Best Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool

Cordless Oscillating multi tools have become very popular in recent years for several reasons.

Cordless Oscillating tool is extremely flexible, and you can do a lot with them. You can use a variety of tools for cutting, grinding, sharpening, and scraped the task will be harder to do with the kind of power tools. All you need is the proper attachment.

Multi-tools are also widely available than ever before. Since the expiration of a patent Fein few years ago, nearly every major power tool brands have come out with their own tools. Now you can buy an oscillating multi-tool for as little as $ 20.

While many experts prefer to use multi-wire tools, improvements in engine technology and higher capacity battery means fluctuating wireless tools are gaining popularity.

We’ve tested the latest and greatest wireless oscillating multi tools to help answer a question we get asked quite often these days:? It is Best Cordless Oscillating multi tool You would not believe how often we are asked this.

This is a difficult comparison to make, as all Cordless Oscillating tools, we have used and tested built around drastically different designs. We’re really happy about this, because it means that the user can choose the design that better suit the needs or preferences of their special.

Do you agree with our choices? Disagree? There is a wireless multi tool you want us to review or test the next time? Let us know in the comments!


brushless MXH180BL - Best Cordless Oscillating
brushless MXH180BL – Best Cordless Oscillating

We awarded brushless Bosch as the overall Cordless MXH180BL multi tool best for a number of reasons: excellent performance, long run time, change blade mechanism best free tools we have used , the widest selection of high quality blades and accessories (interface OIS), and its operational use.

Ergonomics are good – but not great – and overall engine did not feel a bit blocky. Overall, brushless vibration of Bosch tools are just a hair away from perfection.

the highest performance and features come at a price. Will pay $229 for tools and L-Boxx bunch ceiling. If you do not have any battery pack Bosch 18V Li-ion, budget $ 100 for a first other-starting the battery and charger.


Best ergonomics: DEWALT 20V MAX BRUSHLESS DCS355D1

BRUSHLESS DCS355D1 - Best Cordless Oscillating
BRUSHLESS DCS355D1 – Best Cordless Oscillating

Only one thing you need to know about DCS355D1 wire brush Dewalt oscillating multi tool’s – it feels Great. I do not think I will like it, but I do.

Performance is reasonable, and the runtime is respectable, but it’s the attitude that really deserves to be recognized. Dewalt construction brushless their versatile tool designed around the notes taken from their 12V Cordless line and 20V Compact Drill impressive. In theory it should not work, but it really does.

Although great state, there are three reasons why this will not be the choice for our oscillating wires on the tool.

First, change the blade mechanism free tool works only with Dewalt, Porter Cable, and Rockwell oscillating tool blades and accessories. To use Bosch OIS, accessories or any other brand, you can pull out the adapter and hex key included. However, we loved the simplicity of the design changes free tool blades, made through the latest model from Porter Cable.

Second, although variable speed trigger switch two fingers is comfortable to use and provide some flexibility in how you hold the tool, you can just lock it to “on” when the set full speed enough. No choice of wheel speed as found on oscillating tool Bosch and Milwaukee. Some users will love this about Dewalt tool, because it feels great to work quickly, but those who want to work at a lower rate for a longer period may be some tired hands .

The hearing instruments (DCS355B) is priced very reasonable $ 129, and the 1-pin (DCS355D1) sold for $199. The kit comes with (1) 2.0Ah Li-ion battery, a 20V multi-voltage / 12V chargers, accessories start kit (inside a large storage box), and a carrying bag.



MILWAUKEE M18 2626 - Best Cordless Oscillating
MILWAUKEE M18 2626 – Best Cordless Oscillating

M18 Cordless Oscillating new tool of Milwaukee, 2626-20 / 22 / 22CT not built with a brushless motor, but it’s not at all feel weak or not strong enough.

Change blade mechanism free of Milwaukee tool is a different design than we used to, and requires more than a gloved finger lever friendly and remove a bolt large finger-friendly accessories. Although it is not quick to change the blade on Milwaukee oscillating multi-tool as with other tools, tool-free blade holder is still easy and efficient to use.

Comfortable amenities and is ever so slightly better than Bosch but less than Dewalt.

We especially like the easy to read large selection of rotational speed.

With tools Ceiling (2626-20), compact battery (2626-22CT) and XC high-capacity battery (2626-22) kits are priced at $119, $229, and $299, respectively, M18 Cordless Oscillating Milwaukee  tool offers a nice balance between functionality, performance and cost.

Do not let us call this model the best value discourage you – Milwaukee M18 multi-tool is about as tough and strong built as can be. If we are looking to buy a 18V-class Cordless oscillating multi-tool, it would probably be this one.

While some may be inclined to lambast Milwaukee for not building tools M18 cordless oscillating with a brushless motor, keep in mind that the bump up in performance and run time will be led to a hefty bump prices.

Here is a selection tool for wireless multifunction great, especially if you already have the M18 Li-ion battery and a charger, you can pair it with.



CRAFTSMAN G2 12V NEXTEC - Best Cordless Oscillating
CRAFTSMAN G2 12V NEXTEC – Best Cordless Oscillating

An easy to toggle free tools change blade mechanism and good performance (a Li-ion 12V engine), making 2nd generation multi tool Craftsman Nextec favorite compact wireless stuff their vibration I.

Right now the full set costs just $ 70 at Sears, which makes it an incredible bargain, but there have been signs that the whole line is destined to be discontinued Nextec.

This model is suitable for DIY ers and professional users who may not need a heavy-duty tool for regular use, but overall it feels a bit lightweight to meet the needs of regular schools .



DREMEL 8300 - Best Cordless Oscillating
DREMEL 8300 – Best Cordless Oscillating

We have had good experiences with the Dremel tool in the past, and their 8300 Wireless Multi-Max adds the warmth. Battery life is a bit on the short side, and the mechanism to change the tool blade is not free.

Dremel 8300 kits do not come anywhere near the runtime, performance, or powerful 18V and 20V Max aforementioned Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee and models, but it feels like one of the consumer model tougher out there. $ 110 will get you started with the basics.




Bosch MXH180BL (18V)
Dewalt DCS355D1 (20V Max)
Milwaukee 2626 (M18)
Craftsman Bolt-On (20V Max)
Black & Decker Matrix (12V Max)
Craftsman Nextec (12V Max)
Dremel 8300 (12V Max)
Ridgid JobMax (12V Max)
Ryobi JobPlus (18V One+)

Note: Test samples were provided by the respective brands. No compensation, “entry fees” or “consideration fees” were solicited or required as part of the selection and judgement process.

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