The Best Blender

After studying dozens of blender, talk to five professionals, and tested 20 models in four years, we are confident that Oster Versa Performance Blender Jar with low profile provides the best value for most people. At around $200, it performs as well as double the cost grinder, blender and cheaper it blows out of the water. With both variable speed and presets for things like soup and vitamins, it is one of the most user-friendly and versatile control panels we’ve seen.

Compared to a blender with the same price, the speed of the nuances Oster Versa than 1,400 watt motor it runs softer, and that’s one of the only model that comes with a tamper detonated launched the airbag in the thick mixture. At 17½ inches high, it would fit better under a more accessible than most other high-performance models. We do not think the Versa is the absolute best model out there, but seriously its skills mix, solid seven-year warranty, and ease of use makes for a great choice if you do not want to throw down large half.

Blender is best for most people

Oster Versa

Versa offers the best balance between performance and price that we have found, and it is also the most useful combination of speed changes and presets. It performs as well as a blender which costs twice as much.

Oster VERSA Pro Performance Blender with Tamper 1400-watt, BLSTVB-RV0
Oster VERSA Pro Performance Blender with Tamper 1400-watt, BLSTVB-RV0

When we first reviewed the blender, in 2012, we have not found a little over $450 which really impresses. This price may seem obscene, but quality blenders have historically been expensive. When Fred Waring introduced Waring Blender in 1937, it was retail for $29.75 or about $485-dollars today. Since we first published this guide (this is the third complete our renovation), we found that the company, go hunting to compete with the likes of Vitamix and Blendtec, a blender was introduced relatively modest price with really big engine that is surprisingly effective in liquefied food. We think the best Oster Versa is the new breed of high-powered options but budget friendly. After nearly two-year long experiment, we’d say it’s about 85 percent as good as our former selected, the Vitamix 5200, but in about 40 percent of the price.

Strong pace, but less nuanced

Cleanblend 3HP 1800-Watt

Cleanblend 3HP 1800-Watt
Cleanblend 3HP 1800-Watt

If Oster Versa sold, we’d go for 3 kW, 1,800 watts of Cleanblend grind, which makes smoothies Piña coladas more advanced and our main choices. But we see the jar of it really thin and the overall design of the Versa clunkier than. The controller is also more confusing to use, and no presets. Powerful 3 horsepower motor it will help a tenth of berry and ice particles, but not much variance between low and high speeds.

For the avid chef

Vitamix 5200 series Blender

Vitamix 5200 series Blender
Vitamix 5200 series Blender

In the fourth year running, a Vitamix blender performed best overall in our tests. The 5200 vintage is the first choice of our in 2014 (the Pro 300 years ago), and once again it is the only one in our trials can make peanut butter ice cream and puree soup without spraying molten liquid on either side of the average, and it has the best range of speed (better than Blendtec design fair price).

It does not have any pre-set speed, which, after long-term testing, we found we wanted it. And also user complaints about black spots -pieces of PTFE, a chemical found in non-stick coating break out around the base buffer of the blade. Although we have not experienced this problem in the use of our own, we are not completely satisfied with the response to this problem Vitamix. For the price, the 5200 is only valuable if you plan to mix a couple of times or more per week. If not, we think Oster Versa will meet most people’s needs for less than half price.

For occasional blending

KitchenAid KSB1570ER 5-Speed Blender

KitchenAid KSB1570ER 5-Speed Blender
KitchenAid KSB1570ER 5-Speed Blender

Not everyone wants to spend $200, let alone $450, in a blender. If you rarely use a blender, but want a sauce for occasional or vitamins, $100 KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender is the least expensive model, we have found. It creates a much thicker, more rustic texture than any of our other picks, and its engine is not nearly as powerful (and more likely to burn out if overtaxed). But it is a good, all-purpose machine that is small enough to fit on the counter under most kitchen cabinets.

Why should you trust us

For professional advice, we turned to two experts blender: Julie Morris, author of Superfood Smoothies and soups, as well as at Navitas Naturals chefs; and Tess Masters, author of The Blender Girl cookbooks and The Blender Girl blog. Combined, these women have tested nearly all blender on the market.

For a scientific opinion on the issue of black spots popular with Vitamix reports and other high-performance mixers, we spoke with Neal Langerman, scientist and owner of the chemical safety details, a consulting firm. We also reached out to Jonathan Cochran, a former salesman blender Blender site operators currently Dude, for his take on the best model to test Vitamix and Blendtec. For instructions on our original, the author of Seamus Bellamy Sweethome, we consult with Lisa McManus, an editor in charge of testing equipment and water Cook at Cook Illustrated.

