Electric Wheelchairs Rating

Electric Wheelchairs: Enjoy Greater Independence

Do not put on your couch again. With an electric wheelchair, you can get around the house and outdoors easily.

How to Choose an Electric Wheelchair

The top performers in our review Golden Compass Sport, Gold Award winners; Y Drive Cirrus Plus, Silver Award winner; Titan X23 and Y drive, Bronze Award winner. Here’s about choosing an electric wheelchair to meet your needs, along with details on how we arrived at our rating for this product 10.

There are many health problems that can affect a person’s mobility. Whether it was an accident, the weakness that limit your ability to walk long distances or old age can affect your joints, an electric wheelchair gives you the independence and from that. The powerful device that allows you to travel long distance outdoors or easy to move from room to room in your home next door.

An electric wheelchair battery to power the engine of the equipment. The battery can be charged overnight or during the day to ensure you have the power to travel a large distance. A controller, usually a joystick, is located on the arm rest of the products to help you prevent and control equipment. Large wheels make it possible to handle all types of terrain when you are outdoors and easy to maneuver around corners when you’re indoors. To learn more, you can read articles about electric wheelchairs and their benefits.

Titan X23 Front Wheel Power Wheelchair Red/Blue

PROS / The Front Wheel Titan X23 features a lifetime warranty on the wheelchair’s frame.
CONS / This wheelchair reaches a maximum speed of 4 mph, average for this type of device. 
VERDICT / The Front Wheel Titan X23’s design and comfort level are superb but its mobility features are average.

The Front Wheel Titan X23 is our Best Shopping Reviews Bronze Award winner. This electric wheelchair features a fold-down back rest, a maximum speed of 4 mph and a 25-inch turning radius. Furthermore, you can easily adjust this wheelchair to meet the rider’s specific height, and it folds to make transporting it simple. Additionally, this chair boasts an outstanding warranty.

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Pride Mobility JAZZY600ES Jazzy 600 ES Electric Wheelchair

PROS / The Jazzy 600 ES has an impressive 21-inch turning radius.
CONS / There are no color options available for this product. 
VERDICT / The Jazzy 600 ES is an excellent chair to maneuver indoors and outdoors, but its heavier design makes transporting it difficult.

The Jazzy 600 ES by Pride Mobility Products Corp. makes it easy for individuals to move from one place to the next whether indoors or outdoors. This power-operated wheelchair can travel up to 4 mph and can travel more than 16 miles on a single battery charge. Additionally, it has a tight turning radius and an excellent warranty. However, it is missing a few features and has a few drawbacks common with other electric wheelchairs.

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PROS / This electric wheelchair weighs only 50 pounds.
CONS / The standard model has a maximum weight capacity of 265 pounds. 
VERDICT / The lightweight design and impressive folding capabilities make it suitable for packing in a car or traveling.

The KD Smart Chair is one of the most lightweight and versatile electric wheelchairs on our lineup. This product is extremely lightweight, can travel up to 15 miles on a single battery charge and easily folds, making transportation simple. Additionally, this product provides many basic features, such as a seat belt and wheel locks, as well as a few extra features, including a storage tray by the footrests.

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Invacare Pronto M51 Power Wheelchair – M51PSEMIBLUE

PROS / The Invacare Pronto M51 has a turning radius of 19.5 inches.
CONS / This electric wheelchair can only travel up to 12 miles on a single battery charge. 
VERDICT / This wheelchair offers many of the standard features you find in other electric wheelchairs, but the battery life is not as long-lasting as other wheelchairs.

The Invacare Pronto M51 is a center-wheel motorized wheelchair that makes it is easy move around, indoors or outdoors. This product can travel up to 4 mph, an average speed for electric wheelchairs, and has the ability to climb hills at a 9-degree incline. Additionally, it has an extremely tight turning radius of 19.5 inches, one of the tightest ones we saw. However, this wheelchair doesn’t offer much in the way of features that differentiate it from other models.

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Heartway Escape DX Foldable Power WheelChair

PROS / You can travel approximately 20 miles on a single battery charge, the longest range of any wheelchair we evaluated.
CONS / The frame is only covered for three years under the manufacturer’s warranty. 
VERDICT / This electric wheelchair is lightweight and boasts a long battery life, but it doesn’t offer many other features that help it stand out compared to other wheelchairs.

