4 Myth About Strength-Training Busted!

Step away from the five-pound dumbbells! Lifting heavier weights is the secret to scoring a leaner, fitter, hotter body

4 Myth About Strength-Training Busted!
4 Myth About Strength-Training Busted!

The fear of bulking up to anything close to the extremes muscles has long kept many women away from the weight room.

But steer clear of anything heavier you lift the hair dryer a big mistake: “Strength is an often overlooked component of physical health”, Alexander Koch, Ph.D., assistant professor of exercise science at the University Lenoir-Rhyne said. “Powerlifting is excellent for improving bone density, joint mobility, and body composition”. Not to mention that everyday tasks like lugging groceries, moving furniture, and climbing stairs becomes easier.

And the benefits do not end there. “Physical birth spiritual strength”. Jill Coleman, former competitors and co-founder of the company’s trans fat loss Effect based in Winston-Salem said. “End of a weight training session difficulty makes you feel like you can take in the world”.

Besides all of that, lifting weights as a ticket to achieve slender body, tight you desire, since strength training increases lean muscle mass, and fire up your metabolism. Still not convinced? Read on as we break four common myths and give your body how to have a smokin body

Mechanical Myth 1: INCREASE “heavy” DO YOU cumbersome.
“The fear that one of the surprises will raise a large amount of muscle from lifting weights is just like you worrying will not voluntarily be drafted by the WNBA if you shoot a few hoops at the Y,” Koch said. “It just will not happen.” According to Koch, women have testosterone levels about 15 to 20 times lower than that of the men said-hormonally, we just can not afford to get jacked.

Moreover, “bloated look is usually the result of adding muscle without tracking your diet or burn fat,” Coleman said. “You need to burn fat and build muscle to reduce the size.” People look clearer when they have less fat in their muscles.

Mechanical Myth # 2: CHANGES IN MUSCLE FAT CAN.
These are two completely different types of tissues, so even if you slack off, that hard-earned muscle does not turn into fat. “With lack of use, the muscles atrophy cells. If they shrink to a certain size, they have to undergo apoptosis,” Koch said. (Read: They die.)

That is not to say that there is not a relationship: If you lose muscle mass, you will burn fewer calories each day. If your calorie intake remains, leftovers energy without combustion can be stored as fat.

Myth # 3 :. body MORE CARDIO burn fat
“I still have customers who think they need to do more cardio to lose weight first, before they begin to improve,” Valerie Waters, a celebrity trainer in Los Angeles said. “But if you want to get impatient, go straight to the weight room.”

Lifting weights increases the number of calories you burn facility every day. “Muscle tissue is metabolically active tissues in our bodies, so the more muscle you have, the more energy you put into it just to keep their customers,” said Koch. It’s a little momentum, but you’re burning more calories, even at rest. It was a victory.

Myth # 4 :. INCREASE WILL TAKE YOU weight
It’s not so much a story as a truth misunderstood. “Compact” and “mild” are terms that are not interchangeable; That means that the scale can not punch much and can even go up, said Chad Landers, owner of PUSH Personal Fitness in Toluca Lake, California. No mistake: These results can physically huge. “The more muscle I gained, smaller and more compact that I have received,” The Young and the Restless actress Camryn Grimes, who entered her first power lifting meet in early 2013 to say ” my jeans are looser, and I went from a medium to small head. “Landers Consulting’s new clients: Always turn off the scale and use your jeans to measure your progress.