Best Down Alternative Comforter & Down Comforter Reviews

We have a regular routine to search the best products that can help people sleep better and in a very comfortable way. We never have compromised over quality and always have preferred to find and share the top products available for everyone. Here we are going to share our latest picks from down comforters / down alternative comforters for everyone who needs a soft, warm and comfortable sleep.

Best Down Alternative Comforter & Down Comforter
Best Down Alternative Comforter & Down Comforter

You should not confuse the two types of comforters. As for the down comforter it clearly says that it consists of natural down and will be able to give you warmth and comfort but the alternative down is a bit different. This version has been designed to give you an alternative solution that is as soft and comfortable as the actual down comfort is but also have added features like, extra light weight, easy maintenance, long lasting and hypoallergenic and very easy to clean.

Now, people who need a good product have no idea how they can find the best ones for them. For this reason we are going to help you out in order to collect and sort out the best ones, available on the market. We have sorted the top picks on the basis of customer experience, best features and quality of the material being used to manufacture each of these products.

Rest assured that you would not be disappointed, no matter which product from these top options you would choose. Each of them has its own qualities to offer you high a quality experience. Your choice would definitely depend upon your priorities and needs. So, you just have to focus on it and select one from our top picks that are given below either you need a best down comforter or a best down alternative comforter.

Top 6 Best Down Alternative Comforters

Chezmoi Collection Goose Down Alternative Comforter300PolyesterYes
All Season Down Alternative Comforter1500MicrofiberYes
Natural Comfort Classic Heavy Fill Down Alternative Duvet Insert Comforter200PolyesterYes
KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert300PolyesterYes
Natural Comfort Soft and Luxurious 310TC Sateen White Down Alternative Duvet Insert300/310PolyesterYes
Pinzon Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Comforter – Medium Warmt400CottonYes

Chezmoi Collection Goose Down Alternative Comforter

#1 Best Seller Down Alternative Comforter
#1 Best Seller Down Alternative Comforter

Chezmoi Collection manufacturer is enjoying a very high reputation in the down comforter market and this Down alternative is one of the best selling products in the market. This down alternative provides users with a very easy and a very comfortable feeling to enjoy all year around. Meaning that the comforter is able to provide a comfortable sleep while maintaining a balanced temperature while on the bed and hence is perfect to be used in any season. It will not overly heat up your body and will help you sleep easy. It offers users, with box stitching which helps in avoiding any shafting.

Then, you will have it with useful piped edges and also 4-corner tabs for anchoring the cover of the duvet. Such a set up gives you chance to enjoy a well structured and a well designed comforter that will not lose its shape and form. The size of the product is queen size and you will like it much for its 100 percent hypoallergenic abilities. The care instructions tells that the equipment could be machine washed and can be easily dried as well in a dryer. That makes this one a user friendly product that can used, and maintained without any extra effort.

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All Season Down Alternative Comforter

Introducing another alternative down comforter that has a high quality material and a well designed filling. This comforter uses the micro fiber filling which probably is the unique selling point of this product. It is reasonably priced and for this reason, there are a lot of satisfied clients associated with this product. Imported components are used for the manufacturing of this product and it is then manufactured in USA. it is as good as to suit any bed and it gives about 77 ounces of the filling. It provides all the users with an allergy relief especially for those who are sensitive to down and it would not pose any hazards to the sensitive skin.

As far as the care instructions are concerned, it is OK to machine wash it which makes its maintenance quite easy. The Grand Down manufacturing company is quite a good one. They offer package deals with all the other necessities which you always wish to have on your bed for a nice and comfortable sleep. If you are looking to get a good quality down alternative blanket, then the manufacturer offers it as well and it is sold separately.

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Natural Comfort Classic Heavy Fill Down Alternative Duvet Insert Comforter

This heavily filled comforter is again a very economical choice which have all the quality and comfort factors which anyone can think about. It is a full cotton blend with an extremely durable and comfortable outer shell made from polyester. The thread count is a bit lower to be at 200TC but still it is reasonably fine enough to make it sustain for a long time. The ticking done over the material is of 100 percent cotton material. The material has piped edges which not only look beautiful, but they ensure quality too.