Christine Cyr wrote Clisset separate kitchen gadgets that reeling, cutting, and The Sweethome mark for more than three years. It includes guidelines for food processing and soak blender, and evaluated before the grinder. Lesley Stockton tested blender for The Sweethome for three years, and also includes a pressure cooker, pots and pans, and knives to the site.

Who should get this

If blender makes your current Purees and smoothies really thick or rough, and you want a smoother consistency, we wanted to upgrade to a high-performance blender, that choose the direction our guide, runner, and upgrade all are.

If your blender is only one variable rotation speed, and you wish you could turn the blender on and check your email while your vitamins end up, then you might want to have a tissue screen with a preset speed.

If you are really concerned about chemicals leaching from plastic blender jar, you might want to go with a blender with a glass or metal jar.

How we chose and tested

The Best Blender
The Best Blender

A large milling machine can smoothly process as difficult as kale fiber, frozen fruit, and ice without burning out the motor. How effective a blender does this depend on the combination of blade length and location, the shape of the shaker, and the engine power. All three factors combine to create a whirlpool effect will bring food down around the tongue.

According to the American Test Kitchen, a good vortex is formed when the blades of the blender with a “wingspan” that comes close to the side of the shaker. If there is a large gap between the tips of the blades and the average, the volume of food will end up losing the tongue. America’s Test Kitchen also found that grinder with curved bottom, rather than a flat bottom 90 degrees, creating a vortex better. And, of course, a more powerful engine, better to create a vortex.

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What separates high and low of the former mill is powerful and more process much smoother texture, and they will last a lot longer than the lower-level, less powerful ones. Senior mill-often called high performance blender-would solve things that you never want to try for a cheap blender, such as making peanut butter or grain milling. As Julie Morris told us, “marketing model downgrade itself to be able to do all the things that a higher level can, but they can rarely … or at least not be long before break. millers are more advanced than a device … [they] a workhorse (and actually measured in horsepower). ”

The Best Blender
The Best Blender

When Lisa McManus, editor in charge of testing equipment in the water and cook Cook’s Illustrated, told Seamus Bellamy in considering our 2012, “Crushers have a really hard job to do in that small space. the engine is just too big. the blade has to be able to move food through the jar and create a whirlwind, so food is sucked through the blades and back up again. there are many occur in a blender. it was kind of a challenge, technical-wise. If you make it do something difficult every day, many of them burn out. If it is set in the dishwasher every day, the vials may crack, things loosen, leak. that’s a lot of stress on a small computer. they are not durable enough or or they can not handle it in place first. ”

“Holy grail for many home cooks seem to be a $50 or $100 blender that performs like a Vitamix or Blendtec $ 500. That is not realistic.”

That said, there’s nothing wrong with a cheap blender, as long as you understand its limitations. Julie Morris told us that she used a Cuisinart blender every day in college and liked it so much that when it burned out after a year, she just bought another one it’s still cheaper bought a Vitamix. Judging from the reviews of users, however, the holy grail for many home cooks seem to be a $ 50 or $100 blender that performs like a Vitamix or Blendtec $ 500. That is not realistic.

The biggest complaint we have found the cheap blenders are their engines burn easily and crack their bottle or start leaking. Vitamix, Blendtec, Oster Versa, and Cleanblend models all come with 5-8 year warranty, and at least for Vitamix machine-we’ve read many user reviews about them lasting 20 years. You can not really expect that level of performance from the bargain model, which is probably why most of them come with one year limited warranty.

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Preset speed to make smoothies, soups, or crushed stone can be great if you want to blend in when addressing the chores in the house. But we have found that the model that only presets and no variable speed is quite limited in what they can do. That is why a combination of a variable speed dial presets and ideal. Presets can jack up the price of a considerable blender. For example, the Vitamix 5200 retails for around $ 450, while the Vitamix Professional Series 500 -the same machine, but with three available speed-retailing for $ 100 to $ 200 more. This is part of why we think our own choice, including three presets, is such a great value.

