In the past two years, we have spent dozens of hours researching opener, talking with cookbook author and food podcast, and is open 85 to 22 cans can opener. We think OXO is best can opener with the possible catch is open for most of them. It locks into cans and cut through their lids with ease, and a grasp of the elevator cut stand out, so you do not need to touch a sharp swaggering and cap. Both left-handed test and their right hand I find it a pleasure to use. A rotary knob smoothly with a soft-touch finish makes it comfortable to use as well.

Our Pick

OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch

Best Can Opener Reviews

The OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener locks onto cans with a blade that cuts right through the lid. Its soft rubber coating makes it comfortable to use, and a magnet ensures that the lid doesn’t fall into your food.

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Upgrade Pick: Safety Opener For Heavy Use

Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Pure Can Opener

This expensive opener effortlessly creates a smooth edge, opens cans of all styles and sizes, and has a sleeker design that’s easier to store.

Best Can Opener Reviews 1

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If you can spend more, choosing to upgrade our Zwilling JA Henckels Twin Pure is an the best can opener. With its unique, sleek handles and lack of wheel or sharp serrated, you might not immediately recognize as an opener Zwilling box (or even know how to use it). But once you have removed some of the cap with it, we never think you’ll go back to the traditional opening messily cut into cans. It locks in and opened all styles and sizes of cans, keeping them free of jagged edges better than any competitor, we checked. A convenient lid began to lift off their tops never come into contact with food (limit the risk of cross contamination). And with the knob turned quiet and comfortable handling, Zwilling is also easier to hold and store than other openers we’ve tested. Because it is more difficult to find and double the price of OXO, we are introducing it only if you judge a safety edge and you’re willing to fork over extra cash for it.

A Electric Option

Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener

This product is much bulkier than our main pick, but it’s a great electric option if you struggle with manual openers.

Best Can Opener by Hamilton Beach

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The Hamilton Beach silky touch can opener can take up space and valuable access requires a way out, but we’ve found it’s the best choice for those opener have difficulty using a mark can open. It works on all possible sizes (something other opening test can not be done), producing smooth edges, and conveniently holds the lid in place after opening. Due to its large size, we recommend opening this power is only for those who can not use a label.

Who should Own The Best Can Opener

Whether you’re prepping box tomatoes, tuna, fish or beans, you need a good opener. If you have an opener that struggles to cling cans, with a hard to turn the knob, or dull blade without cutting all the way around, it might be time to upgrade .

If you have children in the home, or if you simply want to eliminate the risk of cutting yourself on a jagged edge, move to a safe could open the way to go. These best can opener models eliminate the risk of being cut by creating a sleek cap Furthermore you can eliminate and remove easily. If you are worried about sanitation and want to avoid having exposed gear your food, a safe model is the best option.

How Chose & Tested The Best Can Opener

The best can opener does not need to be complex or relax with a lot of fancy features, but it is easy and reliable open cans of all sizes. “Above all, I want an open cans that work every time I do not want it to slip as I opened the can, and I want it cut through the lid clean,” Emma Christensen, formula editor at The Kitchen, told us. Matthew Amster-Burton, author of Pretty Good Number One: An American Family Eats Tokyo and the co-host of spilled milk, agrees: “Basically, the qualities you want in a reliable be opened (do not fall off the box or leave an uncut segment), comfortable, and “leverage”, ie, a powerful engine advantage. ”

The handle should feel good in the hand, and the knob should move easily. The ideal can opener will leave a smooth edge and/or provide some kind of mechanism to lift the lid cut off. A sleek, simple design will ensure that it does not take up too much space or captured in a cluttered kitchen drawer.

For most home cooks, a safe can opener is the way to go. Can opener, such as conventional supermarkets everywhere Swing-A-Way or EZ-Duz-IT tend to create a jagged sharp edges because the blade through the panel round of cans. The new safety tools more open, by contrast, uses a wheel pressure from above and below to split the seam where the cap attached to the body of the beer, producing a smoother edge. A lid from closing often kept sinking into the can, to prevent food contamination. “Safety can opening is great for families with children, especially when the child was old enough to begin helping in the kitchen,” Christensen said. Most of the pros, we have to talk to the actual use of the mark pattern often, but if you want to avoid sharp edges, the benefits of safety can opener worth a little higher price their.

