6 pack abs exercises with 6 body movement for beginners

6 Pack Abs Exercises

You are in time to familiarize fitness and desire to have one body abs 6 pack? Come with 6 following basic movements to help your abdominal muscles can practice the most basic way, the most efficient whether at the gym or anywhere.

6 Pack Abs Exercises With 6 Body Movement For Beginners
6 Pack Abs Exercises With 6 Body Movement For Beginners

As a beginner bodybuilder, you should not be too impatient with high weights, movements difficult. Therefore the classical movements, basic will is the optimal choice for you. 6 movements in the belly 6 zone following basic level will help you actively practicing magic in any situation that does not depend on any instrument.

Movements 1: Lie on your back legs and belly (15 times)

Movement 2: Fold the abdomen, 2 foot stone cross (20 times)

Action 3: Lie on your back, feet against the floor and 2 belly ((10 times)
4 movements: Lie on your back foot tall stone (10)

Action 5: Lie on your back, touching the ankle (25 times)

Action 6: Lie on your back, legs straight rolling stone (20 times)

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