In our four years of testing, we have found that a small plastic tamper-good separation from the great bat. It is no coincidence that three of our picks have tampers. When a blender is really cranking, airbag tends to form around the blade, and tamper allows you to turn on the machine without having to stop. This jibes with what Tess Masters told us: “Vitamix is dedicated to me because of the disturbance. I really think it is the genius of the machine, and that is why other companies are coming up with tampers. it allows you to use the airbag explosion disturbed. “Crushing food accompanied tampers with an opening in the slide assembly bat through, so you do not need to take the cover off. This is a safety feature and also help reduce splatters.

A blender poorly designed can create some serious cleaning problems. Food stuck on the pad or in the base of the bottle will be damaged and cause a very unhealthy smell. Some companies, such as breville and KitchenAid, has designed their jars so they blend seamlessly almost at the bottom, with one bolt to connect the plates. We find it easy to clean.

“In our four years of testing, we have found that a small plastic tamper-good separation from the great bat.”

Most blenders we tested comes with BPA-free plastic bottles. The Oster Versa, Vitamix 5200, and breville Boss Tritan bottle is made of plastic, very durable and has some flexibility. Many of the low-end blender, and KitchenAid Pro Line premium, no matter what advertising their average is made, in addition to “BPA-free”. (For the record, BPA is not much of a health risk as it is made out to be). But most of these are made of polycarbonate, which is more rigid than Tritan but also very strong. Both materials will crack if the heat is too high, which is why these jars should not be washed in very hot settings in the dishwasher.

In 2014, we were testing mainly budget blender, and almost unimpressed by all of us (our top pick is a high-performance model). In 2015, we want to see how really good, high-performance blender stacked. We pitted our pick-the Vitamix 5200 and Oster Versa-against five top-rated models: the design Blendtec, Waring Commercial Xtreme, breville Boss, Ninja Ultima, and Cleanblend. This year, we brought in JB7130 PureMix Braun, Cuisinart CBT-1500 hurricane, Hurricane Cuisinart CBT-2000 Pro, and KitchenAid Pro Line with an insulated bottle.

“In a blender, we make a green smoothie is packed with frozen bananas and berries, kale, and coconut milk. We made mayonnaise to check how each did with emulsified, and peanut butter to see how they turn thick, sticky Purees.”

máy xay-xanh-mịn

In a blender, we make a green smoothie is packed with frozen bananas and berries, kale, and coconut milk. We made mayonnaise to check how each did with emulsified, and raw peanuts into peanut butter mixture to see how they handle Purees stick. With our finals, we made Piña coladas ring to see how they blend into the stone soup.

In 2015, we also handle water for two minutes in a blender to see if any of the fears jars black spots were shot on the mix-o-demand in the past few years. In addition, we noted how easy or difficult each machine is to clean, how noisy they are, if any of them has created a burning smell while running the motor, if the bottle is difficult difficult to attach to the grounds, and simple to use interface.

Our Selection

đầu lại chọn OSTER trên quầy

We do not think you can beat the value of Oster Versa Performance Blender Jar with a low profile. It performs as well as the grinder twice the price, make smoother smoothies, Purees, and cocktail mix. This is one of the best combination of speed changes and presets, we have found, and its controls are more intuitive to use than other models, we tried neatly. The Oster Versa has a wider range of engine speeds and softer running mill prices are doing. It comes with features normally only available in more expensive machines, like a tamper protection and overheating. And at 17½ inches to the top of the bottle, it will fit in most wardrobes, unlike many high-performance blender.

The Oster Versa through most of the test we threw at it, mix the nuts into butter (about 2 cups long as there is to work with), and make smooth puree. It struggled to make mayonnaise; we can make an emulsified only once in four tries. It also did not achieve smoother texture-it absolutely raspberry leaf in smoothies and whole grains make a Pina Colada vapor particles. But those small errors that would not be a big problem for most people. The slightly grainier texture, especially the almost negligible, unless you’re doing a side-by-side tasting with smoothies from Blendtec or Cleanblend. Oster’s and smoothies is smoother than any blender from lower prices.

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In 2014 our test, Oster made smoothies far smoother texture than fair price breville hemisphere or choose our budget, KitchenAid 5-Speed. And in 2015 our inspection, equality Versa perform at a higher price and Waring Commercial breville Boss Xtreme. The Vitamix, Waring, Cleanblend, and Blendtec Smoother make smoothies. Those last two crushed ice also better than Oster. But in many ways our choices are easier to use than the Blendtec. For example, set up soup of Oster began with much healthier pace.