We also consider the power-tool, which comes in both style and safety standards. Such models usually triangular blade, rather than the ring, but in a place in the rotation when possible, as well as a magnetic closing flap. But a lot of specific power-hog stalls or storage space. “I do not think electric openers meaningful cans unless you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to use a trademark may be open,” Amster-Burton told us. “They take up more space, requires an outlet, and there are many parts that could fail.”

To find the best can opener for testing, we look at the reviews from Cook’s Illustrated (requires registration) and Consumer Reports (subscription required), as well as the list of models on Amazon are appreciated. We also sought advice from people who know food from the inside out, but do not work in a professional kitchen (the restaurant chefs often work with huge cans and often do not use consumer opener pair). Also Emma Christensen Kitchn and author of cookbook Matthew Amster-Burton and podcaster, we spoke with Dan Pashman, host of The Sporkful. We also spoke with Lynne Rossetto Kasper, winner of James Beard and Julia Child Cookbook of the Year Award for the Splendid Table’s and US Media server Splendid Table, and she co-wrote and produced the program management process, Sally Swift.

Ideally, we’d like can openers easy operation, still comfortable to hold, and allows you to lift its lid without contact with food.

For our initial guidance, we have tested over 17 can opener, both manual and electric. To update our, we tested the first choice of our previous (OXO Good Clamp Lock Can Opener with Catch and Lift lid Zyliss Lock ‘N Can Opener) against an additional five openers: the soft Bartelli edge Automatic Electric Can Opener, the magic FISSLER Smooth edge Can opener, the Rosle Can Opener, the Bravo Safety SIEGER Can opener, Zwilling JA Henckels Twin and pure Can Opener.

In testing, we recorded any comfort issues or obvious hand strength, and how easily the clinging can opener. For can openers manual, we measured how many turns of the knob fully we need to do to open each can size (or how many seconds for the power-tool), and the constraints and opportunities the overall level of comfort of each model. We also compared the size and durability of the can opener and whether they leave the cap in a test or need a lot of effort. For model cap catch, we test to see how they can keep the larger, heavy lids from cans of 28-ounce.

All can openers, we had no problems checking in to cling to while we turned the can opener; However, some have had a harder time locking up cans than others.

This year we have tested with the can opener the most common sizes used home cooks: 5-ounce cans of tuna, 6-ounce cans tomato, beans 15.5 ounce cans, 28-ounce cans and whole tomatoes plum. For the initial assessment, we checked worth 60 pounds’ 14.5-ounce cans of 24-ounce cans of vegetables and beef stew, which we donated to the Friends of the Night People, a shelter that cares for the poor and homeless in Buffalo, New York.

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Our selection

Best Can Opener Reviews

The OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener with Lid Catch does not look too different from a normal opening. But small differences add a much nicer device that is a cut above your typical Swing A Way and well worth the extra $10, you want to pay for the courage to open next decade. Its ability to lock in cans, its sharp blade, soft-grip handle of it, and lift mechanism from cover their help this model open cans of soft and comfortable while keeping fingers you safe from the sharp edges. So it’s not surprising that this best can opener reviews from various publications, experts, and users.

As far as can openers go, OXO no different than the rest of the field. Measure 7 inches long, 4¼ inches wide, and 3 inches tall, it has a style of mainly traditional. It was a touch wider than the average open by the magnet, but about the same height. The body is made of black plastic and soft rubber supplements-touch, where you keep it, namely on the handle and knob. Immediately above where your thumb under a gray button; Here is the release for the locking mechanism that secures to the can opener, a feature that we see in only one other opener. In general, this model has a relatively compact profile, so it will neatly in the drawer of your kitchen tools.

When it comes to cap removal, testing both agreed that OXO ranked among the top artists both easy to cut and easy to use. Can Opener quick work of each of us can try with a knob turned easily and a blade cutting through the cap. Thanks to the locking mechanism, the physical device snapped on, hold the components in place and ensure that it does not fall out of cans. Five turns of the knob Lubricants was able to open while keeping the lid off of food. Most openers are not safe, we have tested took from five to seven times, so this is the low end of our results. The rubber coating made it very comfortable to use, even for a few pints in a row.

While OXO is not an safe open technique, it has a number of safety features effectively. The cutting edges leaving a sharp edge around the perimeter of the cap, but is built on the cap raised from means you will probably never have to touch it. Place the left side of the blade, the magnet is located at the end of an open, allowing you to see through and put everything. While it is not particularly strong, we found that magnets work well enough to keep the lid, preventing it from falling into, and lift it off; a thumb lever operation helps with that.