The Heartway Escape DX is a motorized wheelchair featuring an aluminum frame that is lightweight and easy to transport. This product has many benefits, including the ability to travel a long distance on a single battery charge, a lightweight design and the ability to easily climb hills. However, despite these excellent features, it doesn’t offer much in the way of other design and comfort features, like a headrest, that would help it stand out when compared to similar models we reviewed.

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Pride Mobility JELITEHD Jazzy Elite HD Electric Wheelchair – Red

PROS / The Jazzy Elite HD has a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds.
CONS / This electric wheelchair can only travel approximately 9.8 miles on a single battery charge, one of the shortest ranges for electric wheelchairs in our lineup. 
VERDICT / This electric wheelchair is ideal for heavier riders and those who don’t plan to travel long distances in a single day.


Pride’s Jazzy Elite HD boasts several standout features, including a maximum weight capacity of 450 pounds, a 3-inch ground clearance and two color options. It also features a five-year warranty on the frame of the electric wheelchair. However, even though this product has several outstanding features, we also noted other areas where improvements could be made, such as a short-lived battery life, which hindered this model from a higher ranking on our lineup.

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Compact Mid-Wheel Drive Power Chair, Silver 

PROS / The Compact Mid-Wheel can climb hills up to 8 degrees.
CONS / There is only a three-year manufacturer warranty on the wheelchair’s frame.
VERDICT / This electric wheelchair is similar to many other electric wheelchairs and doesn’t boast any standout features.


CTM Homecare’s Compact Mid-Wheel is a motorized wheelchair that comes with many standard features. This wheelchair can easily move around indoors and outdoors and has a maximum speed of 4 mph. It can climb curbs and has a ground clearance of approximately 2.5 inches. Furthermore, this wheelchair features plenty of padding and a backrest for comfort during long periods spent in the motorized chair.

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Golden Technologies GP162 LiteRider PTC

PROS / The LiteRider PTC can break down into four parts, with the heaviest piece weighing only 35 pounds.
CONS / This product can travel approximately 9.5 miles on a single battery charge.
VERDICT / This chair is ideal if storage and transportation are important.

The Golden LiteRider PTC is an electric wheelchair that is designed for easy transportation, plus it provides some convenient design features, such as a large storage basket. It also comes in multiple color options and includes an excellent warranty. However, there are a few areas for improvement, including its range and the battery life, which would enhance the overall performance of this wheelchair.

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Golden Compass Sport GP605

PROS / This electric wheelchair has a turning radius of 19.5 inches.
CONS / We would like to see more customer support options.
VERDICT / The Golden Compass Sport is one of the best electric wheelchairs for both indoor and outdoor use due to its numerous maneuverability features and design options.

Golden Technologies’ Compass Sport is a versatile electric wheelchair and is the Top Ten Reviews Gold Award winner. This motorized wheelchair has the ability to easily maneuver indoors or outdoors, has a maximum speed of 4.5 mph and has one of the tightest turning radiuses we saw. Additionally, its battery life is outstanding as it can travel up to 19.5 miles on a single battery charge. Additionally, it is designed for maximum comfort with a padded seat, back and head rest. You can also easily adjust the seat as well as the foot and armrest to ensure each is at the desired level for your specific height.

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Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair Review

PROS / The Cirrus Plus can travel up to 5 mph.
CONS / The turning radius isn’t as tight as other electric wheelchairs.
VERDICT / The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus is one of the best options if you need a wheelchair that is easy to transport yet still provides plenty of power to get around indoors and outdoors.

The Medical Drive Cirrus Plus is a folding electric wheelchair. This product is not as bulky and large as many motorized wheelchairs, making it easy to transport and store. Additionally, the smaller size makes it ideal for riding around indoors. Even though this product is more lightweight than other wheelchairs, it is still powerful. It can travel at a top speed of 5 mph, offers an adequate battery life and has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor

Many electric wheelchairs is designed for outdoor applications and indoor. The design of the wheels of the wheelchair can help determine whether the product would be ideal for any setting you desire. For example, the center wheel wheelchair is equipped with a large drive wheel in the center of the wheelchair, wheel and two-wheel or small wheel, is placed at the front and rear of the wheelchair. The wheel hub allows tighter turning radius, making it much easier to maneuver inside a home. This type of unit is stable and can handle all types of terrain. Most wheelchairs on product line features drives our cake.

wheelchair rear wheel is equipped with driving wheels with wheels at the rear wheels are placed at the front. These products are particularly ideal for outdoor use because they are more stable than other configurations and the rear wheel allows faster speeds. However, because the rear wheels are located at the rear, turning radius is very large, making it difficult to make tight turns.

