The Best Right Angle Drill

Best Right Angle Drill 18V – Let’s Hear Your Recommendations!

Best Right Angle Drill

A reader wrote in, asking for help in choosing a wireless Right Angle Drill. These tools are designed for drilling holes and driving screws in tight spaces.

Drilled right corner did not see much progress as traditional pistol grip drill and perhaps due to the gears and power transmission needs, where they are not as strong.

My e-mail and their response DEWALT is a bit vague {this can be confusing – it’s about newton meters and UWO and £ inch}. I have for some time been interested in a drill 18v level 90. I like and know that Bosch and Milwaukee torque-wise is about 150 pounds inch {You helped me once again with one of the exercise of £ 60 newton meters = 531 inches}.

Anyways to make a long story short I want to know how many inches Pounds of DCD740B place, I may be wrong, but remember later output is something like “300” inch pounds …….. …. as always your response will be appreciated ………… ………… victor PS: I would like to have your opinion you about three and I should look at the MAKITA ……… .THX.”

In the US, only for UWO Dewalt specifications, but the British foreign websites and their other distributors and usually listed torque in newton meters as well.

According to the site’s UK Dewalt drill DCD740, it provides hard torque 33 N (they give specs torque soft and hard a discussion about another time), which is 292 in-lbs .

Since Hitachi Vitor mentioned some time ago, which is also DN18DSLP4 with 3/8″ chuck. I can not find the rating torque for Hitachi anywhere.

On paper, Dewalt is faster and stronger than the perpendicular drills Bosch, Milwaukee, Makita and, but you need a lot of torque?

None of these models have features very strong highlights. I think Bosch is the only one with a chuck 1/2″, the Dewalt seem to have higher specs, Makita has an auxiliary handle (which you probably do not need).

I want to get whichever one you already have batteries, or any platform that you see yourself buying more stuff from down the road, or simply based on price. I’ve used some of these models, but found himself unable to tell you anything special about them.

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Do not consider any other factor, I think my choice would be for Dewalt, or Bosch if I planned on using a 1/2″ shank accessories, although torque its twists probably will not be suitable for larger 1/2″ fittings.

For those of you that use the right angle drills on a regular basis, which one you chose, and would you recommend to others?

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