OSTER lại smoothie qua rây

One of the things we like most about Oster Versa is its intelligent combination of speed change and preset for soup, dip, and smoothies. This provides a good compromise that is missing in the Vitamix and Blendtec entry-level model, which has only variable speed or presets, respectively. For preinstalled with the Vitamix, or variable speed “slider touch” with Blendtec model, you need to spend hundreds of others. Having both makes Versa really flexible. We also feel that it is just enough presets on Oster Versa, while breville Boss, which comes with years, there are too many. large variable speed dial Oster is also more intuitive and easier to use than the much smaller dial on Cleanblend.

“Oster speed is not nuanced as those in the Vitamix, but they are far more diverse of Cleanblend.”

Oster speed is not nuanced as those in the Vitamix, but they are far more diverse of Cleanblend, which, although a speed dial 10, it appears that only two speeds: Higher and higher than. Meanwhile, low-speed of Versa is alert enough to start as a variety of soup lovers no hot liquid on the face of the average shot (a problem with the Cleanblend).

All the high performance blender, we tested is large, but compared with a high-pitched whine of Blendtec, Versa is far more audible.

The three top choices to our tampers, and although not the best Oster (see below), it works enough to burst air bubbles and help move things like peanuts around the blade. With models without tampers, like Blendtec and Waring, we often need to remove the cap to one of the two airbags explode, or scrape down the sides of the ingredients with a spoon average. With Waring, especially, we had to add more water to the smoothie to get all the ingredients to mix, while a tamper will help move the mixture around the blade without having to add water.

Like Vitamix, Oster turns off the motor if overheating risk. There is a reset button on the bottom of the base. Over the years we have tested it, we did not have to use the buttons, but we consider features an edge over cheaper models without it and tend to burn out a way easily.

The Oster, like other high-performance blender, is a beefy machine. The facility occupies 8 9 inches of counter space. But at 17½ inches to the top of the lid, it will fit better on the counter under most kitchen cabinets than Vitamix (19¾ inches) or Cleanblend (19½ inches). The Blendtec, at 15 inches high, is just another blender that can stow an easier way.

The Oster comes with a seven year limited warranty that includes “defects in materials and workmanship.” This includes the engine and Tritan Oster jar. It was on par with the Blendtec and Vitamix whole, that comes with a warranty eight- and seven years respectively.

Over the years, we’ve found sometimes you can be traded on the Versa. At Costco, we’ve seen it reduced to $ 160, so if you are a member, it’s worth watching for sales.

The Oster comes with two cookbooks that are on par with the one included with Vitamix. First is bigger and hardbound, and it was organized by dips and spreads, soups and sauces, main dishes and side, soup and beverages, and desserts and confectionery. The second is more health-oriented, with a host of vitamins and soup recipes, and it includes nutritional information.

Since we first published this guide, Bon Appetit Oster Versa proposal (in the April 2016 issue). It will always be greater Amazon user reviews (4.2 out of 406 votes).

Errors but not dealbreakers

Oster Versa weakest link is its tamper with, it’s a bit too short and strangely shaped. In contrast to the office Vitamix or tampers’s Cleanblend smooth, flat pieces of plastic Oster three that meet in the middle. It is not pleasant to use, but it gets the job done.

The Oster also struggling to make mayonnaise. We had spotted with emulsifications results every year we have tried to make it in the blender. It seems to help when we try a recipe with a full egg and vinegar, may have helped stabilize emulsified better. If you plan to frequently make mayo, this machine may be disappointed. In addition, when mixing mayo, we found spit Oster and head blown off when the cover is not the center of the spot-we recommend using an apron.

It was a little rough mix of peanuts in more Oster Vitamix, and avocado and thick. We were able to make butter in Oster when we use 2 cups peanuts, but when we use less nuts (only 1 cup), we found it impossible. If you want to make super creamy butter beans, you can not completely satisfied.

The blending jar, lid, and controls on Oster also feels cheaper than what you get on the Vitamix. But given that this machine is almost $ 250 less, we feel comfortable with the hardware with lower quality.

Like all high-powered blenders we tested, the Oster is large when the engine is turned up all the way. They’re bigger than the Vitamix. But it is not annoying or shrill as Blendtec. For now, here is how it is with a blender high performance.

Long-term test notes

We have used the Oster Versa in two years, mainly to make smoothies and soups. We were able to average use it about twice a week, if you have an account to use more severe in spring and summer, and less in autumn and winter. the biggest complaint is that it’s our big, and very occasionally we will get a burning smell from the engine when it is processing something thick. The engine was never too hot, though, even if we continue to run the blender with the smell of burning. Overall, it has been running reliably, and we think it is a very solid buy.