Electric Wheelchairs vs. Power Scooters vs. Power Chairs

A similar electric wheelchair a manual wheelchair in its design. You power the device using the buttons and a joystick. electric wheelchair also excessive in a chair cushion, backrest and headrest for comfort to ensure a full day of use. In addition, these products have the tight turning radius and easy to maneuver.

Power seat electric wheelchair similar except that they are equipped with advanced seat or side to help you more easily get in and out of it. For most of these products, you move it by using the joystick and a button. You can read our comments on the seat of power, and many of its functions.

The design of an electric scooter, though, is very different. Usually these products have three wheels, a seat and steering wheel rotation. They also are equipped with batteries, but the direction is all done by the steering wheel, which means the driver must have full use of his upper body. These products usually go a little faster than electric wheelchair, but they can not afford to be folded and easily transported as electric wheelchairs. To learn more about mobile scooter, our readers compare side-by-side and our evaluation.

Medicare Will Cover Cost?

Electric wheelchairs are covered by Medicare as long as you meet certain criteria. power-operated wheelchairs are covered under Part B premium, which includes medical equipment and supplies. Medicare Part A, however, does not include these products.

In addition, providers of health care you must verify the need for a power wheelchair or scooter and write a prescription for the chair. You have the freedom to choose the seat you want, but it must be approved by Medicare and buy through a Medicare provider. You can pay 20 percent of the cost depends on many factors, including the seat you choose and its initial cost. Our assessment can help you narrow down your choices and determine the best electric wheelchair that you are approved for.

Electric wheelchair: What we Evaluated, what we found

We evaluated both wheelchair indoors and outdoors can maneuver within the price fell $ 1.500 to $ 3.700. Products in this range provide more energy to move away, providing a strong battery life and comes with a lot of features to ensure maximum comfort.

We found that most of the wheelchair in this price range is ideal for both indoor and outdoor. They provide a tight turning radius, allowing you to easily navigate around tight corners and a lot of power to climb the steep hill or apparent restraint.

In addition to turning radius and strength, there are some factors you should consider when deciding on an electric wheelchair for your needs. Here are a few additional criteria to consider.

Battery life
Battery life on a motorized wheelchair is very important. Many electric wheelchairs have enough battery to travel up to 14 or more miles on a single charge. The best models can go 19-20 miles. It is important that your wheelchair can handle long distances, especially if you plan to use it outdoors. Most electric wheelchairs in our product line can be charged overnight or while you’re at home and do not use it.

Wheelchair design is an important factor. First, take into consideration the specific needs of your own. If you plan to use a chair for long periods of time or the day, you want a product offers multiple seat cushion. Some products also provide much cushion to rest or to ensure additional comfort. However, there are a small number of electric wheelchairs do not provide a headrest that can be a drawback.

Moreover, electric wheelchairs can big and bulky, some weighing more than 200 pounds. If you plan to regularly transport chair, you want a model that can easily be transported around your house or your car. Some power-operated wheelchair can double, allowing for easy transportation, while others can fold down to a much smaller size.

The joystick and controller design is a feature that you want to examine closely. Depending on whether you are right or left handed, you want to make sure the joystick and control buttons are installed on the side of the wheelchair correctly. The best model also has a joystick wobbling, so you can move the joystick out of the way when you’re sitting at a table or desk.

Because significant buying wheelchairs and, for many, the only source of transportation, it is important to find a model that is built to last and backed by a warranty in case the unit is defective or if it breaks. The electric wheelchair model best offers lifetime warranty for the frame and a year or more protection on the joystick and control electronics. Most wheelchair manufacturers, however, does not guarantee tires, seats, handrails or handle grips, so in case one is damaged goods, it is up to you to repair or replace these parts.

Motorized Wheelchairs: Our Verdict and Recommendations

An electric wheelchair provides not only a convenient mode of transportation, it also provides independence and freedom for individuals to be able to continue to live an active, engaged life. third winner of the highest award we are all ideal for both indoor and outdoor. They also all feature a long battery life and design features, such as a joystick mounted adjustable seat cushion and a lot. winner of Gold, Silver and Bronze Our guarantee offers impressive with a lifetime warranty on the frame and more than a year of their electronic components.

One notable selection

Another exceptional product is the KD Smart Chair. This model is the best model for the purpose of transporting and storage. It weighs 50 pounds and can be folded down for easy storage and transport in the trunk of a car. This is the lightest electric wheelchair in all products on our product line.

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