A Budget

Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel

The Presto offers only one pressure setting, and you have to keep a closer eye on the controls, but it’s a great pot if you want to try out pressure cooking without spending a lot.

Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel
Best Electric Pressure Cooker by Presto 01370 8-Quart Stainless Steel

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If you are curious to see whether the pressure cooking is right for you, but you are not ready to drop more than $100, Presto 01370 8 Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker is a good starting pot. It has only one set of pressure, but it sears meat decently, sautees aromatics, and offers cooked dishes. Index its concave pressure is a little harder to see, so you need to keep a close eye on this pot to know exactly when to turn off the heat. But if you do not mind being a little more attention, this is a solid pressure cooker, and like the rest of the kitchen model, we recommend it to double as a regular pot that Capless.

Who would need the best electric pressure cooker?

If you are interested in cutting time to prepare dinner in half, a pressure cooker is for you. Anything that you would braise, stew, or boiled, you can perform in a pressure cooker-but faster. These pots using pressurized steam to cook quickly has long been popular in other parts of the world, such as Europe and India, because they are very efficient (they save time and electricity). It’s a great tool if you regularly generate energy at the end of the day, but need to put something nutritious on the table for your family.

“Anything that you would braise, stew, or boiled, you can perform in a best electric pressure cooker but faster.”

If you live in altitude (over 3,000 feet), a electric pressure cooker will help you make a meal in a timely manner. Since the boiling point of water decreases as altitude increases (PDF), boil a pot of pasta or beans to the pot can generally take longer because you must cook at a lower temperature. A electric pressure cooker solve this by increasing the cooking temperature.

If you have a electric pressure cooker old (made before about 1990), you may want to upgrade. The old kitchen is the celebrities to blow their cover, but the newer model is completely safe.

About Electric Pressure Cooker

If you are a kind of it and forget it in the kitchen, an best electric pressure cooker is s best for you to bet. This type is modeled after the rice cooker, and look very similar. You can put all the ingredients in the cooking pot, sealed lid, turn it on, and walk away. If you think this looks like a slow cooker, you were right. They are time savers. As a food blogger Mike Vrobel told us, “The difference between a slow cooker and a pressure cooker when you want to work.” Meanwhile, you want to upload a slow cooker before running out the door in the morning, an electric pressure cooker allows you to make a very quick meal when you get home. The sudden pressure to cut down on cooking time, and because the rice cooker adjust itself during this process, most of the time it is not working.

“If you are a kind of it and forget it in the kitchen, an best electric pressure cooker is s best for you to bet.”

Although we are calling the “electric pressure cooker,” most of the people we tested the multi-cooker in which they pressured cook, slow cooking, sauté, steam, and making rice . In our tests, we found that the settings on the machine slowly cook low and slow and reserved a slow cooker. Our first choice I can sterilize milk and yogurt. Fried on cooker function really is best for sweating onions and other aromatics. If you want to brown the meat in a multi-boiler power, just be aware that you will not get the deep brown color, you will use a pressure cooker kitchen.

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Best electric pressure cooker has a lot of buttons and sounds that can be a bit confusing at first. Trust us, we have checked six people. We were looking for models with a simple user interface that is intuitive and easy to learn from scratch, with a display digital clear that you can see exactly what is happening. selection of our top lets you know which is heated by a clear display “ON”. As to the pressure, the clock will start counting down cooking.

We like pots inside uncoated stainless steel ones with non-stick coating, can be scratched from the metal clamps and spoons. We do not think a non-stick coated pot is a dealbreaker, we just happen to like pelvic girdle. Cleaning an electric pressure cooker can be a bit difficult. Cap, in particular, has many nooks and crannies to hide food. The best kitchen has a simple lid parts with a detachable pads, and we prefer those with detachable lids. Some models have a lid that explodes into three pieces to wash, but it also means that small to track.

“Washers, valve parts, and seals…, should be replaced every 1-3 years, depending on usage. This is true for electric pressure cooker and kitchen.”

Although we want to ensure is a little better on these machines, most of which have a one-year limited warranty on the boiler. Things such as gaskets, valve parts, and seals are often not covered by insurance. You should replace these parts every 1-3 years, depending on usage. This is true for electric pressure cooker and kitchen.

Electric models we tested this year: Instant Pot IP DUO60, Breville Fast Slow Pro, T-Fal CY505E, Cuisinart CPC-600, Elite Platinum EPC-678SS, and electric pressure cooker Tramontina. They also include one pick our rice cooker, the Cuckoo 10-Cup Pressure Rice Cooker, in the test to see how functional his pressure cooking stacked against the electric pressure cooker (it does not).

