2014 Mid-Year New Tool Predictions

So this year, we have seen some improvements exciting new tool.

Bosch announced new cordless drill and fruit against a rechargeable battery system for wireless sensor. Dewalt expand their efforts to market automotive air tools with new energy tools. And Milwaukee is released new portable instruments, such as locking pliers, and expanded power tools and their accessories line.

So, what could be coming next?


Bosch has not yet announced its expansion in the US 12V, but the tools, primarily saw, jigsaw, and rotary tool, already in Europe. I hope that these tools will eventually follow their way to the United States.

Dewalt has not come out with anything new for 12V Max line for a while. When I finally got to speak to a sales representative, he said that the sale is a little slow and lag far behind the sales 20V Max. Dewalt has a nice core services available, but perhaps we will not see a major expansion. If Dewalt is to come out with a 4.0Ah or 5.0Ah 12V Max battery, which will undoubtedly open the door to choose powerful new tools, such as a trim saws.


Dewalt has screwgun brushless new drywall on the road, and we’ve seen a lot of questions about whether they will expand the wireless product line to their nails. It would be wise for to come out with Dewalt nailers to complement their new brushless DCN692 stud frame, but it’s not clear if that was their plan.

Readers have also been questions about whether a Dewalt 20V brushless sawing Max is in the works. Milwaukee M18 brushless sawing of the last year, and seems to have become quite common. It’s expensive, but users appreciate the energy improvements and runtime. There will be a circular saw Dewalt brushless? I think so, but the question of whether we’ll see one in 2014.

Cordless circular saws often work with 6-1 / 2 “blade. With 5.0Ah batteries put on the market and many versions brushless motors definitely in the works, we can see one or more brands come out with a full-sized 7-1 / 4 “saw. That would help justify the price jump related to the design of new tools surrounding new technology brushless motors.

We still get requests whether Dewalt saws that come with a wireless cap. The answer is still I do not think they are, at least not before they come out with a brushless 20V Max bandsaw.


TTI, who owns parts Ryobi power tools and RIDGID in North America, as well as Milwaukee Tools, filed for a patent for the HyperDrive, involving power tools, namely nailers, connect to 86,259,055. TTI also produces a number of tools for wire line tools Craftsman C3’s. Ryobi has expanded their line of nailers Airstrike wire, and so I was wondering which brands can also work on a new line of nailers.

I think certainly the market Dewalt nail wire in its sights, and it might as well Milwaukee. It would be wise for Paslode nailers are working on fuel at their own wireless, otherwise they stand to lose more market share.


We will not see many leap revolutionary this year, at least in my opinion. What we are more likely to see the brand new technology and explore possibilities.

There may be more brushless tools, and a variety of tools that take advantage of the next generation 5.0Ah battery pack. 5.0Ah battery packs are built with the Li-ion 2.5Ah cells not only provides longer run time, it also gives rise to the current drawing. As mentioned in our article on how the brand power tools not make your battery, I wrote about how the cells in the battery pack current generation can discharge at up to 20A and even as high as 25A.

There may be some design tool revolutionary, but the brand has the ability to focus on design evolution and expansion. We saw Dewalt and Milwaukee explore new segments in the market hand and power tools. We not only release new tools, they are to strengthen their branding in the market segments as well.

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