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Advantages / electric wheelchair weighs 50 pounds.

Disadvantages / The standard model’s maximum weight of 265 pounds.

Judgments / compact design and impressive folding capability makes it suitable for packaging in a car or travel.

  • It weighs only 50 pounds and fits virtually anywhere
  • Folds in seconds for easy storage in your car, SUV or closet
  • Lithium Ion battery can travel up to 15 miles
  • More compact in size than traditional wheelchairs
  • FDA 510K Cleared Medical Device! Dont Be fooled by imitators!

About the Product

KD Smart Chair is one of the lightweight and versatile electric wheelchair on our product line. This product is very light, can travel up to 15 miles per single battery charge and easy to fold, making transportation easy. In addition, this product provides many basic features, such as seat belts and lock the wheel, as well as a few extras, including a storage tray by a footrest.

The highlight of this product is its compact design. This electric wheelchair weighs only 50 pounds, which is lighter than many similar products on our product line makes sense. It is designed to carry a rider weighing up to 265 pounds, which is a weight limit is lower than the average level of about 300 pounds. This model can fold down to a compact size so it can easily be stored in your home or transported in the back of a car.

This wheelchair speeds up to 5 mph; However, the weight of the rider can influence the overall speed of the product. It has the ability to easily maneuver indoors and outdoors and can even climb the hill at an angle of 12 degrees, one of the deepest corners that we see on these products. However, its turning radius is about 31.5 inches, which is a much wider radius which many wheelchair into our product line.

The battery life on this product is similar to what you’ll find on many motorized wheelchair – it travels up to 15 miles on a single charge. While this is the average in the industry, the best wheelchair lasts about 19-20 miles on a single charge.

Manufacturer’s warranty on this product is appropriate. KD intelligent frame on citizenship are warrantied for five years. For comparison, the best guarantee for power wheelchair frame of 10 years or more. KD covers all electronic components within a year. Some other security, we are pleased to see that this wheelchair comes with a satisfaction guarantee of 60 days. If you are not satisfied, you get your money back within 60 days, guaranteed not available on many motorized wheelchairs.

In brief

KD smart chair is best choice for a compact wheelchair. You can transport wheelchairs easily than others because of its light weight. It can reach speeds up to 5 mph, which is average. Relatively wide turning radius, and a headrest would be a nice integration with the chair, but overall, if you need an electric wheelchair to get around easily, KD smart chair is a choice flexibility.


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Q & A

Qthe person interested in this chair had a stroke some years ago and only has left side control. Can the controls be located on the left side?

AYes you can mount the joystick on either the left or right side.

QAre the leg rests adjustable?

ANo, they just flip up and back out of the way. I am 6′ and they are set about right for almost any size below that.

Top Reviews

Kd smart chair is brilliant, I am now so happy

I wanted to add a followup since I’ve had it for a year and a half. This chair has been a godsend, reliable, enough power to take me up grades around the hospital and customer support when I’ve had questions. This chair folds up easily and is very easy to slide into my trunk.. I see a lot of people with all sorts of walkers having multiple problems supplying their own power to move the chair. This chair has a number of cutting edge technologies that have still not been bested.

Great Chair With One Little Issue

This chair is very well designed and I bought it directly from KD. I have ALS and have one issue with the chair. It is a side access chair, you must enter and exit from the side. I did not know that before I bought. I did not see any info describing that specific detail in the manufactures web site video, description or other owner reviews. I am far enough along in my ALS progression that I need to use my arms to get started lifting my body weight up or back to a sitting position.

KD Smart Chair – Power Assisted Wheelchair

I called last Friday and found out the HD model was in stock an upgraded to get it sooner. I got the chair today (Tuesday – two working days later).

There is a rubber flap seal is on each side to protect the socket side that you don’t choose to attach the controller

The controller is a five button with joystick.

1.Power On

2. Power Off

3. Speed Up

4. Speed down with three color LED speed indicator.

5. Horn button and another three color ‘charge left’ indicator.

The controller attaches to the arm by lever lock.

The seat padding is an inch and a quarter thick foam pad inside a black cover inside a black netting cover.

There are two battery packs, one on each side of the flat seat frame that slide lock into place.


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