People using such products while sleeping feels comfortable when they are sure about the edges of the duvet and these pipe edges does just that keeping the whole comforter filling in place. The equipment has a stitching box too of 7 inches and then it has 4 loops right at the corners. The material is easy to wash in a machine and easy care is guaranteed as it can be cleaned and dried easily.. Price is reasonably low and most of the potential customers rarely have any second thoughts about this duvet, especially when they are looking for a quality, yet an economical product.

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KingLinen White Down Alternative Comforter Duvet Insert

If you are not planning in having anything that could serve you for a decade and more, but at the same time brings good enough comfort; then this King Linen comforter is the best choice for you. It is very much inexpensive and holds far more quality, then the price or the tag of the product could tell you. It uses the poly fiber filling which brings about the best level of comfort and warmth. It is hypoallergenic and the twin size topper would ideally match up with the needs and wants of your bed.

The dimensions of this product are 64 x 88 inches, but you can have it in other sizes as well such as the queen, king or the twin XL, where price obviously differs between them. The fabric content of this white comforter is 100 percent polyester which is the ultimate choice of most of the people looking for a quality and a comfortable product. It is always advised to read the label of this or any other product, particularly about the washing instructions. The label of this product says that it is machine washable using cold water and it could be tumble dried as well.

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Natural Comfort Soft and Luxurious 310TC Sateen White Down Alternative Duvet Insert

The demanding people in comfort would really have far less to complain about when they consider this fantastic comforter. It is very much a balanced product and that was designed keeping all types of comfort seekers in mind. First of all, the product is 100 percent cotton made and then it has a 100 percent polyester outer shell which endorses double comfort for the user. Again, it is a US made product with imported manufacturing components. The filling of this comforter is done with 10 percent pure polyester which gives users a nice level of warmth that they are looking for. The thing is hypoallergenic so you really don’t need to worry about any allergic issues. Thread count is found to be 310TC which is just about perfect for such a product.

It is very much a lofty thing which has an all-weather weight. The manufacturer facilitates the users with the oversize products as well if that is a demand. It is a perfect item if you consider the price part of it as well. Overall, it is a nicely manufactured product with a lot of positive things to impress all the people in the market who are looking for an economical product.

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Pinzon Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Comforter – Medium Warmth

If you are seriously after a quality and an affordable comforter then this one from Pinzon Primaloft could be the one for you. It is US made with imported parts usage and then you will have it with 100 percent cotton material. Both these things endorse the quality and also the maintenance part is easier. It is made to be hypoallergenic and you will like it for its medium level comfort all around the year. The size of the thing is nice and you will find it at for any standard queen size bed. The thread count is 400 and this is something that you will only be found in the high end products.

The box construction is done end to end, which maintains the integrity of the product and would keep the comfort level intact from all the sides. This down comforter from Pinzon Primaloft is comparable with a 550 fill power which obviously is something every comfort seeker looks for. Apart from this, the product is water repellent and extremely soft as well. Moreover, it is machine washable type and easy to dry as well and such qualities are as important as the price and the comfort of the comforter.

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 Top 4 Best Down Comforters

1200 Thread Count Goose Down Comforter by Egyptian Bedding1200CottonYes /prefer to dry clean
Luxurious 800 Thread Count Down Comforter800CottonYes /prefer to dry clean
California Down Comforter500CottonYes /dry clean
Luxurious Goose Down Comforter600CottonYes /prefer to dry clean

(Updated: October 07, 2016)

1200 Thread Count Goose Down Comforter by Egyptian Bedding

This comforter is available in white solid color. It comes in hand harvested white finish. It has 750+ fill power for maximum comfort and well balanced fill throughout the whole comforter. The warmth of this comforter is moderate which means that you don’t feel too hot or cold and it can be used in a mild to moderate or extremely cold climatic regions. The filling as well as the cover is safe and it can be used by any one due to the fact it is allergy free and no one will be at risk of having an allergic reaction or skin issues.