About Stovetop Pressure Cooker

Stovetop Pressure Cooker is simple operation and use less energy than conventional cooking pot because once they get pressure, food is cooked over low heat and in a shorter time period. One of the great advantages of a Stovetop Pressure Cooker is the ability to get a good sear on the meat and vegetables and aromatics deep caramel. Electric stove does not heat up the kitchen as hot as models, so they are not good at it and because they cook at a lower psi when the lid is attached, they braise, simmer, boil and slower a little. Stovetop pressure cooker has a tri-ply disc in the base of the pot to hold and distribute heat, and high-end kitchen with plate thicker, wider which results in a brown suit and retain heat.

“One of the great advantages of a Stovetop Pressure Cooker is the ability to get a good sear on the meat and vegetables and aromatics deep caramel.”

Best electric pressure cooker with a wide, low profile allows better evaporation is searing and fees. A deeper pot cooking has a smaller surface, thereby browning meat takes longer because you have to work in small groups.

The lid should lock on transparent and coherent. It was nerve racking not know if your pressure cooker is sealed properly or struggle to get the right cover in place. Loose fitting lid will still allow the pressure cooker to go to, but can jiggle (and cause you some anxiety in this process).

Stovetop Pressure Cooker also provides various settings and high low pressure to contain exquisite fish and meat such as chicken and heartier beef. We especially liked the kitchen with easy pressure indicators in place. The best model can see only the pressure from the other side of the room, mark set with round pressure on a valve spring. Cheap kitchen has recessed index that is more difficult to see from a distance. Unlike cousin of their power, you can rapidly depressurize a Stovetop Pressure Cooker by running cold water over the lid.

Stovetop pressure cooker is available in sizes than electricity, which means you can pick the size fit your needs. For example, if you frequently carry a large range of soups or stock, a 10 liter pot stove will serve you better than any rice cooker will. If you are cooking dinner for one or two, a small pressure cooker 4 liters can fit your needs better. first choice and upgrade our ever chosen in four sizes, up to 10 liters. Largest electric pressure cooker which we find organizations 8 liters.

As with best electric pressure cooker, we look for the stove cooker from companies easily buy spare parts. Cooks Dinner Vrobel father Mike mentioned how he liked Fagor because it is easy to get new parts from the company website.

The Stovetop pressure cooker we tested this year include: Fagor Duo 8 Quart, FISSLER 8.5 Quart Vitaquick pressure cooker, Presto 8-Quart Stainless Steel pressure cooker, Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Top Pressure Cooker 7.4-Quart, T-Fal Clipso, and Tramontina 80 130/501 6.3-Quart.

Our Choice For An Best Electric Pressure Cooker

We think Instant Pot IP DUO60 offers the best combination of excellent performance and price for most people. It is one of the simplest electric stove to use, and comes with a better price than most. Its coated pot is more durable than those who did not stick, and it is also one of the best electric pressure cooker for galloping. Detachable lid is easier to clean, and better for both righties and lefties use.
Out of the box, Instant Pot seems complicated, but it really is very simple to figure out. After a few minutes scanning the instructions and press the button, we are already in business. By comparison, control some competitors were more complex (like those of T-Fal), and competitors that is simple to operate (as breville and Cuisinart) cost more or lack of multi-function Instant Pot handy cooker.


Stainless steel pressure cooker inside uncoated Instant Pot is one of the most durable in our tests. Most of the different electric pressure cooker, with non-stick coated inner pot that may scratch easily. In all the reviews I read on the electric stove, one of the biggest complaints is that the non-stick coating on the cooker scratched up. Although swallowing bits of non-stick coating is not toxic to our health, folks find it off-putting when they see black spots in their food. The Instant Pot is one of only two electric stove, we tried with a pot inside uncoated (the other is a Platinum Elite EPC-678SS). It also has a tri-ply plate in the bottom, which helps it cook evenly.

We want that instant Pot has three temperature settings, as opposed to the other kitchens in its price range offer only one or two. low temperature can be used to slow a sofrito cook for a soup base, and high temperatures gave us a color very pleased with onion and garlic. The coated pot gave us a better color on the onion and beef than other electric pressure cooker, although not nearly as good as the model for searing meat kitchen.

