Relaxzen 60-2921P04 Swing Shiatsu Massager Pillow

The Comfort Products Swing Shiatsu Massager offers the unique option of traditional shiatsu circular motion or a side to side “S” pattern that swings across sore muscles. Use it in your chair at work or on the couch at home.

About the Product
  • Treat yourself everyday to a truly professional feeling massage
  • Features four kneading heads to massage larger areas of your back simultaneously
  • Choose from swing angular side to side massage or shiatsu circular massage motions
  • Soothing heat treatment may be used with or without massage
  • Soft gray fabric combined with breathable mesh

Comfort Products Relaxzen Memory Foam Swing Shiatsu Massager

Motorized massage plus heat to relax aching muscles.

Enjoy a Shiatsu massage at home with the Swing Shiatsu Massager from Relaxzen. Unlike other shiatsu massage products, this massager incorporates two different styles of shiatsu massage. The Swing Shiatsu massager uses four massaging points in a standard circular shiatsu massage motion to work out deep muscle pain and soreness. What makes this product unique is the swing shiatsu functionality. Once activated the shiatsu massagers will move in an ‘S’ pattern, swinging across sore muscles and adding a much needed variation to your massage. Soothing therapeutic heat treatment adds to the experience and melts away pain in tired and sore muscles.

For use in the home or office, the massage comes with an AC adapter. Made with a soft polyester fabric and featuring a mesh backing where the massage nodes are located, the Swing Shiatsu massager is ready to become a reliable addition to the home, office or wherever else a massage is needed.

Large Massage Motor Plus Heat

Large Massage Motor Plus Heat

The powerful motor and soothing heat feature allow for a relaxing massage can be controlled using the simple on/off switch. The heat function can be operated independently.

Works with Nearly Any Home or Office Chair

Works with Nearly Any Home or Office Chair

Thanks to its compact size, it’s easy to use the Relaxzen Swing Shiatsu Massager with virtually any home or office chair.


Easy, Relaxing Comfort

This Relaxzen Swing Shiatsu Massager features a soft polyester fabric covering with breathable mesh over the four massage nodes for the ultimate in comfort.

About Relaxzen 60-2921P04 Swing Shiatsu Massager Pillow

Swing motion and Shiatsu massging cushion with heat by Comfort Products features four kneading heads to massage larger areas of your back simultaneously, choose from swing angular side to side massage or Shiatsu circular massage motions, soothing heat treatment may be used with or without massage, soft gray fabric combined with breathable mesh. Comfort Products develops, manufacturers, and markets targeted consumer products designed to improve and enhance the lives of consumers in a variety of applications. As the name implies, they put the “comfort” into daily life.

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Q & A

QIs this battery operated or does it have a plug for home or car use?

A: It is AC powered only, no battery power and can’t be used in a car without an inverter.

no to both- not battery operated and needs to be plugged into a wall. Too thick to use in car anyway. It does work really well though.

Q: Is this product batterie operated

A: Mine is mains operated. Not battery. I like the product and used it mainly on the back of my legs.

Q: Does it just vibrate or massage?

A: It doesn’t vibrate, it messages with moving bumps. Feels like a deep tissue message.

Top Reviews


this was the greatest gift ever…the massage motors works in 2 ways and not just Shiatsu. it features something called “Swing” massage which is totally new to me but it felt great on my back. it’s like it says, the motors swing as they rotate at the same time!!! PERFECTION!!!

Quality is Great, Shiatsu it is not

I have just purchased this, and it will be be returned. I’m not a rookie when it comes to Massage units. I own a Homedics Complete Back Shiatsu massager, and a Zyllion Pillow Shiatsu massager.

The problem with this pillow, is the Shiatsu motion is not anywhere near a Shiatsu motion. (Unless, I recieved a defective pillow??) The Shiatsu motion of the Comfort Products is out and in. Meaning the massage balls squeeze in, like a pinch, and then move out. Not circular at all. Zyllion, and Homedics have the motion down perfect.

By Besthomeshoppingreviews