Its cover is made of 1200TC Egyptian cotton that give it a plush feel and a smooth touch, giving you’re a soft silky feel while asleep. When at first you observe the comforter it looks flat, but later it fluffs beautifully and adjusts according to your comfort level. It is also perfectly stitched to give it a perfect structure and a balanced design. You will never feel a lot of weight while using this comforter. Its filling weight is about 50oz. and it has been structured to provide a well balanced weight all the way throughout the comforter.

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Luxurious 800 Thread Count Down Comforter

This soft comforter produces excellent medium level warmth for a perfect feel. It is allergy free and will be easy and risk free to use by anyone who needs a comfortable sleep. Its cover has 800 TC and this Egyptian cotton cover gives a smooth touch to this comforter. It has baffled box design to keep the whol filling in it proper place and will not let the filling to get accumulated. It has 750 down fill power for a well balanced comfort and a soft and luxurious feel throughout the comforter. It is so fluffy and cozy that you will feel like you are sleeping in the clouds.

After using it you will feel that it doesn’t possess the smell or odor that other comforters usually possess. At first glance you might think it as something too heavy for the summer, but it is actually perfect for any seasons you like to use it because it doesn’t over heat your body, rather keeps you calm and comfy at a medium level temperature. Though it would be better if it is used in colder regions where the winters are too cold and summers have a slightly lower temperature as compared to summers in hot regions. Because in extremely hot conditions the comforter will not be as suitable as it is, in mild to low temperatures.

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California Down Comforter

The next one on our list is this California down-comforter. It has 500 TC Egyptian-Cotton cover and is totally free of allergic reactions. It has a high quality 60oz filling of down to provide a medium warmth whenever you need it. You can dry clean it if cleaning is needed. It comes in a baffled box design in order to avoid any shifting of the filling in it and in order to spread maximum warmth throughout the comforter. The comforter might seem not very puffy at first glance and seem a bit thin in its structure, but it wraps around you and provides you medium warmth.

For this reason the comforter is best to be used in any season and it would not cause to develop extra heat. The covers are nor too heavy neither too light and hence perfectly balanced so you enjoy each time you are in the comforter. It will not give you a heavy feel and makes you feel light and easy. It comes with 750 fill power to provide maximum comfort and luxury. The comforter is a goose down comforter that gives you a premum quality feel. It offers all high quality benefits of a down comforter.

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Luxurious Goose Down Comforter

This Luxury comforter has a value of its own due to the fact, it has the actual goose down in it. the down in it makes the comforter extra comfortable and warm enough to keep you cozy inside your bed. It comes with a 100% cotton cover for a soft feel. The thread count of cotton cover is 600 giving it a plushy feel throughout the comforter. The overall filling weight is 60oz and has a fill power value of about 750+FP which offers a high quality comfortable feel. The whole comforter comes with a baffled box design (though it’s not too apparent and mixed up with the fabric) to give support to the filling inside and keep it sturdy and balanced.

Such a design keeps the whole comforter in its shape and in best design. The filling inside consists of 100% down and it provides a soft plush along with a medium warmth for you. It would not provide over heat and would keep you at a medium temperature. That’s why you can use it in any season easily and staying comfy when you need. Though its better to be used if you are living in a slightly colder climates and have no severe summers there.

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Features of Down Alternative Comforters

It is no shock for the common man that alternative comforters are picking up speed in gaining popularity over their natural counterparts. It is because of certain features that set them apart.

Allergic Issues – The first basic difference between the two types of comforters is allergic issues with people. Alternative comforters are a must have for them compared to the other type because they are made from such materials that don’t cause any allergies to the user, or that they don’t interfere with the allergies affecting different people.

Cleaning – Another feature that these provide is easy cleaning and maintenance compared to the other type. These are made from synthetic materials such as polyester, rayon or cotton which not only makes them a reasonable option but also much easier to clean.

Weight – Another feature of these comforters are that they are comparatively much lighter than down comforters. These are sure to prove much comfortable for those people who get uneasy with heavy comforters. Although the weight of down comforters is not over the charts, they still might not be the type of product made for everybody. If you like lightweight beddings, then alternative comforters are the way to go.