Enhanced version allows the lid to fall right into your recycling bin. And this feature to solve a concern, we heard from many sources, including Dan Pashman from The Sporkful: “I think the problem and get the output is invalid,” he said. When the lid falls on “, which is a bit annoying … it would be nice if it never happened.”

Like all products OXO, best can opener comes with a satisfaction guarantee, renewable anytime. If you are not satisfied, you can return the product to the company for a refund or replacement.

Unlike with options to upgrade our model Zwilling, use OXO no learning curve, and we found that it safely locks into place on most cans. Although the lid latch is weaker than on Zwilling, it still allows hands-free lid handle. In the unsafe models we tested, OXO is by far the best.

Who else likes our choice?

OXO Good Clamp not only lock the lid can be opened with Catch meets all our criteria and performed well in our tests, but it is also one of the few that can be opened with the words consistent praise from various sources.

This is also a personal favorite of the award-winning cookbook author Lynne Rossetto Kasper, who stressed the importance of a comfortable, easy to turn the can opener, especially for those who have problems with their hands. “The Good Grips Lock Can Opener, which is the one I use the most,” she told us.

She later explained that she was referring to the model increased the cap, not the one without that feature. “You want something really easy on the hands. I found that this particular can unlock in really nice, that can hold up, and then I turn, and it works very smooth.”

Although Consumer Reports did not do the full range of opinions or make a selection for the best possible opening, Daniel DiClerico noted in their brief roundup that ” ushioned handle locks shut to keep the can safe as you turn the knob, and keep the lid from falling into the arms can.”

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Errors But Not Dealbreakers

Although we see a special OXO is the best of unsafe opener, it is not without some minor problems. Many will cite the results of sharp edges is one of the biggest problems, but thanks to magnets, it’s not a bug dealbreaking. Well, it does not make the same clean, smooth cut open a safe that nothing, but because you do not have to worry about a possible fishing cap, we can forgive this.

On top of that, it will not open cans pull tab (if one ever happens tab broken off), and it is cumbersome to store more than the choice to upgrade our model Zwilling. But it is also the opening half that price.

In addition, the lock opens into a larger tank in our test had a little effect, although the task is impossible for either test. 14.5 ounce cans On average, we have no problem. It is also an open issue with the Zyliss we tested; the rest of the big cans openers handled quite well.

Long-term Test Notes

After six months of using the OXO Good Grips lock can be opened with the lid Catch as our go-to be able to open, it still works as well as when we first got it. We are very satisfied with the performance, although this model is no longer the absolute best can opener we’ve used.

A safe opening For Heavy Use

Best Can Opener Reviews 1

Although it is in the expensive side, Zwilling JA Henckels Twin the Can Opener purity superior to all other models we’ve tested. Easier to use than other security model, it stick better and cut cans of all sizes. The Zwilling use pressure to seal between the lid popped open and can from the outside, so it has no blade to infect. Because the opening did not leave a jagged edge and never touch the food, it is safer to use than a conventional can opener. Also, we found the handle and more comfortable width knob to use than other openers we’ve tested, and its compact design is dishwasher safe and easy to store minus.

The best can opener of Zwilling is simpler than any other single model processor we’ve tested. It even can remove the pull tab top style often embarrassing, unlike the model is not safe, which can not properly bind to. In addition, built-in lid catch of Zwilling, which holds tightly between two wheels, allowing hands-free handling (you only need to reverse a rotation knob to release it). Our choices and our runner-up previously, OXO and Zyliss, has magnetized lid catch which we found to be somewhat weaker in keeping the lid from a larger tank.

Since opening Zwilling split markers along the outer perimeter of the can (a feature we’re particularly looking for within this test), it creates no sharp edges and never exposed food, avoid the risk of cross contamination. This is not the case with OXO, which can cut into wheels can and touch the food.

Unlike thin buttons on FISSLER and Rosle, large knob on Zwilling is very easy to grip and turn, making this an ideal opening for anyone who suffers from chronic hand pain. While thinner buttons other models with a sleeker design, they do not have as much surface area to catch up. Thanks to wider knob, the last Zwilling provides better leverage than other openers we’ve tested.