These “black spots” issue

After a review of our 2014, we have received comments of some readers Vitamix 5200 the little black bottle after running a blender for a few minutes. The problem seems to be rare black spots. We have not experienced it in the Vitamix 5200 we have been testing for a long time, and none of the other milling machines we tested produced any notable black residue.

Vitamix acknowledged the problem, saying in a statement that a public relations representative shared with us by email: “We have determined that these spots come from a seal at the bottom of the container. The animals materials used to make the seal suitable to the requirements of food and pharmaceutical (FDA) for food. the FDA allows and solve the safety of any possible migration of the components in the formula eat. “that migration is PTFE materials, a chemical used in anti-stick coating. Teflon is the most recognized type of PTFE-based formula. At high temperatures (such as in a hot wok), PTFE can break down into harmful by products, but at lower temps it is inert and if swallowed should go through your body.

We called Neal Langerman, chief scientist at Advanced Chemical Safety, to ask if PTFE can cause health risks when ingested. He says it does not. As he wrote: “To be honest, this is not a toxic chemical issues. It is purely a cosmetic problem” But he added: “. Now, I think it is a problem technical worse. When you’re paying $ 300 to $ 600 for a food processor counters, it should not have a washing machine or bring in it that chip. “We could not agree more. If you have experienced this problem, and your computer is still under warranty, you can be back to normal for a replacement (although Vitamix not guarantee you will not have the same problems with the new average) .

Care and Maintenance

Both Tess and Julie Morris Masters told us that keeping a blender on the counter is the best motivation to use it. We also found that the equipment hidden in cabinets rarely used more than if they were sitting ready on the counter. Vitamix Masters retain her on the counter, but the average store mix in a cupboard. This seems like a good compromise.

If you find the blender has a hard time processing component, is not afraid to be aggressive (within reason!) For those scrambling to get the mixture moving around the tongue. Also make sure the blender jar is filled at least 25 percent full. Although high-speed processor helps smooth mixture, when components are not just move then reduced speed can also help them begin to circulate. When following a recipe, it is also possible to add ingredients in the order listed. Recipes books Blender tend sequence specific (Vitamix, for example, often listed as the final component tape).

To limit the risk of hot liquid shot out from the top of a vial preparation, always start on a low setting and slowly increase the speed (presets often do this automatically for you). Never fill the jar filled with hot liquid through the line, and for good measure out a dish towel over the lid with your hand holding the lid down definitely, when you combine to limit the risk of popping off the cap.

In our testing, we found that the best way to clean a blender jar using a scrub brush or broom. Water treatment and a little soap to the blender will help loosen rigid components such as peanut butter, and brush should do the rest. You can use a toothbrush to get the gunk out of the driver as Tess Masters not.

Wash hands with warm water mixing jar, soap rather than running it through the dishwasher. This will help extend the life of the average.


Crushers we tested in 2016:

Fall between $600 and $700, the KitchenAid Pro Line is one of the most expensive blender that we’ve tried, and it is also the heaviest (22 pounds!). It blends silky smooth texture, but not quite as easy as the Vitamix 5200, and it did not do well in emulsification. Its effect conspired with us, though, so we are holding it for long-term testing.

The Cuisinart CBT-1500 is a storm, powerful grinder compact, but very difficult to handle food. Mix peanut butter smoothies thick and need plenty of fluids, lots of starts and stops, and break the jar on the counter. It has made the first try mayonnaise, however, unlike the more powerful Hurricane Cuisinart CBT-2000 Pro. But without the storm Pro Turbo button, it’s just a grind the center line.

The Cuisinart CBT-2000 Typhoon Pro do the same with Hurricane Cuisinart CBT-1500, except that it did not do well mayonnaise (we only achieve emulsification third try). We’ve found useful turbo button to get a smooth puree. But again, no disturbance to break airbags, blender need a lot tend to be uniform, smooth Purees.

After stopping sales in North America for eight years, the brand Braun is back in the US with a line of small kitchen equipment manufactured by DeLonghi. The less disturbance PureMix a small grinder, that does not impress us in the least, with a vase fragile and light-weight basis. The PureMix had a hard time blending our smoothies; we need to add a lot of liquid to the mixture which was how the texture is too thin yuck! We were kind of Braun after the first test.