Affordability – This may not be such an important factor for some, but when the price difference is so stark, then it is worth mentioning. Another feature of down alternative comforters is their reasonable price. Speaking in general, the same can’t be said for down comforters. So if you are on a budget, you surely will know where to look for.

Features of Down Comforters

The advantages of down alternative comforters are so much that they are probably the best choice for the majority of the people out there. But everybody has different preferences and it is worthwhile mentioning the benefits of down comforters as well. Since both sides have their advantages and limitations, here are some features of these comforters.

Warmth – No matter how well alternative comforters are constructed, they can’t compete with the level of warmth provided by down comforters. The value of warmth provided depends on the fill power of these comforters. Although we must say that this difference of warmth and comfort isn’t very sharp, it proves to be the game changer factor for a small minority of people.

Natural – Down comforters may be the best choice for the naturalist person. This is solely because it is made with natural materials. These are made from fluffy, light clusters found beneath the feathers of geese and duck. In comparison, alternative comforters are manufactured with synthetic materials.

When to use a down comforter and when to have a down alternative comforter?

Down Alternative Comforters – It is clear that these comforters share amongst them a few differences which make them individually useful in certain situations and scenarios. If you happen to be allergic to the natural products from which down comforters are made, then this is the answer for you. If you want a comforter that can easily be cleaned and maintained, alternative down comforters are the way to go. Maybe you are on a budget; even then they will prove more useful considering their price.

Down Comforters – If you prefer the level of warmth provided by down comforters, then go ahead with whatever you feel like. If you don’t happen to be allergic and don’t mind heavy bedding, then you can be sure these will prove great for you.

Why you should choose Down Alternative Comforters?

Down Alternative Comforters are being adopted by the people at an alarming rate because of the level of convenience and utility that they provide to their adopters. There is no risk for developing any allergies in case of alternative down comforters. They will remain completely hypoallergenic as long as they are kept clean. Speaking about cleaning, they are much easier to maintain and clean. They are also lighter compared to the other type.

One more important reason is that down alternative comforters are very affordable and has a very reasonable price as compared to the down comforters that come in a slightly higher price. The alternative comforter come at a lower price because the material used is of microfiber and not of down, which makes it an affordable choice.

What to look for in a Down Alternative Comforter?

Looking for the best down alternative comforter that meet all your needs? Do not forget to consider important factors below:

Fabric – Choosing a synthetic comforter is dependent on the type of fabric they are made up with. They come in fabrics such as cambric fiber, stateen fabric, batiste fabric and damask fabric.

Warmth Level – An important thing to consider is the warmth level provided by the comforter. They come in values such as warmth level 1, and warmth level 2 which provide warmth level of almost two to three blankets. This decision rests solely on your needs and requirements.

Filler –Watch out for the filling material of the product. The micro fiber filling is the most popular and desirable of all the types.

Care instructions –It’s common knowledge that down alternative comforters are hypoallergenic and they remain like that as long as they are kept clean. They remain free of all allergies if you keep care of them. Considering that, it is wise to invest in a comforter which is easy to clean.This will make it easier to wash and also ensure that the thing could be machine dried as well for further convenience.

Outer Shell – The outer shell which is the cover is of prime importance. Ideally, people like to have the polyester shell for soft feeling. It is mostly personal preference though.


Here we have discussed both down comforters and down alternative comforter. Though Our emphasis is on down alternative comforter as they are more economical, easy to use and user friendly as compared to pure down comforters. Still if someone has a preference to buy a pure down, then we also have given the option to select the best out of hundreds available in the market.

The down alternative comforters are becoming a very common product to see in our bedrooms these days. People demand such products for giving themselves the best level of comfort with the warmth that it can provide. If you are looking to buy any such product then make sure to check a few things before finalizing a particular product. The things that matters the most and must be evaluated first are the type, filler material, filling power, thread count, hypoallergenic nature and the easy care instructions of the product. If all of these criteria are met along with its affordable price, then surely you would have a high quality product in your hand. Remember, that you must not compromise your sleep and comfort just for saving a few bucks.

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