Pride Go Chair Travel Power Wheelchair

Pride Go Chair Travel Power Wheelchair

Pride Go-Chair Travel Power Wheelchair, Blue
Pride Go Chair Travel Power Wheelchair

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About the Product

  • Choice of 6 colors – 1 Year Extended Labor Warranty is included
  • Increased 300 lb. weight capacity, Faster speed – up to 3.7 mph
  • Larger, 18 amp batteries
  • Improved agility – longer wheel base; wider stance; compact turning radius 25.4″
  • Dual swing-away, under seat storage bins

Product Description

The all-new Go Chair is re-engineered from the ground up, offering a sleek, bold new style available in an array of contemporary colors. Enhanced performance and comfort, along with feather-touch disassembly, allows you to enjoy light-weight travel and independence on the go. With an increased weight capacity of 300 lbs. and a sleek, bold look, the new Go-Chair makes travel easy.

About Manufacturer’s Warranties

Manufacturer’s warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors like the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.


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Q & A

QHow does the servicing and warranty repairs work on these? My mom needs one but i’m nervous she’ll be stranded for repairs if and when they need it.

AThese chairs are so well made I wouldn’t worry much. My husband has a go go elite scooter that is now 41/2 years old and he uses it all day and every day and it has not needed repairs.

We changed batteries once. If you call the manufacturer they should be able to find a local company that repairs them. Where we live, they come to our house to service it usually at no charge. My husband loves his chairs!!!

QDoes this chair have off-board charging? The battery box can be easily removed to be plugged into a wall socket independant of the chair?

AYes. Battery can be removed from Go Chair for charging. Weighty is about 30 to 40 pounds. Thought the directions in manual were fairly clear.Try several times and you will find easy to use.

QWhat is the weight limit?

AThis has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Top Reviews

Go Chair: Better indoors but a decent scooter

My Go Chair is very maneuverable and moves at controllable speeds well indoors. Not really made as an outdoor mobility chair, it has a simple on-off switch instead of a key and is vehemently placarded against moisture. But indoors, it will turn a circle in its own profile as well as move forwards and backwards with precise control. The operating joystick is a disappointment. It moves through half of its travel before suddenly engaging the motors.

It gets around

This one was a rental and it was better than the one I almost bought – brand new, so definitely the latest model. It’s mostly for things like malls, very smooth areas, but does ok on sidewalks. Rough areas are a rough ride, it has lots of feedback on bumps and there are lots of little bumps in the world.

I could work with it if I knew how much time I would be in it and or where. The lack of adjustments was as issue for me. I’m short and that means the arm rests are too high for any length of time and create shoulder tension. The small wheels mean it’s a bumpy ride.

It can get squirrely on higher settings,, so careful choosing of the dial is needed. All in all it’s not bad, not great – got the job done. Very handy in tight spaces, but still needed a manual chair.

Quality product that does everything it is designed to do.

Due to some corrective orthopedic surgery I am unable to walk for about 3 months. I knew that after the initial recovery from surgery, I would want and need to return to my work as a hospital administrator. In anticipation of this, we researched wheelchairs and scooters for both rent and purchase. I knew I would need something that could work at home and in my professional life, something that would give me freedom and flexibility with a reasonably professional appearance.

This is a good size for us at a good competitive price

It would be helpful if this wheelchair had more clearance. 2 inch clearance would solve problems. Otherwise it is satisfactory but I must qualify because it has not been used much. After much shopping and comparison, this is a good size for us at a good competitive price.

Have not disassembled for transport but it looks easy to do and the pieces are not too heavy.

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