Marilyn Monroe chose to stay in shape and weight training did not diet.

Over half a century has passed but a symbol Marilyn Monroe American beauty and is one of the most popular models. Body measurements of ‘beautiful woman’ changed several times during his career, but according to one’s own clothes tailor Marilyn, the numbers often fluctuate in 35-22-35 inches, equivalent 90-59- 90 cm.

In an interview, Monroe once said she never thought her beautiful body, until it received numerous compliments for hot physique. With time and popularity, instead of trying to get a full meal as difficult early childhood, Marilyn began to worry, the energy load would make her gain weight and lose those sexy curves .

Beauty icon is not interested in the exercises until she realized, it could help her keep fit. Since then, Marilyn regular exercise every morning. As soon as you wake up, brush your teeth, wash your face, she started the day with some basic exercises.

Marilyn chose to weigh about 2kg hand lifting weights to tone the area within a
Marilyn chose to weigh about 2kg hand lifting weights to tone the area within a

10 minutes a day for weightlifting exercises

Interest in a loop, the first exercises for the chest Marilyn always, for the purpose of blossomed but firm breasts island. Every morning, she would leave at least 10 minutes to weightlifting.
Powerlifting is a great way to increase the rate of metabolism in the body, burn calories and increase muscle mass, which helps muscles firmer. This is also a good measure to avoid injury. The actress does not like lifting weights count because she hates the practice as a robot.

Also, Marilyn and enlist the combined exercises, handstand to get slimmer physique. Marilyn made many people surprised to disclose, in addition to 10 minutes every morning, she did not participate in any other sports, including swimming. Marilyn Monroe 5-10 hours of sleep per night, depending on the work schedule. Sunday is the day ‘sex symbol’ deflates, she will not exercise and allow yourself sleeping in.

No dieting, like ice cream and drink multivitamins

Diet of Marilyn Monroe is also very unique. She started the day with a warm glass of milk and two eggs beaten with adding a multivitamin pill. As for dinner, Marilyn fancy chops, liver or grilled meat. In particular, she always add carrots to the diet dinner. ‘I think I should be never bored rabbit as raw carrots’, says celebrities. Not only nutritious dishes for dinner late in the day, Marilyn Monroe was a surprise disclosure, and often like to eat ice cream, quiche sipping this evening.

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