Lumex Hybrid Rollator Transport Chair, Titanium

Lumex Hybrid Rollator Transport Chair, Titanium

Lumex Hybrid Rollator Transport Chair, Titanium
Lumex Hybrid Rollator Transport Chair, Titanium

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About the Product
  • Rollator and transport chair combined
  • Lightweight frame
  • Wide seat and backrest
  • Easy to use hand brakes and 8 inches wheels
  • Weight capacity 300 pounds

Product Description

Color: Titanium

Hybrid rollator transport chair that combines the functions of both a rollator and transport chair into one lightweight design. It is designed with secure hand grips, a comfortable and wide seat and backrest and effortless design to transfer from a rollator to a transport chair.

Durable aluminum frame with removable foot rests. Easy to use hand brakes and storage pouch for personal items. Weight capacity of 300 pounds.

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Q & A


QI like that this chair folds but I’m concerned about the weight? I’m considering this one of or the medline excel Rollator any thoughts?

AYes – we had this one for over 4 years and no issues. The only reason why we had to buy another one this year is we give it to a friend that has ALS. So we bought two and are very happy with both of them. The legs comes off easy so it fits in my convertible trunk.

QI’m only 4’10” of small female stature, will I be able to maneuver this rollator, requirement says 5’4″ recommended, can’t find it any smaller

ANo I don’t think you will, my mom is 5’4 and she has trouble sometimes

QCan anyone compare this lumex hybrid to the drive duet? any problems with this hybrid tipping forward? Is Lumex more (or less) stable than Drive?

AI can’t give

QHow easy is it to push in wheelchair mode, on sidewalk or uneven ground? Does it make turns easily??

AWe’ve found the Lumex walker works well on flat smooth surfaces. Not so well on uneven surfaces such as cobblestone and gravel. Also on hills it’s not easy to push one uphill. Don’t think there’s one that is. One thing I lost a nut and bolt off the walker and tried to get it replaced and this was not easy even tho’ the warranty was still in effect. Amazon eventually got me a replacement but while waiting I had to buy another walker and it wasn’t a Lumex.

Top Reviews

Great Idea

Nice sturdy walker without a lot of weight. I purchased this for my handicapped son that can walk limited distances and then needs to sit. The seat is quite wide as is the whole walker. A little narrower would be nice. It is 2″ wider than our other walker with a seat. This model does go up to 300 pounds which is why it is wider but a junior size would be great.I have had trouble in the stores maneuvering through isles.

Almost perfect

My 96 year old mom, with her daughters’ help, bought this hybrid for an overseas trip to the Netherlands. She has scoliosis and uses a three-wheel walker at home. For the flight, we elected to gate check the Rollator. This worked very well as there were three of us to handle luggage and push.

In the Netherlands, It rolled easily in both modes on brick streets, sidewalks, over bridges, in museums. The only place that was problematic was in Amsterdam on cobblestone. The Rollator slid easily into the back of the tour van. (My sister had added straps with clips for easier handling and storage.)

A little narrower and a little lighter would have made this versatile buggy perfect. (It would be nice if it were made in sizes.)
We had a wonderful trip that was greatly enhanced by this piece of equipment.

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