Instant Pot lid on isolated, and inserted in each processor, so you can park it where it is most convenient to arrange your counter space or a stirring priority. T-Fal has hinged lid without separating and purifying it cumbersome.

Like all modern pressure cooker, the Instant Pot comes with a safety mechanism. This includes a three safeties pressure system. The first is a sensor that keeps the pressure between 10.12 and 11.6 psi. On the off chance the pressure exceeds 15:23 psi, steam will escape through a pressure control valve. If the pressure regulator is malfunctioning (which is difficult), authorities admitted the pressure will kick in, which means cooking pot inside will fall and will release water vapor from under the cushion in the lid.

The Pot Instant come in sizes 5, 6, and 8 liters. We think the 6 liter version hits a sweet spot for most home cooks. Cooker has six pre-programmed functions (pressure cooking, slow cooking, cook, galloping / brown, yogurt, and steam), as well as a program guide that gives you control setting time and pressure. The slow cook function provides three temperature: low, medium and high. We slow cooked cannellini bean presoaked on medium settings, and they come out full with a very small cup, after four hours. Cooker comes with a guide to the next easily detail and a separate recipe book. Although the recipe book includes separate recipes in Chinese that I really want to be able to understand, the English section also provides useful tables of cooking times for different meats together, fish, legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

With Amazon rating 4.7 stars (out of five) in more than 9,400 reviews, the Instant Pot with a passionate fan base. Blogger pressure cooker is also in love with this pot. Instant Pot Vrobel praised for “…, small features such as silicone pads that clean easily Instant Pot, built-in holder lid and stainless steel pot.” Hip Pressure Cooking provides predecessor our selection, the IP-LUX, 4.2 stars (out of five), dinging it for lack of warning of pressure and only a pressure level. Instant Pot has fixed the problems with IP DUO. MaomaoMom, a Canada based pressure cooker blogger and cookbook author with a big following in China, the Instant Pot features prominently on its website and serve your recipes special for it.

Errors but not dealbreakers
There is a depression in the pot outside where things such as salt particles and crumbs fall. It was a bit of a pain to get clean, and I resorted to just hosing it off with canned air. If not, clean the machine is quite easy.

Instant Pot IP DUO60 is not a big pot of brown rice, but do not have a pressure cooker, we have tested is very large in that task. Compared with Cuckoo rice cooker, brown rice from Instant Pot is dense. We do not see this is a dealbreaker for a lot Instant Pot dishes can cook very well.

As mentioned above, the Instant Pot is okay in searing meat (this is a problem with all electric pressure cooker). The heating elements simply can not compete with a kitchen. If you have brown intense, searing your best to separate the meat in the pan on the stove, deglazing, add meat and drippings into the rice cooker, and proceed as normal. Yes, it can kill anyone imagine a pot you can have, but sometimes life is a compromise.

A Best Electric Pressure Cooker More Intuitive

The breville fast slow Pro has a more intuitive interface, a better choice of methods for ventilation, and a set of high level really handy. It is more difficult to clean, though, and we do not ask do not stick inserted. We think this is worth the upgrade if you live in a high or need a device completely hands-off cooking.

Breville has managed to design a device with more features than the competition, and still make it simple to use. Out of the box, very intuitive Pro Fast slow I do not need to read the instructions to cook a pot of beans. Perhaps it is because the interface is set up as the company’s Smart Oven and Smart Scoop (our choice for the runner-up manufacturer of ice cream). This pot is stupid easy to use.

Like Instant Pot, the late Pro can quickly put pressure on the stove, slow cooking, steam, sauté, and reduced which is actually the same functionality as fried, when you are cooking with the lid out, except at the end instead of the beginning of the cycle. The slow cooker set offers two temperatures, high and low. Cannellini beans cooked us on both established and found high is too much for the big legume, but set lower production fully cooked, bean intact in about three and a half hours. The breville also has three temperature settings fried functionality and performance aromatic compounds are non Instant Pot. Onions and garlic have beautiful colors on the set “high”. However, depression did not get deep golden crust suitable we want. This is in no way a sign of slow versus fast Pro, it’s just a shortcoming of all electric pressure cooker, cover the pot immediately.

One of the interesting differences with the ventilation breville. Instant Pot While only two methods of ventilation, the breville three: Automatically fast, Auto Pulse, and natural. The quick release is the foods easily overcooked, as delicate fish and vegetables. natural release allows the pressure in the cooker comes down naturally (obviously). Auto Pulse release moisture in rapid bursts, reduces the amount of time waiting for the pot to depressurize, but do not disturb the contents of the pot as a rapid vent. These settings depend on the type of food you are cooking, and three choices of ventilation ensures an experience truly hands-off cooking from start to finish.