Sleek design of Zwilling also makes it one of the easiest opener to fit in a kitchen drawer. We found the traditional opener to the two arms, such as Swing-A-Way, most likely to catch on to the items in a messy drawer. The hole in the handle of Zwilling gives you the option to hang it on a wall bracket or hangers, drawer space frees valuable.

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Zwilling does take a bit of getting used to, especially if you’re more familiar with a traditional open arms. But finally we found Zwilling is the easiest to use of all the safety a branch model we tested. It has a convenient guide rail that keeps stable opener as you cut around the can. As with most able to open, it is not intended for left-handed folks, and some Amazon reviews indicate that open dull after a few years of regular use. Zwilling JA Henckels will replace the can opener with defects or manufacturing problems after checking. However, the company’s warranty does not cover problems arising from normal wear and tear.

A Choice Of Power

Best Can Opener Reviews 2

If you are unable (or unwilling) to use a manual opener, our choice for an electric model remains the same from the original guide us: Hamilton Beach silky touch Can Opener. Its unique design safe open, the ability to work with cans of all sizes, and evaluate its current 4.6 stars (out of five) with over 5,000 reviews on Amazon makes it win of electric openers.

In our tests, the Hamilton Beach was able to open all the size of the box, something soft Bartelli edge Automatic Electric Can Opener can not be done, and it’s easier to use than the manual version. The magnets hold cans in place as you push down on the lever, and output blades turn at the seam. Few manual exertion is required.

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Although Hamilton Beach will not fit into a kitchen drawer and utility requires an outlet, we are confident it is the best can opener model available power. But we really recommend opening this power is only for those who can not use a label.

Competition of Best Can Opener

Rosle Can Opener: This safe can opener by a close runner-up overall sleek design of it, which is comparable to the choice of our upgrade. But it is difficult to turn the knob, and this model did not stick as easily cans; we had to get the angle just right for it to attach properly.

Zyliss Lock ‘N Lift Can Opener: This model has a design similar to that of OXO, but its gear put up just a little more resistance. The flap began magnet is also difficult to use.

Smooth-edge magic FISSLER Can Opener: At around $43, we could see the safe open (which is the top choice Illustrated Cook) a little too pricy for what it’s worth. Although it seems reliable in our testing thin knob is difficult to turn, and this model has the difficult learning curve of all the can openers, we tried (test we take an average of only three or four attempts to get it to attach to the can).

Bartelli edge software Automatic Electric Can Opener: We prefer the portability of this power-up, but it can not open a 6-ounce cans, and we had difficulty in determining when it was completely removed first. It also requires four AA batteries, which are not included.

Good Cook Classic 4 in 1 Can Opener: This model worked well in both small and large cans, and can spin smoothly around. But separating the lid from opening takes too much jiggling and jostling.

Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Heavyweight Can Opener: We found that this model can not support the weight of a 24-ounce can, tipping over when it is attached.

Both Hamilton Beach OpenStation Can Opener and Proctor Silex Tall Can Opener has done more good in our tests, but they have not done as is the first choice of our electricity.

Handy Can Opener: While this model has worked decent enough in our tests, we exclude it out because it requires two AA batteries (not included) and takes about three times as long as long to open cans model our fastest.

OXO Good grasp smooth edges can open: It opens easily OXO connection, but it has a larger number, create a sharp edge, and the lack of a mechanism for the lid catch.

Five of the can opener, our assessment is based on the same traditions, unsafe design: the Amco Swing-A-Way Can Opener and Swing-A-Way easily Crank Can Opener, the KKT-duz-IT, the software handle KitchenAid Gourmet can opened with Magnet, the OXO Good Understanding can opener soft-Hold, and WMF Profi Plus Stainless Steel can Opener. All works well, between five and seven require full rotation of the knob or handle to open a can and cut through the metal with ease. They are all good options, and a lot of people, including Splendid Table’s Sally Swift, quite satisfied with the costly Swing-A-Way. None of them is the best option, however, they leave sharp edges and missing a start cap.

Finally, because the One-Handed EzSqueeze Chef’n Can Opener, the CIA Masters Collection Side Can Opener, the MIU France Cando Safety Can Opener, Can Opener and Zyliss Safe Edge is not vying for the lead role, and best can opener models we chose a higher rating on Amazon and elsewhere, we have chosen not to examine them.


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