We also tested during the past three years:

Blendtec 675 design: it will mix? Yes, but not as well as the top choice of us. Although Blendtec smart, if slightly sinister at the time, the marketing campaigns of blending everything from scratch to handle the iPhone 6s, we have found their blender want (we also tested Total models in 2013). Although designed 675 really killed it in smoothies and blended drinks, lack a tamper limiting its usefulness. It’s a head scratcher decide which button to use for recipes such as mayonnaise-are not listed specifically for the previous settings. In our tests, it did not make peanut butter (a tamper helps), and preset speed is scary for soup, with hot liquids flying wildly around the jar. This model does not come with a slide-speed manual, but we did not find it at first apparent when using the machine. We think that this particular model is quite nice, with a black, light base sleek. It’s a great blender if you want something that looks super smooth on your visitors, and can make mixed drinks and smoothies amazingly smooth. But for $ 440, we think your blender will be able to do much more.

Breville Boss: It performed about as well as Oster Versa and Cleanblend, but it’s almost twice the price. It has a variable speed dial presets plus. It was almost too much presets (something Serious Eats article also mentioned). Like most products breville, the Boss is built really nicely. It might be best average of any of the mill, we tried, and silver base will look great on the counter in many kitchens. Overall, although we do not think it performs better than our victory.

Waring Commercial Xtreme: This blender to make smoothies are very smooth, and it feels very significantly. But in the end it did not perform better than the Versa Oster, Cleanblend, or Vitamix. If we are willing to pay this price, we want to go instead of a refurbished Vitamix 5200. We do have a metal jar, you can buy this machine. If the chemical filter is a concern, blender jars with metal this is probably your best choice for a high-performance blender.

Ninja Ultima: The Ninja is about the same price as Oster Versa and Cleanblend, but it is not good. We feel like this model there are many supplements that can make the odd poor design. It has suction cups under the facility to fasten it on the counter, presumably to keep it moving on the counter while the engine is underway. However, a good blender base should have a heavy enough to keep it moving. Of the clamp-on lid is tedious to use than those better suited to be provided by other brands. This model also has the signature of the multi-blade Ninja, without doing any better than the model with only one blade at the bottom (and fingers cut both our trials when washing the tongue!). We just want to introduce this blender if you got it for free.

Vitamix Pro 300: This is the top choice of us in 2012, and we still think it is a great blender. It has a shorter average and quieter than Vitamix 5200. But in the next update, we see that the Vitamix 5200 is more highly recommended by a variety of professional chefs and editorial reviews. From a performance standpoint, the Pro 300 is no better than less expensive than 5200.

Total Blender Blendtec: We have tested this blender in our review from 2012, but found that it could not compete with the Vitamix we tested. Lid felt thin and control its panel looks cheap. Blendtec has phased out the model, although you can purchase units through its revamped website.

Breville hemisphere: This is the budget option of Sweethome ago, and we still love this machine. It has a control panel really nice, with buttons that light up, an LCD timer, and five-speed button. The vortex was very effective, and it passes all the tests of our mix. With this price, however, we think Oster Versa gives you more for your buck explosion. Although the hardware on breville better on KitchenAid 5-Speed, we think two mixers equality.

Oster Beehive Blender: We think this has done a pretty good job making green smoothies and berries. It leaves behind a lot of pulp, and we continue to be open to tamp down the ingredients for bean spread and our test tape. In general, if you have less than $100 to spend on a blender, we thought this would be a good choice. This is super great (and at a frequency of really annoying). We do it with a glass jar mixer and looks very retro. The Oster Beehive was recommended by Good Housekeeping Tess Masters and gave it an A +.

Oster Versa 1400-Watt professional performance with Blender Jar Tall: This comes with the same engine as our main pick, but with a high average. It performs relative to Versa with shorter average. We like to feel shorter average to high average of this model. We also do not like the hard plastic cover on this version, which is more difficult than lighter lid on Versa short. Versa This made mayo, although we had to pour oil very slowly, and we found that the emulsification broke easily.

Ninja Master Prep Professional: For the price, the Prep Professional is a pretty good, but we do not think it compares with Oster Versa, Cleanblend, or Vitamix. The Master Prep has done a good job in smoothies surprisingly, bean spread, and margarita mix, but the design is not at making mayonnaise. The engine is mounted top, so you can not really anything drizzle on average. The Master Prep mixer comes with three jars of different sizes. We feel like there are too many parts, and they will only end up confusing our cabinets. Overall, the machine feels really cheap.