Three options venting ensure an experience truly hands-off cooking. A prominent function of Fast Slow Pro is the height adjustment feature. This lets you program your current altitude into cooking pot machine to ensure consistent high no problem. Email, breville told us, “The system in use BPR700 temperature sensor on the lid to determine what pressure the unit is operating…, To compensate for temperature cooking mitigation (but pressure equivalent) – the time is adjusted upwards to achieve an equivalent of the cooking process.”

The gutters on the outer lips of the pot is downward sloping, clean part of the machine easier on Instant Pot. It was no problem getting a sponge on it to wipe off the salt and food particles-bit compressed air needed. The lid is a different story. Because it has hinges, you must remove the screws and remove the heart from the arm. You need to remove the pad and wash all three separate parts. It’s not a huge problem, it just means more track fragments.

One small point against breville the pot inside a non-stick coating. This means that you should not use metal utensils in the pot, because scratches metal non-stick coating. For memory we used brown plastic grip head, and we stir everything else with a wooden spoon.

Breville overflow its product with a one year replacement warranty against manufacturing defects.

Our Choice For Best Electric Pressure Cooker

For its moderate price, we do not think you’ll find a electric pressure cooker better than the Fagor Duo 8 Quart. It has a wide cooking surface than most stovetops pressure cooker, allowing it to dry the meat better and fit a wide range of dishes. Cap design is easier to find and use than many stovetop pressure cooker, even for novices. Unlike many cheaper models, Duo has set low and high pressure, which means you can cook a wider range of foods without sacrificing optimal texture. And there is no cap, you can use the Duo as a regular pot.

low profile and broad base of Duo make it better in the hardened and galloping. It took us only a small black bowl deep and even dried on the memory without any spot fires, and development on both sides of the pot. With a cooking surface of 10-inch, Duo is one of the largest kitchens we tested. You can cook a chicken in Duo with 4 pounds of room around the edges. The wider base also allows more water vapor to escape to brown better and you can cook on high heat, because the heat under the pot should be centralized or handles may get damaged. 8 liter pots narrower, Kuhn Rikon like T-Fal Duromatic and Clipso, was awkward to work in because they were so deep.

Although some of the dials on the stove model we tried was a bit difficult to figure out, the Fagor Duo is simpler. The dial on a clearly marked, indicating the two set pressure and a ventilation position. The other kitchen pot only to have this design is 6.3 liters smaller Tramontina. The battery voltage and handle lock and a bright yellow color of the easiest to play from a few feet of our test cooker.

The Fagor Duo is one of three stovetops pressure cooker, we have checked that there are two pressure settings. Some foods break down under high pressure, such as fish and fruit. Cereals are best when cooked at low pressure. Although two pressure settings very popular with the modern pressure cooker like this, old style Presto 8 Quart as only one.

The Fagor Duo pads sit snugly within the perimeter of the cap, unlike the electric pressure cooker where the pads are held in place by a rope, to seamer feel like replacing a pipe on the (small) tires bike. Clean the pot with ease and is a very important step. It is important to ensure your rings and valves are clean and free of food bit off, because anything hinder them can make your pot is not working properly.

Fagor comes with a detailed instruction guide with illustrations and step by step instructions. Together with the pot is also very informative, colorful cookbook written by the folks at American Test Kitchen, which makes sense because of the company Duo is the best buy for a electric pressure cooker. The recipe book with simple meals, but also includes a timetable for meats, vegetables, grains and legumes. Whether you’re new to cooking pressure or was there some time, this recipe book is a real bonus and only added to the value of the Duo.

Fagor ensure your cooker for 10 years compared to manufacturing defects. This does not include things such as gaskets and valves that will need to be replaced every few years, depending on usage. Fortunately, the site Fagor sale of spare parts for all your cooker.

Amazon reviews as it, too, with a rating of 4.4 stars out of more than 800 reviews.The Fagor Duo (number of years) can be used on gas, electric coil, ceramic, glass, and left scope application (here are some tips for cooking on induction voltage). It comes in four sizes 4, 6, 8, and 10 liters to accommodate a variety of needs. If you are cooking for two, a pot of 6 liters is sufficient, but a pot of 10 liters is necessary if you tend to make a large range of stock or soup. For canning, Fagor offer a boxed set of 10 pieces include 10 liter pressure cookers and accessories to help you get started.

