Accessbuy's Portable Power Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy
Accessbuy's Portable Power Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy

Accessbuy® 18– 22” Power Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy

Assembled with luxurious, portable and durable seats. Foldable and safe, easy to carry. With manual and electric modes, Accessbuy’s portable power wheelchair is truly outstanding compared to its rivals!

It is very convenient to move chairs to manual mode if it runs out of energy. Needless to say that this power wheelchair is proud to be associated with both manual and electric braking, which significantly increases safety.

Accessbuy's Portable Power Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy
Accessbuy’s Portable Power Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy

The frame is made of aluminum alloy used for the production of airplanes, removable handrails and the rest of the legs, flip-up backrest, with anti-back castor while the chairs and back cushions are made of breathable fabric. Note that you can choose between 18″ and 22″ chairs to get the one that will suit you best.

The chair can increase the speed up to 6.0 km / h, good reverse mode reached 3 km/h. Battery capacity when fully charged, it can operate in electrical mode for 6 hours or in the range of 15-20 km. When power is off, you can solve the manual mode. This is the ideal power wheelchair for the elderly with more than 50 years and weighs about 220 pounds.

It is uniquely designed with a weight reduction of 43.5%; It weighs around 72.8 pounds to give the elderly an easy time to move it. The foldable, foldable wheelchair can be used by hand or by electric depending on your requirements and availability very convenient for self-driving. On top of that, it boasts 360-dergee front wheels and wide rear wheels made of durable rubber. So, this chair offers a smooth ride on any surface, however, it also has special handles for assistance in difficult situations. So if you are looking for the most versatile option, Accessbuy’s Power Wheelchair is worth your consideration.

Note: If you weigh over 220 pounds or width of the wheelchair is too narrow, do not worry, simply send an email to the manufacturer to set a special wheelchair just right for you.

The Standout Feature of Accessbuy’s Portable Power Wheelchair

Reduced weight up to 43.5%: Power wheelchair is specially designed to reduce its bulkiness to fit any type of vehicle; truck, car or SUV. It can also be folded to fit any vehicle. Light weight allows it to be carried by anyone during storage.

Eco-friendly battery: The smart chair uses environmentally friendly lithium ion phosphate batteries. A fully charged lithium battery lasts 15-20 km, which translates up to 500 times more energy efficiency than standard power wheelchair.

Dimensions: Lightweight, easily foldable wheelchairs have many measurements depending on the requirements of the customer. The length of the wheelchair can be up to 1100mm, width 660mm and height 920mm. Contrary to the old model, this smart electric wheelchair can fit all the slots due to its convenient size.

Warranties for Accessbuy Portable Power Wheelchair

Manufacturer’s warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors like the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

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Accessbuy’s Power Wheelchair is lightweight, portable. It is the ideal choice when you want to move freely indoors and outdoors. It appears when it is placed close to each other, you just need a few settings and the wheelchair will be ready to use. The seats look great, sleek and easy to drive.

You can easily remove the handrails when convenient. The battery is also easily removable for charging. For those interested in environmental protection, this is the ideal choice due to its highly efficient lithium battery.

Q & A

QHow much does it weigh? The description says lightweight but 72.8 pounds. I am newly disabled and love this chair! I’m hoping it’s a typo

AIf you asked me to rate it, I would rate it D or F. On picture looks like perfect but on reality the cosmetics is really not good. On the functionality base it’s OK but it’s hard to find spare parts if it’s broken.

QWhat is the finished width of this chair?

ASeat width is 21-22″ It is a very comfortable seat!

Top Reviews

Excited about new chair

Received my chair before it was expected. Easily put together and had it moving in no time. I love it. I asked for a larger size and got exactly what I wanted. I am very pleased!

It was a good experience. They deserve 5 star.

Bought this for my Niece. Her whole family loves.

Bought this for my Niece. Her whole family loves the wheelchair. I have even gotten requests for more so they can have races around the neighborhood. (I am only aware of her needing one.)


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