Remington Hyper Series XR1330K Review

Remington Hyper Series XR1330K

Remington Hyper Series XR1330K

ADVANTAGES / electric shaver can shave wet or dry surface.

DISADVANTAGES / It takes four hours to fully charge.

Judgments / Remington Hyper Series XR1330K lacks some standard features, and it takes a little more effort to get scraped from it.

Remington Hyper series XR1330K shaver is a spin that has a few convenient features, including a precision trimmer, a selection of wires and a battery indicator. You can clean it under the tap, convenient to clean it quickly, but it does not have a wash station to clean more thoroughly.

You can use this electric shaver to shave dry or wet surface. It runs for 40 minutes per full charge before needing a recharge, which is slightly less than the average, as many shavers running in 45 minutes or more.

In our test, this shaver did not provide smoother shave, and it irritated face quite a bit too. After shaving, had some leave stubble, and shaving is pretty rough overall.

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We also see that to get shaved, it was more effort than we thought it would, and we had to do a lot of passing through the same area. In addition, the built-in precision trimmer pull at the hair and a lot is a bit clumsy to use.

We were disappointed to find that the razor had no choice fast-charge. A fast charge option lets you charge just five minutes to have enough battery power for one shave. We also did not like that it takes too long to recharge – four hours to get a full battery when it dies, which is significantly more than most of the razor away.

This electric shaver has a charging dock, which helps, but we were disappointed to not see a cleaning station and a travel bag included. The best electric razors come with a charging dock and a cleaning station. Cleaning stations make it easy to give your razor thoroughly washed over a more comprehensive clean it under running water after each shave.

The unit of measure 5.8 inches long and 3 inches in width and depth, which is pretty standard for an electric razor. It weighs 0.75 pounds, which is quite light. We found that the unit had a normal sense and weight to it during our testing, and easily accessible controls.

The electric razors are covered under warranty for two years. This length of warranty is standard for electric razors. Remington does not provide FAQs for this razor on your site, but the company is available by phone and email.

In brief

Remington Hyper series XR1330K electric razor turned to the men has some good features, but it lacks a few features most standard electric razors, such as a cleaning station. On top of that, it creates a somewhat uneven shave.

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