Errors but not dealbreakers

In our experiment, had some small burns in the bottom corner of the pot, but a stainless steel scrubber quickly remove the stain. Also, the cap may take some getting used to. Although there are signs that the place to mount the lid on the pot, it does not slide into place as smoothly as the upgrade of our choosing, the FISSLER Vitaquick. This is not a big issue and certainly would not stop us from buying this for yourself.

A Stovetop Pressure Cooker Top of The Line

If you are looking for a special stovetop pressure cooker with a locking lid smooth and capable senior brown, FISSLER 8.5 Quart Vitaquick pressure cooker is the best we’ve tested. The tri-ply base is thicker and wider than the Fagor Duo, and provides the best brown skin and burning of any pot, we could not have caused the fire in the next point of pot. The FISSLER is on the heavy side, but it provides an easy-grasp handles helper to support additional transport. Yes, Vitaquick is expensive, but if you are serious about pressure cooking, it’s money well spent.
The Vitaquick is expensive, but if you are serious about pressure cooking, it’s money well spent.

In all the models we test cooker, the FISSLER is seamless and easiest to use. The lid sits and slide into place by Fagor smoother, and clearly tell you that is in place with a window just green. Instead of dialing and a pop-up like Fagor battery has, the only index streamlined FISSLER marked with rings, one for low and two high. Pressure release button in the handle, keeping hands away from the steam release valve. With Fagor Duo, steam release valve is pressure control knob, so your hands near hot water vents.

We really liked the tri-ply heavy plate in the bottom of FISSLER Vitaquick. It is the thickest of the kitchen stovetop, we have tested and extended to the edge of the pot. This translates to better heat distribution and maintenance when searing. The pot is the only FISSLER among our test cooker that does not scorch on the sides, making cleanup easier.

The cooking surface Vitaquick largest of all our stovetop pressure cooker testing, measuring 10½ inches, a half inch over Fagor. We really appreciate the extra breathing room for the skin and is non-fire. The thicker, wider at the bottom of the pot disc also allows us to use a larger fire to get up to the electric pressure cooker. Disc cover our high flame so did not have any concerns about heat damaging the handle or locking mechanism.

This pot is very easy to clean. Just remove the pads from the lid and wash your hands all the parts in hot soapy water. FISSLER provide three-year warranty covers manufacturer’s defects, but the warranty does not cover misuse or parts that can wear-cover gaskets, valve parts, and silicone membrane.

The Cook’s Illustrated is Vitaquick FISSLER first choice for electric pressure cooker. While we absolutely love this pot, we must admit that the price is prohibitive for many folks, that is why it is the choice of our upgrade.

A Budget Choice For Best Electric Pressure Cooker With Curiosity.

If you are new to pressure cooking and you want a low investment as you test the waters, we recommend the Presto 8 Quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker. It’s a best electric pressure cooker simple bell or whistle to zero, but it is equipped with all the safeguards backup-modern van. Its large screen makes the skin burning flesh could, if kept small lots. In addition, this pot only a set pressure. But overall, everything Presto cooked we ask it, and cleanup was easy.

If you buy this pot and fall in love with pressure cooking, you’ll want to upgrade eventually. My partner bought Presto three years ago after reading about it in Cook’s Illustrated. I immediately moaned something about not need a piece of equipment in the kitchen of our small Brooklyn and put it on the shelf. After I was assigned this review, I dusted it off and start tinkering. I can say with certainty that this best electric pressure cooker is a solid piece of cookware, but I’m growing rapidly there. I want to dive into more complex dishes that require a better ability to burn the skin, and I will soon buy Fagor Duo or FISSLER Vitaquick.

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That said, in order to share and pass on the fly, this best electric pressure cooker can not be beat for the price. If you want to do a lot of grilled meat or braises requires the burning-high heat, or are using a pan for searing section or go to a better quality pot. Continuous cooking, the high temperature will dye the bottom of the pot, and it does not cook food evenly as our other picks.

Underflow change only one setting pressure. The concave pressure indicator, so you have to stand in the kitchen to see if it shows up. This means that you should not stray too far from Presto is building steam, because the temperature needs to be reduced once it comes to the pressure cooker.

Presto provides 12-year generous limited warranty covers manufacturing defects but not normal wear and tear to the gaskets and valves. Replacement parts are available through Presto website.