Ninja Professional Blender: This does not blend as well as the Ninja Master Prep or Oster Beehive. For green smoothies, it leaves a strange texture similar to green confetti. Every time we run it, there is a burning smell powerful engine. The jar is hard to get on base, and the lid is finicky to clamp on. Mayo it done is super loose, which means no more gas was beaten to it. The facility is big and clunky as well as feeling cheap. We really did not like this. Professional Ninja also recommended by Consumer Reports.

Magic Bullet: This is a personal blender tested only. It does not mix the kale in green smoothie of us (with big chunks of leftover stalks), and it left chunks of frozen raspberries and strawberries in our fruit smoothies. It does not emulsified mayo or margarita mix in our band. It’s a struggle to blend our bean dip (we had to catch the bullet to get things to the process). This may be a star if you just want to make smoothies really simple with the convenience of the shaker with you in your car, but it can not really go head-to-head with a grinder straight.

Other blender that we looked into but rejected for testing:

Vitamix 5300: A number of readers have asked us about this model, as it was advertised as an improvement or updating basic Vitamix 5200. However, the 5300’s specs look almost identical Vitamix Pro 300 identical with, that we’ve tested. Both have 2.2 horsepower, the shorter 64-ounce bottle, and speed dial and pulse transformer button (the controls look identical). Technically, the Vitamix 5300 came from the “C” line-including 5200 and Pro 300 comes from the generation of the “G” of their new line. We decided not to test 5300 because it looks very similar to the Pro 300. This may be a very good machine-like in 5200 and the Pro 300 and if a shorter vase is important to you, it’s a bit cheaper than the Pro 300. Finally, though, all of the models is a variant of the Vitamix of 5200, which many experts have told us is the best model for most companies everybody.

Vitamix Quiet One and Station of The Mix: People often want to know what coffee grinder and store vitamin use, and we have found that many professionals use two levels from Vitamix machine. After calling in the location, we found Starbucks The Vitamix Quiet One using a blender (also known as 36 019). Jamba Juice locations year told us that they have used one of the two stations The Quiet One or Blending Vitamix of it. Both are commercial-grade blender with 3 horsepower, 48-ounce bottle, and adding that passing the first flip shaker. But at up to $ 1,000 (or more) for one of the two, we consider both too expensive for most people. None of our experts suggest one of two machines for home cooks. We think Vitamix 5200 will be fuller if you are looking for a premium blender.

Blendtec Connoisseur Stealth 875 and 825: This can also be detected in the pro shop and a coffee frappe. Like the commercial Vitamix machine, Blendtec models have an extra plastic flip top. They come with Blendtec Wildside jar tradition, with 3.8 peak horsepower, speed of use, and the cycle is programmed. But, again, at up to $ 1,000, we do not think either is suitable for most home cooks and professionals we do not recommend them, so we decided not to check.

Omniblend V: This has received some good reviews, but we found it difficult to find user reviews or information about the companies that make this blender. It also does not look better than the models have the same price, we decided to experiment.

HomCom trade 1800W Multifunction Juicer Blender: A high-powered model budget. It did not receive a higher rating than those we have selected for testing.

Froothie: A budget-ish search Vitamix. We could not find enough reviews of users, or editorial reviews to ensure call it in.

Hamilton Beach Smart Smoothie Blender: Unlike it will blend rock, and do not get evaluated using higher than those we tested.

Hamilton Beach Commercial Tempest HBH650: Did not get rated high enough to consider seriously to consider this.

Oster 6-Cup 6706 10-Speed Blender plastic Jar: Get too many user complaints must consider seriously to consider this.

Vitamix Pro 750: Do not be a better editor or more user reviews Vitamix 5200 and almost $ 200 more expensive.

Waring Pro MX1000R: Did not get rated high enough to consider seriously to consider this.

L’Equip RPM professional: Did not get rated high enough to consider seriously to consider this.

NutriBullet: Personal Blender looks nearly identical to the Magic Bullet and in fact made by the same company. Although NutriBullet get a little higher Amazon reviews, we decided not to test it because at $ 90 it’s almost twice the price of the Magic Bullet, but apparently not carried out in various ways. We plan to test this for an upcoming review of the personal blender.

* This guide is based on a report by Seamus Bellamy.


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