The Presto pressure cooker 8 liters proposed by Cook Illustrated and there is a 4.5 star rated Amazon (in years) on 955 reviews.

How Does The Best Electric Pressure Cooker Work?

Electric pressure cooker increases the boiling point of water. By applying pressure (up to 15 psi to 12 psi for the stove pressure cooker and electric) boiling point of water could climb as high as 250 degrees Fahrenheit. This can reduce the cooking time of up to two-thirds of normal height.

Think of a best electric pressure cooker as only a special pot with a lid. If you never attached above, it will behave like any other pot in your kitchen. A silicone gasket in the lid makes a tight seal. This allows the pressure to build up in the pot, make high temperature of boiling water and allow food to cook more quickly. The pressure is released through a valve at the top of the pot.

Model of the old cooker (made before 1990) have a weighted valve which is called a “head jiggle” and cooking in a pressure only. Newer stove pressure cooker (sometimes known as second-generation cooker) pressure released through a valve spring; they are quieter, hold more moisture, and can also be safer. The electric model (also known as third-generation chef) use a float valve.

New Electric Pressure Cooker is Absolutely Safe

Electric pessure cookers have come a long way since, geysers potential kitchen rattly our grandparents used. new pressure cooker comes with a system of safety features such as backup valve pressure-relief, and some pads are designed to vent steam in the event of overpressurization. Stovetop models need a little more attention on the part of the chef over electric pressure cooker, but they are still safer than ever.

Do not bother with the cooker made before 1990. They had a pressure release valve, and if a bean skin or food particles sealed valve, the lid will blow. They have no locking lid, so you can open the eletric pressure cooker while in full and give yourself a burning discomfort. They are noisy and old gaskets. Valves and gaskets need to be replaced in the pressure cooker, because they wear out with use (including the new pot), and you’d be hard pressed to find replacement parts for cookware that has went out of production last year.

Care & Maintenance for The Electric Pressure Cooker

The most important thing to keep clean the lid on a pressure cooker. When washing, make sure that there is not any food debris in the valve and make sure to wash and replace the gasket after each use. Check the manual for cleaning tips and to see what parts of your kitchen is dishwasher safe, or you can wash your hands in hot soapy water.
The pads will wear out eventually and will need to be replaced. This is absolutely normal for all the electric pressure cooker. You’ll know if it starts to wear out because your pot will take a long time to build pressure. Washers and other parts are available through the manufacturer website.

Comparation The Best Electric Pressure Cooker


The Platinum Elite EPC-678SS electric pressure cooker has some similar features our top picks, Instant Pot. Both provide a coated stainless steel pot and cook some programs. The problem with the Elite Platinum is when we plugged it into the wall, it begins to heat immediately, but we do not press any buttons, and warned by the sound of it is big, tall, and extremely difficult bear.

The T-Fal CY505E very hard to find. We’ve hit the same button repeatedly until the pot has decided to rock on. It also will not pressure cook for 40 minutes longer, then if your formula needs more time, you have to cancel the cooking program and start a new one.

The electric pressure cooker Tramontina just okay, nothing special. Although finally simple enough to use, we have to go through the instruction manual twice to get the hang of it.

We chose runner for the rice cooker, the Cuckoo 10-Cup  Electric Pressure Rice Cooker, pressure-function cooking brown rice and make special. We found that no electric pressure cooker can produce smooth and delicious brown rice can Cuckoo. But Cuckoo with a small pot inside and will be too limited as a major pressure cooker. The Cuckoo is a rice cooker and a second first pressure cooker.

The Cuisinart CPC-600 was easy to work out of the box and has a simple interface. For the money, this electric pressure cooker does not provide the functionality of Instant Pot.


Kuhn Rikon Although valve spring renewal, and so the electric pressure cooker the second generation, the Duromatic Top Model 7 Quart pressure cooker did not wow us. It is difficult to get it to hold a certain pressure, so we find ourselves standing on the pot struggling with the half-time writer. It is sturdily built, but for the price, Fagor had a better shape and a forum FISSLER all around better.

The Tramontina 80130/501 6.3 Quart pressure cooker is too small, and we could not find anywhere 8 liters.

We really like the cover easy to operate on T-Fal Clipso, but narrow shape stockpot too limited, making gold an awkward barbecue. Also, the lid tightly sealed body ever. It jiggles around a bit, which always makes us a bit nervous.

(Photo: Michael Hession.)

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